Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street Legal Race Car Part 8

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Clint Polk Jr
Clint Polk Jr - 13 дней назад
This project is sick then with the clear hoses makes it pop. Just found this YouTube channel and already one of my favorites!
bravomike09 - 20 дней назад
Glad you put on a new oil pan. The old one looked like crap.
Cristian - 24 дня назад
My God, please be careful with the spillage of the coolant. You spilled all over and animals love the smell and taste of coolant and is one hell of a hazardous substance.
richard cramp
richard cramp - 24 дня назад
love the hoses
richard cramp
richard cramp - 24 дня назад
17:45 OH YEAH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lATwQ7wkhTs
richard cramp
richard cramp - 24 дня назад
do yall have an engine stand???
caseyn720 - 25 дней назад
Hey just a heads up that timing chain looks really loose. Not sure if you’ve changed it yet. Love the videos boys! Keep em coming!!
erkkikekkonen2 - 27 дней назад
you have to change that timing chain. that is too loose
Varun Rattan
Varun Rattan - Месяц назад
Whats the name of the track 18:36 ?
Techno-gini - Месяц назад
Green coolant from all those pipes and goonzquad emblem should look much nicer then the pink one as your channel logo have green text.... just saying....!
Marco Maravilla
Marco Maravilla - Месяц назад
Song at 14:55 ?
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies - Месяц назад
I guess that's why fuel is so much cheaper in the US than Australia.
Our "standard" is 91 and premium is 98.
Sonomaniaque - Месяц назад
At 17:03, the water hose look pinched. Should be checked for safety. Keep on the good work
Cloud - Месяц назад
Thomas is getting old :o
Chris Del Checcolo
Chris Del Checcolo - Месяц назад
Loving Thomas the “technician”!
Paul Hana
Paul Hana - Месяц назад
Got flames?
ramblingrebel68 - Месяц назад
Thomas is getting fat..he needs to cut back on the Burger and fries ,.,☺️
djsonicc - Месяц назад
Thomas bulked up for the winter. I like the idea of clear coolant hoses, but save yourselves some trouble and get actual clear coolant hoses. That hardware store stuff isn't meant to handle those kinds of temps.
Alan Mackie
Alan Mackie - Месяц назад
Want to see you guys build a factory5 cobra next!
buffr - Месяц назад
Great videos! Throw some insulation on the roof and it should quiet down the shop when it rains.
CMO Vlogs
CMO Vlogs - Месяц назад
That things awesome, if you like cars check out my content! 👍 cheers!
Mralabbad - Месяц назад
Using only flex glue?
headq100 - Месяц назад
dudes.... I don't mean to harp but EYE PROTECTION!!! If you're under a car or engine wear glasses of some sort! I took years of chemistry labs and now I'm teaching a chemistry class so I'm pretty well versed in safety precautions, especially eye protection... your eyes are important and they do not grow back... If you'd like to keep your vision, keep junk and poisons out of them!
Cade Sprakties
Cade Sprakties - Месяц назад
If the car sits in the sun too long it could have mold build up in the clear pipes
Fords4life 91
Fords4life 91 - Месяц назад
Did u clean the rotors with brake clean?
Ivor the engine
Ivor the engine - Месяц назад
A race car is for racing!!!
Underivable on the highway!!!
There is a reason for everything!!!
Zeroxeno Jo
Zeroxeno Jo - Месяц назад
18:20 what these dudes never seen a margarita before lol.
Yousir Cantknow
Yousir Cantknow - Месяц назад
Rail cars are not, race cars.
Ronnel Rolluque
Ronnel Rolluque - Месяц назад
Supervisor tomas 😂
Julian Aguilar
Julian Aguilar - Месяц назад
Goonzquad is trending on YouTube! Keep up the great work. Can't wait for the TA to be completed.
De'Dric Washington
De'Dric Washington - Месяц назад
I hate the way they move their hands and yell when they talk “HEY GUYS TODAY WE’RE-“ like bruh relax
bigcoutree1986 - Месяц назад
those viper hoodies needed orange strings instead of white
hendrix herrin
hendrix herrin - Месяц назад
This vid is #40 on trending !
Zachary Aycock
Zachary Aycock - Месяц назад
By using the incredible power of Flex SEAL, I repeated this buggy!
Mike G
Mike G - Месяц назад
Quit yelling at me... Get a mic that you clip on yourself instead of on camera
Marcus Mendoza
Marcus Mendoza - Месяц назад
Am I the only one that shakes coolant/antifreeze before they poor it ?
willster101 gaming
willster101 gaming - Месяц назад
40th on trending
Luis Viramontes
Luis Viramontes - Месяц назад
Super nice 👍🏼 like the clear hoses 😎
D Mc
D Mc - Месяц назад
IQ 12
MrPepper312 - Месяц назад
Remember when working on your car dont forget to say all your DUDES
Thuggerbae - Месяц назад
I'm subbed for thomas, love that cat!
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne - Месяц назад
LOL. Hilarious the way they're pouring the coolant. I love it. It's like they're in a Mad Lab and the measurement is almost DNA like or something.
gucchi kid 69
gucchi kid 69 - Месяц назад
wheres the flex glue
TinManWS6 - Месяц назад
Couple of things you may or may not care about, but you're more than likely going to regret the plastic fittings in the intercooler. I've never had one last more than a month without leaking. Also in the intercooler system you don't really need a 50/50 mix. North Georgia doesn't get THAT cold and water is a better heat exchanger than antifreeze so I typically run a 20/80 mix.
Javier Osorio
Javier Osorio - Месяц назад
When the next video? ¡guys!
Mike Dumont
Mike Dumont - Месяц назад
Guys I’m like a crack head I need my fix of more content on this build and the others hurry up guys
Angelo Costabile
Angelo Costabile - Месяц назад
You guys should get a gt500
nick atondo
nick atondo - Месяц назад
Smart cat!! 🐈
DJ Harris
DJ Harris - Месяц назад
Soon u be two stepping 😎🤙🏾
aventador star
aventador star - Месяц назад
that kit car is amazing i wish i had one
Guy Fessler
Guy Fessler - Месяц назад
It pains me every time I watch you two young guns work on the floor. I've been a mechanic or crew chief since before I was your age. Please invest in some work benches with a vice and at least two grinders (wire and stone) and save your bodies for when you get older. We all think it won't happen, but it does...and it hurts. BTW I really dig what you two are doing.
Sunny Vale
Sunny Vale - Месяц назад
I wish I got parts as soon as I need them like goonzsquad 😂
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez - Месяц назад
Ok look at goonzquad #36 in trending on YouTube ! We gotta give these guys more likes and views so they can keep going up
mrawesome2739 mrawesome2739
mrawesome2739 mrawesome2739 - Месяц назад
On trending
Zart - Месяц назад
Whos Ellis
Whos Ellis - Месяц назад
Trending can’t believe it
Tj Cooks
Tj Cooks - Месяц назад
Is that Thomas he got so big!!!
BoostedC6 - Месяц назад
Goonzquad you have nothing to worry about using that clear hose, its for the water to air intercool, its not pressurized and it will never see high temps!
Teê bandz
Teê bandz - Месяц назад
Let's get them likes up for Thomas the technician
Gabriel Ferrazza
Gabriel Ferrazza - Месяц назад
muy bueno, que locura!!!!! esta genial ese carting
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Месяц назад
#30 on trending
Cyu Agen
Cyu Agen - Месяц назад
30th on trending!
mlzanercik - Месяц назад
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Persi A.
Persi A. - Месяц назад
Hi Guys
My 13 year old son likes your channel especially the new bull “Nissan GTR”.
When he saw the hoodies he wants one now but he wears Medium size.
Can you please make available more in Medium and Large. 👍🏼😄
Eric Stoltzfus
Eric Stoltzfus - Месяц назад
No way the goonz are one trending!!!!
Barry McKocner
Barry McKocner - Месяц назад
My current goal is to get a lightweight frame that can handle a Hellephant, make it 4 or 6 wheel drive, and have it carve up some Pismo Beach sand
Tay Zhanese
Tay Zhanese - Месяц назад
Tay Zhanese
Tay Zhanese - Месяц назад
john gruner
john gruner - Месяц назад
Nice job guy's, save some time by getting an empty gallon jug fill half with water and the rest with anti-freeze.
D Ealy
D Ealy - Месяц назад
Find an old Saturn SC2 and build it. I can help. I have built many Saturn sleepers.
D Ealy
D Ealy - Месяц назад
Just fyi, that motor was in Saturns first. So. It's a Saturn motor. Lol. Saturn power baby!!!!!
Saturn ion redline was always faster then a Cobalt SS!
Matt Mauk
Matt Mauk - Месяц назад
It's so amazing on the work yall guys do I'm so horned to see ur art work! !!! Keep up the awesome jobs! !! God bless you guys!
XLoad3d - Месяц назад
Dude you guys are #27 on the trending page? congrats guys
1859ddd - Месяц назад
Wait wait wait, this is really cool that car content is on trending dont get me wrong here. BUT, why did this make it to trending and a channel like Motor Trend (when it was still on YouTube) not get love and support from YouTube. And not to discredit these gentlemen because there's nothing wrong with what they are doing here but in my humble opinion it's nothing new (I still enjoyed it dont get booty hurt chill) so why these guys? I guess my point is one that we all already know and that is YouTube is super twisted in how they pick and choose channels to be on trending and it's really a shame.
Legendadm - Месяц назад
Bro u have grown so or too fast I was here way way before shop and merch good times man
Robbie Mcenery
Robbie Mcenery - Месяц назад
Ohh yess
chris rose
chris rose - Месяц назад
Love the show - I'm a complete Goonzquad junkie. You guys are doing the sort of work I did 30 years ago (only better). I remember the neighbours complaining about grinders etc! Only one thing please change the music ....
www.GPcarAudio.com - Месяц назад
Looking great guys 👍👍
Keith Barclay
Keith Barclay - Месяц назад
Keep up the awesome work guys 👍 best part was “ it’s two different colours orange purple and blue” 😂😂😂 made my day thanks from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Jake Risner
Jake Risner - Месяц назад
I could just be me but that timing chain around the 1:00 mark looks way too loose. If that parts car had +100k miles you'd be smart to change it and the water pump out before throwing a bunch of HP at it. I'd hate to see you guys wreck the motor before really enjoying it.
J j601
J j601 - Месяц назад
I been wanting to build one for years.... I think I’ll do better buying me rzr.
whisker biscuit
whisker biscuit - Месяц назад
Man almighty, looks like a mad science experiment, nice work guys.
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz - Месяц назад
High quality like always 💪🏻
Hector Salguero
Hector Salguero - Месяц назад
First mod needs to be a steering wheel with actual 9/3 grips
Into The Unknown With Dave
Into The Unknown With Dave - Месяц назад
I would love to see a fleet of those.
Jordanfiend361 - Месяц назад
Another Great job boys.
Brandon Bluhm
Brandon Bluhm - Месяц назад
Y’all are on the trending page!
csorrows - Месяц назад
Moving the gas petal during start with an electronic throttle body does absolutely nothing.
csorrows - Месяц назад
Try using the vise grips the correct way. People do the same thing with crescent wrenches. The movable side of jaw goes in the direction of rotation so that the force actually helps it bite.
Mike Robbins
Mike Robbins - Месяц назад
I like the clear hoses. Cant wait for you to finish the kit car. That thing will be a blast to drive.
TheSlothRider - Месяц назад
That garage is nice need me one of those built
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez - Месяц назад
Hi from Puerto Rico. The clear hose are sick. If you can find black fittings is more better.👌
surgebuen - Месяц назад
Glad to see them working on the engine instead of just the body 👌🏽
L3GT Matt
L3GT Matt - Месяц назад
#27 on trending congrats
Wheelin N’ Dealin
Wheelin N’ Dealin - Месяц назад
It’s good to see that you guys are doing so well now👍🏻
G Man
G Man - Месяц назад
The clutch will drag a bit hence the spinning rear axels
Adam Ackles
Adam Ackles - Месяц назад
Go carts with yzf r6 engines are powerful
tee jay
tee jay - Месяц назад
What's the name of instrumental at 16:00 min mark??
Victor Diaz
Victor Diaz - Месяц назад
I thought this was the car Spencer built in iCarly 😭😭
yApayao Kevin
yApayao Kevin - Месяц назад
You sons of bitches 😂😂😂
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