Becky Lynch downs Heavy Machinery's epic protein shake: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 15, 2019

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Julie Sanchez
Julie Sanchez - 2 days ago
Clyde Barrow
Clyde Barrow - 3 days ago
Her and Rhonda need to calm down with the walking like badasses neither are tough wwe these days is sad
Wendy Coatl
Wendy Coatl - 4 days ago
Ewwwwww! That looked/tasted bad🤢
#TACO - 5 days ago
Xavier woods puts more people over without evening trying
Ash Your Gamer
Ash Your Gamer - 5 days ago
I’m surprised,
I laughed about a video and CM Punk Wasn’t there.
HatterDave - 6 days ago
3 months later - the WWE Champion was wearing the WWE Women's Champion merch
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz - 6 days ago
Woods revealing the Man tshirt😂😂😂😂
m j
m j - 6 days ago
"good catch"
MysticRetro81 Baby
MysticRetro81 Baby - 6 days ago
Oh so nobody notice Becky is wearing a njpw jacket
Ciaran Crighton
Ciaran Crighton - 6 days ago
So this was Becky and Kofi's motivation, well down HM
Kieren McKenna
Kieren McKenna - 6 days ago
And now two people in this vid are champions😂😂
Abdo Alrahman USA
Abdo Alrahman USA - 7 days ago
Becky Becky 💜👍👌👆😍💖
Joel Hope
Joel Hope - 8 days ago
shes the man
The Champ
The Champ - 8 days ago
That's THE MAN for you
Asia Badger
Asia Badger - 9 days ago
It's a little weak 😂🤣
Aurangzaib Khan
Aurangzaib Khan - 9 days ago
Dumm acting
Marlon Washington
Marlon Washington - 9 days ago
so are we just gonna ignore the fact Big E was just rubbing his oiled chest for no apparent reason
Alejandro Zuñiga
Alejandro Zuñiga - 9 days ago
Whos the girl that interviewed becky
Phillip Lemmon
Phillip Lemmon - 9 days ago
1:16....sums up the WWE
Matthew Gudino
Matthew Gudino - 10 days ago
870 dislikers should bow down to The Man
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards - 10 days ago
And 3 months later, Becky 2 Belts and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.
Now to get Heavy Machinery some gold.
Raul Jnagal
Raul Jnagal - 10 days ago
After this both are champ kofi and Becky lynch
DedMan28 - 11 days ago
Ah, Woods and his epic comedic timing... XD
Ateryo O'neal
Ateryo O'neal - 11 days ago
Becky is the best every since her attitude change it’s made her stronger faster and better I don’t think she was ever a heel
Fouaz Djebbar
Fouaz Djebbar - 11 days ago
WWE 25_2
Van Thomas
Van Thomas - 12 days ago
The New Day was saying the Man right chere like how Mystikal used to say it.
vishal kalawant
vishal kalawant - 12 days ago
1:04 Xavier Woods 😂😂😂
Ricardo Vaz Araujo Pereira
Ohhhh she so firced
Varun Sudheer
Varun Sudheer - 15 days ago
OTIS make ur protein shake and deliver it to my home.
erinpilla - 16 days ago
So two of the Superstars featured here are in main event matches for WrestleMania 35!
Molly Maxine
Molly Maxine - 17 days ago
Omg love this!!! I totally missed Woods unzipping and showing his The Man " shirt. Love this so funny
romeo prynce
romeo prynce - 17 days ago
Xavier woods unzipping his jacket to reveal he's wearing "The Man" shirt had me crying
The King
The King - 19 days ago
This is the most stupidest segment of Becky lynch wwe is going way over the with beckyes gimmick
Clark Air Base
Clark Air Base - 23 days ago
WWE is considered high class entertainment in the south!
BozzSA - 25 days ago
the way wwe fans laugh...made me laugh too
Samantha Little
Samantha Little - 27 days ago
Becky is the man
The Dab Fam
The Dab Fam - Month ago
Molly Maxine
Molly Maxine - 17 days ago
Ohh lord and the eggshells in it 🥚🥚🤢🤢🤢🥺🤮🤮🤮🤮
Molly Maxine
Molly Maxine - 17 days ago
I dont know how they didnt puke even putting that up to their lips....nasty!
The Champ
The Champ - Month ago
Want a sip
Donell Williams
Donell Williams - Month ago
1:12 Booker T watching this like, "tell me I did not just see that!!"
Geoffrey Yan
Geoffrey Yan - Month ago
JCG 123
JCG 123 - Month ago
Xavier unzips, amazing 😂😂😂😂
Zack Hawkins
Zack Hawkins - Month ago
See that right there...... Thatz why they call her...... THE MAN!!!
Emilio Yap
Emilio Yap - Month ago
Damn if she keeps that up she will get thicc in no time! That would be hot!
Susu Goyang
Susu Goyang - Month ago
Corsping..... SEND FOR THE BECKY
Zendelle Pearson
Zendelle Pearson - Month ago
Otis Dozovic is the funniest person ever!
ALI MANIA - Month ago
There is no other way to make your superstars go very sick and even kill them then making them drink something that egg shells are included in
stealth gamerhd
stealth gamerhd - Month ago
Otis should get sponsored by Kool Aid OHHHHHH YEAAAAA
Jamie Bowser
Jamie Bowser - Month ago
Pretty sure she took a sip, and not downed it. If she downed, she would have chugged the whole thing.
WWE Forever
WWE Forever - Month ago
Is Becky taller than Otis????
pranav choudhary
pranav choudhary - Month ago
She must drink a chicken beef bison shake
Mr.J - Month ago
Rohit Sinha
Rohit Sinha - Month ago
Watch it for a 1000 times, still love it...!
Supa Diverse
Supa Diverse - Month ago
I love Xavier woods soo much man lol. He will be a perfect singles competitior. His timing is impeccable
Rishi Rajan
Rishi Rajan - Month ago
Otis is the funniest guy WWE has right now.
Rob Tarlow
Rob Tarlow - Month ago
Why is Big E touching himself?
Emilio Screve
Emilio Screve - Month ago
1:02 Xavier woods🤣🤣
HXP 158
HXP 158 - 2 months ago
I bet Becky loves Chevrolet
Henry Frederick
Henry Frederick - 2 months ago
"A little weak," The Man says...
Justin M.
Justin M. - 2 months ago
It's a trap
Miss Chloe Jenkins
Miss Chloe Jenkins - 2 months ago
in beckies words "It's a little weak" and that's what she's going to do too charlotte flair and ronda rousey at wrestlemania.
Greg Lavance Robbins Evans
The man right chea!!!!
amathanos fivefive
amathanos fivefive - 2 months ago
Is it just me or is Becky’s accent, walk and overall attitude just soooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!
James carrier
James carrier - 2 months ago
And that's why she the man lol
James carrier
James carrier - 2 months ago
🍀👉💪Becky ❤
Jmusic - 2 months ago
00:47 he changed it
Black With No Regrets
Black With No Regrets - 2 months ago
Xavier Woods tho😂😂💯 Perfect reveal🤘🏿💯
amrazt sainon
amrazt sainon - 2 months ago
Otis = spongebob looking dude with the mind of patrick starfish
R.A Khan
R.A Khan - 2 months ago
They just changed the jug when camera moves towards Big E.
Neal Frost
Neal Frost - 2 months ago
She's the Female Version of Stone Cold Steve Austin
Devin Riley
Devin Riley - 2 months ago
Becky will be a snack in her 50s😍😍
Javonte Burke
Javonte Burke - 2 months ago
They had time to do all of that before she got in the shot... Really 😐🤔
EX7R3M3 - 2 months ago
gwildor from masters of the universe lol
Tito Little
Tito Little - 2 months ago
Beautiful Becky is her name🤔
Madara_Uchiha 1400
Madara_Uchiha 1400 - 2 months ago
You wanna sip
Nadeem Shaikh
Nadeem Shaikh - 2 months ago
i laik you secky
Sutha sussanna emmanuel
Sutha sussanna emmanuel - 2 months ago
But like those guys 👍
Toy Shaint
Toy Shaint - 2 months ago
Xavier Woods was trying to hard with that shirt though!!! I think he wants to do another tape but this time with Becky!!!
nightmare moon
nightmare moon - 2 months ago
Becky lynch is badass.
sukruoosten - 2 months ago
otis is THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to hear him for 10 hours hahahaahah
xavier hahaahh OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO en unzipps by becky LOL
Irtiza Arafat
Irtiza Arafat - 2 months ago
This segment was GOLD
Manu Gulati
Manu Gulati - 2 months ago
Everything in this segment is great
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh - 2 months ago
Look at BIG E
ShruVar - 2 months ago
Sadar harj key nasheen-ast......sadar-ast
FLEX - 2 months ago
Xavier rated R pt.2
Sarim Hy
Sarim Hy - 2 months ago
The other chick had 1 job and that was to catch the keys Becky threw at her... fail lol
They tryna turn Becky into the women’s version of SCSA...
clonejvt - 2 months ago
Becky is bordering on becoming the Face of the WWE
DualBlade Chef
DualBlade Chef - 2 months ago
Becky is the only man I'd ever marry.
Atheist Warrior
Atheist Warrior - 2 months ago
supergober55 - 2 months ago
Becky is a boss
Sutha sussanna emmanuel
Sutha sussanna emmanuel - 2 months ago
That shake!! Uggghhh!!
Artemio Rubio
Artemio Rubio - 2 months ago
Anyone else notice Big E rubbing himself this entire time? 😐😐
Chrystie Pearl
Chrystie Pearl - 2 months ago
I was there it's so fun!!!!
Anthony C
Anthony C - 2 months ago
These segments are sucking more and more . The creative team needs to go
FireLightning16 - 2 months ago
Stop calling Becky "The Man." It's really stupid.
Marvin Foster
Marvin Foster - 2 months ago
Love her she definitely The Man
Stephen Vaagbay
Stephen Vaagbay - 2 months ago
Wanna sip?
Ooh Nooo!!!
The Terrible Children
The Terrible Children - 2 months ago
Otis' face at 1:04
B R - 2 months ago
The Terrible Children Heh.
Study Better
Study Better - 2 months ago
Likes for the man
Razzrazz90 - 2 months ago
I wanna go to a restaurant where Otis prepares your food right in front of you
William Wedge
William Wedge - 2 months ago
Lol I love it. It's a little weak!
adrian mixit
adrian mixit - 2 months ago
she didn't down anything
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