Magic Johnson Once Trash-Talked Michael Jordan

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Rover - Day ago
Oh I miss Magic, truly one of kind.
dado beganović
dado beganović - 2 days ago
He’s not just sure.... he’s HIV positive :)))
Pearl Jade
Pearl Jade - 3 days ago
Magic is a great story teller
olvera 4life
olvera 4life - 3 days ago
That's why Michael Jordan is the real 🐐
FroSt BlinK
FroSt BlinK - 6 days ago
Dang Jordan has beef with gravity
Mohamed Saeid
Mohamed Saeid - 15 days ago
Okay Am just gonna sit here in the air !!!
Zack Mbuli
Zack Mbuli - 29 days ago
The way I tried to search for the video of that story😕
CHAMP KEL - Month ago
"Thanks jimmy for bringing this up" and his face looking like that 😂😂😂 i want to see more mj 😂😂
CHAMP KEL - Month ago
Ive never seen this mada F johnson this crazy good 😂 he's so so good!! 😅
Matthew De Guzman
Matthew De Guzman - Month ago
after watching youtube search : michael jordan 360
Parker Halverson
Parker Halverson - Month ago
When he was naming the teams he never said Christian lattneer
Manuelo alessandro Rama del piero
For free I like that
Persian Warrior
Persian Warrior - Month ago
*Jordan Larry Ewing Barkley Pippen*
Damn that's a hell of a team!
Javier Villarreal
Javier Villarreal - Month ago
I’m beginning to see a theme here with people trash talking Jordan.
Tor Hella
Tor Hella - Month ago
being humble is the greatest asset of a legend...trivia: did you know that Magic Johnson initials is also MJ? OK forget i said that.. lol
Goaty j
Goaty j - Month ago
1:35 he looked like Jordan pause it
anonymous youwouldliketoknow
Who would win young magic with showtime lakers vs 91 jordan and bulls
Just Abide
Just Abide - Month ago
Hang in the air. 360. N a dunk?... Definitely possessed by demons.. Fuckin illuminati.
jay ty. vaughn
jay ty. vaughn - Month ago
Funniest I've ever seen of magic Johnson -a very good raconteur.. impressive..
Fr D.
Fr D. - Month ago
ggod damn. Magic is a born comedian,as well
Maurice Mallari
Maurice Mallari - Month ago
Magic is the best storyteller of all time 🤣🤣🤣
Robby Chandra
Robby Chandra - Month ago
Assist master I like your assist stile and tecnic
Robert Mastnak
Robert Mastnak - Month ago
Dream Team 92, magic Team...
Destry Welch
Destry Welch - Month ago
Jimmy has such a good show when he keeps the politics out of it.
chito glen Deslate
chito glen Deslate - Month ago
Too talkative
jim boyd
jim boyd - Month ago
the positive vibes he brings is so incredible
cikif - Month ago
Lachie E
Lachie E - Month ago
Kyrie probably hit the 4th biggest shot in history
Mac Mac
Mac Mac - 2 months ago
there's really something with the letter M and letter J that results in greatness🤔🤔🤔
michael jordan
magic johnson
michael jackson
and the list goes on....
W Sutardji
W Sutardji - 2 months ago
Magic Johnson survived HIV
Mr Him_318
Mr Him_318 - 2 months ago
He just confirmed B.J. Armstrong by saying Mike was more impressive in practice than games
Unknown Jay
Unknown Jay - 2 months ago
Literally gave me chills when he told the roster what a time to be alive
Jairaiya Gilbert
Jairaiya Gilbert - 2 months ago
allen ejrob
allen ejrob - 2 months ago
Magic is superb story teller...
Twahan Simultaneous
Twahan Simultaneous - 2 months ago
Magic was about to miss Stockton. Good save by one of the greats.
lucaspenido - 2 months ago
Every time Jim Kimmel says that “if I subscribe, good things will happen forever!”...I unsubscribe and subscribe again, just to make sure good things happen forever!
Iking Padilla
Iking Padilla - 2 months ago
This will be a great series
Ken Simmons
Ken Simmons - 2 months ago
That's one confident basketball legends talking about another in such glowing terms. Bravo, Magic.
ponypower8 - 2 months ago
He did that?? WOW! Poor Robinson, never shoud've jumped.
HeadshotTatertot93 - 2 months ago
Magic talked a lot of trash it just wasn’t nasty trash
Tony Biancofiore
Tony Biancofiore - 2 months ago
Hold on Magic Johnson gets things for free and he laughs and he is proud about that....isn't he a gazzilionaire ...sure we the regular living day to day people have to Pay so these rich cats don't have to pay...that's embarrassing nut funny
Fight Kight
Fight Kight - 2 months ago
Magic has a great voice
#JulioJones 11
#JulioJones 11 - 2 months ago
Magic is one of the true GOATs and I even hate the Lakers, dude can play every single position.
Darryl Maddox
Darryl Maddox - 2 months ago
Dream team stories are probably some of the best stories ever told
Anthony C
Anthony C - 2 months ago
When the best of the rest say MJ was the best plz listen these ppl know what they are talking about.
RAIDERS24NATION - 2 months ago
These Historic NBA stories will never get old. Wish i was alive to have seen the legends play in there prime
Ninjamaster77 - 2 months ago
Trump 2020
Awesom2beme lonestar
Awesom2beme lonestar - 2 months ago
I could only imagine how sick that dunk was
mythical musical
mythical musical - 2 months ago
Damn, manic is lucky to have seen the greatest shot in history, during a practice!!! 😁👍🏽👍🏽
Jim Watson
Jim Watson - 2 months ago
Magic, you Tight Bastid!
Rick R
Rick R - 2 months ago
Jimmy next time let him finish so people can clearly hear him say "There will never be another." MJ is the greatest of all time
L G - 2 months ago
Afterwards he immediately got aids
GAMING WITH ACE - 2 months ago
Lebron my ass lol
Carl Parish
Carl Parish - 2 months ago
Jordan hang time in the air was extraordinary!
Jason Doucette
Jason Doucette - 2 months ago
To their defense, magic, bird and crew were past their prime
Brian Perro
Brian Perro - 2 months ago
Michael Jordan had supernatural ability. I don't mean from heaven. How many rings "6".
Mark Tarin
Mark Tarin - 2 months ago
Hey this guy looks familiar. It must of been a long night or a dream.
The Thirsty Tundra
The Thirsty Tundra - 2 months ago
Humility is a persons greatest asset.
J.D.W FORD - 2 months ago
U can tell by Magics words and his seriousness at the end he got to see 1st hand up close the real true greatness of Jordan
J.D.W FORD - 2 months ago
I cant stand to hear idiots compare Lebron to MJ , its not even close . Lebron is not even in KLobes league let alone the G.O.A.T
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