Magic Johnson Once Trash-Talked Michael Jordan

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yangzhi333 - 8 hours ago
I love the respect shown between these living legends of the game
Ryan Holford
Ryan Holford - Day ago
Sorry to the young bloods who think otherwise, but there will only ever be ONE dream team.
jho - 4 days ago
Magic is so smooth and I would trust him with my life but not my wife.
Meeean Azz
Meeean Azz - 5 days ago
LeBron who?
Rich83 - 5 days ago
748 dislikes from all the guys MJ dunked on.
Mr Knowitall
Mr Knowitall - 7 days ago
Jordn introduced what we see in the nba today, garbage. Jordan introduced traveling, etc
LiveLife LS
LiveLife LS - 11 days ago
Lol I wish he would’ve done that in a live game
Stephen - 12 days ago
Wait a minute mr.Johnson = me not being eddie murphy, you went to school in mofo lansing mi and u never talked trash are we REALLY supposed to beleive that playa; hey Tom Izzo is calling you in to do some drills sir.
Rick - 8 days ago
I think he meant to MJ. Of course he talked trash to others.
Fredy Garcia
Fredy Garcia - 15 days ago
Magic is a gentleman he perfectly knows about basketball and MJ when he says MJ was the greatest with no hate. I’ve seen some others that were beat by MJ and never accept it (poor guys) whereas Magic is so proud of being beat by the bulls.
Forrest Johnson
Forrest Johnson - 17 days ago
magic is so right that will never be another Michael Jordan nor Magic Johnson
xncmnhj - 17 days ago
liar's lying.
Rick - 8 days ago
Ulysses432 - 11 days ago
@xncmnhj Yes. We should accept your account instead. "Guy on Internet"
Daniel Akin
Daniel Akin - 19 days ago
You know how good Jordan was when MAGIC JOHNSON is in awe
Death - 20 days ago
Bronsexuals in youtube overtime trying to find a footage of a Lebron 360 dunk lol
LVSkinny - 20 days ago
Magic funny as hell 🤣🤣 he remind me of my great uncle or something 🤣
THE JEW from Israel
THE JEW from Israel - 21 day ago
That sounds ridiculously Incredible. The greatest dunk I've ever seen in a game is Vince Carter windmill dunk at Gauchos Gym (they had to go indoor because Rucker Park was raining). Type that in and you will see it on video.
Gabriel Coronado
Gabriel Coronado - 21 day ago
Yes. Jordan was unique.
Kim Jose
Kim Jose - 21 day ago
I swear Magic has about a 100 teeth. 😁
OldManSkimpy - 22 days ago
If you gonna talk trash go big or go home
Negro Salsero
Negro Salsero - 23 days ago
I love the way Magic tells stories! He makes the stories so fun & exciting! He brings the story to life, like you are watchin everything he says live!!👏👏👏
The Real Captain
The Real Captain - 23 days ago
I love this story it never gets old
Jeff Dean
Jeff Dean - 24 days ago
Magic > LeBron
Tootzy Toot
Tootzy Toot - 25 days ago
It's so nice to see one of the greatest players to talk about the greatest of all time. Respect!!
keen2708 - 27 days ago
Just like the dream team hall of fame speech, he forget Christian Laettner. Savage, lol.
lestliness - 28 days ago
The Dream Team... that was the best the NBA has ever been and will be.
Sean Findlay
Sean Findlay - 29 days ago
2nd time he trash-talked was to Rob Pelinka.
Davy Jones
Davy Jones - Month ago
MJ greatest player ever............queen James
Born a Sellout
Born a Sellout - Month ago
Magic didn’t even talk trash to Larry legend ?
Jack Pasta
Jack Pasta - Month ago
Raghuveer Dubagunta
Raghuveer Dubagunta - Month ago
Back when east dominated the west
Darryl Planck
Darryl Planck - Month ago
Magic Jonson is a good story teller
Drawned - Month ago
Dudes got like 48 teeth
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - Month ago
This new generation so easily Forgets or don't do their homework on Michael Jordan they're too busy worried about his shoes to realize there will never be another MJ
Eric Thuku
Eric Thuku - Month ago
When Magic Johnson says you are the g.o.a.t. You really are the G.O.A.T
CosmicEntity - Month ago
Top 10 biggest anime betrayal
JayC2k08 - Month ago
I'm sorry I'd retire after getting jammed on like that. Hang time plus 360 jam nope. Lol
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - Month ago
I love you 3000 magic johnson
Höher wertiger
Höher wertiger - Month ago
then jordan cried and had a breakdown.
Pierre Griffin
Pierre Griffin - Month ago
I lived in the best basketball era there ever will be did you hear the names called off. Some of the best players in history were left off that team.
Arie Osherov
Arie Osherov - Month ago
The man knows how to tell a story!
When he presented the players names in this practice game, I felt like someone bind all super heros from all comics and known adventure books from DC, Marvel, Game of thrones, Lornd of the rings....
to a single movie that was never published to the public. I would have give everything see this game.
DangitDanny - Month ago
Magic said “😛”
renato_ubno - Month ago
Why Magic Johnson looks younger than Michael Jordan
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson - Month ago
Great story Magic but it's his fault He still has HIV aids.. Michael Jordan is the Real Basketball Legend! besides him.
安佑佳 - Month ago
Magic is so humor. lol
Ninja Panda
Ninja Panda - Month ago
Lebron is the GOAT... just kidding, MJ is a legend and will always be GOAT
Taser Survivor
Taser Survivor - 2 months ago
Redman 2000
Redman 2000 - 2 months ago
The moral is to never talk trash to Michael Jordan😂😂😂😂 GOAT!!!!
pestel 5
pestel 5 - 2 months ago
Troy123 Smithsonian
Troy123 Smithsonian - 2 months ago
Make me sick he has hiv
Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen - 2 months ago
He made that dunk up
Hector Trejo
Hector Trejo - 2 months ago
I miss basketball as a kid growing up in the mid 90s I was hooked my dad told me about the old days I watch the old vids now basketball sucks now
Abdelkarim26 - 2 months ago
Magic is a great guy
Ulysses432 - 11 days ago
@Abdelkarim26 because he's a troll on the internet
Abdelkarim26 - 2 months ago
Chirayu Desai lol why do u say that.
Chirayu Desai
Chirayu Desai - 2 months ago
no hes not lmao
legoman911 - 2 months ago
Damn if there was only footage of that move !
Let'sAllLove Lain
Let'sAllLove Lain - 2 months ago
Those Dream Team pick up games are legendary. All of them thought they were the best and tried to prove it every day in practice. And coach Daly used to egg it on: *Ohhhh don't let him do that to you Mike*
ddhardial - 2 months ago
LBJ is the goat and we know this because LBJ told us that he beat GSW and that right there made him the goat. Beating GSW is the standard to become the goat.
markmac - 2 months ago
brian cartagena
brian cartagena - 2 months ago
When magic had his tongue out flicking left and right talking about jordan’s 360, kimmel was like “oh dear god did any of that got in my mouth?!!!”
Justin B.
Justin B. - 2 months ago
lol is youtube reading my mind lol this is scary I go to look for jordan dunk on david robinson and the auto fill comes right up as soon as I type in the letter j, this is too scary
Lion Y cordero
Lion Y cordero - 2 months ago
You gotta love magic
Story 😅
He says it with joy , is like he's a proud dad.
Man I watch this almost everyday or every week.
Art Gutierrez
Art Gutierrez - 3 months ago
I seem to remember a Team USA promo shot a long time ago (I forget the year) with Magic, MJ, and Bird. After the photo of the 3 of them together was taken, Magic trash talks MJ by saying something to the effect of "watch out, don't stand too close to him (MJ) or they'll call a foul on you!"... That was pure gold!
markmac - 2 months ago
i remember that one! and MJ and Barkley walking in a hallway and Chuck was singing "like mike"
300ml - 3 months ago
MJ, magic johnson that is, greatest story teller ever.
Name Here
Name Here - 3 months ago
The fact that magic got up and did it... 😂😂😂😂
Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan - 3 months ago
Best smile the NBA's ever seen
Robert Stothard
Robert Stothard - 3 months ago
I love Rare Air
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith - 3 months ago
I always come back to this story
Nunya Buznizz
Nunya Buznizz - 3 months ago
Everything on Kimmel's page gets a thumbs down.......PERIOD.........Kimmel is just another leftie piece of trash...
Ulysses432 - 11 days ago
@Nunya Buznizz If you're not on the Left in this country, you support a traitorous thief who's selling off America cheap to our enemies
Xyere - 3 months ago
Magic Johnson is simply the best beyond basketball.
KingDave Durosier
KingDave Durosier - 3 months ago
Goat talking about another goat
consuetudinary - 3 months ago
BJ Armstrong recently said Jordan's practice games were better than the ones in the NBA.
Ken Rascon
Ken Rascon - 3 months ago
What a piece of garbage dude
Thetequilashooter1 - 3 months ago
I love Magic. He made NBA fun to watch. I don’t enjoy it so much today. There’s too many guys with egos and less about team play and respect of others.
Manuel Ford III
Manuel Ford III - 3 months ago
Thanks a lot jimmy 😂
Korey Sylver
Korey Sylver - 3 months ago
Your favorite players favorite player.
Raj - 3 months ago
Now that's a legendary story.
fuck da police
fuck da police - 3 months ago
Edgar Cardenas
Edgar Cardenas - 3 months ago
#$#$#$sb nike23 er
samuel muiruri
samuel muiruri - 4 months ago
just watch the dream team documentary to see all this sh.....
azz kiker
azz kiker - 4 months ago
very humble
Michael G
Michael G - 4 months ago
Everyone knows it happened exactly as Magic said it because JORDAN.
Lennart Brede
Lennart Brede - 4 months ago
Great interview
D3 Showtime
D3 Showtime - 4 months ago
magic needa keep that tounge in his mouth around me on god
Mariin80 - 4 months ago
this was Seinfeld style
Ho Lee Fok
Ho Lee Fok - 4 months ago
john stockton was a beast
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia - 4 months ago
This is what made Jordan great he went over the limit and didn’t stop him from dominating no matter what day it was and to hear stories like this is crazy he was fearless and was out to embarrass you so when someone asks me who I think is the goat in my opinion it’s Jordan not cause of the rings but of the intensity he brought to the game of basketball
Michael Liu
Michael Liu - 4 months ago
It was a honor to meet Magic Johnson at the og nba store in nyc.
Will - 4 months ago
LBJ fans will say Magic doesn't know basketball..
DB Cooper
DB Cooper - 4 months ago
Dhan Dhave
Dhan Dhave - 4 months ago
I want to si that 360 dunk...mj23 amazing
Jesse Bowman
Jesse Bowman - 4 months ago
I was 10 years old. Got this basketball card in a pack of cards. It was an exchange card for a larry bird magic johnson autographed card. I never sent a letter in my life and nobody helped me send it in. Time expired. I was upset about it. Gave my cousin a card collecting fanatic the exchange card. That card itself was worth $500 dollars. :p Jordan or no Jordan it would have been nice to two of the other Goats Autographed card. :p Not the biggest mistake of my life but a huge regret. :p
markmac - 11 days ago
@Ulysses432 of course im aware. but i didnt know about that. Griffey was my favorite too! i'll look and see if i can find that video. thanks!
Ulysses432 - 11 days ago
@markmac Just thought I'd tell you in case you didn't know. Michael Jordan's favorite baseball player was Ken Griffey and there's video footage of Jordan asking Griffey to autograph a jersey for him. I'm presuming you're aware of Jordan's baseball aspirations.
markmac - 2 months ago
i had a Griffey,Jr. rookie card stolen during a break in. i found out years later it was worth thousands. i miss those card collecting days though!
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood - 4 months ago
usssanjacinto1 - 4 months ago
What, Magic always talked trash to Larry Bird!
JAJA Cool - 4 months ago
From legend to legend 😊
John Wygle
John Wygle - 4 months ago
Skateboard terms. He hit a late 180. Not a dunk in front of his head *360, a 180. Behind the head....
Athurius - 4 months ago
he is great :))
R E - 4 months ago
“ Michael Jordan was so incredible, there will never be another one” then comes Kobe MF Bean Bryant, the Black Mamba 🐍
SPIRIT DOT - 4 months ago
That was more like 285°
SuntanSuperman8 - 4 months ago
Magic's dunk at the end has me dying
Khrist75 - 4 months ago
I'm French and i laugh about your fake laughings !!!
Doc Wages
Doc Wages - 4 months ago
My dad always said he wanted to see Magic and Mike go one on one. I love this game both are great.
dungoist - 4 months ago
Magic should be dead of aids....why's he not? Oh ya he's got money!
Alpha Pala-igitcom
Alpha Pala-igitcom - 4 months ago
Id love to see them commenting about their past with MJ its so fun to hear and watch them.
james83925 - 4 months ago
Bird would trash talk Jordan then kick his ass. Both Magic and Larry Legend were better than Jordan; Jordan did not get past the East Finals until Bird was old and Magic got sick. Jordan is the most overrated player in NBA history.
Ulysses432 - 11 days ago
@james83925 Thanks James. And now you can officially kiss your career as a basketball analyst goodbye. Best of luck. Try accounting.
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