Magic Johnson: The Art of Passing

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princereznor1 - 15 hours ago
Magic's floor vision was the best
Magic had praying mantis vision,thats the secret to his passing the ball like that,
Greatest point guard ever
anonymous lakernerd
anonymous lakernerd - 10 days ago
F*&k is this music? Gotdam this could have been such a good video too.
GC - 10 days ago
It wasn't was Magic.
ONE y - 15 days ago
Money showers and they got buckets 😂🖕🏽
Andrew Espinosa
Andrew Espinosa - 16 days ago
Oh my goodness
Abijah Foundation.
Abijah Foundation. - 21 day ago
Wrong music 👎
Big Jawline
Big Jawline - 22 days ago
its like he does passes that would belong in the harlem globetrotters but it works
Mr. Mewtwo
Mr. Mewtwo - 24 days ago
Me : plays creaively in basketball
Coach : Substituition in the court.
Javier 73
Javier 73 - 24 days ago
Solo Magico!!
Naquan Seabury
Naquan Seabury - 26 days ago
He the nigga at the gym. That play outta control 😂. This whole video look like he was doing a bunch of bullshit
YT Anonymity
YT Anonymity - 26 days ago
Very nice teamwork
Plug - Month ago
greatest passer ever
Tayzon Preston
Tayzon Preston - Month ago
Finally found kuroko
Sam Cooey
Sam Cooey - Month ago
*everyone making an nba highlight video*
“okay we got all the clips together now let’s add some terrible music that doesn’t go with the compilation so everyone hates it!”
Alecsander Hamilton
Alecsander Hamilton - Month ago
Got Stockton's ass. Great passers are usually great thieves because even on defense they can anticipate great passes, they see all of the creative workings before they develop. Hence Magic and Stockton were great thieves and passers . So this play @ 1:24 is a special play with Magic vs Stockton
L-Mighty Effect
L-Mighty Effect - Month ago
There is no comparison to Magic passes to John Stockton passes Magic did passes that were unpredictable
Larry Peters
Larry Peters - 2 months ago
You totally ruined the video with the stupid music. Nobody wanna hear that trap bullshit
Christian Powe
Christian Powe - 2 months ago
This video is 100000x better when you mute the volume
Hojin Choi
Hojin Choi - 3 months ago
Lvwry - 3 months ago
Jiltedin2007 - 5 months ago
How many more NBA Players recorded 10,000 Career Assists after Magic Johnson?
Obviously Magic was The Very First NBA Player to record 10,000 Career Assists.
Matthew Reis
Matthew Reis - 6 months ago
This video is tainted. Get that crap music away from any footage of the Point God Magic Johnson!
Sean Santos
Sean Santos - 6 months ago
Thanks for this.
One Deep Savage
One Deep Savage - 6 months ago
Its Showtime!
Mitchell D
Mitchell D - 6 months ago
Magic, great passer no doubt...better than Bird: nope...too much hot dogging and unnecessary passes leading to turnovers...Bird never hit the wrong person, knew where everyone on the court was and was 3 steps ahead of everyone....Magic did shit as a show off and hot dog when a regular pass works...Bird literally had eyes in the back of his head...Bird was a genius, Magic was just an intelligent player but not as great
TeeKoooo - 5 months ago
Yeah, you're wrong pal, check the stat's.
borat grabs a lemon 09131995
I dont wanna be on the opposing team when this dude initiates a fastbreak.
Mitchell D
Mitchell D - 8 months ago
Magic was a great passer but also an unrelenting hot dog...most of his so called unbelievable passes were just passes that could have been accomplished without the horseshit gyrations...sorry guys, he was great but Bird was VASTLY better as a passer than Magic, was a better player, definitely a killer his 5 or 6 year peak Bird was the greatest player EVER
TeeKoooo - 5 months ago
Must be some sort of racist h8r from "LOSTON", Magin Johnson wasthe best, will always be, check the stat's. Bird was a outstanding player tho.
Robert Simon
Robert Simon - 9 months ago
"Walk of life" would of been a much better song to play for this video
sm s
sm s - 9 months ago
He was indeed a magician...
Max M
Max M - 10 months ago
Imagine if Magic Johnson was a Quarterback instead of a Point Guard. He would have had 7 super bowl rings
Max Durk
Max Durk - 2 months ago
Max M Nah, he was very much a basketball passer. Basketball point guard passing and football quarterback passing are very different things.
Rebel5012 - 10 months ago
I grew up in the kobe/shaq era
I wish i could have seen magic play
J34xalpha KING
J34xalpha KING - Year ago
Love the music
88smjls - Year ago
LeBron can’t see Magic as a passer at all.
Skiparotchi - Year ago
My favorite pass ever by Magic is at 2:03. It’s so funny how he’s looking towards the camera then how he slow down running once he look the other way 😂
Max Durk
Max Durk - Year ago
Greatest passer of all time. I still can't believe Haralabos Voulgaris went on The Bill Simmons podcast and said LeBron was a better passer than Magic. I guess he's showing his age; he started following the NBA in 1998.
Forgem Nos
Forgem Nos - Year ago
Music is wack
Javier Cabezas
Javier Cabezas - Year ago
It's amazing how shitty music can ruin a video.
THE 1 - Year ago
GOAT MR.Laker along with Jerry West! Kobe is not the goat laker sorry
rick Ross
rick Ross - Year ago
Dam son whered u find this
Sho'Nuff - Year ago
Back when Lakers used to play as a team
XxderppoolxX roblox superhero
I'm amazed just by these passes omg
john kenneth camero
john kenneth camero - Year ago
2:03 that was a difficult one, no look pass in a transition play while running how in the hell he got it perfectly timing, and at 2:52 jordan surprise by that.
connor wentzell
connor wentzell - Year ago
Fuck passing. It’s swish season over here. Curry fever over here boi
Shock Master
Shock Master - Year ago
WHOA! Is like... Magic !
H.D. Armstrong
H.D. Armstrong - Year ago
Those long bounce passes - dayum!
Bull Ainsworth
Bull Ainsworth - Year ago
You probably assumed correctly for some. I personally like to hear the game sounds. Having said that, the music does suck. Why do so many YouTuber’s think obnoxious music is necessary?
Bull Ainsworth
Bull Ainsworth - Year ago
I didn’t even finish the video. And I love Magic Johnson.
Mike Larry
Mike Larry - Year ago
Somebody did not think at all when posting this song with this video
Timothy Reigel
Timothy Reigel - Year ago
should re-post with different music
Des iolle
Des iolle - Year ago
The ball was in the bucket before you realised what happened....the Yoda of passing...
Frarruz Washington
Frarruz Washington - Year ago
garbage music
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller - Year ago
He raw asf
Foluke DaMC
Foluke DaMC - Year ago
This song fucked yo the whole video
JUST JAY - 2 years ago
its 2017 and i have yet to see any pg or any player at all make the passes that magic made! nobody even comes close.
Steven Zimmer
Steven Zimmer - 2 years ago
The book "Magic's Touch" taught me that an assist was more important than scoring the basket. I was 10 yrs old at the time.
Bizzy Outlaw
Bizzy Outlaw - 2 years ago
Sayen Magic
Ruben Ruvalcaba
Ruben Ruvalcaba - 2 years ago
Your right
Lonzo Ball
King Murphy
King Murphy - 2 years ago
Nobody is passing like this!!! THE last person we saw do this was white chocolate Jason Williams.
Nick Hikes
Nick Hikes - 2 years ago
damn! basketball was fun to watch back then!
Officer Orange cheetolini
@2:48-2:50 he traveled his ass off 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Erwin1Jose - 2 years ago
So many of these are the passes in 2K that you call bullshit and blame on bad AI or stupid animations...except this is real life against the best players in the world
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