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yokotoyama - 4 minutes ago
3:18 reminded me of Glozell's cinnamon challenge. Oh Emma.
Amy S
Amy S - 33 minutes ago
I freaked out when Emma dumped the emergency packet into her mouth, and Idk if she did it as a joke or not. You're supposed to dissolve it in water first!
mariam sajid
mariam sajid - Hour ago
why was emmas voice extra annoying in this
Storm Steinert
Storm Steinert - 6 hours ago
the emergency packet goes in water...
Elizabeth Sepic
Elizabeth Sepic - 7 hours ago
Emma: Its like 30 degrees here
Me: Pppppppppfffshhhhhhh! us Minnesotans suffer 11 degree weather and LOWER. Where you are it is WARM. (But 30 degrees is still really cold)
Emily - 8 hours ago
at 3:14 i started to die 😭😭🤣💀
Charley Murray
Charley Murray - 9 hours ago
emma when its 30 degres: its soooo cold

me being british: um wtf
Mariola Danicka
Mariola Danicka - 11 hours ago
Nobody else get a beef jerky advert just after she tried it? Creeped out
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark - 13 hours ago
When are you going to do a video with James Charles and the Dolan twins
Robyn Fashan
Robyn Fashan - 13 hours ago
when you said kinda weird i thought they were gunna be normal
TheArt _InBeauty
TheArt _InBeauty - 20 hours ago
When the lady came when Emma did a cartwheel I diedddd😂🤣
Tahlia Mills
Tahlia Mills - 21 hour ago
*E for effort
Kathlenny Beltran
Kathlenny Beltran - 21 hour ago
Please don’t move to nyc because then I’m going to be 2,224 miles away from you instead of 274 miles away 🥺🥺😢
sophia pri
sophia pri - 21 hour ago
anyone know what hotel this is?
Lydia Broseyy
Lydia Broseyy - 21 hour ago
I love you
Knats Weekly
Knats Weekly - 23 hours ago
I can't stop staring at that pimple in the top of her forehead

(I'm sorry😀)
Pinkpanda _girl
Pinkpanda _girl - Day ago
No one:
Emma: tortures suitcase🤣
Pinkpanda _girl
Pinkpanda _girl - Day ago
No one:
Emma:thinks what to do by not getting in trouble...
S A - Day ago
9:01 there’s like a 99.9% chance that the smell is weed
Computer Help Services
I 💝 U
ranku miskas
ranku miskas - Day ago
You should do NYC merch!
Maddie Petit
Maddie Petit - Day ago
OMG! I think your supposed to put emergen-c in hot water because thats what my mom does for me and my sisters
MPS - Day ago
10:01 Her eyes match the sweater, damn she's pretty 😍
Evee White
Evee White - Day ago
i started to die when she poured the emergen c pack
Luther Burbank
Luther Burbank - 2 days ago
You dont look healthy, you look like somebody beat your face.
Kailey Tkazyik
Kailey Tkazyik - 2 days ago
Ur supposed to drink the emergency c not eat it lmao
Ciara Murphy
Ciara Murphy - 2 days ago
Emma: *takes bite of jerky*
Also Emma: *takes another bite*
ebony louise
ebony louise - 2 days ago
fun fact
im watching this after pulling my 3rd all nighter of the week. its thursday.
Estelle Boo
Estelle Boo - 2 days ago
NYC students do this often lol
Mimi Miller
Mimi Miller - 2 days ago
bitch i KNOW you did not just pour that powder into your gd mouth HAHA
King's Project
King's Project - 2 days ago
I love you emma 💐
Evers World
Evers World - 2 days ago
I died inside when you poured the packet into your mouth.
Natalie Baza
Natalie Baza - 2 days ago
Is anyone going to talk about Emma putting the vitamin C packet straight into her mouth than putting it into water....?
José Alejandro López Flores
I think you are supposed to add a significant amount of water to that thing
Got KARP - 2 days ago
Oh thought that guy was nutting
Chel Kiese
Chel Kiese - 3 days ago
When you ate that emergency
Gabriela Foret
Gabriela Foret - 3 days ago
Ny gang wya??
Kaitlyn Heckman
Kaitlyn Heckman - 3 days ago
Wait you like brussel sprouts me to😂😂😂
LpsCameraAddictTM - 3 days ago
Sorry but if the vegan jerky taste bad then it taste nothing like regular jerky!
Kaitlyn Banks
Kaitlyn Banks - 3 days ago
@3:58 I screamed why is that me
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