30 for 30 | Daniel LaRusso vs. Johnny Lawrence

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The gr8 trans4mable bumble bee
Johnny Lawrence was robbed : how humourous is that line - not only if that last dangerous powerful potentially fatal leaping side kick had connected directly to danny's head would have likely taken danny's life - johnny had another chance to be honest and not bull to his cobra 🐍 kai karate group sensei Kreese and basically there wouldn't have been tournament matches in the first place besides, mistreatment myagi was actually the real villain in all of the original karate kid films
John Doe
John Doe - 21 day ago
35 years has gone so fast...memories!
Holger Jahndel
Holger Jahndel - 22 days ago
The aggressive ego-centered training style of Johnnys Cobra Kai Dojo gives you somt sort of raw aggressive strength and energy in short terms, but in the long terms it causes psychological and energetic damage and has a rea price for health and energetic development of the Ki/Chi. It lacks psychic roots of the soul, were true inner strength comes from and where from you can draw psychic energy for the soul and psychic strength and hold and stability and balance and focus(sing )and so on: And this is the reason, why Mr. Miyagis wise daoist/taoist training techniques are more sustainable and more healthy and more effective in the long terms. Better for the energetic development of soul and body and mental balance and inner harmony. Welcome to James DeMeo's Research Website Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) / Saharasia home page @t @t
KnickKnack07 - 24 days ago
Sorry...but I still don't get why sweeping the leg was "dirty" and there is NO WAY the showboat loving ESPN announcers would think so. It is not a hard hit. And sure...Daniel was injured. But does that mean that Johnny should be forced to remove ALL lower body attacks out of his repertoire? When Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Floyd Mayweather, etc. broke an opponent's ribs early in a fight, they didn't stop punching to the body. It would be unfair to THEM.
The Crow
The Crow - 24 days ago
It's kind of hard to take mr. Miyagi seriously since before the Karate Kid he was on the Happy Days LOL he ain't no Bruce Lee LOL
Fred Bread
Fred Bread - 29 days ago
Even tho I was born only in 2006 I thinks Daniel is kool to win 😎
Jaycephus - Month ago
Just here for that one glimpse of Elizabeth Shue.
Sara Cornell
Sara Cornell - Month ago
The 1984 under 18 all valley karate champion daniel larusso vs. johnny lawrence was the most epic match ever and by the way daniel didn't back down after getting hurt he didn't quit which makes him a true champion ❣️
condohatesme - Month ago
“Johnny Lawrence was robbed!”
Dustin Marchionna
Dustin Marchionna - Month ago
They quoted the "I'm the best around" song at 4:05
Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso - Month ago
Don't think that "local" Karate tournament could have been that big of a deal. I mean we're talking about two high school kids right? haha.
Konstantin K
Konstantin K - Month ago
man season 2 was such a let down... not enough johnny period.... more johnny in season 3
kr0nz - Month ago
Gary Mehmet
Gary Mehmet - Month ago
I think Johnny was the better fighter. Johnny was sharper than Daniel and had great movement. But back in the day, I was only in support of Daniel. and when he won, with that kick.. Wow!!!! thats what happens when you sweep the leg.. I hope there is a rematch..
Alex Solano
Alex Solano - Month ago
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey - Month ago
Kick was illegal. Johnny should be the real champ 👊🐍
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey - Month ago
@strattuner ik you're making a joke but damn that was stupid 😂. It's a karate match with specific rules not a "fight".
strattuner - Month ago
there are no illegal blows in a fight,survival is a quest for what's next in your bag of tricks,he used the full arsenal
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey - Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks Dodgeball would be a good spoof 30 for 30?
cptcrunch - Month ago
Daniel had no other move. He couldn't stand, he was on 1 leg.
themanformerlycalled - Month ago
good joke
D Viner
D Viner - 2 months ago
This is gold🥇🥇🥇
gyc315 - 2 months ago
That was awesome! "If you think about it, your opponent has an injured leg.... You go for it! That's just good coaching!" LMFAO!
jeff Conley
jeff Conley - 2 months ago
Does anyone know what jean jacket johnny lawrence is wearing in cobra kai season one?
Daniel Kinn
Daniel Kinn - 2 months ago
Daniel cheated to win. No kicks to the face......
ronki23 - 2 months ago
Before UFC there was the All-Valley Karate Tournament
cWitDaTrees - 2 months ago
Johnnys the better fighter Daniels the better martial artist
Dario Hernandez
Dario Hernandez - 2 months ago
Es la mejor serie lawrence siempre fue el mejor... desde las pelis lo supe 😂
GodofWarChuka - 2 months ago
I think Bruce Lee would have been Doomed from Daniel Larruso’s Crane Kick 🦵!
deadvince - 2 months ago
Raymond “Johnny Lawrence Superfan”....aka Stingray
Jon Stefanik
Jon Stefanik - 2 months ago
I had heard that John Kreese told Johnny and the rest of his dojo not to touch Daniel while he was training at the request of his Sensei. However Daniel didn't make it easy on them as he was mocking them in front of his girlfriend. That's pretty low.
2roly2 - 2 months ago
Saw this in the theaters with my father when I was 11 years old On a Saturday Monrning cause there wouldn't be any large crowds cause I don't do so we around so many people . And I still remember the price of admission was $3.50 . My dad bought us a large popcorn and large coca cola . Then on that following Monday he enrolled me into Kung - Fu I trained for 7 years and during those 7 years my father attended every lesson I went to . He also went to every Ballerina class my sister went to . I really miss him beyond any measure .
miamiman24 - 2 months ago
lol stringray
Yeti tracker 66
Yeti tracker 66 - 2 months ago
I liked the original film and I love the reboot on YouTube but as someone that grew up street fighting and wrestling and later trained as a boxer with some Muay Thai thrown in I can't watch this stuff without being critical of the fighting itself but I love the story line!
Mayco C.
Mayco C. - 2 months ago
this is the best 30 for 30 done by ESPN. We need a part 2 or an hour long version. PLEASE
JB Cheema
JB Cheema - 2 months ago
Get him a bodybag!!!
kevlar k
kevlar k - 2 months ago
A fight is a fight. No excuses. If Daniel was concerned about his leg he shouldn't have fought.
gpipeline - 2 months ago
ESPN seems to be mocking the movie here.
A Wass
A Wass - 2 months ago
Tournaments then would have disqualified for an illegal kick but there would not have bern a final kick since Lawrwnces sweep kick on a downed oponent would have ended it all right there. Good story though.
Paul Atzenhoffer
Paul Atzenhoffer - 2 months ago
Why so many thumbs down? This was great.
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess - 2 months ago
This is funny AF
Safwan Hassan
Safwan Hassan - 2 months ago
0:51 Jonny Superfan??? Shut up stingray!! you betrayed him by siding with Kreese!
daniel lee
daniel lee - 2 months ago
My dude stingray is raymond, johnny lawerence superfan!!
wardog11bravo - 2 months ago
Love the new show! Great come back! Go cobra Kia!
Freedom Ring
Freedom Ring - 2 months ago
Daniel Larusso was the villain
Nissoo K
Nissoo K - 2 months ago
"Johnny Lawrence?....was ROBBED!" XDDD im dead XDDD
Natural Primitive Tips
Natural Primitive Tips - 2 months ago
very good
david sanchez-cortes
david sanchez-cortes - 2 months ago
Espn cast makes me cringe
Ro Reddick
Ro Reddick - 2 months ago
This is fantastic!!
xsailor85 - 2 months ago
The ref made the call. End of debate.
Ali Ail
Ali Ail - 2 months ago
Wait r u allowed to kick someone in the head?
makaup22 - 2 months ago
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