A PAINFUL cruise ship belly flop competition...

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Trev and Chels
Trev and Chels - 4 months ago
This is the end! Thank you guys so much for joining us on this cruise series, it was one of our favorites yet!

Our next vlog series will be our biggest adventure yet: 10 VIDEOS from French Polynesia (Tahiti, Mo'orea and Bora Bora). Can't wait to share it with you guys, but it will probably be a couple weeks before the videos are ready to start going live.

We may do some other random vlogs/challenges/q&a's in the mean time to make sure you have something to watch. See you there!
Amanda Graves
Amanda Graves - 2 months ago
Tango killer . Tango why don’t you try to be kind to others instead of being a jerk! But I guess you have nothing better to do than hide behind your screen and spew out unkindness and hatred. Your disgusting.
Mysteryous Hood
Mysteryous Hood - 3 months ago
@EL.buddie Werewolf you know that Trevor and Chelsea are retards and pedohiles
EL.buddie Werewolf
EL.buddie Werewolf - 3 months ago
Benson Lin
Benson Lin - 12 days ago
2:46 what is the song name?!?!??! I love it so muuuchhh!!!!
So So
So So - 28 days ago
4:44 😂😂😂😂
A F - 29 days ago
Can you suggest any travel sites we can book a cruise through at reasonable prices? We live in South Africa.
Seanyyy y0
Seanyyy y0 - Month ago
Have you guys ever vacationed on the Adventure of the Seas? Looking to on that with some friends for spring break
michael werner
michael werner - Month ago
What is your favorite ship on Royal Caribbean fleet
Archie Curle
Archie Curle - Month ago
What was the name of the ship because it looks like the one I was on
Stephanie Townsend
Stephanie Townsend - Month ago
Go to the sunset house on the Cayman Islands it’s a great scuba hotel
Karen Eley
Karen Eley - Month ago
What ship is that?
aimee Sarratt
aimee Sarratt - Month ago
You guys should do one whole vlog that is a behind the scenes of the crew and the inner workings of the boat. I bet Royal would let you do it.
Its Remmeeh
Its Remmeeh - 2 months ago
Didn’t your mom ever tell you not to point at people😂
Sam Haug
Sam Haug - 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice that Chels has a diamond ring on her left hand on her ring finger?
Addi Handy
Addi Handy - 2 months ago
9:51 is she souring her words 😮😮😮
Milda Zeman
Milda Zeman - 2 months ago
1:32 you are such a good editor
Dragon Diva
Dragon Diva - 2 months ago
I think you were on the same cruise as this is how we Bingham.
Janai Henderson
Janai Henderson - 2 months ago
Can Chels please do a video about where she gets all of her super cute bathing suits?
Arthur Michaux
Arthur Michaux - 2 months ago
next vacation place needs to be in belgium because where i live it's very beautifull
Michele Ford
Michele Ford - 2 months ago
when are the 10 new videos of Tahiti and bora bora coming out?
Tyler Braun
Tyler Braun - 2 months ago
Hi trev can you make a full house tour
Tristan Tran
Tristan Tran - 2 months ago
Go on quantum of the seas
졸리는Sushi - 2 months ago
When you said Norwegian ship, i was shooked! I COME FROM NORWAY!! Hahaha😂😂 Btw, I looooooove your videos so so SO much💖💕 Hope you guys had an amazing time at the cruise ship💖💕😍🤞👍
gucci girl
gucci girl - 2 months ago
Please do the Chapstick challenge
King Cam
King Cam - 2 months ago
I graduated 5th Grade this day.
YouTube - 2 months ago
You should come to Ireland and watch hurling are Gaelic football
Joachim Audaine
Joachim Audaine - 2 months ago
Or the spectrum of the seas
Joachim Audaine
Joachim Audaine - 2 months ago
Or the oasis of the seas
Joachim Audaine
Joachim Audaine - 2 months ago
The next cruise that you guys should ride is the quantum of the seas
bxx da king
bxx da king - 2 months ago
Lemme use some sea shots for wallpapers real quick
Tahamina Ahammed
Tahamina Ahammed - 2 months ago
Why don’t you go to Disney Cruise Line
Amanda Graves
Amanda Graves - 2 months ago
So where are the Tahiti vlogs? Can’t wait to see them! :)
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore - 2 months ago
How tall are you?
Patrick Lueker
Patrick Lueker - 2 months ago
I wana thank you guise I love these cruise videos thinking about going on one
Ryan Sanderson
Ryan Sanderson - 2 months ago
Why does she get more talkitive when she is intoxicated
makayla Jones
makayla Jones - 2 months ago
I went on a cruise ship to!!! I went t ok mexico cruise
Gacha Luxury
Gacha Luxury - 2 months ago
Why didn’t you guys celebrate Chelsea‘s birthday
Lesli Gibbs
Lesli Gibbs - 2 months ago
We were on that cruise, and our friends are in the background!
Amanda Graves
Amanda Graves - 2 months ago
Did Royal pay for this cruise?
Nick Bixby
Nick Bixby - 2 months ago
Who else wishes they would post more. I get so excited whenever they post vids
YRGAMER YT - 2 months ago
Congrats on 600k subs
Sheridan and Butterscotch Alderson
I love ur gises vids u guys r good people and the things u guys do for ur dogs is just amazing
Kiera Bailey
Kiera Bailey - 2 months ago
Ly all sm trev chels cooper koda and Bella u always make me smile when I feel down I live in Northern Ireland
davan lee
davan lee - 2 months ago
I love ❤️ all of our channels cooper,kodu and Bella are the best
Sofia - 2 months ago
When are you going to post your next travel video ? Pls reply😊
christopher bascom
christopher bascom - 2 months ago
eggs benidict is the best
Tiffany Becker
Tiffany Becker - 2 months ago
Where is that dress from?
Tyler Blade
Tyler Blade - 2 months ago
I never thought that cruise ships would be as fun and large and I could stay there for a year and not get bored
Tyler Blade
Tyler Blade - 2 months ago
Can you do a behind the scenes of this
icy ike A
icy ike A - 2 months ago
9:53 she drunk
Truck Adventures
Truck Adventures - 2 months ago
Why don't you guys upload anymore I'm sad
Bella The bumblebee
Bella The bumblebee - 2 months ago
Best YouTubers ever
Bella The bumblebee
Bella The bumblebee - 2 months ago
I went there
Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson - 2 months ago
Post more plz
Pranking Is the life
Pranking Is the life - 3 months ago
I love cruises
aubrey powers
aubrey powers - 3 months ago
I am obsessed with you two! Too cute! Hope to meet you on a cruise someday!😍
Johnny Tseng
Johnny Tseng - 3 months ago
Trev loves his cruises
dirty dan
dirty dan - 3 months ago
Miho 4b
christos stavropoulos
christos stavropoulos - 3 months ago
christos stavropoulos
christos stavropoulos - 3 months ago
18:08 look at the mirror
BrotatoChip - 3 months ago
Whats ur preferred curise line??
Jonathan Boyd
Jonathan Boyd - 3 months ago
The amount of the times trev said "GIRL"

ALI AFNAN VLOGS - 3 months ago
Jonathan Boyd one time only hahahahahaahaha
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