A PAINFUL cruise ship belly flop competition...

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Trev and Chels
Trev and Chels - 29 days ago
This is the end! Thank you guys so much for joining us on this cruise series, it was one of our favorites yet!

Our next vlog series will be our biggest adventure yet: 10 VIDEOS from French Polynesia (Tahiti, Mo'orea and Bora Bora). Can't wait to share it with you guys, but it will probably be a couple weeks before the videos are ready to start going live.

We may do some other random vlogs/challenges/q&a's in the mean time to make sure you have something to watch. See you there!
Tango killer
Tango killer - 15 days ago
@Clout Czxy you know that Trevor and Chelsea are retards and pedohiles
Clout Czxy
Clout Czxy - 15 days ago
Tango killer
Tango killer - 25 days ago
Trevor you suck a BBC like a champion
christos stavropoulos
christos stavropoulos
18:08 look at the mirror
BrotatoChip - 10 hours ago
Whats ur preferred curise line??
Jonathan Boyd
Jonathan Boyd - Day ago
The amount of the times trev said "GIRL"

Craig Day
Craig Day - 2 days ago
Mary her
Elyse Stevens
Elyse Stevens - 2 days ago
Ok probably a weird question but Chels how are you so tan? Is it natural or do you get a spray tan? I’m loving it and wishing I could be that tan!! Please let me know your secrets!
Lachie83 - 2 days ago
On my very first cruise (14 day), a crew member suffered a heart attack while working in the restaurant. A helicopter came at 1:00AM and that was right on new year! He has since recovered and gone back to working on the ship! It was such a cool and scary moment because the helicopter couldn't land as there was no helipad. And you two, Keep up the interesting and amazing content!!
Callista Smith
Callista Smith - 4 days ago
Chels got litty 😂✌️ so jealoussss
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson - 4 days ago
Trev I was on Mariner at that time on cococay I remember it was raining that morning
Matteo Scena
Matteo Scena - 5 days ago
what boat
MariAnne Schmidt
MariAnne Schmidt - 5 days ago
I’m going to need a vlog on Trev n Chels best ways to book a cruise walkthrough. All the dogs and don’t’s and proper how to.
A J - 7 days ago
Lisa Gray
Lisa Gray - 7 days ago
when will you be posting more vlogs i would love to see the rest ov this series and future stuff
Call meh Bob
Call meh Bob - 7 days ago
Heli pad
kentky95 - 9 days ago
When are you guys going to Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure. I hear it's the best ride in Orlando.
Emma Ehlinger
Emma Ehlinger - 10 days ago
I went on that ship in 2016
My dogs name is MAX
My dogs name is MAX - 12 days ago
U guys really need to get married
SM1TS - 13 days ago
4:45 “am i allowed to say that” hHahaha i laughed so hard
Cody Morris
Cody Morris - 13 days ago
Please post I really love your vlogs
Tabby Johnson
Tabby Johnson - 13 days ago
Chels would win worlds beautiful girl in the world. Love your vlogs and scs
HRebels Gaming
HRebels Gaming - 14 days ago
what happened to the Bora Bora trip?
Beatriz Riquelme
Beatriz Riquelme - 14 days ago
LOL Chelsea was DRUNKKK 😂😂 Love your vlogs.
Patrick playz
Patrick playz - 14 days ago
When is Tahiti
T. J.
T. J. - 14 days ago
SWEET!!! I actually watched the ENTIRE thing.....don't know what that means.....aahah. I liked it there were some really sweet parts. I LOVED Chels hair when she had it swooped up on her head. Very pretty.
bmworld - 15 days ago
Looks like bo2
Presley Hensley
Presley Hensley - 16 days ago
When will you pop the question to chels
denis arocho
denis arocho - 16 days ago
I'm sorry I can even write so I'm sorry about that 😔😞
denis arocho
denis arocho - 16 days ago
Wait the hurricane that date he started was Maria because your mom didn't hit us but Maria yeah she hit us
denis arocho
denis arocho - 16 days ago
I watched that video from the hurricane and I passed the hurricane in Puerto Rico that was the strongest hurricane in the history including George but the strongest one was your
Faze Yokes
Faze Yokes - 18 days ago
Let's see more ship vlogs
Alyssa Endelman
Alyssa Endelman - 18 days ago
Someone is from Detroit Michigan I live in Detroit
Tyshema Mcewen
Tyshema Mcewen - 19 days ago
Trev and Chels may rest in boat pieces...
Never Down37
Never Down37 - 19 days ago
6:53 the captain must be wondering what the heck is going on down at the helipad
Never Down37
Never Down37 - 19 days ago
I went on the royal Caribbean voyager of the seas because of your vids showing the great things to do
DevilSquare - 20 days ago
Dont go to Europe this summer were in a middle of a heat wave so HOT 😶
Cookiegirlz XD
Cookiegirlz XD - 20 days ago
I was cracking up 😂 because you said “worlds sexiest man”😂
Katelyn - 22 days ago
Love your videos, we are talking about a royal cruise for our honeymoon. My only comment is that you call Chels “girl” way too much and it’s driving me insane 🤦🏻‍♀️
KIA GLAM - 22 days ago
Yall are soooo funny n cute together you seem genuine and i love it!!!! Never really watch couples but yall kept me entertained. BINGE WATCHING AND NEW SUBBIE
Natalie Golding
Natalie Golding - 22 days ago
Wait is chels wearing an engagement ring?!? 😱😱
Grindman3000 - 22 days ago
Thank you for these awesome videos!!
Hope - 22 days ago
u went on an elevator omg haha
expertkillerx _
expertkillerx _ - 23 days ago
Dwight Danburg
Dwight Danburg - 23 days ago
Y’all need to do dog vs shark robot cleaner like if you agree
sisir360 || TheLoneGun101
14:00 She did something inappropriate and it had to be cut from the video, I'm sure of it 😂
firefox357 - 23 days ago
Trev: how you feeling chels
Chels: *incoherent babling* prreettyyy gooodddd
Jacob coates
Jacob coates - 24 days ago
Lol great video
Bryar Flanagan
Bryar Flanagan - 24 days ago
I love yall guys yall r goals also tell coop and koda i said hu from alabama much love guys
Tom Rempe
Tom Rempe - 24 days ago
Matthew Armbruster
Matthew Armbruster - 24 days ago
More trips like this haha! ~any small youtubers wanna support each other?
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