REBECCA ZAMOLO Missing after RZ Twin Finds GAME MASTER Top Secret Laboratory! (24 hour Event Date)

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Alana Warfield
Alana Warfield - 3 hours ago
I hate u RZ tiwn
Nora Rogers
Nora Rogers - 9 hours ago
put the first letter of every portion of the videos and add it up and try it to the pass code
Aubrey Thomson
Aubrey Thomson - 12 hours ago
I think the five digit code is emoji because the sunglasses 🕶 Emoji
Bonito Williams
Bonito Williams - 12 hours ago
I am watching you haha
Sude Tutcu
Sude Tutcu - 13 hours ago
Engjull KING 100%
Engjull KING 100% - 14 hours ago
Red hood will reveal whats not real means E3 is a decoy
Evil & Cherry
Evil & Cherry - 18 hours ago
when the event starts press the button to stop it Maybe i don't know
ylli Girl
ylli Girl - Day ago
Love these kind of videos
Colleen Heath-Okuma
Rebecca and Matt
with other people us the red light to see if they have red eyes
John Cashbaugh
John Cashbaugh - Day ago
red hood is not going to revle her face
John Cashbaugh
John Cashbaugh - Day ago
cabin is the right word
John Cashbaugh
John Cashbaugh - Day ago
John Cashbaugh
John Cashbaugh - Day ago
can i have a shoutout
i am fan
Alex Arellano
Alex Arellano - Day ago
Gigi Constant
Gigi Constant - 2 days ago
There was the same button at the dool house and also the studio
Lexie Estes
Lexie Estes - 2 days ago
What if the game master is lying and the quadrint is working FOR the game Master
megnsoph1 - 2 days ago
It means that it you see someone with red eyes it won't be rebecca it will be Rz twin so Matt if you see someone with red eyes don't go with her even if it looks like rebecca it won't be rebecca
Aisha Tanveer
Aisha Tanveer - 2 days ago
Rebbeca press that button ☺
SoaR_bens - 2 days ago
hit the butten on 23 feb
Luz Preciado
Luz Preciado - 2 days ago
The word is clock I love😍😍😘💋💄❤💞💘💖💕💓😍😍😘😛 watching you guys's videos you guys are so funny
Bill Gates
Bill Gates - 3 days ago
I think that it means like if you put the glasses on you will get hypnotized I think that or like you were losing memory or something I'm not sure but that's what I think in my head the quadratic and the red Hood put that right there monthly the game master GM
Pam Burris
Pam Burris - 3 days ago
Doll house
Roderak Roderak
Roderak Roderak - 3 days ago
I know who is game master sorry rebeca I-i-t-Its matt sorry rebeca😔☹️😟
Roderak Roderak
Roderak Roderak - 3 days ago
So hard
Roderak Roderak
Roderak Roderak - 3 days ago
Roderak Roderak
Roderak Roderak - 3 days ago
Roderak Roderak
Roderak Roderak - 3 days ago
Roderak Roderak
Roderak Roderak - 3 days ago
Oh not 5😞😒😟😔
Roderak Roderak
Roderak Roderak - 3 days ago
Aye Aye
Aye Aye - 3 days ago
Sophie-May Chilcott
Sophie-May Chilcott - 3 days ago
its bounc
miss gamer
miss gamer - 3 days ago
Press the button because it stops the avent
XxLuisa LourdessxX
XxLuisa LourdessxX - 4 days ago
At june rn soooo i saw ur video that when u were in a doll house the timer was the same its orange idk if thats a clue but yeah soooooooo don't hate on meh
gina george
gina george - 4 days ago
Janae Sampson
Janae Sampson - 4 days ago
The event is really close
Lillian Nowak
Lillian Nowak - 4 days ago
There are many people who love 💕 Matt and Rebecca!
This is how many people do love them!
Rose Henderson
Rose Henderson - 4 days ago
I do
Yaritza Vega
Yaritza Vega - 4 days ago
don't cross Matt
Juel ali
Juel ali - 4 days ago
Matt help Rebecca and Daniel
Jenny Witt
Jenny Witt - 4 days ago
It's a clone that is working for the red hood
Alice McCartney
Alice McCartney - 4 days ago
the event is real
Alice McCartney
Alice McCartney - 4 days ago
it means it reveals if there clones or not
Alice McCartney
Alice McCartney - 4 days ago
it stops the event
Deb Ramsay
Deb Ramsay - 4 days ago
4829 that s the code
Adem Jemal
Adem Jemal - 5 days ago
Rebecca I didn't tell you this but the quadrant is going to take back your safe house very soon
Lekisha Heim
Lekisha Heim - Day ago
chrysh harris
not king gamer
not king gamer - 5 days ago
Press the button when you are at vidcon
Angelica Garza
Angelica Garza - 5 days ago
Matt the Rebecca you will get is not her cause she has red eyes .remember the game master said that "red will reveal what's not real "
Noah Greble
Noah Greble - 5 days ago
press it to stop;0
make this the most subscribed channel hi
Do you feel the same way?
JazzGarcia09 Garcia
JazzGarcia09 Garcia - 5 days ago
Raquel Allen
Raquel Allen - 5 days ago
I think you need to press it so yoi can stop E2 if its today
Sabrina Gomez
Sabrina Gomez - 6 days ago
It must mean that some thing is not real
Maddison Shepherd
Maddison Shepherd - 6 days ago
Perminder Bahal
Perminder Bahal - 6 days ago
Is the rz twin freinds wih the game master cause they have the same mask??
xxxloverxxx21 xxxloverxxx99
Matt is working for the red hood
CHARLIE T - 6 days ago
Why did her eyes look red
Caylee Whinnie
Caylee Whinnie - 6 days ago
Abdul Majid
Abdul Majid - 6 days ago
I think you just press it and then the event will be stopped
Ellie Weale
Ellie Weale - 6 days ago
Comment if you want to help me get Rebecca and denl
Ellie Weale
Ellie Weale - 6 days ago
FiveR hope so ????
Serena Villarreal
Serena Villarreal - 6 days ago
Rebecca Red Rover real is not real I figured out the it means when the color red the color red shows that the person is lying or that it's not real
Chepina - 6 days ago
Rebecca I know why Rz Twins name is Rz. twin BECUS. R is. For. REBECA Z. FOR. ZAMOLO. And. Shes. Yor. twin
Juliet Rice
Juliet Rice - 6 days ago
Chepina we know
HTX _N1NJA - 6 days ago
He is hacking into the quadrants cameras
Hoor Nayyer
Hoor Nayyer - 6 days ago
Shane Cusack
Shane Cusack - 6 days ago
Your so butifule
Janis Anderson
Janis Anderson - 6 days ago
the clue means if theres a clone then you can see if it is a clone or not
Alaya Nasrin
Alaya Nasrin - 7 days ago
Ti is seven
Lorraine Dansbury
Lorraine Dansbury - 7 days ago
Julie Walling-Hartman
Julie Walling-Hartman - 7 days ago
Rebecca Mann I still haven't heard from him to this said him sit with Kurt Hugo Schneider actually he's a hypnotist Georgia truly hypnotize with the game Monster has proof RZ twin got him cuz the game of charger pulled something off the game the game the quadrant Network
Tasha Smith
Tasha Smith - 7 days ago
The rz twin is bad guys never trust her
Julie Walling-Hartman
Julie Walling-Hartman - 7 days ago
Rebecca Madness of the game Masters mask in a silver car near my house I love this game Masters mask by think I just saw it into the silver car unless you have to go it's definitely one of the Gamemaster it's definitely White and it's in a silver car behind the back seats to back seats
JASMINE SOLIS - 7 days ago
Cabin is the word
Jalysa Hagen
Jalysa Hagen - 8 days ago
Manaia Mugridge
Manaia Mugridge - 8 days ago
I sow it on matt
Manaia Mugridge
Manaia Mugridge - 8 days ago
It's on matt
Somsy Ang
Somsy Ang - 9 days ago
neagu dan
neagu dan - 9 days ago
Flor Rosales
Flor Rosales - 9 days ago
try cabin
Michelle padgett
Michelle padgett - 9 days ago
Marcela 1
Marcela 1 - 9 days ago
Alma Dela Cruz
Alma Dela Cruz - 10 days ago
You're probably supposed to press the button when the event is happening😁
Brandi Williams
Brandi Williams - 10 days ago
The glasses mean that if you see the people with red eyes its not really them
Alina Torres
Alina Torres - 10 days ago
Maybe if you press the button it well stop the event
Krystal Yan
Krystal Yan - 10 days ago
When you wear the glasses you see red that means it is not real
Soph Alexandra
Soph Alexandra - 10 days ago
Well remember at the Red hoods mansion you
Used that spy gadget for the floor is lava that
will give you a clue something said ten o'clock
Love Amelia # game master
Qiosha Rosemond
Qiosha Rosemond - 11 days ago
for the code try trust
Tyrone Willison
Tyrone Willison - 11 days ago
Tereke & Kai
Tereke & Kai - 11 days ago
Khadija12 Khadija12
Khadija12 Khadija12 - 11 days ago
From gm we are hacked your channl
Yeahh Boyy
Yeahh Boyy - 11 days ago
The game master is Chad
kayley baker
kayley baker - 12 days ago
Raymond Chau
Raymond Chau - 12 days ago
Jeffery Cook
Jeffery Cook - 12 days ago
Silver gacha gamer1 The Hedgehog
If you have the glasses you gonna see is not real human and has red eyes that means is a robot am genius right😎😎
DELMA AVILA - 12 days ago
Natalie Nickey
Natalie Nickey - 12 days ago
on the event you need to push the button on the event
Lewis Chapman
Lewis Chapman - 12 days ago
my name is Phoebe
Gacha Rainbow unicorn
Gacha Rainbow unicorn - 13 days ago
Farida Ahmed
Farida Ahmed - 13 days ago
There is a traker in the front set you r the best love you guys
Elsybel Aponte
Elsybel Aponte - 13 days ago
Maybe if you press it on the event it will stop E2
sab. - 13 days ago
Anybody else wonder why rebecca doesn’t just look back on her own vids
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