I Went To Prom For The First Time

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Kelli Bauer
Kelli Bauer - 6 hours ago
8:24 Cristine is crying
Jessica Hickey
Jessica Hickey - 16 hours ago
The prom postal was perfect I’m laughing this is so great
Charmaine basaraba
Charmaine basaraba - Day ago
What’s prom
Mrs. Jones Camillia Jones
I would’ve never thought Lindsey wasn’t the high school it girl or “popular” girl!! She seems so cool and able to get along with different crowds.
Allie CAT
Allie CAT - Day ago
Keep doing these kind of back to high school vid I love them 😍
jad barakat
jad barakat - Day ago
This was sooo funnyyyyy . Omg
Jusra Shamku
Jusra Shamku - 3 days ago
I really love that all the prom story tellers are latina
Mooeeps - 7 days ago
I loved Jazzmynes eating with her dress!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Purple Pluot
Purple Pluot - 7 days ago
Gay jk
Unicorn_narwal5429 Sifuentes
If your Hispanic its even harder because a quince is so big and also it's way bigger than a prom
내 앞에서 꺼져, 이 시금치야.
NO ONE's gonna comment on how Lindsay slayed all the outfits she tried on?
내 앞에서 꺼져, 이 시금치야.
Basically, I go to an all girls Indian school where we have no prom at all and the closest thing we have to a prom is this thing called 'Farewell' which is held for the students who are going to graduate from the school so there is no promposal for it and it also has a dress code which is 'Traditional Indian Wear'. 😢
Ig I'm fine with it on some terms but I've always wanted to shop for such beautiful gowns and stuff (I've never worn a gown) and idc about guys at all but it would be so cute if we had promposals between friends, like Lindsay and Jazz did!!!
Honestly, this whole thing, the prepping and the actual event, looks like so much fun!
Beanie__ Bin
Beanie__ Bin - 8 days ago
My prom was horrible😂
One of the popular guy asks me to go to prom with him and I'm the most awkward person in the entire school and it's really weird. I was getting ready with my friend at her house and he came to pick me up. He's getting really upset but he didn't say anything.
And the girls that ask him to go prom with them,come up to me and ruin my shirt that my grandma make for me. I felt so uncomfortable the fact that we're both guy and I'm terrified That people found out that we went to prom together.
It's was stressful day in my entire years of high school😂😪
AJAY YADAV - 10 days ago
Linzy was looking dang !!
Emma Rivera
Emma Rivera - 10 days ago
“Just don’t make out with your ex”
Maya Kahlo
Maya Kahlo - 11 days ago
I really REALLY love the top that Lindsay had at the beginning. I searched and SEARCHED and i found it at attik (the shop) and i was about to buy it but it was $40.... 😂
Tatum H
Tatum H - 11 days ago
"To end it with my best friend and chicken"
Jazz 2019
MagicalWizardSociety 24
MagicalWizardSociety 24 - 11 days ago
Say yes to the dress?
Maxy Espinoza
Maxy Espinoza - 12 days ago
I'll look like you're aunt
Zuleyma Cruz
Zuleyma Cruz - 13 days ago
Ok Lindsey said she didn’t want to show the dress and she said she was looking for earrings Bc her dress is orange 🤦‍♀️
Vivian Dyer
Vivian Dyer - 13 days ago
honestly, the dress is terrible but everything else is beautiful
Lollipops Tv show
Lollipops Tv show - 13 days ago
Lol u can see the color of the dress through bag
kaylahoperudd -
kaylahoperudd - - 13 days ago
7:30 excuse me but I’m 15 and have scoliosis so my neck does hurt
Pengwenee - 13 days ago
When my sister went to prom, she went with a big group so that it wouldn’t be awkward because she’s not that dating type of person. She also made her corsage out of fake flowers and everybody else’s died except hers so that was cool. 😎
Emilia Elofsson
Emilia Elofsson - 13 days ago
10:59 ger tooth
Zi Xiong
Zi Xiong - 14 days ago
O-o They were KILLING IT with the outfit! :)
Kirshna Vaswani
Kirshna Vaswani - 14 days ago
Jazz how,d u color ur hair pink
Tatum Angeles
Tatum Angeles - 15 days ago
My mom cauld not go to prom cause she got really sick on
The day of her prom so all day she was just staring at her prom dress
While she was in bed
Ayana Soleil
Ayana Soleil - 15 days ago
DRESSBUMIE - 16 days ago
where did lindsay get that cloud shirt??? i want it
BellaWolf10 _
BellaWolf10 _ - 18 days ago
At 2:03 when they showed Popeyes I was eating Popeyes
Kailyn - 18 days ago
Homeschooled...no prom
Kat Mon
Kat Mon - 19 days ago
prom occur
Allison Marie
Allison Marie - 21 day ago
what time is it? *pRoM TiMe*
Siyathemba Ntuli
Siyathemba Ntuli - 21 day ago
I'm not even going😐. And I want to 😋 but its cool 😶
Shaniqua Newbold
Shaniqua Newbold - 22 days ago
Was that Jazz unshaved???? Living for it!!!
Shaniqua Newbold
Shaniqua Newbold - 22 days ago
"not going to show you the bag, because it's a secret" ... Me: So no one saw all that orange in the camera??
Shaniqua Newbold
Shaniqua Newbold - 22 days ago
Yall aren't understanding me... THIS IS WHAT THEY GET PAID TO DO. Trying to live that life.
Kathryn Palmer
Kathryn Palmer - 23 days ago
In Australia, we either have debutantes or formals, and I can safely say both are overrated.
Kailee Palardy
Kailee Palardy - 23 days ago
Lindsey looked soooo good
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