Fraternity and drinking culture questioned after 4 student deaths in 1 month

Flustered Weasel
Flustered Weasel - 5 days ago
Their fault, and the parents fault. Can't fix stupidity
DeAndre Holland
DeAndre Holland - 7 days ago
Fraternities are sus’.
Mark DiRienzo
Mark DiRienzo - 10 days ago
As a fraternity member, i am witness to a lot of negative aspects of Greek life. However the fraternity i am in takes strong measures to assure the safety of our members and guest. No hazing, no forcing people to do things that will risk people’s lives. It’s on all these fraternities that their pledges are dead, not the ones who do it right. Just shade thrown by the liberal media to appease liberal students
Hamlet Derby
Hamlet Derby - 10 days ago
I normally respect CBS, but this is terrible journalism. They did not give any greek life organization to defend themselves, and the expert basically suggested that parents should be worried about alcohol-related deaths, which every year 1 in every 100,000 college students die from.
Mitchell Mundroff
Mitchell Mundroff - 15 days ago
They’re going to put a target on Greek life till they realize that most of the alumni donations are from Greek members...
tk2296orl - 15 days ago
Right fraternities are the issue now, put us in number 1 list of problems at schools.
Completely disregard the fact that now we have sociopaths try to shoot up our schools (high schools and colleges)
Disregard the fact that there are other students who also die of alcohol poisoning at other parties, but you don't see it in the news because it has almost become the norm to blame frats for everything wrong in college.
Disregard everything good we do, and the countless of philanthropy which we have raised money for. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars like minimum, with every greek organization combined. And we have donated this money to various non profit organizations
In my university we had a kid get robbed by two individuals after leaving the bank. He was followed after leaving the bank. You can look up this news at FIU. When the news came out about a kid getting rob, no one stopped and questioned if the cops were properly doing their job. But god forbid a fraternity does something that they will be criticized for it.
Completely disregard that most of the deadly and very mentally traumatic hazing occurs in the military, or military colleges. ( who often times don't even have greek life )
Disregard the stereotype that various servicemen in the military engage in binge drinking specially during their first year in the service.
Frats don't have a culture problem, America has a culture problem. The racism you see in some frats, you can easily see that on a daily basis without being a fraternity. The binge drinking problems, as i already mentioned you can see that, maybe not as mass scale as you can see it in greek life but you see it regardless. America has a culture problem, not frats, frats are simply the mirror of the culture problem in america. The only difference is that with a frat you now have an individual who can be easily identified from the rest of the crowd because he has some greek letters attached to his shirt.
What the media is doing to fraternities is the equivalent of blaming rap or hip hop for the violence in America, hip hop/rap is not the problem, it is the mirror to the problem in america.
Tathan Martell
Tathan Martell - 14 days ago
tk2296orl Dude this was really good. And yeah i completely agree. hope this gets big upvotes
kaykay69 - 19 days ago
Lord have mercy 💔
Michael Feltenberg
Michael Feltenberg - 19 days ago
Prosecute the users, the kids, not the suppliers...the government
Tyler Martinez
Tyler Martinez - 19 days ago
But yet alcohol is legal and weed isn't...
Jake Lappin
Jake Lappin - 20 days ago
Frats are causing these drinking issues. In fact, they may be saving lives, as many members know what to look for, and can even help themselves. Additionally, frats are organizations you can govern, without them people would drink in smaller environments without rules that apply to frats.
raphael ostrowski
raphael ostrowski - 20 days ago
Why do we even have these useless organizations. A place where there parents pay for their kids to have friends. Pathetic waste of space
Javier E Castillo
Javier E Castillo - 13 days ago
Freedom of Association, its our god given right to assemble ourselves as individuals as we please. Geed
Landon Hammmond
Landon Hammmond - 21 day ago
L&R Brother. You will be missed
Benjamin Rojas
Benjamin Rojas - 19 days ago
Landon Hammmond L&R
Royce Sato
Royce Sato - 21 day ago
How many deaths from marijuana?
Royce Sato
Royce Sato - 19 days ago
Tyce Abbott that was my point... my you’re a smart one
Tyce Abbott
Tyce Abbott - 19 days ago
Royce Sato uhh that would be zero. Did you really not know that
Denise Masters
Denise Masters - 21 day ago
Princeton has NO sanctioned frats or sororities
Maybe they are onto something ?
ii - 21 day ago
Just now questioning drinking culture? God help us
Scarpster - 21 day ago
Wow, fraternities being blamed for someone’s individual decisions
money game
money game - 21 day ago
Meanwhile Weed
Stuart Otis
Stuart Otis - 21 day ago
Sounds like Natural Selection to me.
Jack Bennett
Jack Bennett - 21 day ago
Just Smile
Just Smile - 21 day ago
Oh noes. 4 people died in a country of 450 million? Thanks for this worthless news.
Maximiliano Madrigal
Maximiliano Madrigal - 22 days ago
I went to this school, that isn't stopping parties. Those idiots won't stop till they die or graduate.
Jack Cough
Jack Cough - 19 days ago
I mean I will also drink myself to death. The difference is I don't pay 20k a semester to do it.
glocklee - 22 days ago
They should start having undercovers in fraternities like 21 jump street
Grant Richardet
Grant Richardet - 22 days ago
This so over exaggerated and ridiculous
madz - 22 days ago
Bruh come on frats it’s 2019
noseasdebil JWD
noseasdebil JWD - 22 days ago
Cannabis culture, no one dies :-)
Mark DiRienzo
Mark DiRienzo - 10 days ago
If my frat forced me to smoke for pledging I’d be in heaven
Danny Murray
Danny Murray - 22 days ago
dude studying frats definitely wasn’t in a frat. ok boomer.
Avery Lee
Avery Lee - 22 days ago
People will always be idiots. Especially kids
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes - 22 days ago
She said Chi “Fee”
Anish Patel
Anish Patel - 22 days ago
This isn’t going to stop us from drinking lol if you can’t handle your alcohol then don’t hang. They know their limits we don’t need to babysit them.
nathan norman
nathan norman - 22 days ago
people don’t know what really goes on in fraternities
MrCHARLESGATES - 22 days ago
We must protect these white kids........ for they are our future police officers, judges, lawyers, teachers, etc.........
Cesar Espinoza
Cesar Espinoza - 22 days ago
Well I mean you’re drinking poison
Santi - 22 days ago
nothing new, nothings going to happen
John Jacob
John Jacob - 22 days ago
Lol imagine being the type of guy that thinks frats are cool
Gregory Gwynn
Gregory Gwynn - 22 days ago
John Jacob awww somebody didint get a bid :’(
The Revenger
The Revenger - 22 days ago
Let them keep doing it. If they're killing themselves in the process then they're stupid enough to die. One less idiot on earth.
MJ Is king
MJ Is king - 22 days ago
Ban alcohol
Luke - 23 days ago
Ceylon - 23 days ago
That's exactly what it is, A CULTURAL PROBLEM! You don't see no D9 orgs doing no crazy mess like that.
Javier E Castillo
Javier E Castillo - 13 days ago
Yes, you do. Foh there have been singling out hazing occurences where they caused deaths. Noy to mentin at my school D9 parties devolved into fights and an Alpha President was shot and killed. Normally not drinking related deaths but deaths nonetheless.
Katie Guskie
Katie Guskie - 23 days ago
88,000 people die a year from alcohol period. College or not. Students aren’t invincible I’m sorry to tell you.
trey craig
trey craig - 23 days ago
dangerous time to be a risk manager lmao
NotoriousSIG1855 - 5 days ago
Very true
Bryce Ambrose
Bryce Ambrose - 8 days ago
Agent Of Chaos
Agent Of Chaos - 15 days ago
trey craig 😂😂😂
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