Joe Rogan Shares Cringe-Inducing Dick Injury Stories

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Anuj Mohil
Anuj Mohil - 3 months ago
Joe “Diamond Cup” Rogan
Eddy - 4 months ago
I volleyed a small football point blank with power into my cousins nuts when we were younger, it still makes me laugh how completely & utterly fucked he was from it, at first I thought we were going to have to get him to hospital the agony he was in, that pain relented after a minute or 2 but he was still on the floor for a good 7/8 minutes afterwards groaning & moaning.
JPMcFlyFeelsTheBern - 4 months ago
Jamie's baseball coach theories:
1. kicked him in the nuts
2. made him do something that inadvertantly led to him injuring his dick and/or balls
3. anything else I haven't thought of lol
Darr Whyask
Darr Whyask - 4 months ago
Just remember boys, the first guy to say "no homo" *isn't.*
Bryce Sterling
Bryce Sterling - 4 months ago
can jamie be on the podcast please
woodyfive0 - 4 months ago
Joe “my dick isn’t as big as this guys” Rogan
Kyle mciver
Kyle mciver - 4 months ago
Goddamnit Epstein, you made joes dick bleed
Viswajit Nair
Viswajit Nair - 4 months ago
This was an uncomfortable yet funny watch
Atom Manhattan
Atom Manhattan - 4 months ago
I'm a big dude...when my Mother took me to buy my first cup for football in the eighth grade I told her it wasn't big enough. She scoffed, and I had to wear a cup that was too small the entire season.
Mihai Gabriel
Mihai Gabriel - 4 months ago
joe 03:16 using scientific study
Nick Amato
Nick Amato - 4 months ago
joe”i knew it was all just dick blood” rogn
McNugget Fan
McNugget Fan - 4 months ago
Okay Mandingo, we have a real anaconda over here, chill
ANDIKEBAD - 4 months ago
Poor Jamie “My baseball coach when I was younger...... “ 😌
Colin Bobick
Colin Bobick - 4 months ago
In high school I went on a deep single leg on my friend during practice, when I pulled him down he went to his back(he was just coming off an ankle injury so we were going easy) and once I saw he went to his back I went to hop to the side to finish the move for back points and he happened to lift his knee and when I jumped I landed straight on his knee dick first. My nuts swelled up like basketballs. One of many but I won’t forget it. Felt like the life got pulled out of me for at least 10 minutes before I got my bearing back.
Zacch Canavan
Zacch Canavan - 4 months ago
Man, joes junk has been fucked up pretty bad. But,Like a legend. he just keeps on cumming back.
John Banks
John Banks - 4 months ago
Joe “I Knew It Was Just Dick Blood” Rogan
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 months ago
My ex girlfriend was into horse riding and was telling me how one of the stableboys got kicked in the crotch off a horse and he ended up having to have serveral surgerys and eventually lost one of his testicles.
phil bartlett
phil bartlett - 4 months ago
Smashed my nuts on bmx trying to grind handrail a few years back, same thing happened, swole up and turned black for a week lol
aye gee
aye gee - 4 months ago
Joe jock strap rogan
The Pig Man Lives
The Pig Man Lives - 4 months ago
Joe “my Dick is bleeding” Rogan
NPC #1997
NPC #1997 - 4 months ago
Щ фь кшьввщфь тон
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 4 months ago
Joe, my dick doesn't work thanks to DMT, Rogan.
Jah Eerie
Jah Eerie - 4 months ago
I did the same - swollen nuts are no joke.
And laughing is not an option 😱
Brendan Connelly
Brendan Connelly - 4 months ago
"So my Baseball Coach..."
StagHead - 4 months ago
What the fuck😂😂😂
northpappyflappy - 4 months ago
Dick>Nose IMO
James Fleischmann
James Fleischmann - 4 months ago
LOLOL..Treat my dick like my nose..LOLOLOL
BuckfastConsumer - 4 months ago
Vote up if you want jamie to be a guest
Ninety Nine
Ninety Nine - 4 months ago
Henry don't got a dick he's got a gold medal down there.......
I do buisness
I do buisness - 4 months ago
Get ngannou on the podcast
kerrintonthomas - 4 months ago
Why the black guy gotta have the smallest junk in the room 🤦🏾‍♂️
mihajlo525 - 4 months ago
"I knew it was all just Dick blood".
Technically all the blood in your body is dick blood.
Zinho9 - 4 months ago
When I played baseball and tried to wear a cup, I just couldn't do it. At 3rd base that was probably the 2nd most important position to wear one besides the catcher. Uncomfortable as fuck and kept getting caught in my pubes. You might say I should have trimmed them. Hindsight is 20/20. Never got hit in the nuts though luckily.
rushiop rusho
rushiop rusho - 4 months ago
After a jiujitsu class I got home and pissed red, I still don't know if it was blood or it was the beetroot I eated at lunch, still went to the hospital to check if I had blood in my piss, all negative. Still I kind of freak out a little bit.
stone cold stoner 420
stone cold stoner 420 - 4 months ago
Hello freak bitches
Lucas - 4 months ago
Joe "chicken embryos in my toilet bowl" Rogan
Gideon Amare
Gideon Amare - 4 months ago
Jesus christ i finally bought a cup after getting bagged twice during kickboxing sparring yesterday, but after hearing the horror stories of accidents despite having one i'm scared as hell
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy - 4 months ago
Joe "well for me, it fits perfect" Rogan
JohnDaWhale3 - 4 months ago
1:16 "You're trying to say your dick's too big-I understand...I understand..."

Joe desperately trying to convince us that he has a big dick...
Jimmy Kimber
Jimmy Kimber - 4 months ago
needs to be a toon
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