ARTIK Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie

Dewi Anggraini
Dewi Anggraini - Day ago
Wa is diz all ebat...🤔🤔
Others give all shit of d film
Diz 1 like no clue..wa u sell bruh?
kenny omega
kenny omega - Day ago
MAGA equals Incest
MAGA equals Incest - 3 days ago
Straight to VHS.
Zac Arshad
Zac Arshad - 3 days ago
Finally, a trailer that doesn't reveal the whole plot, looks good though, looking forward to watch it.
mrgrumpee - 4 days ago
Nowadays it seems movie trailers fall into two categories:- They either give away the whole film or are just a bunch of flashing images that tell me nothing. I had thought it was just me, being a sad old git, but as comments here and on other trailers, this is not the case.😕😕😕
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton - 7 days ago
thanks for ruining my ears, faggots
zeekmorris - 7 days ago
Looks like a movie for faggots.
Rahul Bhandari
Rahul Bhandari - 7 days ago
Its rated 100% on rotten tomatoes 😐
phoenix rising
phoenix rising - 8 days ago
Well at the very least this trailer didn't give away nothing, cept that I too have no fucking idea what's going on
ronnie m
ronnie m - 8 days ago
Ok, soooooo Artik is the bearded guy and from what I read the kid is his son. He's I believe to become a serial killer like him....oh there's nothing like father and son time. Bring your parent to school day and what does your daddy do 🗡🔨 🤔. Anywho I think the other guy finds the little serial killer in the making and tries to help him. Who will win him over, which way will he turn. Also I have to say some reviews have said that the volume of the dialogue sucks for some reason in this movie, it came out last month.
TheRaziel07 - 8 days ago
When you watch xhamster and attack on titans the same time
Matthew Watford
Matthew Watford - 7 days ago
what the fuck
renan Câmara
renan Câmara - 8 days ago
looks good
Patrick Sky
Patrick Sky - 8 days ago
this trailer provide nothing but confusion. this movie received 100% on rotten tomatoes so this must be good.
Anthony Canty
Anthony Canty - 7 days ago
From 5 people, yeah
Andi Annotz
Andi Annotz - 8 days ago
pacman1408 - 9 days ago
Creativity and imagination is gone in the movie industry!! Most movies today have NO POINT!! This is just another example of that! This is what happens when The Federal Government takes over our Educational System. It breeds STUPID people! Hollywood is producing movies that promote Feminism, Racial Integration and LGBT & Queer movies. Oh and let’s not forget to add movies that are Anti-America and Promote the One World Order. The First Order ( New Star Wars Franchise) Hail Hydra (Marvel Movies). Just my thoughts peeps! By the way, this movie sux asterisk!
Cebos359 - 9 days ago
Yeh movie looks good but the trailer is bad and makes no sense
Aimee Xochitl
Aimee Xochitl - 6 days ago
Cebos359 sadly the actual movie doesn’t either
J.H.P Music
J.H.P Music - 9 days ago
wtf did i just watch?
nate montie
nate montie - 9 days ago
it was a good movie but whats with the shotgun with infinite bullets ive never knew that with a shotgun!!!!! i wasnt sure about the kids though but they turned out ok lol
David Jeffreys
David Jeffreys - 9 days ago
Not a single part of this trailer made sense to me. Old dude little boy and male torture...and not even gay I guess.
tylerschwarzff - 12 days ago
MrSausagess - 16 days ago
Where do they get funding for this pointless scare free Turd?
Mike K
Mike K - 18 days ago
Another must miss p.o.s.
the maniac
the maniac - 23 days ago
do you like this movies???
Алексей Добрых
Precious Dabreo
Precious Dabreo - Month ago
Reminds me of Bereavement and, Malevolence
Redstone336 Mario909
Redstone336 Mario909 - Month ago
Oh hell no
Ryan Archuleta
Ryan Archuleta - Month ago
Wtf is it about? I don't understand
FREE Will Dummies!
FREE Will Dummies! - Month ago
Who watches commercials anymore.? I haven't seen one in years. Stop viewing the propaganda of your rich.
devansh khati
devansh khati - Month ago
I want you to come down as hard as you can, you hear me

Yeah, that's what she said.
Lamel Winston
Lamel Winston - Month ago
Umm... Whatthafuckiszis?
Ray_ping_min0rs _
Ray_ping_min0rs _ - Month ago
Is this related to brightburn?
Gretta Beua
Gretta Beua - Month ago
There's nothing wrong with being a hatian
Robbi D
Robbi D - Month ago
Another dumb ass movie with gore and bodies that has a shit hole story that makes no sense. No rhyme or reasoning behind the dialogue or the actions or anything. Just another Cactus Jack looking guy speaking jibberish while either abusing some kid or killing someone for no apparent reason. They keep making 15 of these sleepy type gore films with a story line written by a 5 year old elementary child. Always predictable. You can guess or know exactly what's coming and where the film is going. Hollywood writers should be jailed for gross plagiarism because all they do is piggy back and leap frog off every other gore film that's ever been made. Nothing about this film or the others are NEW. SOS.
Dxrkwiz - Month ago
Moon Mango
Moon Mango - Month ago
I want you to come down as hard as you can you hear me

Bangs his head into the ice
Lighting Wolf
Lighting Wolf - Month ago
Crazy Hub
Crazy Hub - Month ago
subscribe thiz channel and watch this funny video
Cham-cham Mateo
Cham-cham Mateo - Month ago
Ohhh nice
Online Anand
Online Anand - Month ago
Amazing video good
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown - Month ago
Gonna wait to watch this & give a honest review..........where can I get online viewing of this movie?
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - Month ago
What happened? Did all the Horror Movie Directors Die recently??
MrEmmanuel303 - 9 days ago
Not really, Veronika Franz, Jennifer Kent, Pascal Laugier, Ari Aster are still alive. And if you guys havent seen this, dont say negative stuff as we dont know if this is actually a good movie. Trailer is bad, but doesnt mean movie has to be.
Shankar Gladi
Shankar Gladi - 9 days ago
Its lit true..we miss wes craven
sheridan paul
sheridan paul - Month ago
😂😂I asked myself the same thing cuz I've only been seeing trailers of horrors lol,its like a tribute
KeepMyNameOutYoMouf - Month ago
i have no idea wtf this is about....
Kristers Eizenbergs
Kristers Eizenbergs - 3 days ago
@No name No Name xD
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton - 7 days ago
it makes a lot of noise, the movie is probably trash with a louf trailer on top of it
Karen V.
Karen V. - 9 days ago
YES ....! Thank you. Thought I was the only one.
Vince Todakonzie
Vince Todakonzie - 23 days ago
*dramatic music swells* If I am suppose to be enthralled, more like, what the hell is this movie suppose to be about?
No name No Name
No name No Name - 24 days ago
Im think its seriel killer WHO want to torture people
Mike's Collectible Madness
Amazing video and amazing channel and amazing job friend 😀😎👍😀
Juancho Macaraeg
Juancho Macaraeg - Month ago
NOLAN & TROY are there right?
Bojan Petrus
Bojan Petrus - Month ago
just 4 psychos... i dont know what satisfaction u get from this kind of movies...
MrEmmanuel303 - 9 days ago
the same one you got from watching the shit you watch
DIECASTER - Month ago
Stright to video...
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22 - Month ago
Its Artic not Artik these people need to learn how to spell lol
MCD00RAG - 9 days ago
@lotech/ hijack in this sense artik means "from now on" you filthy swine!
lotech/ hijack
lotech/ hijack - Month ago
Arctic, not Artic or Artik. There's two "c",s in the word, not just one at the end. Google that shit. People mispronounce it all the time as if that first "c" wasn't there. There's the "Arctic" and the "Antarctic"... What the fuck happened to phonics, spelling and reading?
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22 - Month ago
@Aditya Sholapurkar its bad English and lazy writing
Aditya Sholapurkar
Aditya Sholapurkar - Month ago
It's done on purpose!
Gacha_gamer - Month ago
120starter - Month ago
Filmed using 70's technology.
King Keef
King Keef - Month ago
as soon as  that kid killed that bug with his forehead  I was IN !!!!!!
Enrico Lastimosa
Enrico Lastimosa - Month ago
Another amazing movie! Looking forward to watch it!!!
Paranoid - Month ago
How do you know it's an amazing movie if you haven't seen it yet?!
Ghost Face
Ghost Face - Month ago
Looks really gooooooooood
Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon - Month ago
Very good horror movie 2019 🤐🤐🤐💀☠👹
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