Drunk bus driver plans to pick students up from a field trip | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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steven villarruel
steven villarruel - 19 часов назад
Sounds like Sll Jeffys Driveres license
Irene Randazzo
Irene Randazzo - 23 часа назад
In the beginning when he put up the questions what would you do I was like call the police? Duh 🤬
dembonez19 - День назад
I love when Traci's the good guy. She's much harder to recognize because she's the villain 95% of the time. xD
Coffee day channel
Coffee day channel - День назад
Tracy again
Tech. Nitesh
Tech. Nitesh - 3 дня назад
Finally love to see tracie is not bad anymore 😂 😂 😂 😂
Chris P
Chris P - 4 дня назад
Most of these drunk bus drivers are drinking at home or while driving there are far and few in between drivers that would bother to go to a bar. It didnt matter if it was a school bus driver or a regular driver for people to react.
Sophia's Sarcasm
Sophia's Sarcasm - 4 дня назад
Wait is that mom Karuna Satori?????
Χρήστος B.
Χρήστος B. - 4 дня назад
It’s a beautiful think to see that people actually care !
Very beautiful
Verde1993 - 5 дней назад
stop snitching
Cruv - Games And Edits
Cruv - Games And Edits - 6 дней назад
wow lol
NightStorm - 5 дней назад
My thing is could I legally take the keys away and call the police?
Nathan Chisholm
Nathan Chisholm - 6 дней назад
I'm sure one off the kids could off done him a favour by being the driver
Alan Bourbeau
Alan Bourbeau - 8 дней назад
A drunk school bus driver ready to picking school kids from a field trip?!! That's totally unacceptable. If I confronted the drunken bus driver. I say to him,
"Sir, you're in no good condition to drive the bus and pick up the kids. Do you realize that if you do that, there will be serious repercussions and you could end up losing you license to drive the bus by the school administration. So the next time when you go on your lunch break, think twice before you consume any alcoholic beverages. Have bottle of water or sports drink. Nothing alcoholic."
ousman and kadiatou diallo
ousman and kadiatou diallo - 9 дней назад
OMG it's Brian and traci
SkeletonMan84 - 10 дней назад
Why do women cry so easily?
SkeletonMan84 - 10 дней назад
Very good drunk acting
SkeletonMan84 - 10 дней назад
I wonder how many calls the police got that day and we’re like “dammit it’s the WWYD thing again”
EssGee 1221
EssGee 1221 - 10 дней назад
Dere's no children in the bus now. I'm going to get them. You wanna see my license? 2:04
Laila Rose
Laila Rose - 11 дней назад
My mom would be mad if I spoke up because “it’s nun of my business” she said that’s how fights start because people speak out of turn
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas - 11 дней назад
Unit 6, there's a drunk bus driver trying to pick up kids and he's completely wasted.
Unknown 84
Unknown 84 - 14 дней назад
Seriously, who wouldn’t stop him?
ii_xJc - 15 дней назад
Another topic to add to my list of OCD worries.
Sage Inderbitzen
Sage Inderbitzen - 16 дней назад
What do they tell the cops afterwards , surprised they let them actually call 😂
Elise M
Elise M - 17 дней назад
This is what happened is when you don’t *thank the bus driver*
John Mar
John Mar - 18 дней назад
I would be furious and I don't even have kids
Savana Robinson
Savana Robinson - 18 дней назад
bless that lady
Kay S
Kay S - 18 дней назад
The police must really hate this show
Abdifath Abdi
Abdifath Abdi - 19 дней назад
Is he really drunk because he dose not lock like a drunk person or was it water
DotEffect - 19 дней назад
xDD Literally my friends bus driver once picked up a random man off the street, a few stops later the man mumbled 'I don't think this is my bus..' and got off (to be fair it was a substitute driver LMAO though)
Joshua Leonor
Joshua Leonor - 20 дней назад
I feel sorry for the actors
Cap’nLemonSnart !
Cap’nLemonSnart ! - 20 дней назад
For once Traci’s the nice character
Big Fez Dog
Big Fez Dog - 20 дней назад
This is a great channel
Christina Masden
Christina Masden - 20 дней назад
This is Russia hackers with WWYD ...
Shubham Patil
Shubham Patil - 21 день назад
Meanwhile, the kids took the uber.
Random Cat Lady
Random Cat Lady - 20 дней назад
Lovrich123 - 21 день назад
TRACI the icon
Josephine Maldonado
Josephine Maldonado - 23 дня назад
Just a question, what do you guys do once someone calls the cops? I know sometimes, they know you guys are already there, but how do you guys do that? Do you call the cops and let them know your location? Or..?
Lightning Forces
Lightning Forces - 23 дня назад
Oh yeah yeah
She voted for Obama oh yeah yeah
moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo
moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo - 24 дня назад
we need an uber bus with a nanny bot driving for these little devils, i feel for the drivers but yea dont drink and drive
Amy Pach
Amy Pach - 25 дней назад
keys ? snatched
hotel ? trivago
laxx4lifechey - 25 дней назад
YOO my school was the first lady mentioned
Sebastian Grain
Sebastian Grain - 25 дней назад
Typical for New Jersey
Venom - 27 дней назад
What’s up with these ugly ass women in these videos. It’s true what they say women are getting uglier and wearing more make up than ever.
pygmiegoatsheepbeat - 28 дней назад
I like how the ones taking the keys are the women half the man's size.
Linda Kelleher
Linda Kelleher - 28 дней назад
0:54 has me cracking up
TS Elite
TS Elite - 28 дней назад
4:42 actor the women with black hair
David Wheeler
David Wheeler - 28 дней назад
jiji was here
jiji was here - 29 дней назад
Jump out the back of the bus.
Crystal Bubble aj
Crystal Bubble aj - Месяц назад
When I was little I got into a bus crash cause my bus drives was tipsy. I was terrified
Nicolas Gonzalez
Nicolas Gonzalez - Месяц назад
Those who snatched the keys were actual heroes
Dat boi Who goes ahoy!
Dat boi Who goes ahoy! - Месяц назад
2:15 you took THOSE KEYYYS!!!
LISH IV - Месяц назад
I hope not all Americans eat that ugly?) watched so many episodes,,,,many people eat with the full mouth like its the last day barely can pronounce smth...bit disgusting (
Tie mie Shu
Tie mie Shu - Месяц назад
I would say drunk drivers need their license suspended permanently. First offense license gone.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - Месяц назад
What the fuck is this bullshit!? Traci is actually playing a good person!?
lol noob
lol noob - Месяц назад
didn't know ryan reynolds was that old
D Martinez
D Martinez - Месяц назад
If that really was a drunk bus driver I would’ve taken those keys and thrown them over where the bartender was at.
Secondly God bless those good samaritans who stopped the actor and called the cops.
Potato Jammef
Potato Jammef - Месяц назад
1:59 *s n a t c h*
Terry Gao
Terry Gao - Месяц назад
Drunk driving is murder
Mojolaoluwa AKINWUNTAN Mary
Mojolaoluwa AKINWUNTAN Mary - Месяц назад
4:41 guy come to Nigeria first
Meowlishious - Месяц назад
Thats a crazy scenario!! I hope that never happens to me or anyone I know.
Shay C
Shay C - Месяц назад
Jhon trynna give a nigga a heart attack like wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i mean john he be getting good ass actors i wouldve burst out laughing
zafar iqbal
zafar iqbal - Месяц назад
Traci is very old now
Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard - Месяц назад
4:54 Aye my man Stephen A. Smith on tv
Nina S
Nina S - Месяц назад
Super scary that this happened in real life, not just once, but multiple times :(
BIG BRAIN MUSIC - Месяц назад
Mr.freedom-nance30 - Месяц назад
Who wouldn’t stop him is the question
EmXtraMoney - Месяц назад
Nothin more disgustin than the "if that were my kids" mentality... stupid fuck if its somebody else's kids its kosher? goofy
Gucci Queen
Gucci Queen - Месяц назад
Reads the title as “drink bus driver plants to pick up students from a field trip”
Me confused
xx livlovesmusic xx
xx livlovesmusic xx - Месяц назад
Who else gets creeped out when the main actor played another ‘baddie’ in another video....it just messes with my brain lol cuz the driver in this was a posing photographer in another vid I just watched lol
Anthony Chofiee
Anthony Chofiee - Месяц назад
You dumb stupid idiot jerk off because of an idiot bus driver killed a little girl an a school teacher because he made an illegal turn on Rte 80 so to post this was moronic
MillyC9 - Месяц назад
For once Traci isn't the bad role
Tittit TV
Tittit TV - Месяц назад
At the end he still drove the bus
Todd Howard
Todd Howard - Месяц назад
0:52 why the fuck did you put the logo over the logo?
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens - Месяц назад
I can’t believe that people actually do this and they are complete low life piece of shit alcoholic idiots
Populeux Music
Populeux Music - Месяц назад
Umm using the 911 lines? What if there is a real emergency? These calls will use up the lines
DL IRONIE - Месяц назад
plot twist:how much time they wasted with the police calling on a social experiment.
how many people died in that time?
ami bami the soccer gamer crew
ami bami the soccer gamer crew - Месяц назад
plot twist he is high on water
Dawson Rosa
Dawson Rosa - Месяц назад
*Ninja has thanked the bus driver*
Riley O'Shell
Riley O'Shell - Месяц назад
Oh if you think this is dangerous, you should see Ms. Friz drive the magic school bus
DeadC4t - Месяц назад
Dr.awesomeK - Месяц назад
I would’ve followed the bus with my car to see the kids die
chloe :-D
chloe :-D - Месяц назад
TRACI AS A BARTENDER?!?! NO! She should be playing a MOM! Omg 😮
James Sunderland
James Sunderland - Месяц назад
4:55 Tha MILF is fire!
Amitha Murali
Amitha Murali - Месяц назад
I’ve had so many horrible drivers in the past, and I can only imagine how horrible it would be if they were drunk. I went to a school a year ago where the entire class had school bus drivers and we would spend lunch exchanging stories about what the did.
Erin Montgomery
Erin Montgomery - Месяц назад
I love when they argue
Wren - Месяц назад
If you gonna be drunk and driving, here is a list of to-dos
1. Don't be an asshole and don't drink and drive 'cause you endangering other people
2. If you really got to do it, go to a liquor store and buy that shit on the sly, and drink in yo' damn bus. Don't go to a bar.
3. Think it over, man. You really shouldn't do it.
4. Cars are DANGEROUS WEAPONS in a drunk dude's hands. If you are drunk while reading this and thinking about driving, you probably need help.
Wren - Месяц назад
P.S. I am drunk while writing this and I am most likely an alcoholic
Zapper Zapped
Zapper Zapped - Месяц назад
There's hardly a black person in these kinds of scenarios coz they don't care about the society and kids
Cody Young
Cody Young - Месяц назад
this is why our son homeschools. you. cannot trust who they hire along with other reasons. I'm not concerned with disagreements but just saying
Toys hanger
Toys hanger - Месяц назад
Bottom line it doesn’t matter kids or adults it should not be any drunk driving period
Mingshyan Sakoshi
Mingshyan Sakoshi - Месяц назад
2:00 You are now asking for a brawl.
Mingshyan Sakoshi
Mingshyan Sakoshi - Месяц назад
5:00 You are asking for a second brawl, jeez!
G̶a̶c̶h̶a̶ C̶a̶r̶o̶l̶i̶n̶e̶
*I want nachos now...*
Divija D
Divija D - Месяц назад
My bus driver got us stuck in a narrow alley on the way to BSO (Boston Symphony Orchestra) and she also dented a streetlight slightly
Overtime - Месяц назад
My names brian to and I’m also an alcoholic. Coincidence or what
Exoress Delivers
Exoress Delivers - Месяц назад
"One problem it's a school bus". As opposed to it being a charter bus where only adults would be killed by this drunken driver.
im batman
im batman - Месяц назад
if stupid little bratty kids was neva said n it was a normal van nobody wudda said anything..but no because its bratty kids all the single mums start crying..sad
Gamer Kick
Gamer Kick - 2 месяца назад
What if for even one scenario of WWYD videos 911 mistakenly neglects a real call ?
Jenz Aguilar
Jenz Aguilar - 2 месяца назад
Soo how do they let the police know? What if there was an actual bus driver that was drunk and someone reported it and the police thought it was just for wwyd and they didn’t take any action..?
love may
love may - 2 месяца назад
Is that Velma from scooby doo??
Sydney nkandu
Sydney nkandu - 2 месяца назад
thats the answers most of drivers give from my country
"have been doing this for years "😂😂😂
gracie pope
gracie pope - 2 месяца назад
Bus drivers have one job get from point a to point b how hard is it to drive a couple of miles without getting blackout drunk
Robo - 2 месяца назад
The real bus driver
YouTube User
YouTube User - 2 месяца назад
“Lady...Idrinkallthetime...” 😂
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