Drunk bus driver plans to pick students up from a field trip | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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YE13 BEAST - 4 hours ago
4:54 what’s Stephen a doing here 😂😂😂
Xiao Ran Li
Xiao Ran Li - Day ago
dogsitter68 - Day ago
i'd buy them a couple of shots of tequila
Random Thought
Random Thought - Day ago
This actually happened at my school
TheLegend0924 - 3 days ago
LMFAO Stephen A. Smith @4:54
Farhan TheMessiah
Farhan TheMessiah - 4 days ago
"*that guy is about to drive a bus*"
shaun williamzz
shaun williamzz - 4 days ago
Bro, 5 words all I woulda said...gimme the fucking keys dawg.
salim - 4 days ago
wtf is this fake?if so my life was a joke...smh
Sweet Lollipop
Sweet Lollipop - 6 days ago
I was in 2nd grade and our driver was drunk driving the bus. He tried to actually harress a girl too. And we went to this new area and our bus started to slide from some hill. My friends all sat together holding hands and crying. Cause then our driver came out of his seat and started slapping some kids.
ibra danish
ibra danish - 7 days ago
wade is that u???
r u bus driver now???how about deadpool???
Austen Hernandez
Austen Hernandez - 7 days ago
Lol if the guy was brown coffee would be the last thing offered. A call to the police would be the ONE AND ONLY OPTION ☝🏿 jus sayin this show is fake an foolish trust me I kno
Sailor W
Sailor W - 8 days ago
Traci is always a bad one but not in this case
Amine Ferski
Amine Ferski - 8 days ago
What a society..why they call police ? Why they didnt stop them by themselves !!!!!
Kayel Kimble
Kayel Kimble - 8 days ago
Did yall know that guy's brother is a cop?
SaddamCertified69 - 9 days ago
Why does this shit only happen in America
entries entries
entries entries - 9 days ago
That's why my family and I never drink
call me mari
call me mari - 10 days ago
Roses are red🌹
Violets are blue💙
I'm John Quinones👋
*And this is what would you do😊*
liljohnjr12 - 11 days ago
Siamese Flower
Siamese Flower - 11 days ago
I can't believe people don't recognize Traci already. LOL
Zedeye - 12 days ago
No offense but Brian looks like a fuckin pedophile so I would have thought people would be more concerned about him being I'm a bus with children than driving it drunk
Golden grillson
Golden grillson - 12 days ago
I reckon driving a school bus would lead to drinking.!
I’m sorry but a bus full of kids is a nightmare straight up!!!
Walter Wright
Walter Wright - 15 days ago
I love it when people use their brains and their hearts and take action.
Ayesha Imran
Ayesha Imran - 16 days ago
-oml,- OMG ppl these days
Ayesha Imran
Ayesha Imran - 16 days ago
Leland Brown III
Leland Brown III - 16 days ago
I would hook the bus to my mudiem duty tow truck to stop him from taking the bus
Lewi TM
Lewi TM - 17 days ago
I'm the only one who doesnt know who the fuck Traci is
Jillian McGowan
Jillian McGowan - 18 days ago
The bus driver is sexy🥰
bonan bonan
bonan bonan - 19 days ago
I wanna die
STRK 94 - 19 days ago
his acting skills are pretty good
Simply Starry
Simply Starry - 22 days ago
I wanna see a failed episode where the people know the actors straight away. That would be super entertaining
Shadae  Williams
Shadae Williams - 24 days ago
Keep this up y’all should do one with a kidnapper takes the girl out in public and see if anyone would help ! I seen many documentaries on this it’s crazy !!
10,000 subs no videos?
10,000 subs no videos? - 25 days ago
My middle school bus driver on 420 we smoked and he took a hit and drive he got caught cause this kid told
GoddessOfWhatnot - 26 days ago
Too bad it had to be a school bus for people to take the threat of drunk driving seriously
SoberYetDrunk - 26 days ago
Traci’s the bartender? Wow! I thought she would’ve been the bus.
Josh deveaux
Josh deveaux - 25 days ago
If she gains a few thousand pounds and paints herself yellow I think she'd play the bus pretty well
David seg
David seg - 28 days ago
If I’m there I’d beat his ass. It makes all cmd look bad when someone drinks and then gets behind the wheel.
King Tut
King Tut - Month ago
How does nobody know traci
zara adeel
zara adeel - Month ago
Me: mom I don’t wanna ride the bus no more
Me: (shows this video)
Do not subscribe to me- or thanos won't like it
that title makes him look like he is picking up young girls
sam bou
sam bou - Month ago
A bunch of flowers to all those brave men and women out there!!
Shadow King
Shadow King - Month ago
Shout out to Stephen a Smith in 4:47
g h o s t
g h o s t - Month ago
Bruh that’s a special needs bus
bret mccloskey
bret mccloskey - Month ago
One of my fav actors
Dalia Lule
Dalia Lule - Month ago
Bars should have a 2 drink max policy to avoid this c**p. And I know this is just acting,, but how dare these kind of people drink and then go out and drive a school bus that's loaded with other people's kids??? ☹☹
Alan Bourbeau
Alan Bourbeau - Month ago
If I were a school bus driver, I wouldn't go to a bar and start getting drunk with any type of alcoholic beverages. Instead I would go on my lunch break at a restaurant that doesn't involve alcoholic beverages such as Subway or Panera Bread. That what's the Bus driver should've done in my opinion.
cod god
cod god - Month ago
Why do the people who are 'reacting' to the driver sound so clear. Almost like they have a microphone on them 🤔🤔🤔
Josh deveaux
Josh deveaux - 25 days ago
@cod god that's not what I said at all. How the fuck did you get that conclusion. I'll try to dumb it down for you, there's this thing called technology they use it to reveiw what they had video taped previously the can then edit said footage to make certaint sounds like an important person speaking sound louder than somone unimportant speaking
cod god
cod god - 25 days ago
@Josh deveaux so your saying they take the people who participated in this event. Make them remember EVERY word that they said. And then say it back into a mic PERFECTLY timed, and then post it.
Josh deveaux
Josh deveaux - 25 days ago
Maybe it's because it's not live and there's this thing called editing to highlighted certain sounds fick off with the conspiracies
Mikaela Line
Mikaela Line - Month ago
Maybe it's because they put microphones on the tables, and around the restaurant.
C S - Month ago
Sam Bam
Sam Bam - Month ago
Does Anyone Ever Wanna See The Actor Hit Someone / Cuss Lmao
taylor sharay
taylor sharay - Month ago
I wish she would snatch keys outta my hands
morten bourgeois
morten bourgeois - Month ago
oh man im sad cuz i thought the woman would be the evil one
this video disapoint3d me
Jags - Month ago
"These concerned citizens", God bless you all! 🙌
Olivia Edmundson
Olivia Edmundson - Month ago
Waits so like
Did they inform the police that if they got a call reporting a drunk bus driver to not be alarmed before shooting the episode or like what happend
Orchardgamer511 - Month ago
Traci isn't evil for once
TrashLord Dank
TrashLord Dank - Month ago
I'd said don't get on the bus you fucking dumb ass
Aljan Vivar
Aljan Vivar - Month ago
Just put on some USSR anthem and get some vodka, I'm just kidding. I dont have any ideas.
Sungkar Cityzens
Sungkar Cityzens - 2 months ago
The man in behind at 1:50 & 2:40 is the same man ....Is he a customer ? Or an actor ?
Sungkar Cityzens
Sungkar Cityzens - 2 months ago
The man in behind at 1:50 & 2:40 is the same man ....Is he a customer ? Or an actor ?
Micha Faine
Micha Faine - 2 months ago
Apparently 419 people don't care if a drunk person drives children on a school bus... I hope you all feel disgusted. What in the actual FUCK is wrong with you people? I wanna guess inbreeding, but I can't say for sure
NPChe - 2 months ago
I wonder how much they have to pay the city for all the false 911 calls
Dani_ela potato451
Dani_ela potato451 - 2 months ago
What would I do? If I was in the bus with that drunk bus driver.. I would tell everyone to get out of the back exit and try to stop the bus🙁
Ernest T
Ernest T - 2 months ago
They made the lady call the cops and make a full false report before telling her its a show. Fucking morons.
Clark Drew
Clark Drew - 2 months ago
Brian playing a creep.
Traci playing a nice person.
White Pelt Cat
White Pelt Cat - 2 months ago
Why does Ryan sound like he’s French?
Vince Incorvaia
Vince Incorvaia - 2 months ago
Mom on the left is sexxy 4:16
Deep Singh Gill
Deep Singh Gill - 2 months ago
It bet this is a fake TV serial bcz how come these customers dont recognise your 6 years old actors and actresses ( specially staci) syop fooling people man
Prathyush_s - 2 months ago
the guy just had some free drinks
Marni Kramer
Marni Kramer - 2 months ago
At least everyone cared for the drunk driver. It’s saver for the first graders and obviously for the drunk man. KEZ SNATCHED
The Handyman
The Handyman - 2 months ago
4 That guy @ the bar, have a coke or orange/j they don't only serve alcohol, they have every right to stop him, i would have the same.
The Handyman
The Handyman - 2 months ago
& She let him go.
3ahrukh 4nsari
3ahrukh 4nsari - 2 months ago
The last women would have punched his buzz off if he would have tried to resisted even for a percent for them keys
John Lee
John Lee - 2 months ago
That guy just said 12 o clock afternoon
Naomi Wolfe
Naomi Wolfe - 2 months ago
Why is the girl in the beginning who did get arrested for being a drunk bus driver, actually look like Traci? XD
moereverie 000
moereverie 000 - 2 months ago
the bus is probably full of shitty normy kids who love to talk trash and belittle ppl. no harm
A.D. Elz
A.D. Elz - 2 months ago
Traci finally escaped satan and is on her way to recover :‘)
gunz - 2 months ago
It was a short bus they shoulda let him drive.
metalfight64 - 2 months ago
Yooo lmao that dude look like my teacher
Jerry W
Jerry W - 2 months ago
What if he didn’t say he was a bus driver? DUH
Lazy Potato
Lazy Potato - 2 months ago
Ebenezer Nikoi
Ebenezer Nikoi - 2 months ago
One does not simply watch one episode of What would you do...
Kristen Clark
Kristen Clark - 3 months ago
OMG this show basically these people are making other people that did these things feel worse this show is like bad sort of
Kristina Mika
Kristina Mika - 3 months ago
2:20 she kind of looks similar to Jenna Fischer (Pam from the office)
liverpool Never walk alone
GamingWithJon TV
GamingWithJon TV - 3 months ago
I thought this was normal until I realized
Samantha G.
Samantha G. - 3 months ago
His acting is great. Even with the types of shit he says. It is all too familiar to somebody I know. Sad. But very good acting.
Syara Grant
Syara Grant - 3 months ago
I like what the man said I don't know but my bro is a cop
Samuel Kalinowski
Samuel Kalinowski - 3 months ago
Finally an episode where traci is not the bad guy
XxAnimenatorxX - 3 months ago
Traci and Brian in one video?!
Kelseyy Mariee
Kelseyy Mariee - 3 months ago
Um guys! I'm still in front of the museum! Its colddd
Z K - 3 months ago
Haha Brian is always the bad guy
Kumfey Kowch
Kumfey Kowch - 3 months ago
I wonder how many real bus drivers drove drunk in that town that day because all the phone calls where from the tv show.
Keelie Graves
Keelie Graves - 3 months ago
3rd guys cute
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet - 3 months ago
The intro was well put together, not gonna lie.
David Rotenberg
David Rotenberg - 3 months ago
People shouldn’t even be drinking that early in the first place lol
MapleCarrots - 3 months ago
how did everyone just know that he was the bus driver lol
John Jones
John Jones - 3 months ago
Up next: A 400 pound jewish, one -legged lesbian, with no teeth, thinning hair, and an arab butch partner, is refused service at a kosher bakery. WWYD?
Dat1wiseguy - 3 months ago
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 3 months ago
I love how wyyd fandom is thriving like half the comments are "yass Traci isn't the bad person-"
The crazyaics
The crazyaics - 3 months ago
Me: Omg.ive seen that place.my mom nd i go there for car repairs and walk around for 2 hours.😂😂😂😂😂😂😱😱😱😱
basketball 12
basketball 12 - 3 months ago
short bus
Qt Memer
Qt Memer - 3 months ago
I'd still thank the bus driver
steven villarruel
steven villarruel - 3 months ago
Sounds like Sll Jeffys Driveres license
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