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It's okay to be weird but it's not okay to be normal

GL meme- Mi Gente
GL meme- Mi Gente
Month ago
I decided to get a video out real quick even tho I been procrastinating cause I’m a lazy person but enjoy
Everyday meme- gachalife- gift for loli the neko cat
Everyday meme- gachalife- gift for loli the neko cat
3 months ago
I was running out of ideas for a video so I decided to make this animation meme for loli the neko cat Hope you guys enjoy Time taken: [3days]&[3 hours] Program used:[cute cut pro] [IbisPaint x] [Filto ] [Gachalife]
Computer says no skit [gachalife]
Computer says no skit [gachalife]
4 months ago
Here’s another video I got done oof I’m proud of myself on getting another video done within less a month
Glmv [Say my name]
Glmv [Say my name]
5 months ago
I have been Very lazy and I didn’t want to finish this video cause it was somewhat frustrating to do but it’s done lol
GL-16 shots meme [23,000+ subs special]
GL-16 shots meme [23,000+ subs special]
6 months ago
Ahhh after 10 years I’m back, this took me while to make cause I kept redoing it but I finally finished Thank you so much for 23,000 subs! I’ll be posting a lot more soon!
Gachalife speedpaint -fanart for senpai artz-
Gachalife speedpaint -fanart for senpai artz-
8 months ago
Ok this is the last time I’m gonna try and upload this video it took me 17 tries to upload it, but It got a copyrighted so I had to put new music in.... Music- Xomu-Tera OHEY- light Oceans on fire- illusion
[Glmv] -Ew song-
[Glmv] -Ew song-
9 months ago
I hope you enjoy I was kinda rushing on this. Song used: ew song by Jimmy Fallon Info: her by every Outro: most emotional music and the escape the weight of darkness by Ãlafur Arnalds
Gachalife speededit-gift for lil savy is a cinnamon roll-
Gachalife speededit-gift for lil savy is a cinnamon roll-
10 months ago
Ahhhh finally It’s finished ;-; there savy I hope you’re happy lol anyways this was for my friend lil savvy is a cinnamon roll, please check her channel out! ruvideos.org/c/UCpMp0NZtHnuXOkV6LUT5uVg
Fanart for -senpaibuns-
Fanart for -senpaibuns-
11 months ago
Welp here’s my fanart of senpaibuns I hope you enjoy it
Friends// gachalife mv pt1
Friends// gachalife mv pt1
11 months ago
Characters in this video Girl with blue hair - blue Girl with purple hair -lilac Girl with pink hair - peppermint Boy with blonde hair- haru Boy with purple hair - my version of Bonnie Music used for this video- nightcore- friends (male cover) Intro music- how long by charile puth Outro music- beautiful music summers gone by Bob Bradley & Thomas balmforth
Fan edit for Ariana grande
Fan edit for Ariana grande
11 months ago
Hey sorry for not posting I was busy with a lot of stuff, but I'll try to get a least three videos out before Christmas break is over, Anyways I wanted to make a fan edit but I feel like I could have done better. But I hope you like it Music used: in the dark Program used: filmorago and noizz
Gachalife-speedpaint- moon
Gachalife-speedpaint- moon
Year ago
Hey sorry for the lack of uploads recently, I was working on a video for reaching 7k+ subs, but I was so busy with school that I didn't have the time to work on it lately, but I decided to make a speed paint video and go ahead and post it so you guys have something to watch while I finish working on the video. One again I apologise for the lack of uploads. Anyways enjoy Music used How long by charile puth No tile by Reol official Friends by marshmallow & Anne Marie
I'm not your toy| glmv|
I'm not your toy| glmv|
Year ago
Happy Halloween guys This is my first video so please tell me how I did. If I need to fix anything let me know in the comments below The music used in the video-not your toy by netta Music for the intro-how long by charlie puth Music for the outro- no title by Reol official
Gacha Yui
Gacha Yui - 14 hours ago
Your shading is the goodness ever!
The sparkle Club
The sparkle Club - Day ago
FoxyGina Pop
FoxyGina Pop - 2 days ago
Beautiful edit it's really cute and i love her eyes
《 L I Z Z O 》
《 L I Z Z O 》 - 4 days ago
I sended it to loli!! *Yw* !!
kitkat playo
kitkat playo - 4 days ago
selena pop
selena pop - 6 days ago
XxOcean_SoulsYTxX Roblox Videos!
XxOcean_SoulsYTxX Roblox Videos! - 7 days ago
Kʅυƚȥყ Kαყҽ
Kʅυƚȥყ Kαყҽ - 7 days ago
there is a girl version
larfy yt
larfy yt - 11 days ago
Algo en español :b
mark blankson
mark blankson - 12 days ago
Hello my name is Sara,the Sarah with no h, too bad if you don’t like it cause haters gonna hate!😜😆😆😆😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
•Traccoon• - 15 days ago
They were kinda rude tbh
Get caught up on Lou and Skye
Get caught up on Lou and Skye - 16 days ago
Wow, you have not uploaded in a year and I just came back to your channel
shotospongecake - 21 day ago
ur really good at this! a question to see if u respond: what do you use?
Olsa Grajqevci
Olsa Grajqevci - 22 days ago
OK 1. when that lady was having birth i would punch that boi >:( 2. idk what else
Cotton Ski
Cotton Ski - 23 days ago
Sue Naidoo
Sue Naidoo - 23 days ago
Peter John Adarna
Peter John Adarna - 26 days ago
Uh okay?
N•Ø•B•Ø•D•Ÿ - 29 days ago
Tatiana Nowak
Tatiana Nowak - Month ago
Is good for intro
Potato_Meh - Month ago
This is really good :O
Cocoa and Oreo
Cocoa and Oreo - Month ago
(Gift in germany means poison)
•Yumi Gacha•
•Yumi Gacha• - Month ago
This meme really need's more like's!!! It's amazing and those oc's are reaaaallyyyy cuteee <3!
dragonxangel xroyalty
dragonxangel xroyalty - Month ago
You totally need more likes
審美的に ガチャ】【 mīdnįqhtdręåmš『ッ』
審美的に ガチャ】【 mīdnįqhtdręåmš『ッ』 - Month ago
•NeuronStar• - Month ago
Ur so underrated!!!!! TwT im crying and blessing for u If you get popular dont forget us
Lucy Da Kitty
Lucy Da Kitty - Month ago
lazy at the end ..... but the first three are nice!
Ali Editz
Ali Editz - Month ago
>~< Only 4.4k views this needs 2000000000000000000000000.20 views this is impressive UvU
Ali Editz
Ali Editz - Month ago
You do good job ÙvÚ
mooza star
mooza star - Month ago
Woooooooooow مبدع/ة ⁦✋🏻⁩💓💕💞 💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞💕
moonlight star22
moonlight star22 - Month ago
I like the hair movement on the third its cool
Ann Duavis
Ann Duavis - Month ago
How to be you??? 😉
Maddy Love
Maddy Love - Month ago
Ashley Playz
Ashley Playz - Month ago
Wut did u use eèeeeemeeee
Skyler Gacha
Skyler Gacha - Month ago
I love u so much!💗💗
Skyler Gacha
Skyler Gacha - Month ago
꧁Claymore Sunshine Alchymistッ꧂
꧁Claymore Sunshine Alchymistッ꧂ - Month ago
So cute i love u uwu💕💕💕💕
Ariana’s Fan
Ariana’s Fan - Month ago
That’s nice of you to do that for her.
pretty chanそみにし
pretty chanそみにし - Month ago
I want to join the contest, I am not a fan art and shading contest, I want to join using this hashtag hashtag fanart: #ContesChanArt shading: #ContesChanShad you want to come along
Beren Hadad
Beren Hadad - Month ago
she doesn't look cute
Sunlight Røse
Sunlight Røse - 2 months ago
I wonder how long this took you
adlskjf;kldj - 2 months ago
8 people who hatin and dislikeing JELOIOUSE THEY DONT HAVE SKILL LIKE YOU
adlskjf;kldj - 2 months ago
Xx_béω nhiツ monter_xX
Xx_béω nhiツ monter_xX - 2 months ago
Supr supr and supr UwU
Karen Hendrickson
Karen Hendrickson - 2 months ago
wOw So HeLpFuL. i WoUlD lOvE gOiNg To ThAt HoSpItAl -^-
Ruby Portillo [RTR]
Ruby Portillo [RTR] - 2 months ago
Lazy Foxy
Lazy Foxy - 2 months ago
was the child born on the hospital floor or car
Niña Divertida
Niña Divertida - 2 months ago
I fell bad for the girl but I laughed SOOO hard I cant stop man
Finette Schonau
Finette Schonau - 2 months ago
Love your editing!!!
Lil Oceana
Lil Oceana - 2 months ago
Can I watch this all day please?
Lulu nesses
Lulu nesses - 2 months ago
Whoa there magical wiZard
-가차 네소- GÄĆHÁ ÑÉŚØ
-가차 네소- GÄĆHÁ ÑÉŚØ - 2 months ago
Dessary Gacha
Dessary Gacha - 2 months ago
wooow nice you have talent myself I would like to have an ibispaint cousin showed me how you can do great things there really useful but I have no memory of it
{Cutie Pie Gacha}
{Cutie Pie Gacha} - 2 months ago
I’m your 200th like !❤️😉
「Emotionless_桜」 - 2 months ago
When you scroll down to see if Loli has commented, and you think this was an unlisted video because there's a comment from a month ago
『ɪᴛᴢ_ ᴀʟēxsɪs 』
『ɪᴛᴢ_ ᴀʟēxsɪs 』 - 2 months ago
Hey would you like to join my Mep I’m hosting. I’m looking for peeps that will do some parts. Hope ya say yes ;) ( I don’t think your gonna say yes and btw luv your vids )
Wølfię Z
Wølfię Z - 2 months ago
Spinel X
Spinel X - 2 months ago
U did great!
Butt Central
Butt Central - 2 months ago
Could you maybe make a tutorial on how to tween? This is AMAZING
Creamy Pun
Creamy Pun - 2 months ago
I luv the tweening
KatTheScaryhuntercat - 2 months ago
How do people draw custom mouths ;-;
karen kaye seneca
karen kaye seneca - 3 months ago
Wow!Thats Amazing!
Rihoko!! - 3 months ago
I thought it was Loli at first reeee
Mochi Senpai
Mochi Senpai - 3 months ago
Ikram Sandhu
Ikram Sandhu - 3 months ago
Are you an otaku?!
ŘĚĐ FØX - 3 months ago
Wow ^^
NatiQ YT
NatiQ YT - 3 months ago
Wow! You have big talent!!! Can you draw me? •^•
Nightlight - 3 months ago
Its fine that u ended it short but it still put a smile on my face :)
Quinnist qq
Quinnist qq - 3 months ago
Let me send loli a discord so she sees thus
Mochikuma - 3 months ago
I can’t wait to see loli’s comment gat pinned 😊
p o t a t o
p o t a t o - 3 months ago
I hear if u say a yotubers name 5 times you will get pinned Stitches Stitches Stitches Stitches Stitches Stitches
• ESucks •
• ESucks • - 3 months ago
Omg! This is so amazing!! I’m sure she’ll like it!! :D
•Midnight Galaxy•
•Midnight Galaxy• - 3 months ago
Can you enter intro contesr please here is the :ruvideos.org/EU8zHnA9Ef8-video.html
IVANNA TORO - 3 months ago
arroz - 3 months ago
so cuteee :3
Grace Gustetich
Grace Gustetich - 3 months ago
Slushy Ice
Slushy Ice - 3 months ago
This is amazing!!! You deserve 99M subscribers XD (But not more than PewDiePie , sorry 😂)
Ace :v gacha
Ace :v gacha - 3 months ago
W-w-wow!..OW MY BELLY..I am not lying my belly hurts BAD...Now i wanted to say...can Chu Make a Meme about me...well something..Thank you for reading it :)
Fumisakii :3
Fumisakii :3 - 3 months ago
Oh god! God bless this editor! :) Underrated, TwT
Sara Dreemurr // from the bad guys // Theyr Niece
Sara Dreemurr // from the bad guys // Theyr Niece - 3 months ago
Bottleful!! I hope she sees it!
Moonlightgachatuber Cute
Moonlightgachatuber Cute - 3 months ago
Can you make a meme with me in it? Pretty pls :3
Maroon Luna
Maroon Luna - 3 months ago
How da heck did you make the eyes like that?
•Blackcat The Cake•
•Blackcat The Cake• - 3 months ago
This is really good :3 I bet she'll really love it ^w^
lil Savvy is a cinnamon roll
lil Savvy is a cinnamon roll - 3 months ago
Woaaaaa so cool!
『Riku〜ちゃん』 - 3 months ago
This ish amazing!!!
Rainbow Unicorn Fan
Rainbow Unicorn Fan - 3 months ago
Aaaww, sees the end, Aaaww it's a killer
ιтzнσωlιηg - 3 months ago
Awe cute!
ᴊᴀᴘᴀɴ ɴʏᴀ
ᴊᴀᴘᴀɴ ɴʏᴀ - 3 months ago
В каждом меме 16 Shots тут КХ лучше:>(мое мнение)
bang colon
bang colon - 3 months ago
Sharort Xeno
Sharort Xeno - 3 months ago
QwQ so adorable
Sharort Xeno
Sharort Xeno - 3 months ago
Looks so cute :3
Sophe Polinesia
Sophe Polinesia - 3 months ago
You speak spanihs??!!
Onur YALIN - 3 months ago
Tegan Nutting
Tegan Nutting - 3 months ago
Or C F**king helpful
Tegan Nutting
Tegan Nutting - 3 months ago
I love it but computer says no
Lightning Playz
Lightning Playz - 3 months ago
So glad that shes giving birth on the hospital floor...Ummmmmm
Earmuffs - 4 months ago
Im always like that on my tablet when my mom says to put it away, tablet says nooooo~
Sara A.C.
Sara A.C. - 4 months ago
dragon masterYT
dragon masterYT - 4 months ago
Pin me :P
كاتي سان
كاتي سان - 4 months ago
wolfy playz
wolfy playz - 4 months ago
I've been sitting here all night waiting for........SENPAIartz comment