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Raptors spam one play in crunch time to beat Magic
Raptors spam one play in crunch time to beat Magic
17 days ago
The Toronto Raptors nearly choked in the fourth quarter to the Orlando Magic, but they went to one play -- a simple pick-and-roll between Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam -- to won the game.
The one flaw holding back Pascal Siakam
The one flaw holding back Pascal Siakam
18 days ago
Toronto Raptors forward Pascal Siakam is making the leap as the No. 1 option, but turnovers are emerging as a flaw in his game. He's averaging 4.3 turnovers per game, up from 1.9 last season, and it's clear that he's not used to seeing double teams.
Raptors hit 24 threes vs. Nets in preseason
Raptors hit 24 threes vs. Nets in preseason
26 days ago
The Toronto Raptors shot 24-of-47 from deep in a 123-107 win over the Brooklyn Nets. OG Anunoby and Fred VanVleet each hit four, while Matt Thomas was 100 percent as you would expect.
Marc Gasol scores 33 points to lead Spain into World Cup final
Marc Gasol scores 33 points to lead Spain into World Cup final
2 months ago
34-year-old Marc Gasol doesn't score a single basket in the first half, but pulls a Steph Curry and eliminates Australia in 2OT. Gasol finished with 33 points on 11-19 shooting, 3 triples, six rebounds, four assists and two blocks in 38 minutes.
Canada sets FIBA World Cup record with 24 threes against Jordan
Canada sets FIBA World Cup record with 24 threes against Jordan
2 months ago
Breaking down Canada's emphatic 126-71 win over Jordan at the 2019 FIBA World Cup
OG Anunoby's drives 2018-19
OG Anunoby's drives 2018-19
4 months ago
Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby quietly expanded his game during the 2018-19 season.
Northern Invasion of Oracle Arena
Northern Invasion of Oracle Arena
5 months ago
Raptors fans celebrate after Game 4 of the 2019 NBA Finals
5 months ago
asad dominates comedy records tournament
asad dominates comedy records tournament
2 years ago
acid81 is a legend
ridiguluz - 14 days ago
This is sick. What do you use to get game footage?
Ky - 14 days ago
First of 4 PnRs was against Fultz not Fournier
Gang time
Gang time - 15 days ago
Check jphoops305
Stephen Young
Stephen Young - 15 days ago
Nice breakdown. Next time, I think it would be better to dial back the backing track a little bit.
Lottery Odds
Lottery Odds - 15 days ago
I caught this also while watching.. Great Breakdown !
waitingforcyberpunk - 15 days ago
These are great Will! keep up the good work
Eddie Entlebucher
Eddie Entlebucher - 16 days ago
You forgot to mention his IQ on defense. It's needs a lot of work also.
Brant Caldwell
Brant Caldwell - 16 days ago
Great analysis! Can’t wait to see more of these!
#02588 #02588
#02588 #02588 - 16 days ago
His shot looks way better
Gang time
Gang time - 16 days ago
With this numbers he would be the thrid all star frontcourt guessing embid makes it
Gang time
Gang time - 16 days ago
How you have an add
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball - 16 days ago
Cmon man he’s just now getting used to being the primary ball handler. Give him some time he’s still learning the game. Only started playing at 16
Mark Crollos
Mark Crollos - 16 days ago
Good job Will
jr da boy
jr da boy - 16 days ago
His 3-point shot above the break is surprising throughout these 3 game’s.
nice analysis
Lottery Odds
Lottery Odds - 17 days ago
Never too Early for More Raptor Content 👌🏾
dre - 17 days ago
very good video, as far as immediate improvements i would say get a pop filter for the mic and add some light background music. beyond that i think you'll steadily improve your editing the more videos you make
dademon16 - 17 days ago
Nice job, Will. Especially for your first crack at it. Keep them coming.
Darius Gray
Darius Gray - 17 days ago
Solid video Will
Corey Roberson
Corey Roberson - 21 day ago
2k on rookie with the sliders up lol
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy - 22 days ago
Raptors will be back as a trash team since being left by kawhi
cmac brown
cmac brown - 22 days ago
Team chemistry 99%. Making it look easy.
PirateGamer VJM
PirateGamer VJM - 22 days ago
Im a raptors fan but i know they gunma choke when pre season is done
josh - 22 days ago
KD going through PTSD watching the Raptors destroy his team again
Lendzemo Joachimkimeng
Lendzemo Joachimkimeng - 22 days ago
This team is a solid team
James Fralick
James Fralick - 22 days ago
this was cray
mrjavier 1217
mrjavier 1217 - 22 days ago
This shows they didnt became champion just because kawhi, its because of their great skills.
Big Jay
Big Jay - 22 days ago
SAS.........I see thee the Raptors being in dead last place this year, and here's why...............Without a big name on your team you may as well just end your season before it even begins. I MEAN COME ON! LOOK AT THEM! ALL THOSE 3 POINTERS PLUS THEY GOT THE WIN IN DEMANDING FASHION. DISASTROUS! :)
Escapable Entropy
Escapable Entropy - 22 days ago
I contribute on 3 different Blogs and let me tell you, they are a TERRIBLE perimeter defensive team, especially in this preseason. Not taking ANYTHING away from the Raptors either but when the Nets played that Brazilian Village team Franca they Bombed Away, so did the Lakers Twice in Shanghai and Szhenchen. They just don't defend the PnR or scramble to contest 90% of the time. Major problems for Brooklyn.
Keith Wu
Keith Wu - 22 days ago
that first play was too sexy
Chad Mir
Chad Mir - 22 days ago
Get Matt Thomas in the line up!!!!!!
Swat - 22 days ago
That court makes it look like I’m watching black and white.
yo Momma's Drawls
yo Momma's Drawls - 22 days ago
Fu*k changing the Travel rule, change that Depressing Dull, ugly Basketball court.. looks like the 1950's vs 2019.
Don Oldwell
Don Oldwell - 22 days ago
As the new season will progress, teams will learn to respect our Raptors.
The Disclosure
The Disclosure - 22 days ago
When you play my My Gm on easy mode
RPM - 22 days ago
Toronto winning the east this year
Vannasinh Philavong
Vannasinh Philavong - 23 days ago
Kawhi who?
kendell griffith
kendell griffith - 23 days ago
Toronto looking good again
Aden I
Aden I - 23 days ago
That shows they don't need kawhi to still win
Dominic Do
Dominic Do - 23 days ago
Nick Nurse: Golden State Won multiple Championships with 2 really good 3 point shooters??? Well make the starting 5 good 3 point shooters and just to be safe we'll have 3 more guys come off the bench that can also shoot threes.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page - 23 days ago
Toronto Raptors watched those Lakers games. 😀😀😀 Ready to match Brooklyn's 3-pointer total.
Senku Go
Senku Go - 23 days ago
US media be like: nba season 2017,2018,2020,2021
david bruh
david bruh - 23 days ago
I think this is after when he was on the show with serge cuz he got the same outfit
james benedict
james benedict - 23 days ago
What the hell.. Raptor proving why they are the champs
gurrarai - 23 days ago
la clippers vs toronto in the finals. book it!
Ritchie fabulous
Ritchie fabulous - 23 days ago
The nets won't make it to the playoffs. Tsk Tsk tsk
Dean Ebona
Dean Ebona - 23 days ago
Is it me or the raps took advantage of Deandre Jordan’s “defence”?
SomeSmooth JazzPlease
SomeSmooth JazzPlease - 23 days ago
Let's do it again Raptors....
charlieknockout - 23 days ago
Raps entire teams can shoot. If they D up like last year, they are going to be fun to watch. Their record last year without Leonard was really fuckin good.
jubi1lee - 23 days ago
WOW! Raptors looking great. Does anyone remember what happened when Rudy Gay left Toronto? Realized that Demar and KLow could ball. That will happen this year except a MUCH better team.
Tropi Cano
Tropi Cano - 23 days ago
KD already regretting leaving the warriors
plumeria66 - 23 days ago
Raptors won plenty of games last season without Kawhi. Now all they have to do is replace Kawhi with several different snipers in rotation, with plenty of energy and legs in them at all times, and win the title again. Remember, the sports media is all about making the most money so that’s why LA teams get all the hype.
sean consack
sean consack - 23 days ago
@ 2:11 you can see the new Raptors thinking were fucking nasty
CJ - 23 days ago
Watch KD and his boy after every made three. Even these dudes are impressed.
Dick Money
Dick Money - 23 days ago
It only took 73 years to define the “gather” is complete BS. The refs don’t call 3 seconds either.
Josee O'Hara
Josee O'Hara - 23 days ago
Imagine we had a Clippers vs Raps NBA final? 🤔🤭
Gladstone N
Gladstone N - 23 days ago
Ka-who?... Someone tell that fun guy to enjoy So-Cal and “have fun with it”. We good up North. #wethenorth
Custom Wall Shelves
Custom Wall Shelves - 23 days ago
24 threes... That's what happens when you hire the best player in the world to tutor your guys for a season.. positioning, form, defense first.. Go Raps Go.
Antony Yang
Antony Yang - 23 days ago
Best 3 point shooter gets the final 3 treys. That's fitting.
XJ ForTheWin
XJ ForTheWin - 23 days ago
Everytime a 3 goes in, pay attention to the grey hat dude under the Geico word on the basket...the one wearing black hat next to him is Kevin Durrent btw.
BonMasta Flexx
BonMasta Flexx - 23 days ago
Anyone peep their ball movement? Foook I love being doubted
cosmicbutthairs - 24 days ago
The Matt Thomas effect
Hue G Rection
Hue G Rection - 24 days ago
matt thomas could potentially become the best shooter in the league, hes got a deadly jumpsuot. shot 99 percent on catch and shoot in the euro league for those of you who dont know!
TUBESTEAKNIG - 24 days ago
Nets won't even make the playoffs. Trash.
Rawinder Singh
Rawinder Singh - 24 days ago
Don't sleep on Raptors
IRON FACE - 24 days ago
OMG that was a 3point clinic😂
JOHN JAKELIC - 24 days ago
when that many different guys can hit the 3 that is great.
Derek G
Derek G - 24 days ago
Looked like 2k out there lol, but for real FVV, Ibaka, Siakam, Lowry, Gasol, Powell..shit they all still look like they're in finals form!!
FaQ Hue
FaQ Hue - 24 days ago
If we had ananoby in the finals it would have been in 5 we win the championship.
Greg Wright
Greg Wright - 24 days ago
2:30 "oh shit, OH SHIT"
Que_Rico - 24 days ago
US media hyping up the same suspects every year which is going to play to our favor. While everyone looks at lakers/phily/rockets we'll grind it out and it won't be until the playoffs again that they'll even pay an ounce of attention to the raps
Sachin R
Sachin R - 24 days ago
Durant thinking he should have signed with the Raptors...
Boo Reaka
Boo Reaka - 24 days ago
This game done making KD stop arguing 3s and shot chart on twitter...
S Tito
S Tito - 24 days ago
holy the team looked good. SO encouraging
Rae Llaneta
Rae Llaneta - 25 days ago
Toronto Rockets? Houston Raptors? lol
Lottery Odds
Lottery Odds - 25 days ago
Norlee T
Norlee T - 25 days ago
Team full of shooters 🔥🎯
vietyunit1989 - 25 days ago
The new splash squad 💦😂
JoyBox Trickster
JoyBox Trickster - 25 days ago
The difference between the Cavs losing LeBron and the Raptors losing Kawhi is that the Raptors still have a great coach, and the grit and grind underdog culture has always been there.
The Last Mamba
The Last Mamba - 25 days ago
Just the confidence behind the form is amazing 💪🏼 Championship strokes
Willy Shum
Willy Shum - 25 days ago
jeez raining 3s
Sqq da dude
Sqq da dude - 28 days ago
We won!
dante gaines
dante gaines - Month ago
some call him marc gasol, i call him Marc GaGod.
Antonia Antúnez
Antonia Antúnez - Month ago
Is that breaking bad song from the first cap i think. Not from Spain for those arguing about it
Joan Brunet Verdaguer
Joan Brunet Verdaguer - Month ago
that's kinda racist bro, not all spain dances to flamenco, marc is catalan, flamenco is as foreign here as it is to you
RHR 147
RHR 147 - Month ago
Dont know if marc would like more a sardana but nice video
Jalen A
Jalen A - 2 months ago
Og wan kenobi
Boris radonjic
Boris radonjic - 2 months ago
big respect for Riki Rubio!!
Iván AF
Iván AF - 2 months ago
Nice video, nice music 👍
Rpigalvan Rpigalvan
Rpigalvan Rpigalvan - 2 months ago
Stupid music....
Feurns - 2 months ago
I don't know what this Spanish song is, but it absolutely rips off Stairway to Heaven from about 5:45 to 6:06. Sly dog.
Mark Allwood
Mark Allwood - 2 months ago
Love this
Sandy Clipsham
Sandy Clipsham - 2 months ago
Astonishing performance. Imagine swishing four free throws with the stakes being what they were, all inside 10 seconds left in an elimination game while tied or trailing. Mad respect.
loco lopez
loco lopez - 2 months ago
I love you
5774474864 - 3 months ago
Really looking forward to seeing this young man next season, he has the potential to be a Kawhi 2.0, just need to work on his shot creation instead of just being a spot up shooter
The Dirk Diggler
The Dirk Diggler - 3 months ago
I mean kawhi was an mvp in a finals at this point in his career. Dont get to invested in ur boy
JR - 3 months ago
I think all these guys benefitted from the year of Kawhi. They will bring the same focus into next season and the defensive intensity. I got the Raps and the Clips in the finals with Kawhi taking the L this time, hahaha.
J R - 3 months ago
MIP 2019/2020
Chief - 3 months ago
As a english hooper I really wanna see anunoby succeed