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John-boy - 2 hours ago
Finally get the two Clippers' stars in a game at the same time. Great game, back and forth with the lead and finally overtime. Beverly with two clutch threes in OT. Kawhi so casual after that block (he's like Clint Eastwood cool)
Kosay Kucukkilinc
Kosay Kucukkilinc - 6 hours ago
8:35 rip popcorn :/
xinkspillx - 9 hours ago
Wow, good game by both! - anyone know what shoes Tatum was wearing ?
LcKDwN86 - 10 hours ago
celtics plays better without kyrie. i thought kemba will be just the same but they play well.
Jan Mark Penano
Jan Mark Penano - 11 hours ago
How i wish KCP plays like Lou Williams. Lakers badly needed players like him
Mariner Chris
Mariner Chris - 11 hours ago
All the Big Highlights Channels were Gone due to copyrights. 😥 Glad someone posted it somehow.
Danny Sullivan Music
Danny Sullivan Music - 11 hours ago
I was skeptical when we brought in Kemba to replace Kyrie, but I'm glad it's working out so far
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim - 13 hours ago
1:41 Jason Tatum travelled
KaHLiL 2Classy
KaHLiL 2Classy - 13 hours ago
What a great game .
JuniorSahara - 13 hours ago
Man, LAC is either Lou or PG's team, but not Kawhi
Ankle Pick
Ankle Pick - 13 hours ago
I don't why Kawhi takes a 3 for the last shot. A lot of players do that now days when they don't need a 3. Not a high % shot.
DVelasquez - 13 hours ago
Tatum got PG leaning. WOW🤯
eitel tee
eitel tee - 13 hours ago
tatum....is a sniper!!!
Prayag Chandra
Prayag Chandra - 13 hours ago
amazing game
smokeyfreshhh - 14 hours ago
Felt like watching a nba finals game
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez - 14 hours ago
Really bad officiating in the fourth qurter and ot
love one
love one - 14 hours ago
Crazy game!!!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 14 hours ago
Clippers 1-0 series lead. Oh wait...this is a normal season match.
Orthega Valentin
Orthega Valentin - 15 hours ago
7:35 thank me later
E E - 15 hours ago
big head tatum think he can go to finals like what irving did hahahahaahahaha
jason volante
jason volante - 15 hours ago
All excitement express to kawhi after blocking kemba's game tying three. Hahaha
joyis9638 - 15 hours ago
R7AN R77
R7AN R77 - 16 hours ago
Thank you so much for these highlights
jason wong
jason wong - 16 hours ago
3.01 shaqtin a fool
hafabricknoface tso
hafabricknoface tso - 16 hours ago
Finals this year. You just saw game 1
Rich C
Rich C - 16 hours ago
Why is someone using Rondo's number on the Celtics?
Vince Allen Meneses
Vince Allen Meneses - 16 hours ago
every second of this game highlight is worth watching. didnt skip 😊
Vince Allen Meneses
Vince Allen Meneses - 16 hours ago
Finals preview 😁
ric hard tv
ric hard tv - 16 hours ago
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson - 16 hours ago
Who is good pairing with giannis ? Cuz we kno he aint gettin it in miluake. I say either sac, atl ,Knicks. But not the Celtics, won't b fair, it'll b gs 2.0
Reneg Yariv
Reneg Yariv - 16 hours ago
Kemblock Walker 🤪
Iam Yuson
Iam Yuson - 16 hours ago
James J
James J - 17 hours ago
Jaylen's offense became trash when they encountered a real contender team. Sorry JB fans don't @ me, it's time to face the truth, they need to trade him for a real center, too many wings. Stop being delusional, JB is only a starter nothing special low IQ always got blocked inside
James Allan R. Escalante Jr.
James Allan R. Escalante Jr. - 17 hours ago
Lucky clippers
OGGOAT_ _ - 17 hours ago
Finals preview
Squidwarudo - 17 hours ago
That last defensive play by smart was huge
Gabriel Chavarria
Gabriel Chavarria - 17 hours ago
7:36 👀💪😤
Ryx - 17 hours ago
Next episode in undisputed. Skip - Did you see Kawhi just dunked on Theis now that was impressive, Shannon - now hold skip LBJ just made a similar like that and you said it wasn't impressive at all.
Gabriel Chavarria
Gabriel Chavarria - 17 hours ago
Game of the year.
The_Real_BruceWayne - 17 hours ago
Wow that Marcus Smart defensive play was insane
Влад Юдин
Влад Юдин - 17 hours ago
Perfect game
oh money
oh money - 17 hours ago
They sure needed Kyrie tonight 🤭😂
IRA-BIM - 17 hours ago
NBA Finals preview!
zaubnino77 - 17 hours ago
Celtics did a nice job tho
Sub Zer0
Sub Zer0 - 17 hours ago
Clippers needs to sort out their defense or they in trouble.
Mr NiceGuy
Mr NiceGuy - 17 hours ago
I thought clippers was gonna lose theyre defense was bad in this game.
Chief - 17 hours ago
7:36 yeahhhh
Randy Dela Rosa
Randy Dela Rosa - 17 hours ago
Was that a clutch block in the end?
Ryx - 18 hours ago
With 2 of the best two way players in Kawhi and PG13 the Celtics almost got em and this is without Gordon Hayward. Good win for the LA Clipper and keep on improving Celtics, you'll get em next time. What a entertaining game this was
Nikoloz Gagvishvili
Nikoloz Gagvishvili - 18 hours ago
Regardles i am happy with the celtics it show that we can compete on the highest level
Nowell Ona
Nowell Ona - 18 hours ago
This is why I do NOT watch NBA anymore.... The REFS are deciding the winning team, just like in the '80's and '90's.
ATUiLOL - 18 hours ago
Brad Stevens choked the game away. How Tatum dont touch the ball for last 3 minutes at the end until final shot? Robert Williams changed the game for C's in 4th protecting the paint, then Stevens brings in Theis who is too soft in the paint and got abused by every Clippers player in comeback.
Jim Daang
Jim Daang - 18 hours ago
Aww the streak ended hahaha
Zoran Bajkic
Zoran Bajkic - 18 hours ago
There is no way clippers are clear favourites over the lakers, you guys are kidding yourselves if you really believe that
JC 0317
JC 0317 - 18 hours ago
I want to see paul george block theis in NBA top 5 highlights...
JC 0317
JC 0317 - 18 hours ago
Man your so fast new subs here.
Eduardo Manuel Alayola Gómez
Eduardo Manuel Alayola Gómez - 18 hours ago
3:46 “Anywhere n*gga”
Jonathan Pablo
Jonathan Pablo - 18 hours ago
Wasabi Sushi
Wasabi Sushi - 18 hours ago
Kawhi and PG13 looks good when they are healthy
Nopperabo_VIII - 18 hours ago
Lou Williams for 3.....Boom and the Clippers take the lead.
GAROU -SAN - 18 hours ago
Smush Parker
Smush Parker - 18 hours ago
Clippers perimeter defense really showed out tonight. Cant wait for this team to put the clamps on the lakers. Gonna be beautiful
edgarbarr23 - 18 hours ago
You do a great service puttint these highlights 1 min after the game ends
Jerson Gevera
Jerson Gevera - 18 hours ago
Anjaa Singam
Anjaa Singam - 18 hours ago
Trade Patrick
michael kruger
michael kruger - 18 hours ago
the celtics got alot better adding walker and getting rid of kyrie
Xfinity REVENGE - 18 hours ago
Kawhi is lying about his injury his cheating his fresh every game playing load management
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic - 19 hours ago
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic - 19 hours ago
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic - 19 hours ago
THEA JOIE MARISCAL - 19 hours ago
William Wonders
William Wonders - 19 hours ago
mo harckless Shaqtin material right there
Jonathan Escobar
Jonathan Escobar - 20 hours ago
Why do I want to see these 2 go to the finals?
Vin Zuela
Vin Zuela - 20 hours ago
wow im so fast
Deer in Headlights
Deer in Headlights - 20 hours ago
Is this the first game Kawhi and George are playing together?
Lendon Vigo
Lendon Vigo - Day ago
No passing one on one(block)
Nico Zablan
Nico Zablan - Day ago
Starting 5 should be Jrue, Redick, Zion(when he return),Ingram,Favors Lonzo can lead the second unit along side with Jackson,Hart,Williams and Hayes.
Always Unit G
Always Unit G - Day ago
Is Lilly (Lillard) traded for melo . Hehe . Just kidding . BTW, I watch bcoz Ingram is becoming diz team star
x6King6x - Day ago
I rarely saw a highlight of CP3 scoring
Skullcrusher88 - Day ago
Kuz’s eye injury is just argh....hope it ain’t too bad man
The Key
The Key - Day ago
OG scoring, but Gasol really out here boosting his stats. what a team player. Big set ups from the big man himself.
Jerome Labasano
Jerome Labasano - Day ago
Dapat maging agresibo si melo dito hindi ung patay patay xa
Igbo Kwenu
Igbo Kwenu - Day ago
By the time Melo is through with this team they’ll need chemotherapy... Dude is a cancer !
Igbo Kwenu
Igbo Kwenu - Day ago
Why does Avery Bradley look like he’s staring at Lebrons ass in the thumbnail 👀👀
smokeyfreshhh - Day ago
Shawn Kemp wore this cavs jersey before he officially retired. These throw backs bring back some good memories
Jhay Catz
Jhay Catz - Day ago
Melo is old...cant play defense...
El Picaflorrr Chooofff
El Picaflorrr Chooofff - Day ago
upload more minutes !! all rest good
Lindokuhle Shange
Lindokuhle Shange - Day ago
@9:14 Does that tip back from LBJ not count as an offensive rebound?
Lindokuhle Shange
Lindokuhle Shange - Day ago
No easy lay ups on this laker team. they are gonna be tough to beat in the playoff 4sho
Zorica Obradovic
Zorica Obradovic - Day ago
Best game this season so far
Maurice Vele
Maurice Vele - Day ago
Bron and CP3 handshake like team mates.
Jay MGTOW - Day ago
OKC had to many turnovers
Wade Tran
Wade Tran - Day ago
Great win!!!
Hellaquez - Day ago
You just cant stop lakers in transition plays.
C Jones
C Jones - Day ago
Great defensive game. The ball movement wasnt to bad either. Team win
VerifiedComp-IIYT - Day ago
Lakers VS Rockets in the WCF im calling it🔥🔥👌🏼
Akai Tuuguu
Akai Tuuguu - Day ago
Hit the thumbsup if you think lakers will win championship
CRIS B. - Day ago
another triple-double by el bee jay!
Sherwin Resureccion
Sherwin Resureccion - Day ago
Reuben - Day ago
Block party !!