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Slow Day in Spain
Slow Day in Spain
2 months ago
Playing around with DSLR & Movie Studio 13
3 years ago
3 years ago
A skit I made all by myself (and Peart pressed the Caps Lock). Feat. poor framing ;.;
[Flash Point Studios] Studio Logo
[Flash Point Studios] Studio Logo
3 years ago
Done using Greg's idea of the lighter as the i.
Playing with Colors & Effects
Playing with Colors & Effects
3 years ago
for no reason. Besides practical experience with new software. Story of my life, right I am A Rock - Simon And Garfunkel
Flight: A Miracle of God
Flight: A Miracle of God
4 years ago
Science Features: Christmas Special "A Short Story in Revenge" and "Federal Straw"
Science Features: Christmas Special "A Short Story in Revenge" and "Federal Straw"
4 years ago
Made for physics class, not that you could tell.
How to Make Dubstep like a Professional
How to Make Dubstep like a Professional
6 years ago
Learn how to make professional-grade dubstep in basically one easy step. Made with Music Creator 6.
LOST Swan Station Computer- Make Your Own Kind Of Music Season 2 Intro
LOST Swan Station Computer- Make Your Own Kind Of Music Season 2 Intro
6 years ago
I DO NOT OWN THIS. I acknowledge this!!
Argo F*** Yourself
Argo F*** Yourself
6 years ago
A hilarious line from the hit political thriller of the year, Argo. A reported is told: "Argo-fuck yourself".
Forrest Gump Fortunate Son Vietnam Intro [HD]
Forrest Gump Fortunate Son Vietnam Intro [HD]
6 years ago
Watch it. I don't own it. Like & sub.
Anchorman: Baxter is Punted Scene
Anchorman: Baxter is Punted Scene
6 years ago
Jack Black kicks a dog off of a bridge. Lols to be had. Like & sub, babe!
Let's Play: Internet Explorer 10
Let's Play: Internet Explorer 10
6 years ago
Re-downloading Chrome forces me to go onto IE 10. This video retells my ultimate nightmare of having to navigate the Inter-nation using Inter-faggot Explorer 10. Or 9, or 11, or whatever it is. I really don't care. Listen to me RAGE! Yeah! My mouse was invisible because of something I did, sorry aboot that.
The Twilight Zone- Both Original 1959 Intros
The Twilight Zone- Both Original 1959 Intros
6 years ago
Both alternate episode intros from the original "Twilight Zone" (1959). The first theme here was for the second season first-run episodes and first-season repeats aired during the second season. For your benefit, there was an alternate first season intro (the creepy blinking eye turning into the sun) that used visual elements of the second season intro. -Courtesy of Tank Stoner I do not own these, obviously. Free-advert, right?
Argo Volkswagen Bus Scene- Tehran Riot [HD]
Argo Volkswagen Bus Scene- Tehran Riot [HD]
6 years ago
Clip from the movie Argo. I do not own the rights to this film. Don't block this video or you're gay. That means you, RUvideos censors. What the Iranian says: "Is this a film, a foreign brides film?" "Sorry?" A film where a foreign bride comes to Iran, but, uhhh, she doesn't understand the language, and the customs, and there is a misunderstandings and laughs?" "No."
Ocean's 11 Sammy Davis Jr: I Knew this Color Would Come in Handy Some Day
Ocean's 11 Sammy Davis Jr: I Knew this Color Would Come in Handy Some Day
6 years ago
Clip from the original Ocean's Eleven. The one with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. and the rest of the Rat Pack. Kind of racist?
Dean Martin "I Enjoy Being A Fag" Song
Dean Martin "I Enjoy Being A Fag" Song
6 years ago
Dean Martin, Live at the Sands Hotel, 1964. Also check out this video: ruvideos.org/HDnSZAAlm6Y-video.html Lyrics: When I get a brand new hair-dew, Satin shoes and a sequenced bag, Float like the clouds on air-dew(?) I enjoy being a fag!
Refrigerator Inverted Doors Gag
Refrigerator Inverted Doors Gag
6 years ago
Unscrew the fridge doors and re-screw the hinges on the opposite side of the fridge. Doesn't really need directions, pretty self-explanatory.
I Get Around Live on the T.A.M.I. Show (1964)
I Get Around Live on the T.A.M.I. Show (1964)
7 years ago
The Beach Boys sing their hearts out on the T.A.M.I. Show (1964).
Surfin' USA Live on the T.A.M.I. Show (1964)
Surfin' USA Live on the T.A.M.I. Show (1964)
7 years ago
The beach boys preform Surfin' USA Live on the T.A.M.I. Show in 1964.
Hardcore Parkour! Episode 2: Park in Niantic
Hardcore Parkour! Episode 2: Park in Niantic
7 years ago
The crew messes around in a park in the small Connecticut coastal town of Niantic; Tom takes a big spill (At 1:58). A special thanks to the residents of Niantic for tolerating us!
Hardcore Parkour! Episode 1: Freerunning Excursion
Hardcore Parkour! Episode 1: Freerunning Excursion
7 years ago
A brief free-running excursion preformed by David (parkour enthusiast), Tom, and Liam (as cameraman and director). This three-part parkour extravaganza was filmed in East Windsor, Connecticut, and was produced by the Liran Organization. Comment with any comment or questions for the cast. Concerns are lame and aren't accepted.
James Mathhew
James Mathhew - 10 hours ago
This movie made me listen to 3 songs: "Fortunate Son" "Soul Kitchen" "All Along the Watchtower"
Santiago Salazar
Santiago Salazar - 14 hours ago
1:00 Sog?
Lisa W
Lisa W - Day ago
So good live -
Liam Daniels
Liam Daniels - Day ago
The original intro is the best, but I like them both!
DukatiDoctor TARDIS
DukatiDoctor TARDIS - 2 days ago
This is definitely one of the best movies ever. I hope many more generations watch and enjoy it
Maryam Ross
Maryam Ross - 2 days ago
One of the funniest movies of all time😭
STENDERMAUN - 4 days ago
Best of 2012: Argo Best of 2018: Aquaman
Don’t Sub
Don’t Sub - 8 days ago
Glenn quagmire
Anthony Kish
Anthony Kish - 10 days ago
Lt. Dan: What's wrong with your lip? Bubba: I was born with big gums sir. Lt. Dan: Well ya better tuck that in before it gets caught on a trip wire. What a badass
Michele Mirarch
Michele Mirarch - 10 days ago
Forest Gump foresta Inciampi ti indeboliamo si
Wolfsky9 - 11 days ago
The guys were just awesome that night! ------9/10/64, Santa Monica Civic auditorium, & note Carl on his Rickenbacker 360-12-string!-------------------------Wolfsky9, 73 y/o
Wolfsky9 - 11 days ago
THE finest moment of The TAMI show--------gorgeous, & nothing fake. ------------Wolfsky9, 73 y/o
Psychotic Dagedar
Psychotic Dagedar - 14 days ago
Michele Mirarch
Michele Mirarch - 14 days ago
Foresta Grande Fortunati Sono i Kong scendono i Wiking ad Aiutarli a vivere Oslo Comandante Rudolf Hitler io sono dei Marines di Norvegia
avid hiker 207
avid hiker 207 - 16 days ago
Daniel Goddard
Daniel Goddard - 17 days ago
To be honest I’d rather be drinking beer and roasting bratwurst on that beach than 8 hours of middle school
TrenchMiner 9
TrenchMiner 9 - 17 days ago
It’s a good film. But they forgot the Korea scene.
The Aspie Gamer
The Aspie Gamer - 18 days ago
My grandfather and great uncle fought in this war and I can’t imagine what they went through
azeleapark - 19 days ago
I just died laughin....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
QuantumGaming - 20 days ago
Ay, welcome to ‘nam
PewDieZilla - 20 days ago
Where's Mason and Woods
dead mask
dead mask - 22 days ago
The first thing Bubba talks about when they land is shrimps oh my good.
Johnny May UK
Johnny May UK - 22 days ago
Yesterday Productions
Yesterday Productions - 23 days ago
Candy Cloud
Candy Cloud - 25 days ago
Brett Palmer
Brett Palmer - 26 days ago
Brilliantly shot. Captures Vietnam perfectly; and I was born in 1989
adrian delosreyes
adrian delosreyes - 28 days ago
0:25 woods you look like havin shit
Daniel VIllalobos
Daniel VIllalobos - 28 days ago
during basic here in canada we had this one kid waking us all up to fortunate son, that was annoying. we gave him blanket party after probably the 4 week.
Solotvhead 99
Solotvhead 99 - 29 days ago
Welcome to nam baby Frank woods 2010
Klementýnka _vole
Klementýnka _vole - Month ago
*What is this version of the song? It's better than the original.*
Jacob Henry
Jacob Henry - Month ago
huang huang
huang huang - Month ago
Be safe back from invading plz
Dung Tran
Dung Tran - Month ago
You know what’s the worst part?, *BUBBA FUCKEN DIE*
Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler - Month ago
Electric performance, the band could play their instruments perfectly well.
peace leader
peace leader - Month ago
Wow twin..Hehehe, yes we are.
F15E Strike Eagle
F15E Strike Eagle - Month ago
The only Vietnam War movie that features Fortunate Son playing in the Background
Mr Murica Man
Mr Murica Man - Month ago
The his family died in all wars killed me
NorthLondoner Travels&More
NorthLondoner Travels&More - Month ago
I remember seeing this on DVD and this was literally the funniest scene out of all of them. I was just on the floor rolling about laughing my head off.
Michael Slotter
Michael Slotter - Month ago
All the Vietnam scenes were actually filmed in South Carolina.
Spartan B-186
Spartan B-186 - Month ago
when i was finished learning phillpines in my geography when the next lesson is about vietnam this is what i was hearing the entire time when the teacher is explaning about the country
edward ASCENCIO - Month ago
I no I'm late but did lt dan had any military family in pearl harbor
hazmat - Month ago
Its all sunshine and butterflies until..... The trees start speaking vietnamese
Jesse Tellez
Jesse Tellez - Month ago
So much foreshadowing in this scene. "Take care of your feet." -loses both of them. "Don't do anything stupid like trying to get yourself killed. " - does exactly that later in the movie.
Fresh Hennessy Records
Fresh Hennessy Records - Month ago
Dennis Wilson is the real g.o.a.t.
tempo1889 - Month ago
" yeah yeah yeah well you call the sons of bitches."
Ivan Ong
Ivan Ong - Month ago
"You look like hammered shit" "Well that's what 'Nam does to you"
Caleb - Month ago
Lt Dan... “ you must be my NFG’s” ( New Fu$&@ guys)
Nemo Hoes
Nemo Hoes - Month ago
Lol I like how they both said they are from Alabama and the lieutenant didn't care and just assumed they are from Arkansas
2,000 years ahead of it's self. Still clocking people till this day
FIN FIN PLAYS - Month ago
Me and the boys rocking up to Vietnam
Gillie S
Gillie S - Month ago
"You Twins?"
Habit - Month ago
George really took a fall after Lennie died
Danny mathis
Danny mathis - Month ago
That was bad ass!!!!
taliban - Month ago
lmaooo "dont get that caught on a trip wire"
Living Shadows
Living Shadows - Month ago
Prime Brian Wilson had the best vocals! angelic for sure
Yahul Wagoni
Yahul Wagoni - Month ago
Good dog drop kick.
Trev Swen
Trev Swen - Month ago
Bubba's face at 0:36 haha
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson - Month ago
This base looks a lot like the entire Navy
Lucas Detogni
Lucas Detogni - Month ago
Whats the song name in 1:06
perak empire gerik black death
perak empire gerik black death - Month ago
hey all anybody u know the song lyric like this "rumie and juliet from the river"scene during tom was goes to the war.. Please help me i need noww
Michele Mirarch
Michele Mirarch - Month ago
Foresta campo in Laos Tailandese Produzione di ortaggi per l Italia con trasporto di nave Giustina armata anti corsari il corsaro nero di Sardegna
Miguel galdon moragues
Miguel galdon moragues - Month ago
Omar JR
Omar JR - 2 months ago
My dog became a wolf after seeing this
Kevin Hillary
Kevin Hillary - 2 months ago
Y’all hung up on Fortunate Son but they just perfectly transitioned between three great songs in one scene(Fortunate Son, I Cant Help Myself, Respect)
ThatGuy67 - 2 months ago
0:31 - Greg from nigahiga - "Wait, I was in Forrest Gump?"
Jimmehford - 2 months ago
thats my chopper you just trashed broseph
Thegreatjoker13 - 2 months ago
this still makes me laugh hard... Love how Jack improvised that
ronsfi - 2 months ago
Live. Ahhh.
Bryce Czirr
Bryce Czirr - 2 months ago
Jack black is like 5'7 and Farrel is like 6'5. Easy win for Will in a fight
Venus Costello
Venus Costello - 2 months ago
List all the 🍤 ... coconut shrimp
Marcus Herrod
Marcus Herrod - 2 months ago
i saw this on knowledgehubs fanboy video and had to search it
ThatGuy67 - 2 months ago
This song has become a parody of itself.
ACMA61 - 2 months ago
Forrest did listen to Lt. Dan, he didn't let Dan die by leaving him behind despite direct orders!
irish fan 08
irish fan 08 - 2 months ago
Oscarito - 2 months ago
0:24 name song?
John Chrobak
John Chrobak - 2 months ago
The grin on his face when they say ALABAMA SIR! Is priceless
MissionControl - 2 months ago
And Mike is thinking I'm gonna get laid
Robert patton
Robert patton - 2 months ago
Yeah jungle rot was a really bad deal. There been many case studies on this
soldier comrade
soldier comrade - 2 months ago
Vinayak Dev
Vinayak Dev - 2 months ago
The second one is so much better!
sky rimJOB432
sky rimJOB432 - 2 months ago
Would you punt a animal for 1 million? Me:(1:27)
ZE R0 - 2 months ago
It's gonna be a sad day when Tom Hanks passes on.
Michele Mirarch
Michele Mirarch - 2 months ago
IO sono un avvertitore in Laos Vietnamita yes i marines diu Norge et a diu la messie messe e U segnor diu tiu se boner au Risaie di riso au camosce et
The Jawnski
The Jawnski - 2 months ago
I'm writing a script for a Halo stop-motion where the arrival on the Covenant controlled planet is shot for shot this scene, just changed dialogue.
LordふAlphaSitaふ - 2 months ago
Nobody is going to talk about how the bike fell behind the car then suddely its infront of it?
HrvatskiHig - 2 months ago
Everybody: "America goes to war because of oil". Bubba: "Nah,it's because of shrimp."
cooldbz12 - 2 months ago
My parents where immigrants, i was the first born in the USA, Im proud to say i earned my families right to be here in the great USA by Serving in the Marines.
Do The Senate
Do The Senate - 2 months ago
This shit kills me😂😂
Starship_news - 2 months ago
Fun fact: after this movie Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise wanted to play together in another movie and they went to be in Apollo 13 in 1995
Etienne - 2 months ago
I could never hold my crap that long. If I'm reaching for toilet paper the count-down is less than 10...
とら?キー太 - 2 months ago
Land of the Dread Heads
Land of the Dread Heads - 2 months ago
Ohhhhhhh shit, that sound that kick made after he punted Baxter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anthony Nellon
Anthony Nellon - 2 months ago
@1:35 me after watching the Jorge mistival vs Ben askren fight(or just every front snap kick knockout).... grappling is still king of sports. 😭
Colt Todd
Colt Todd - 2 months ago
beer cans and bbq . murica fuck yeah
Christian Schmude
Christian Schmude - 2 months ago
I surprised myself laughing at this I mean this was one of those moments where I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe that's we need now on really affected like when I'm really finding this funny I like cave-in on myself but here's the thing I am I a huge dog lover and I've always been sort of protective of them so it's like this is the scene that made me laugh the hardest I felt so bad
Jon Dillon
Jon Dillon - 2 months ago
I'll tell you what.... After I finished basic I had a 10 day leave. Went back home and visited my high school girlfriend.... The last night of leave was hard. She was going to go to college and I was going back to AIT then eventually deploy in 2010 to Afghanistan. That last night, I wanted every single moment to last forever as we laid together... A lot of our friends had already left town for out of state colleges, what few were left went camping with other people from high school I didn't know. The harder I tried to slow time the faster it went, like some unstoppable curse. I knew when I came back nothing would be the same, and it never was. Everyone was off in school or starting careers. My ex was of course with another man, I never expected us to stay together. All my old friends scattered and started lives or were different. I was the odd man out. After experiencing what I did, spending 13 months in that hell hole country, and that it was all for nothing, I felt sick. I lost my childhood friends, I made new friends in the Corps and lost a few of them too, those of us who came home lived in different parts of the US. I felt so alone, more alone than ever before. I took life, I learned what it meant to actually hate, I received two purple hearts... i gave up so much for nothing. All of us did. We killed and tore families apart... And I come home and it all made no difference. Not one of those men I killed was going to fly to the US and bomb us. Not one. I get a thank you for my service and sometimes I want to laugh, sometimes cry. My gf of four years just found out I'm a veteran by accident recently, I don't tell anyone anymore. They call me a hero and i pity their ignorance, but envy it at the same time. Does that make sense? While I hide my service in shame and don't want anyone to know, at the same time I am equally upset when I encounter people who don't even give a shit. They are ungrateful, entitled, spoiled, stupid little brats who couldn't care less about anyone dying as long as they have the new iPhone. What a hypocrite I am. And this is my curse. I am ashamed of what I've done, I'm now 28 and feel like my best years are behind me. The future has already happened. Now I'm crying and I'm embarrassed. I've been drinking, I will regret saying all of this I'm sure. All of this because of that first scene with his mom.
Игорь Шанин
Игорь Шанин - 2 months ago
Хули тут говорить самый хороший фильм
ThatGuyTobyPlayz - 2 months ago
This scene always gets me hyped I don’t know why, as soon as the guitar starts it’s hyped
Ilac Da nub
Ilac Da nub - 2 months ago
NVG - 3 months ago
They tell me these Vietnam’s is good shrimp!