Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With An Easy Bake Oven? • Tasty

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Mxchael - 29 minutes ago
3:19 RIP.
Velvetrøseq - 2 hours ago
“iT’s gOod!”
Pink Sparker
Pink Sparker - 6 hours ago
Why does the background looks animated
Kat Flores
Kat Flores - 10 hours ago
I love this show.. So addicting😍😍
Crossiant Apple
Crossiant Apple - 13 hours ago
Can this chef make a three course meal with air ?
just watching Videos
just watching Videos - 13 hours ago
the rice treat looked good
Hannah F
Hannah F - 19 hours ago
He just took the rice crispy treat and ran omg
Gommie - 23 hours ago
Give a kid something sweet. Gets surprised it's a 10.
Dean Stephens
Dean Stephens - Day ago
She always reminds me of when The Key of Awesome did this video of how to act like Anne Hathaway.
Eesa B
Eesa B - Day ago
The Soap Surgeon
The Soap Surgeon - Day ago
Parents are going to have their kids cooking their own dinner. 😂
Miah Melon
Miah Melon - Day ago
*6 year old me struggling to cook one meal on the easy bake oven*
Esor Records
Esor Records - Day ago
Can this chef make a 3 course meal using a blow dryer
Demonic Elmo
Demonic Elmo - Day ago
Lowkey she just cooked with a lightbulb
You Biscuit
You Biscuit - Day ago
this was painful to watch
Jariyah Williams
Jariyah Williams - Day ago
I cook. With toys
snowyytae - Day ago
I thought it meant like make food out of a toy 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I was like ‘b-but you can’t.. eat I-‘
nataly hernandez
nataly hernandez - 2 days ago
Rie would master that challenge 🤗❤️
Александр Горчаков
*shipper's sounds*
EmmiNation - 2 days ago
Your yeast would foam quicker and larger if you put the sugar in the warm water with the yeast smh
Sayma D. Sayed Ali
Sayma D. Sayed Ali - 2 days ago
Bilzy -
Bilzy - - 2 days ago
Bilzy -
Bilzy - - 2 days ago
Bilzy -
Bilzy - - 2 days ago
*-I'm bilzyinho-*
Fuck You
Fuck You - 2 days ago
I thought he said “I’m so impressed with this bitch”
范浩俊 - 2 days ago
Does this "chief" deal the dough with the ring on her finger???
So disgusting...
small gay
small gay - 2 days ago
video: don’t try this at home
alexis: write in the comments below what YOU make in your easy bake oven!!
Sohalia J
Sohalia J - 2 days ago
make a 3 course meal with a hair straightener
Lielah Clay
Lielah Clay - 2 days ago
I had an easy bake oven once and me and my bother made a pancake 🥞 with it
claire - 2 days ago
Alexis is so pretty it’s literally distracting me from her cooking
Sophia Yellen
Sophia Yellen - 3 days ago
lmao that boy was soooc cuteeee
Neon Majic
Neon Majic - 3 days ago
Tbh, I'm surprised anyone wanted an easy back over with how dangerous it is. It shouldn't even be classified as a kids toy
Fierce_ Glitterettes
Fierce_ Glitterettes - 3 days ago
I got that and I’m gonna do what you do
LJ 2.0
LJ 2.0 - 3 days ago
oh ma godddd this gave me so much nostalgia, i had the bigger easy bake oven and seeing it again just took me BAACK!!! love it
- Rânsôm -
- Rânsôm - - 4 days ago
Used a Easy Bake oven as kid, loved it and hated it.
Leah Amauri
Leah Amauri - 4 days ago
Hair straightener pls
Ashley JC
Ashley JC - 4 days ago
Can I please have Yonas?? He is SO CUTE.
Miranda Tao
Miranda Tao - 5 days ago
chip: inedible
kid: (after 5 seconds to bite) issa gooood!
Uma Kotwal
Uma Kotwal - 5 days ago
Waffle maker
Hair curler
Mini toaster
Cheap portable mini stove top
Pancake iron
Maddy Nichole
Maddy Nichole - 5 days ago
ish good!😬👍🏾
Cross Kennedy
Cross Kennedy - 5 days ago
7:01 thought she was gonna say PEPPA WHAT R U DOING IN MY PEPERS
Sofia Diaz-Solano
Sofia Diaz-Solano - 5 days ago
They should do one where she isn’t allowed to use a knife
Mia Vasallo
Mia Vasallo - 6 days ago
You should try a George Forman grill!!
Audrey Harris
Audrey Harris - 6 days ago
It's better seeing adults taste test and guess what you use. Sorry but the kid is useless very cute though
Yoon Mi Yoon
Yoon Mi Yoon - 6 days ago
Yeah I eat ass
A- after
S- school
S- snacks
Nicholas Grguric
Nicholas Grguric - 5 days ago
Yoon Mi Yoon underrated comment.
Gurgle - 7 days ago
Can this chef make a 3 course meal with an electric fly swatter?
That would be pretty dangerous.
Amy Amesburg
Amy Amesburg - 7 days ago
I feel like its not safe that you allowed that child to consume marshmallow that was inside that toy. You don't know the chemicals in the plastic, if plastic melted into the food or anything. She should have remade it
KuboXD Panda
KuboXD Panda - 7 days ago
How about a does that sound?
Ara Navea
Ara Navea - 7 days ago
She, cutting the tortilla in the middle, wasting a lot of it
mo woo모우
mo woo모우 - 3 days ago
Ara Navea pues si
mo woo모우
mo woo모우 - 3 days ago
Ara Navea Sii si hablo español
Ara Navea
Ara Navea - 3 days ago
@mo woo모우 idk, sometimes i have some ideas thinking that they're mine and then i learn that a lot of people do the same thing
Ara Navea
Ara Navea - 3 days ago
@mo woo모우 oh, now i get it
Ara Navea
Ara Navea - 3 days ago
@mo woo모우 wait, do you speak spanish? Bc my English isn't the best so):
hannahkang819 - 7 days ago
you should cook with a lighter
Stace Helfrick
Stace Helfrick - 7 days ago
So cool
Lynn lisa
Lynn lisa - 7 days ago
I make my homework in an easy bake oven
Mypieateyou 12
Mypieateyou 12 - 7 days ago
She said crispy rice um it’s rice crispy
Eclipse538 - 7 days ago
using a heating lamp to cook. this is gonna end terribly. and be cringe to watch.
lalabieful - 7 days ago
3 course meal with a hair straightener
AMIT BHATIA - 7 days ago
The way the kid says - it’s Gooooood. , just makes laugh so so much
AMIT BHATIA - 7 days ago
The way the kid says - it’s Gooooood. , just makes laugh so so much
Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma - 8 days ago
*I say strongly a waffle iron for the next episode!*
David Sarnevitz
David Sarnevitz - 8 days ago
Okay a heat gun is the best thing to try now. Let’s see what Alexis could cook with that.
LO VE - 8 days ago
George Foreman grill
KingViper347 - 8 days ago
I’d laugh if when she went off stage she asked who it was lol
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