L.A. Teachers’ Strike, the Egg That Broke Instagram & China’s Historic Moon Landing | The Daily Show

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ShadowReaper2006 - 3 часа назад
Teachers are bad, they support child abuse.
orlanino - День назад
A change of heart. Noah, you started to punch down. Punching up is ok, punching down, not so. Seems you are slowly forgetting your roots and your views.
Grundle Munch
Grundle Munch - День назад
We have too many teachers lol. Dumb
AZW512MKW (official 3 star Ninja General) hurricane andrew
the darkside of the moon where trump hid his tax returns
Arthur Donnietello
Arthur Donnietello - 4 дня назад
Trevor is too funny...
Le Nightingale
Le Nightingale - 7 дней назад
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon
Gina Jackßon
Gina Jackßon - 8 дней назад
Califorins State Lorrery is spose togo to all the schools in CA. Where is the money really going too. Prays
Gina Jackßon
Gina Jackßon - 8 дней назад
Teachers are very unpaid I, live in Los Angeles and for a fact schools are need of repair , classes are over crowded and children in middle school have out dated computers. Forbide your child gets sick or injured. Over due. Teachers make less than Waste Management Drivers. Give what they want. Prayd
agbor rita
agbor rita - 9 дней назад
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Noah you crazy. lol "and now his balls have a concussion" hahahahahahahaha
Caercutta30 - 10 дней назад
AntiWeeb Police
AntiWeeb Police - 13 дней назад
I fucking hate these late night shows, get the fuck off my timeline
Vi Villagrana
Vi Villagrana - 13 дней назад
Did Trevor just assumed the moon's gender?? How do we know in not a her?? Hmmm!?
RellupNorth - 9 дней назад
Vi Villagrana I wish I could delete you
michael brown
michael brown - 13 дней назад
3:27 IF, and that's a Really big IF, its the Dark Side of The Moon, then why is it all lit up ?????????
It would only be lit up from the landing rockets and it would only be lighting up the underside!
Not the entire surface!!!
To be on the dark side means its FUCKING DARK!!
michael brown
michael brown - 13 дней назад
Egg is awesome!
Eggs are good for you!!
michael brown
michael brown - 13 дней назад
On strike for the students????
Who is teaching the students, if you Are on strike!????
Kpop0223 - 16 дней назад
I guess now it's not as impressive to be "mysterious as the dark side of the moooooooon"
Charred to Death
Charred to Death - 16 дней назад
"Instagram fame is not all its cracked up to be."
Shawn - 17 дней назад
0:30 more librarians? for what? to watch over kids playing on their iphones or using the internet on their laptops? libraries are such pointless places...i went to college and grad school...the library was just a giant place to study and print and waste paper (and to have sex in secret areas)....NOBODY EVER ACTUALLY USED THE BOOKS WITHIN THE LIBRARY
Rocket Man
Rocket Man - 18 дней назад
Who is feeling the cold weather
Niamh Corrigan
Niamh Corrigan - 18 дней назад
Beating records out of spite is one of the most human things I've ever seen
Mr. CARMINE - 19 дней назад
I’d like that picture of the egg. It’s more beautiful than any of the kardashians. 🥚🙌🏼
Marc Bradley
Marc Bradley - 19 дней назад
My ex showed me this guy just over a year ago!!!!!! Been hook ever since
Teali Johnson
Teali Johnson - 20 дней назад
don't trash trump were are there
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson - 20 дней назад
You ever think that many of our viruses come from samples the astronauts bring back?
PilantTugBoat AARON
PilantTugBoat AARON - 20 дней назад
The moment Trevor Noah realizes bhad babie some how got 13 million more views than him and finally admits he’s nothing without some overused trump jokes I don’t support trump but where will Trevor be when trumps out of office?
thenodfather - 20 дней назад
He might of had High Viz, but after that it would have been sore to take a whiz.
nii darko
nii darko - 20 дней назад
the egg has over 52million likes now.
nii darko
nii darko - 20 дней назад
the egg has iver 52milliom likes now
MEKKANNOID - 20 дней назад
who is kylie jenner?
Godwin James Apuede
Godwin James Apuede - 20 дней назад
I liked the egg too
Lucas Layton
Lucas Layton - 20 дней назад
That gym teacher bulge tho
Bowser Glass
Bowser Glass - 20 дней назад
When I first say this I thought it was about teachers on strike against the egg
Martina Wolf
Martina Wolf - 21 день назад
That egg's joke really... CRACKED me up!
Fockin Memes
Fockin Memes - 21 день назад
The egg now has over 45 million likes on Instagram... My goodness😂
ladygabrielle36 - 22 дня назад
Japanese schools have nurses so why don’t we????????
Ron Taylor
Ron Taylor - 22 дня назад
At 0:43 I just noticed the woman in the picture is holding her sign backwards 😂😂😂 like what good will that do?
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar - 22 дня назад
5:38 You don't have to be able to do something in order to criticize it. That would just be stupid.
Elaine Kilgore
Elaine Kilgore - 22 дня назад
As bad as the education system in California is maybe those teachers need to have a success rate imposed. Keeping higher good ones that will give our California children a much better education. And while we’re at it we should take a look at the curriculum real hard.
God Speaks to Me in Math
God Speaks to Me in Math - 22 дня назад
There are a million online schools and resource centers now starting with all the millions of free university lectures on youtube... Teachers left in the school system are rolling uphill like Sisyphus. I did learn that in school and i went to university but everything i make money from i learned on the job or in my own time. Society is reaching a point now where there wont be enough jobs for everyone... We need a resource based system like Jacques Fresco spoke of or Capitalism will continue to "evolve" into Cannibalism.
Katleho Makhalemele
Katleho Makhalemele - 22 дня назад
06:05 LOL! That laugh is evil.
scott campbell jr
scott campbell jr - 22 дня назад
I dont know how he made this video worse than i thought it would be
cristal dragon
cristal dragon - 22 дня назад
48 million now
Måri - 23 дня назад
That Mariah joke... opened my eyes
AniahGraceCanady Sojourner10
AniahGraceCanady Sojourner10 - 23 дня назад
Now it has like 40 million right?
Mitsu00 - 23 дня назад
I’ve seen an egg get cuckhold.
Bio Bob
Bio Bob - 23 дня назад
Fake! "This is no dark side of the moon, really. As matter of fact it's all dark."
Da Green Thing
Da Green Thing - 23 дня назад
Teachers get paid to much, the teachers around waucanda don't do shit they help people who don't need it and ignore the ones who need it
Arno Schäfer
Arno Schäfer - 23 дня назад
There is no such thing as a dark side of the moon. It is the FAR side or the OTHER side of the moon. It has light and dark cycles just like the front side, just in reverse.
Addicti0nz1 - 23 дня назад
That egg didn't break the internet... It took it back.
Karasu Inaiga
Karasu Inaiga - 24 дня назад
It's egg yolk, not egg yoke. Yoke is "throw off the yoke of bondage".
UNDERHILL - 24 дня назад
Idiocracy becomes actual prophecy every day. "OW MY BALLS!" only on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
G Booze
G Booze - 24 дня назад
An egg? So THIS is why the rest of world thinks we are a laughing stock
Makula Muwanga
Makula Muwanga - 24 дня назад
now 51 million and counting. they posted two more pictures of it cracking but I don't think it'll stay trendy for long enough for the whole thing to crack open. in my opinion, they should have just left it at that first picture
Chirag - 24 дня назад
Egg white power...lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Javier Harth
Javier Harth - 24 дня назад
The banality of United Statians. Unequaled and unrivalled. I suppose stupidity and banality goes hand in hand. OMG... OMG...
Too much television and not enough critical reading brings collective acceptance of the popular view. Like sheep...!
Jules Peace
Jules Peace - 24 дня назад
To Trevor Noah. Hello There, is there anyway I’m able to contact you. I got some inside scoops to tell you regarding teachers in LA. Peace, J
My story will make your hair straight. And it’ll make you sad/cry. This is how the teachers treat our young children. I’m a walking UN.mixed heritage.
Proud American Afraid of other Americans, wonderful right. Children from all nation can play together but us adults can’t see some wrong with that? FYI, I’m very sarcastic.😳
If only they would act professional aka the teacher is an adult teaching children. Please tell me how to get a letter dietary to you or the producer of your show. No, not crazy, just a mom. With a child that was bullied. Bullying kills. SMH.
Peace, J
Justin Gallucci
Justin Gallucci - 24 дня назад
.... find it to be over easy... felt like I was watching Stewart again. Love it.
Yang Yang
Yang Yang - 24 дня назад
there are actually a shooting in a bank in Fl today...what a prophecy Trevor..
galloping goose
galloping goose - 24 дня назад
The correct terminology is the "far" side of the moon.
Magdalis Almodovar
Magdalis Almodovar - 24 дня назад
Love trevor hes hilarious he makes my day,with a good laugh.
Guilherme Macedo
Guilherme Macedo - 25 дней назад
yes education is major USA problema , see the results trump elected.
Rafael Rojas
Rafael Rojas - 25 дней назад
Earth is flat
unknown unknown
unknown unknown - 25 дней назад
The egg has 26 million likes...this is sad. What if these people put this much energy toward doing good things?
lionman4040 - 25 дней назад
God damn, did you guys get new writers?
Build A Boss Empire B.A.B.E
Build A Boss Empire B.A.B.E - 25 дней назад
Love the call out on the "fake first landing on the moon!!!!
Robert Nett
Robert Nett - 25 дней назад
2:45 - It's not even a white egg. this is one of this borderline-self-hating eggs that lives in denial of itself. It doesn't need to get banned from hosting the Oscars. Don't you see - this egg needs our help. How can you be so heartless.
Hunie Bot
Hunie Bot - 25 дней назад
I go to the biggest school district...
JuujuGH - 25 дней назад
egg white power okay I'm done 😂
John Doe
John Doe - 25 дней назад
so, the national mall is about attacking white teenagers.
when i heard about this video, i thought it was going to be a bunch of out of control catholic teenagers randomly attacking innocent people. instead, i see some teenager simply standing there. i guess that the current agenda of making false accusations of racism against whites includes bulling teens. who the hell is Trevor Noah to characterize anything that white teens wear as being racist? i guess if they was wearing hoodies all those a**hole black teens in those "KNOCK OUT GAME" videos it would be OK with Trevor. calling for violence against teenagers of any color is unforgivable. Trevor should be fired at the very least. at most, he should be charged with reckless child endangerment and jailed. all that Trevor Noah has proved is that he is a piece of shit racist, that would like nothing more than to physically assault white children.
Tired of Fools
Tired of Fools - 25 дней назад
Egg 2020
Mimi Ebisuya
Mimi Ebisuya - 25 дней назад
Instead of a yellow vest. That guy should of worn a yellow cup for his balls!!!! Lmao
ryuoh121 - 25 дней назад
that isn't true about the moon. the russians were there 6o years ago with "Lunar 3" and many of the NASA space missions and probes have photographed the other side of the moon.
Ibrahim A
Ibrahim A - 25 дней назад
WOW, the Egg now has over 50m likes almost doubling the previous world record!
GMATveteran - 25 дней назад
3:13 - Lol... "China's infrastructure is crumbling..."?? How adorably ignorant...
Dizzy Lizzie
Dizzy Lizzie - 26 дней назад
Wait. Kylie Jenner’s baby is named “Stormy”?
Daira929 - 26 дней назад
I'm so triggered right now :-D
Justin Y.
Justin Y. - 26 дней назад
Why don’t the egg just really crack
Kar David
Kar David - 26 дней назад
This guy made me laugh
Maya Nandy
Maya Nandy - 26 дней назад
I am surprised that there was no reference to Mulan..."Brighter than the Dark Side of the Moon"
Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar
Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar - 26 дней назад
idiocracy. now. we are living in it.
balbina francesca PY
balbina francesca PY - 26 дней назад
The Instagram egg thing is kind of a reflexion of the sad state we’re in as a society 🤷🏾‍♀️
dambigfoot - 26 дней назад
I used to watch Trevor NOAH, saw who the writers were and wanted to do another SHOAH
Kenneth Gitau
Kenneth Gitau - 26 дней назад
the sports segment was the juiciest. hahahaha
Snoodballla !
Snoodballla ! - 26 дней назад
on today's clickbait round up....
POKE BOY 18 - 26 дней назад
An eggcellent achievement
sami am
sami am - 26 дней назад
Which came first? "Taking down Kylie" or the egg.
The Bombblows12
The Bombblows12 - 26 дней назад
Some of the students actually agree with this!
Abdifatah Mohamed
Abdifatah Mohamed - 26 дней назад
Now it's 50 million likes
FERANDO VALDIVIA - 26 дней назад
Este s uno de los Cojudo que jodieron el rewind
Do You Remember?
Do You Remember? - 26 дней назад
Was the pun intentional?
Meg Crosby
Meg Crosby - 27 дней назад
I thought they were talking about his head by the thumbnail...
BaronVonTacocat - 27 дней назад
Prince Ali Magic
Prince Ali Magic - 27 дней назад
it took me a good 5 seconds to get the over easy joke
Tyler McGlothin
Tyler McGlothin - 27 дней назад
It’s at 50 mil bruh what is life
Street sweep 717
Street sweep 717 - 27 дней назад
The ball was tipped. Move the F**. on Chicago.
Jane Byrne
Jane Byrne - 27 дней назад
Those furloughed federal employees should all go on strike! I would love to see them picket Trump at Mar a Lago. Or staging a sit down strike in the US Senate until Mitch McConnell allows a vote on reopening the government without a border wall. And dare Trump to veto it. That would be something!
ALEX L - 27 дней назад
I agree teacher don't get paid enough, but most of them are already underqualified,
Queen E
Queen E - 27 дней назад
🥚I Instantly Thought Of The Jimmy Neutron Movie!!!😂🤣😂
Shubham Agarwal
Shubham Agarwal - 27 дней назад
03:15 why china shows such kind of map which contains foreign boundaries.
TMT lifewithboys
TMT lifewithboys - 27 дней назад
This. dude needs some new writers.
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