The 1/4 mile time that may surprise us all from the 2020 C8 Corvette

William Wigton
William Wigton - Day ago
Lupe Benavidez
Lupe Benavidez - 2 days ago
Humberto Huitron
Humberto Huitron - 5 days ago
Why do you put a picture of the Demon it runs high 9s?
1CBRDUDE - 7 days ago
More guessing about If it’s this fast or that fast wait till someone gets the damn car and runs it All you you tubers and your speculations are just stupid as fuck
Etrigan Seven
Etrigan Seven - 17 days ago
This vette is maxed out lol and those tired are gonna go up in smoke. A GTR is way more car and mid engined too. The vette will do 11.5 or so before the trannys start breaking lol
Etrigan Seven
Etrigan Seven - 12 days ago
@John doeboy tell that to the guys in the graveyard or the ones suing chevy over that limp mode.
John doeboy
John doeboy - 12 days ago
There’s no such thing as a maxed out vette it’s a Chevy they always leave room for mods and tuning especially
Eric Martin
Eric Martin - 19 days ago
the car should be promising with good rubber. 10s is possible with a tune.but who gonna be able to tune it?!!!
Erik Hadinger
Erik Hadinger - 19 days ago
Absolute clickbait! You show the car on the track but not a single minute in this video shows the new vet going down the track! Waste of time!
I - 20 days ago
10.9 with a GTR, NSX, or Ford GT pushing it! "Best" of 11.3 means an average of 11.5-11.6 on the drag strip with race preps, which means 12's on the street...... 😴🤣
james fulerten
james fulerten - 20 days ago
Come on it'll do a 9 with a dual clutch and track control !
3v4761 - 22 days ago
Engine is tech is new...the entire car is new....wait till it comes out then make a video
Drew M
Drew M - 24 days ago
Specs released today. 60MPH in 2.9 seconds, Qtr Mile in 11.3, Top Speed 193 MPH, Base Model C8, $59,995.00
GT Content
GT Content - 24 days ago
Thanks for the heads up.
Corey Barden
Corey Barden - 24 days ago
I so tired of hearing the specs but let’s see the 0-60 and quarter mile. Let’s see besides what Chevy is telling us. We are all waiting for someone to prove it
Jon Static
Jon Static - 25 days ago
The 2022 z06 with about 800 horsepower 5.5 twin turbo should be running 9s due to the corvettes insanely fast 60 foot
bustin yanutz
bustin yanutz - 23 days ago
It's a 4.2 litre twin turbo that is going in Z06 AND ZORA
Scott S
Scott S - 26 days ago
Good video, but you made a mistake on the quarter mile calculator. You had 495hp wheel hp not fly wheel. I do agree the rear engine will have less hp losses and better traction ( those 305mm tires will help). I don’t think it will be a 10second car, my guess is 11.3 - 11.4 seconds in the 1/4 mile.
Eric Martin
Eric Martin - 19 days ago
I thought those numbers were based only upon the, "base corvette" not the Z51 or they would have stated it in the memo
Tramond Spencer
Tramond Spencer - 26 days ago
Bs video. Click bait
Viscaya Construccion
Viscaya Construccion - 27 days ago
Yeah ass hole
LTZ 863
LTZ 863 - 29 days ago
I guess the car is going to be driving itself with no driver added weight huh? Troll video...
joe19812003 - 29 days ago
495 will be 470 or so at the wheels with a dual clutch maybe less. 11.3-11.5
I - Month ago
$100k for mid 11's with Fiero RELIABILITY (see C7 overheating class action lawsuit and multiply by 10). You heard it here first! Oh and it'll probably kill a shit ton of its owners like it always has done (SECOND DEADLIEST CAR IN AMERICA):
baron hyatt
baron hyatt - Month ago
First out I call bullshit on every fucking thing you're saying the cars ain't even out yet and they just released it to where you can buy them because I just bought one I won't get it until next year
Nate D
Nate D - Month ago
You should have clicked “flywheel HP” in the calculator
Ralph Hall
Ralph Hall - Month ago
I think it will comparable to the 2006 ford gt 11.2 131 mph maybe 11.5 128 for the c8.
Derrek Rodriguez
Derrek Rodriguez - 26 days ago
Ralph Hall I never saw a GT run that low. The same year z06 was faster. 11.7 126. I would compare the C8 to this car. Close in weight and HP. Advantage dual clutch trans for the C8. The car will be in the 11’s but not sure if it will break 10 sec. 11.2 122 or so.
03SVT _ 18GT
03SVT _ 18GT - Month ago
Mid 11s
KhalisJatt - Month ago
I’m dying at the photoshopped thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣
Dolby109 - Month ago
0-60 and quarter mile are very different metrics. 0-60 is very much traction dependent, where everything past 60 (AKA the last 7-11 seconds of the quarter mile) are very power dependent.
The C8 has an excellent quarter mile time because more of the weight is over the drive wheels, or at least directly in front of them, allowing for better weight transfer. The new Tremek DCT transmission also likely helps with the launch and a quick first shift.
But the quarter mile likely won't be too much faster than the C7.
I figure 11.3 to 11.5 at 118 to 121mph.
Mustang Man
Mustang Man - Month ago
Sorry but no way in hell does this car with 495 crank hp do a sub 3 second 0-60 or a high 10 second 1/4 mile. A fool and his money shall soon part...
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds - Month ago
Its entirely possible
Charlesbjtown - Month ago
Trash video. Clickbait, nothing to see here.
Behindthen0thing - Month ago
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams - Month ago
Purely click bait...very deceptive video.
Scatpack Mustang
Scatpack Mustang - Month ago
I think Chevy is on top and will have the same numbers in real world. I was disappointed in my 15 mustang GT at first that it wasn’t very close to there times! I did love that car and will be getting a 2020
Matt French
Matt French - Month ago
Great Video.
Please please do your math on the C8 Zo6 and C8zr1/Zora
norman jackson
norman jackson - Month ago
The weight is 3350 lbs. It will go 10.90's@125 for sure.
Horsepower 757
Horsepower 757 - Month ago
Click Bait ! 🐟
Chachi Chochacorta
Chachi Chochacorta - Month ago
Not sure if this holds any value, but, I've noticed that most sports cars, supercars, hypercars, etc., tend to have roughly an 8-second difference between their 0-60 times and quarter mile times. For example:
(Car, 0-60, 1/4 mile)
Nissan GTR, 2.9, 11.0 (Motor Trend)
Porsche GT3, 3.1, 11.1 (MotorWeek)
Porsche Turbo S, 2.7, 10.7 (Car and Driver)
McLaren 720S, 2.5, 9.98 (Brooks from DragTimes--INSANE!)
C7 Corvette Z06, 3.3, 11.5 Manual (R&T)--although a YouTube video shows a stock Z06 clocking 10.41.
There is also a YouTube video of a woman doing 11.7 quarter mile in a C7 Stingray.
Given these figures, is it safe to say that the C8 Z51 can do 2.9/10.9 (or quicker)? Can you imagine what the C8 Z06 or C8 Zora will post--especially with an AWD? To think that a sub-$90K C8 Z06 will compete against a $200K Porsche Turbo S!
(I'm just not sure any "regular Joe" will be able to do this on a track, much less on city streets.)
what a waste of 6:44. 11 second cars were fast 20 years ago..... not today. how lame
Lmao who gives a shit about a stock car? Who keeps their car stock? I guess fags like u do but guys like me who actually have money modify their cars and an 11 second car makes me lol literally......😂 Yea....... I drive an 11 second drag car lmao. Ryan, put the Xbox down and get a clue on what is considered FAST these days an no its not the car u have saved on ur Xbox as the FASTEST car. either.... fuckn idiot! 🙄
Ryan B
Ryan B - Month ago
20 years ago? Name cars 20 years ago that broke 11 seconds stock. I’ll sit here and wait.
chad haire
chad haire - Month ago
bullshit click bait
Me3 Graal
Me3 Graal - Month ago
The base model has a 4 cylinder 2.0 turbo for under 40k, but the base model v8 under 60k, but the ZR2 C8 Alittle over 150k. Just alittle...
RG GT - Month ago
One example demon 9.65 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Uax101 - Month ago
garbage fucking video
Ranger 1780
Ranger 1780 - Month ago
GT 500 9.6 at 144
C8 10.4 at 132
Mustang Man
Mustang Man - Month ago
@The Guardian I laugh with ya, I think its ridiculous too.
The Guardian
The Guardian - Month ago
@Mustang Man hahahaha GT500: 4280 lbs
Mustang Man
Mustang Man - Month ago
LOL. The only way a Vette with only 495 crank hp goes 10.4 is if you take 500 lbs of weight off the car first! You don't know much about physics or power to weight ratios in the real world now do ya?
The Guardian
The Guardian - Month ago
LS1LT1 - Month ago
Yes, the new 2020 Corvette C8 will be 'capable of' a high 10 second 1/4 mile ET in the right conditions (ie: cool/cold air temps with a high barometer reading at a prepped near sea level drag strip). Never go by the official factory acceleration times as there are just too many factors that contribute to actual track results/performance. Those are good for projecting the 'average' results but not the 'best possible'. As the C7 fast lists featured in the video prove (I personally know a couple of the guys on that list), the right driver in the best conditions will always exceed the factory generated ETs. I personally still hold the 1/4 mile record for bone stock Corvette C6 LS2s and (after adding some mods) went on to be second on the Corvette C6 LS2 'NA bolts on only' list. :-)
HBY - Month ago
low 11s, not enough power to push it after launch to keep accelerating towards the finish line
Geran Wilson
Geran Wilson - Month ago
The only thing that will make that car go is 540 cubic inch big block with a 6-71 blower attached to it💪
Dolby109 - Month ago
GTFO Boomer
Ramone Salvatore
Ramone Salvatore - Month ago
Thank you awesome information. My best analysis from what i have read and watched on the C7 is that the C8 will do better than 10 seconds on the 1/4 mile. My estimate is that it will come in at 9.2 seconds. Please record my estimate and give credit to Victor Salvatore when the time comes....if it comes...and i believe it will. Thanks. oh ps.....can anyone answer? Is the C9 longer or shorter than the C7 and by how much? Thanks.
Ryan B
Ryan B - Month ago
No way 9 seconds. Barely 10’s. Low 11’s it will get.
Slosh MaGee
Slosh MaGee - Month ago
I give it a mid 11 second stock with the Z51 package. Low 11's is being optimistic. No way it will break into the 10's.
Jeff6275 sunsation
Jeff6275 sunsation - Month ago
Power band I meant to say
rippedbigmike95 - Month ago
What about an after market tune
Jeff6275 sunsation
Jeff6275 sunsation - Month ago
Power and of the motor to players a part
Jeff6275 sunsation
Jeff6275 sunsation - Month ago
LS1LT1 all depends on the gearing
LS1LT1 - Month ago
IF you believe that the car can do a sub 3.0 second 0-60 time then you have to also believe that it can do a 10.9x 1/4 mile time. Go look at the (very short) list of regular production vehicles that deliver a 0-60 time that quick and see what their corresponding 1/4 mile times are. Unless it's gearing or transmission shifts are all screwed up, a car capable of that kind of acceleration doesn't just entirely fall on it's face from 60mph on up to 120mph+. Yes weight is a factor of course but weight ALSO effects 0-60 negatively as well. If anything, the extra weight would hurt the car's 0-60 time more than it's 1/4 mile time (ie: it has more time to make up for the lost acceleration due to weight). Unless of course you do not actually believe that it will run a sub 3.0 second 0-60 time, then I would have to agree that it might only run low 11s.
Mark Maxwell
Mark Maxwell - Month ago
Zero to one hundred kilometres an hour l would be very suprised if it gets below 3.5 seconds.
And zero to four hundred metres l would be suprised if it gets below 11.5 seconds.
But l could be wrong.
The yanks do love bragging rights
Bryce Clark
Bryce Clark - Month ago
As I said before mid 11s I would be surprised if the non Z51 package car in lowest 1LT trim at it lights weight runs the lowest 1/4. If a 360hp Cayman GTS runs a 11.7 I expect this car "which is much heavier to run 11.3-11.5@122ish mph
Steve Fury
Steve Fury - Month ago
i agree with you. the previous c7 ran 11.7s all day. and this will have a faster 0-60 which is the most important for 1/4 mile times with no powerband loss with the DCT. the Trap speed wont be real high but the time will be good. And this is just a base model daily driver car. the z06 and zr1 are going to be the monsters
Michael Gales
Michael Gales - Month ago
I believe GM May have underestimated the actual power of the car.... If they are really doing the 2.8 second times that have been claimed by some of the test drivers....Only time will tell and usually cars running those kind of acceleration times should hit high 10s pretty easily....
Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol
GM downplays their cars. When the C7 launched it was tested without full break in, and after extensive break in time they were actually faster than GMs posted times. We also know any ported mild cammed LT1 with exhaust will put 500hp on the ground.
SCrobbe - Month ago
10.99 😎
Stephen Lane
Stephen Lane - Month ago
Yea you had wheel hp clicked off thats a 70 horsepower difference according to your numbers.
2 0
2 0 - Month ago
Wheels are ugly doe!
Doug Cohen
Doug Cohen - Month ago
Z51 package is only 5k smart ass
Stacy Dornan
Stacy Dornan - Month ago
Think this car gonna shock a lot of peeps,I predict a low 10 for this car ,possibly a high 9
Alorand - Month ago
You have lost objectivity amidst the hype. Unless when you say "this car" you are including the Z06 and the Zora versions that will eventually come out.
BIG JDM - Month ago
not enough power to run 10.9 , if the curb weight is anywhere around 3,800 lbs and the power is really 500bhp it’s probably going to do 11.6
BIG JDM - Month ago
LS1LT1 possible, but usually when i see dry weights curb weight are usually 350-400 pounds heavier. if it’s 3360 dry weight i doubt its true curb weight will be less than 3,700 lbs but u could be right
LS1LT1 - Month ago
It won't be 3800 pounds without driver. With a heavy enough driver yes, a loaded/fully optioned C8 might top 3800 pounds. The base car alone will weigh under 3600 pounds, possibly even under 3550.
SPEEDREAPER937 - Month ago
I think it’s going to run 11.4-11.5 at around 119mph. Official curb weight of the car isn’t out but gm did reveal that the dry weight was going to be 3366lbs. That’s 19lbs more than the C7 base curb weight, only 35hp more than a C7. It’s not going to be shocking anyone through the quarter mile, it’s going to shock everyone around a track.
Dolby109 - Month ago
@BIG JDM The C8 might just change that last little qualification. The interior looks amazing.
BIG JDM - Month ago
Dolby109 yea i would say so, the Z06 had like 650hp? if i’m quoting the right figure it would losely compete with the 650s GTR nismo and 488 gtb so it’s a bargain. definitely not the better car by far when looking at a GT3 RS , 488 GTB , and Mclaren 650S, but similar performance.
Dolby109 - Month ago
@Br Fa What are you talking about? The Z06 is absolutely a bargain. Essentially every trim is when compared to the competitors.
Dolby109 - Month ago
I agree, however I wonder how much the old torque tube cost in terms of power for the C7, so maybe this will actually put 45-50hp more to the ground.
Br Fa
Br Fa - Month ago
@BIG JDM the Z06 is never a "bargain" with that price. The stingray is tho.
andrew paul
andrew paul - Month ago
Two things will determine if it's a 10 second car. Number one is the rear axil gear combined with the 1st transmission gear. The second is tire compound vs road surface.
If the c8 really has the power of the ls7 combined with a faster shifting dual clutch automatic a 10 second time at the track should be cake. There are plenty of bolt on ls3 c6's doing this with just bolt ons. The most important factor being an auto with a stall converter. If the new c8's transmission has a 5.0 first gear even without a deep stall it should have a torque multiple capable of 1.5 60ft times if the tires don't spin.
The c8 could be a killer if the transmission is heavy duty enough. So far automatics haven't been able to take the stress.
Jeffrey Latham
Jeffrey Latham - Month ago
Well it is a dual clutch so it has way more in common with a manual trans than a traditional auto. Plus it is made by tremec so it should hold up pretty well
youngestson 65
youngestson 65 - Month ago
bigboost Laser
bigboost Laser - Month ago
I seen the 2020 supra with a down pipe and tune run 10"s 1/4 not bad for a 3.0litre
GT Content
GT Content - Month ago
If it's the TPG one, then I believe there's also nitrous involved from what other sources are saying. They're being very secretive about that setup. I've got a video coming soon.
davie crocket
davie crocket - Month ago
Well the twin turbo Z06 my guess will b 10.2 10. 1 so 10.9 or surprised again maybe 10.7
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers - Month ago
10 sec car for $65k C8 Z51 will shock the world again if its true.
HBY - Month ago
z51 only adds cooling, exhaust, an suspension - doubt it make much difference after initial launch. Heck the z51might not even be a game changer, might mostly marketing hype.
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