The Best Spark Plugs in the World and Why

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Bryan - 6 months ago
Great video Scotty! I used to work at autozone and half the time my coworkers had no clue about spark plugs so they would just recommend the most expensive ones and then customers come back pissed off finding out their cars run worse than their used set of plugs😅😅
Mo Hamhead
Mo Hamhead - 3 days ago
I make my own spark plugs
Elise Andrews
Elise Andrews - 5 days ago
Awesome as usual
Daddy Bear
Daddy Bear - 5 days ago
Discount auto parts did the same to my ford truck, i was pissed,
Gigi - 6 days ago
Scotty Kilmer Hello I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra 4cyl 2.0 engine and had a mechanic change my spark plugs and coils and now my car shakes. What would be the best spark plugs for me? I had codes of P0304, P0171,P0011, P1148. Help please. I would finally like to drive my car it’s been a pain since I bought it in May. 😫 Thank you
abdalla makkawy
abdalla makkawy - 11 days ago
Scotty Kilmer Hi Scotty I have a 2017 Honda Accord sport special edition 2.4L and I wanna ask Do we have to adjust the rocker arms gaps at all?! My mechanic has only Toyota synthetic0w20 same grade as Honda so can I use this oil cuz it has the same specs. Trying to find the pcv valve hose to install an oil catch can but it seems hiding somewhere. Any help to find it?! Thank u
WarframeGuide - 5 hours ago
One other tip don't use spark plugs designed for small engines in a car and vice versa because they're different lengths for different applications.
Andrew Dee Jaye
Andrew Dee Jaye - 9 hours ago
NGK....or plugs period
superfast30 - 10 hours ago
The OEM AC Delco Iridium plugs in my Chevy Cruze lasted well over 100k miles before the car began to misfire. Replaced them with OEM's. More than happy with their lifespan!
Anwar Shiekh
Anwar Shiekh - 14 hours ago
If you are going to leave the spark plugs in for a long time, be sure to use anti-seize grease on the threads.
Terence Jay
Terence Jay - 20 hours ago
I tried for hours trying to replace the spark plugs in my UK Mondeo. It was driving me crazy until I remembered it's a diesel..
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker - 22 hours ago
Hey Scotty in your younger years as a mechanic did u ever come across and 426 hemi's? And changed spark plugs in them? Or any 426 max wedges?
Anthony Valencia
Anthony Valencia - 23 hours ago
Excellent Scotty you're the best my friend
usa-45 smith
usa-45 smith - Day ago
clean , non offensive comment. nice video.
citic101 - Day ago
Jack Black
Jack Black - Day ago
Spark plugs in a Subaru flat four engine are a SOB to change.
John Dee Smith
John Dee Smith - Day ago
....uh , so I guess these new iridium plugs will work good in my diesel motor ?
Tara P
Tara P - Day ago
Great video. I need to see if they make iridium spark plugs for my work van. Such a pain changing them out!!
studfindingball - Day ago
Thanks for opening your big mouth, Scotty. My local Kia dealer in Phoenix must have watched this video because I just paid $86 out the door for FOUR sparkplugs for my 4 banger Sportage. How much is Kia paying you?:-)
Swisher Swish
Swisher Swish - Day ago
Luv the videos! Keep them coming!
Thugz Luv
Thugz Luv - 2 days ago
Sorry dude I just can't concentrate what you were saying cause your location keep changing. How many locations did you take to make this video.
Melinda Hart
Melinda Hart - 2 days ago
Good video! Was curious about the iridium plugs!
Mr Danforth 374
Mr Danforth 374 - 2 days ago
Years ago there was a recurrent problem in VW beetles if someone installed Champion spark plugs, the most popular brand back then. They were a hair longer than the stock Bosch plugs and after they had been in there a few years, would build up hard deposits on the end that would chew out the threads in the aluminum head when you unscrewed the plug.

Ever since then I use the same make of plugs the car came with, AC for GM, Autolite for Ford, Bosch for German cars, Nippon Denso for Japanese cars.
R L Edmiston
R L Edmiston - 2 days ago
Thanks for the info, re-enforced what I thought about keeping everything stock that I can. The systems today don't accept many of the hotrod stuff.
Poncho Diaz
Poncho Diaz - 2 days ago
Want to know what is causing my truck to overheat when the AC is on and not moving.i changed water pump,clutch fan , thermostat and still overheats what do you think it is
caftiman - 21 hour ago
Of your vehicle has two fans (one is meant for the ac) make sure it is kicking in and staying on. I had the same problem and it was the AC fan.
matthew burns
matthew burns - 2 days ago
My 2000 s10 was a pain to change the plugs! My 05 tacoma prerunner is a breeze to change plugs or really anything lol! Scotty for President!!!!
Luvuyo Bovana
Luvuyo Bovana - 3 days ago
Hi scotty can i use platinum spark plugs on opel corsa b 1.4 engine?
Ph Huynh
Ph Huynh - 3 days ago
For my Corolla, I use Bosch spark plugs and it works very long time, Bosch is very reliable
Maurice Mcgary
Maurice Mcgary - 3 days ago
what stupid person gives a thumbs down. it must be the car companies cooperating. If you don't like him don't watch. He giving good and free information. to all dummies that give a thumbs down, stay off his page
Kalani Scott
Kalani Scott - 3 days ago
Your the best !
Vinson Hulen
Vinson Hulen - 3 days ago
Love me some NGK!
Vinson Hulen
Vinson Hulen - Day ago
RLH1824: you know it! I heard you use Champion, and love them!!!
RLH1824 - Day ago
ringworm - 3 days ago
i bought a set of NGK iridiums when i got my van 12 years ago. i took one look under the hood and said "nope." i did eventually change out cylinder 1 just last month after 6 months of misfires, but i still have 3 plugs sitting on my desk and no clue where the other 4 have gone. whoever decided that half the engine should be under the cab deserves to be beaten.
rhshel - 3 days ago
great video scotty! ring my bell for my old 86 GMC 5L V8 vandura
Derk Doys
Derk Doys - 3 days ago
Car builders are idiots, you have to break down the half car to change parkplugs or ligth bulbs. I know a Mercedes owner, had to pay 700 Euro for changing a xenon ligth bulb. Insane. I HAVE A 30 YR OLD MERCEDES W123 , YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF.
igal Zevulun
igal Zevulun - 4 days ago
what you think about plug plus Bosch ? for the honda civic 00 sedan ?
Whit Siever
Whit Siever - 4 days ago
-I used Autozone's database to get basic AC Delco plugs for my Saab. $12 for 4 plugs. Ran like garbage. Bought exact same NGK the car came with. $43 (ouch!) for 4. 2 years later haven't had a problem since. Why Autozone, why?
-agree on V6 manifold. Same procedure with my old Mazda 6 V6 that uses Ford's Duratec 3.0L. Jotted up a list of gaskets and parts ended up doing spark plugs, coils, upper manifold gaskets and PCV valve all in one sitting with comfort of never having to do it again.
Gregory Lee
Gregory Lee - 4 days ago
you need a haircut homie
Flav Man
Flav Man - 4 days ago
How often should I change them out. 2007 Caravan?
Glen Cooper
Glen Cooper - 4 days ago
Refreshing to see someone knowledgeable to take the time and make a good vid.
Terry Doberstein
Terry Doberstein - 4 days ago
Only issue is the longer they stay in the more they may fuse the treads. I put anti seize on the thread.
Chuck Hallowell
Chuck Hallowell - 3 days ago
Modern spark plugs such as the BOSCH Double Iridium, are plated to stop the threads from galling. USE NO ANTI-SEIZE !! A drop of Synthetic Motor Oil , if you think you MUST have a thread lubricant. Anti-seize is NOT USED due to the possibility of shorting the plug gap, and causing an expensive do-over.
dave strom
dave strom - 4 days ago
I am shocked scotty,,ive mechanicd all my life,,,platinum plugs are overpriced junk,,when i had my shop i refused too install platinum plugs,,autolite copper core outlast and outperform platinum any day of tye week,,i had several customers come back shortly after a tuneup with their engine missing,,installed autolite coppercore problem solved,,ive not tried irridium,,but my autolites work well and see no reason to change,,man scotty i thought you were a seasoned auto mechanic,,,no good mechanics ive spoken too would ever claim a platinum plug will outperform or outlast an autolite copper core,,,im dissapointed in you scotty i thought you were more knowledgable than that
dave strom
dave strom - 2 days ago
Then why when i install platinum plugs in a vehicle the customer is back within a month with an engine miss ?? Install new plugs no miss,,have a look at the platinum plug thats missing an the damn electrode in the ceramic is no longer visible,,i could give a fuk less what science says ,,i give a fuk about what actually works
Chuck Hallowell
Chuck Hallowell - 2 days ago
Dear Dave -- Your total lack of knowledge regarding Spark Plugs is absolutely staggering !! You are entitled to your opinion, but you don't get to make up your own "facts". FACT is that an Autolite Copper Core plug is inferior in every measurable characteristic to an Autolite Platinum plug -- and, a Bosch Double Iridium plug is superior to them both. Who says so !?? Scotty Kilmer, Me, and SCIENCE, that's who !!
Fran Alldred
Fran Alldred - 5 days ago
Hi Scotty my name is Fran I would love to know where you live so I could go there and have you work on my car be my mechanic you're a great person and a great mechanic thank you for your videos
Carmelia Van
Carmelia Van - 5 days ago
I guess i missed the free spark plugs lol
Elise Andrews
Elise Andrews - 5 days ago
Awesome as usual
John Mannarino
John Mannarino - 5 days ago
Very informative video! I am a mechanic and I agree.
Always use what manufacturer recommends! If you want the best results! Let me get that free pair of plugs Scott ;)
Eddie Orozco
Eddie Orozco - 5 days ago
Great video! I
Randy Burns
Randy Burns - 5 days ago
300z and shows a pic of a dsm. Classic
John Mannarino
John Mannarino - 5 days ago
Randy Burns I saw that, no 300zx turbo Just a DSM turbo/maybe NA PROB NA since it made it to Scotts garage lol
Greenbud Kelly
Greenbud Kelly - 5 days ago
Nice made up story about the plugs that were too long. The noise would have stopped immediately, not after a day or so.
dave strom
dave strom - 4 days ago
Ya the instant piston came in contact with the plugs it woulda been all over no more running and certainly wouldnt have made it too scotties if he lived across the street
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - 5 days ago
i just bought DP AUTOLITE FOR MY 2008 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 3.5 , oh yes the intake manifold had to come off , my first time on this style , i watched a guy on yt vid then i started the plug change i did it in just under 4 hours , i did it faster than i thought i would take , glad thats over lol .. its good now i got 9.1 km per liter now 25,8 mpg !!!!
Yasira Ru El
Yasira Ru El - 5 days ago
Iridium nice one scotty
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez - 5 days ago
...nice plugs Scotty...
Austin - 5 days ago
Can i get a set of spark plugs for my diesel Scotty. Everyone is sold out, i cant get them anywhere! Lmfao 🤪
Derk Doys
Derk Doys - 3 days ago
Change your carburator first. Before changing the sparkplugs
wilson2000t - 5 days ago
Scotty: What's your advice for using anti-seize compound on replacement plugs? Especially with 100K iridium plugs, the longer a plug is in, the more likely it will be difficult to remove. But, Some mechanics fear the heat dissipation is reduced by the anti-seize compound. I go with a light coat of anti-seize.
Theodore Grossman
Theodore Grossman - 5 days ago
yup! 2000 Maxima V6......3 plugs face firewall......I put NGK Iridiums in 4 yrs. ago.....great plugs....
Doom Racing
Doom Racing - 5 days ago
Great info Scotty!
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