The Best Spark Plugs in the World and Why

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Bryan - 9 months ago
Great video Scotty! I used to work at autozone and half the time my coworkers had no clue about spark plugs so they would just recommend the most expensive ones and then customers come back pissed off finding out their cars run worse than their used set of plugs😅😅
Al Grayson
Al Grayson - 4 days ago
@Steve H. - Why are you addressing this to me?
Chuck Hallowell
Chuck Hallowell - 8 days ago
@Steve H. MOST of the time, it's best to stick with the OEM plug -- BUT -- in many cases, the OEM plug's features have been replaced by more modern technology. For example: The OEM plugs for the 95 MERC restoration were Single-platinum plugs from the factory.. A notation in the Factory Shop Manual says that the OEM plugs MUST be replaced with the Double-platinum type. A mechanic replaced the plugs with the OEM plugs, and they crapped out at only 40,000 miles. After doing A LOT of research, I chose the plugs at 2:17 of the video. Bosch Double-Iridiums give excellent performance and fuel economy for the 4.6 Liter V-8 under all conditions.
Chuck Hallowell
Chuck Hallowell - 8 days ago
@Karl Hopkins The BRAND of the spark plug is not very important -- it's the HEAT RANGE and the FIRING TIP design features that are most important. As the video shows at 2:17, the most advanced plug that's currently available is the Bosch Double-Iridium.
Kwesi Lynch
Kwesi Lynch - 10 days ago
lady charlotte
lady charlotte - 11 days ago
For the ladies, can you recommend a brand ? I have a 97 honda accord. Thx !
Ty Chaffin
Ty Chaffin - 3 hours ago
I love all your videos. They help me so much.
Petrochemtester - 13 hours ago
Why would it take time for the noise to go away after installing the correct length plug??
Edwin Au Yeung
Edwin Au Yeung - 14 hours ago
Hey Scott I'm more than half a year late for the free sparkplugs............can I still get one? lol!
Walt's Channel
Walt's Channel - 15 hours ago
Very good complete analysis of spark plugs!
Teología - 18 hours ago
Hello, I want new spark plus :-)
Shawn Simpson
Shawn Simpson - Day ago
very cool video. with older vehicles I've always told my customers about cheaper plugs. but with this info on newer rigs. I will make the iridium option available. thank you..
Fred Nissen
Fred Nissen - Day ago
The only problem I have seen with long life plugs is removing them after a lot of time and miles. Use a little anti-seize compound on the threads.
Amaroq Starwind
Amaroq Starwind - Day ago
If we added Glow Plugs to gasoline engines alongside normal Spark Plugs, would they help out with cold starts when you're using harder to ignite fuels?
Anton Bouchette
Anton Bouchette - Day ago
Have some more meth.
Jason Southerland
Jason Southerland - Day ago
Great advice. OE is usually the best choice
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - Day ago
I like using weed eater spark plugs on my dodge srt8 ... saves a ton of gas... lol jk
Nick Luxton
Nick Luxton - Day ago
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Darron Anderson
Darron Anderson - 2 days ago
ACDelco, iridium, best for GM
PK Wells
PK Wells - 2 days ago
I really enjoy your show. I have a 1965 F100 6 cylinder which by the way I can’t get it to run correctly. The engine valves overhead and it starts backfiring thru the carb. Got any suggestions.
Brad R
Brad R - 2 days ago
After a day of driving the noise went away? Really? How much damage do you think the chunk of spark plug or piston that was banging around in there did before the noise went away?
Peter Ballin
Peter Ballin - 2 days ago
Thanks for the info Scotty. I'm always learning from your posts.
Michael C
Michael C - 2 days ago
your the man scotty
M D Adams
M D Adams - 2 days ago
NGK standard plugs ARE for the money the best
Mr. Magaña
Mr. Magaña - 3 days ago
Who's running ruthenium plugs?
Jaime Aguilar
Jaime Aguilar - 3 days ago
I LOVE your vídeos is so helpfull
dvs1145 - 3 days ago
The bean counters are largely responsible for the difficulty encountered when making repairs on modern cars. Making cars difficult for the owner to repair makes work for the auto dealerships is another reason.
Yadira Martinez
Yadira Martinez - 3 days ago
Hey Mr. Scotty, im using copper spark plugs for my Lancer ES. So there is no other advantage of using platinum spark plugs other than the durability? (lets say for example, less carbon deposits from combustion?) Thanks! im a big fan.
Alamdar Naqvi
Alamdar Naqvi - 3 days ago
Jaymes Holmes
Jaymes Holmes - 4 days ago
Scotty you talked about heat range and even said some get hotter than others, but didn’t mention side gapping copper plugs. I am very disappointed because magically iridium and platinum are very low conductors of energy. I want the non magical ones because i care about performance. Because in fact magically theres as big difference performance wise as there is longevity wise. Why would I want one that lasts 200k miles but cause pre ignition? Why is it magically the side gapped copper ones all the sudden don’t magically not conduct energy like platinums and iridium?

TheKrisu091 - 4 days ago
Scotty what about Rhodium ones?
Bass Recon
Bass Recon - 4 days ago
Is there a brand of spark plugs you’d recommend for a Toyota echo
marvin R
marvin R - Day ago
Gewgulkan Suhckitt
Gewgulkan Suhckitt - 4 days ago
I know a guy that used to work at K-Mart automotive. This is what he told me so I'm taking him at his word. This was maybe back in the 1980's. They had a standard price for changing spark plugs in a car regardless of make and model.
Apparently there was some car so poorly designed that in order to access the two spark plugs in the rear you actually had to at least partially remove the engine from the car. (This was the style of engine that was NOT turned sideways like most modern engines.)
Anyhow, after that happened at that location and possibly at some other locations as well with that same exact kind of car, K-Mart had to stop charging a standard price for changing spark plugs.
Norm - 4 days ago
4:22 Ummmm thats not a 300ZX
biggdeetx69 - 4 days ago
What plugs do I use for my 200 Chevy Tahoe?
biggdeetx69 - 4 days ago
Rikio Rikio
Rikio Rikio - 5 days ago
Back in The day, when i was a young mechanic...
Scotty’s grandchildren will be tired To listen to this, just To continue listening to that on youtube
John Lieske
John Lieske - 5 days ago
tom conner
tom conner - 5 days ago
I’m looking for a spark plug that functions as a gasoline direct cylinder fuel injector so I don’t end up ruining a good set of heads!
robert mccully
robert mccully - 6 days ago
The best in the world, but follow what the manufacture put in.... whenever i hear the best in the world,,, oh well.
fins59 - 6 days ago
Why would I take advice from you Scotty, your garage and yard look like a junkyard.
Thunder Chunky
Thunder Chunky - 6 days ago
Platinum is harder?! WTF are you talking about?
pooky pider
pooky pider - 6 days ago
Hey Scotty? Whats up with your eyes! Cant you look us in the eye???
Ogre302 - 6 days ago
I put aftermarket heads and domed piston and the piston just tapped electrodes closed, I ended up having to use indexing shims.
Fredy Rosales
Fredy Rosales - 6 days ago
Is it too late to win the spark plugs? Could use some. Love the channel.
Musa Ismail
Musa Ismail - 6 days ago
Hello scotty, I am using lexus rx300 MCU15 1998, is it ok to use RX 350 spark plugs as the engine is similar but different cc ???
The Ultimate Male
The Ultimate Male - 6 days ago
DOUG BROWN - 6 days ago
Thanks for the information Scotty.
DOUG BROWN - 6 days ago
Bump Of Death
Bump Of Death - 7 days ago
Scottie my teacher and a1 auto I learned more one guys so jelouses of him that's a mechanic he said scottie full of it .
Don Boles
Don Boles - 7 days ago
Don't most new cars come standard with iridium plugs now?
Justin Gonscak
Justin Gonscak - 7 days ago
Thanks for all your advice it is so helpful.I can't stop watching your vlogs .I'm from new Zealand do u need an apprentice lol you are my guru your knowledge is priceless thanks for sharing
JD. Invercargill,new Zealand
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson - 7 days ago
Great segment, very infomative; I have a 2005 300C w/small HEMI. I need to change the plugs (16 of them) and I want the longest lasting I can get, iridium!
Thanks, Scotty!
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - 7 days ago
Hay there god bless you and yours thanks for the heads up on that one big one that is a big deal thanks again
John Snyder
John Snyder - 7 days ago
Can you convince the auto industry to take their educated engineers to a auto repair shop and have them change parts? They will soon realize that AutoCad software doesn't always relate to repairing a vehicle easily. Even though I know the manufacturer wants you to trade your car in when it exceeds certain mileage rather than fix it. Other than that your videos are educational and explain how to fix something or what not to buy in the future. thanks.
Nick Luxton
Nick Luxton - 7 days ago
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الـلـي عــايــز الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ يـتـواصـل مـعـه الـواتـسـاب *00212645752301*📲
Kathy Lewis
Kathy Lewis - 7 days ago
Thanks so much for the video !!! Winner winner chicken dinner I have a 2005 PT Cruiser non turbo I need all the help I can get! Lol! Let me know when I win! Lol!
Dave Schallick
Dave Schallick - 8 days ago
Hello I have a Ignition Coil question. Are aftermarket coils like a NKG brand as good as the stock ones?
Thanks, love your videos
Dave Schallick
Dave Schallick - 6 days ago
@Chuck Hallowell Thanks Chuck, that pretty much answers my question....
Chuck Hallowell
Chuck Hallowell - 6 days ago
All "stock" coils are not "the same" -- All "aftermarket" coils are not "the same". I have run both stock and aftermarket coils in many types of vehicles under varying conditions. For Street-driven vehicles (non-racing), the stock (original equipment) coil will be the best choice, as it was designed for that particular vehicle. For the 95 MERC Restoration, the stock Ford coils were removed, cleaned, tested, and re-installed; still performing perfectly at 165,000 miles. For Racing and/or High-performance demands, the MSD brand has been the favorite of racers for decades. The ACCEL brand, not so much.
Sir Jhonson
Sir Jhonson - 8 days ago
I always use Motor Craft in Ford / Murk , AC Delco in GM , Champion in Dodge and NGK in Jap cars.
none - 7 hours ago
champions are total shite. NGK everywhere
Nidaa vlogs
Nidaa vlogs - 8 days ago
Do spark plugs effect gas mileage thx
Keoni Ka'auwau'ole
Keoni Ka'auwau'ole - 8 days ago
Love your channel.Helped me out a lot in some situations..thank you.
mad ass
mad ass - 9 days ago
There's plenty good cross reference charts. Never had iridium foul in a two stroke.
Sean Mets
Sean Mets - 9 days ago
Mine requires iridium
nonoyo beezewax
nonoyo beezewax - 9 days ago
Hey Scotty, or anyone else who would be able to answer this...My car is almost 10 years old and it runs fine. Even though my car only has 42K miles on it, should consider changing the plugs becuase they're nearly 10 years old?
Thomas Gardner
Thomas Gardner - 7 days ago
No keep running it , no gain for you
Steven Wells
Steven Wells - 9 days ago
Fantastic story about spark plugs absolutely makes sense thanks Scotty
Geronimo exotic Soles Adventure.
Why does he remind me of the actor Christopher Lloyd from the back to the 🔮 future movie.... 😊
Chuck Hallowell
Chuck Hallowell - 6 days ago
I don't know. Why DOES he remind you of Christopher Lloyd ?? Scotty reminds me of an old guy on U-Tube that makes a lot of videos and talks with his hands. Scotty probably knows a lot more about cars than Christopher Lloyd.
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