Foods You Are Eating WRONG !

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Ava DePerro
Ava DePerro - 21 minute ago
I hate but mango peels are edible and delicious 🥭😂
Marlie T
Marlie T - Hour ago
the burger thing really does work
Meowsif - 3 hours ago
The banana thing does work btw
Abigail Snook
Abigail Snook - 4 hours ago
Alex Remy
Alex Remy - 5 hours ago
Azzyland farted at 0:28 to 0:30
Echo Phoenix
Echo Phoenix - 5 hours ago
in elementary school

Me (was that kid who wouldn't take bit out of cupcakes)


Me- WATCH ME MORTALS >:D (stuffs a cupcake in mouth)

my Friends- O-o srly?!?

Like If you do what I do will eating a cupcake :P
Serena Brikho
Serena Brikho - 5 hours ago
I tried to The mango one but it totally didn’t work#don’t do it
Bi Memma
Bi Memma - 7 hours ago
Anybody else eat he stem if strawberry?
Adri Lopez
Adri Lopez - 8 hours ago
roses are read violets are blue do like food? i like it too
Lyric Terry
Lyric Terry - 8 hours ago
I eat cupcakes hole to
Destri Springer
Destri Springer - 10 hours ago
I hate ketchup
David Roman
David Roman - 10 hours ago
2:47 OMG THAT'S why it's called a STRAWberry!!!
margaret stanley
margaret stanley - 11 hours ago
I have to eat a burger right because of OCD
Haylie Mcnutt
Haylie Mcnutt - 12 hours ago
Azzy you should do a bake off with someone
Severica Irinoiu
Severica Irinoiu - 12 hours ago
Directioner Forever
Directioner Forever - 12 hours ago
2:56 is that why they're called STRAWberries? Were early humans trying to tell us how to eat this food, but humans today are stubborn and wont take the hint?
Shantell Pierce
Shantell Pierce - 13 hours ago
I have cupcakes
Shepherd love
Shepherd love - 13 hours ago
I've had a cupcake that looked like a cheeseburger XD it was a sandwich cupcake
Jainti Sha
Jainti Sha - 14 hours ago
This is Dora 👯
, 👕.
Tinkk XD
Tinkk XD - 14 hours ago
Azzy fans! WE CAN REACH 10M! C'mon if you watch her u must love her! Sub just 6M to go guys!

Thinking about it 6M is a lot BUT WE CAN ACOMPLISH IT!
Nerd Girl
Nerd Girl - 15 hours ago
no you havent seen me get four of those containers, you saw me getting the whole stack of those things. one of the jars gives me 1 chicken nugget or 10 fries.
Sophie Penland
Sophie Penland - 15 hours ago
I like your new Outro.(I don’t know how to spell outro)
Jessy Croft
Jessy Croft - 15 hours ago
Azzy you are the best person ever since I met you on your channel and you can see me
Leila Williams
Leila Williams - 16 hours ago
But what if you don’t have a you know like me I have no strawberry
blacki blacksi
blacki blacksi - 16 hours ago
Tanya Spencer
Tanya Spencer - 17 hours ago
I am allergic to peanut butter and other stuff with nuts
Aliah Tarek
Aliah Tarek - 18 hours ago
Moist is a really the best thing to say
Tinyweedle GT
Tinyweedle GT - 18 hours ago
So ur a kid
Borjan Jovanov
Borjan Jovanov - 20 hours ago
I hate cupcakes!
Syv Siba
Syv Siba - 22 hours ago
kutei star
kutei star - 22 hours ago
I dont like iceing i love botton of a cupcake
Sarah Carrico
Sarah Carrico - Day ago
Whenever you were talking about chicken legs my baby chickens just keep screaming like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH🐤🐥🐣🐔
Husky kindacat
Husky kindacat - Day ago
I personally dont like frosting so the bottom of the cupcake is the best part to me
MrJustinp1988 - Day ago
Anna B
Anna B - Day ago
But I wike(like) the juice!😉
Bethany Link
Bethany Link - Day ago
Azzy I believe you
Thai Huynh
Thai Huynh - Day ago
The strawberry thing I do that all the time when I start eating my strawberry
Constantinos Stylianou
Of course you put a straw in a straw-berry LOL
Doug Adams
Doug Adams - Day ago
2:20 to 2:23
Azzy : Everybody loves the icing, no body likes the bottom.
Me: Clearly this is proof that I'm different. ( I had just ripped of the icing so that I could only eat the bottom)
Gabriela Webster
Gabriela Webster - Day ago
My mom dose that to my sister
Yael Lynn
Yael Lynn - Day ago
The banana thing didn't work for me
Kylie johnson
Kylie johnson - Day ago
I've been doing the cupcake thing my whole life
Diana Quarantotto
Diana Quarantotto - Day ago
my tooo
Terri cassie
Terri cassie - Day ago
Roses are red violets are blue i subbed to azzy like if you did to
Cheri Rose
Cheri Rose - Day ago
This is Amanda
mystery master
mystery master - Day ago
The Banana will get squished
antic suncica
antic suncica - Day ago
I newer hade a Burger
Lama Lama
Lama Lama - Day ago
Everyone else: loves the icing
Me: loves the cake😂😂😂
cameron Johnson
cameron Johnson - Day ago
I always eat cupcakes the azzy way
Lisamarie Renata
Lisamarie Renata - Day ago
I did the banana one and it worked
Nikos Prodromoy
Nikos Prodromoy - Day ago
I love to game of thrones!!!👍👍👍👍
Pang Serena
Pang Serena - Day ago
Me too azzy i like you have a good day
Luz Fernandez
Luz Fernandez - Day ago
Ehhhh I will still do it the same any way (DELICIOUS 💖💕)
I'm a froggy croak ribbet hop
The thing is after pizza turns into leftovers I like it better cold
Sare Aslan
Sare Aslan - 2 days ago
If i hold the flap i spil it
Kate Moriarty
Kate Moriarty - 2 days ago
I love eating the bottom a cupcake 🧁👅😍😋😋😋😋😋😍😍😍😍😍😍😇😇
Lil Fish
Lil Fish - 2 days ago
I believe you azzy
Lil Fish
Lil Fish - 2 days ago
You eat a banana up side down so you have a handle
jessica glass
jessica glass - 2 days ago
Scroll fast like if you see purple
jessica glass
jessica glass - 2 days ago
Hint look at the first two words
David Crosby
David Crosby - 9 hours ago
jessica glass
jessica glass - 2 days ago
jessica glass
jessica glass - 2 days ago
I new all of thu
Lilith Dircks
Lilith Dircks - 2 days ago
i eat eggs and toast but i make them into a sanwhich
the gaming tiger 27
the gaming tiger 27 - 2 days ago
And also I don't really eat pancakes with layers I just eat one layer pancakes that's all I eat
the gaming tiger 27
the gaming tiger 27 - 2 days ago
And then another way how to eat a strawberrys is take off the leaves and then just eat the entire thing
Lilith Dircks
Lilith Dircks - 2 days ago
my brothers think i eat a chese burger wrong by doing it upside down while my brothers do it upside up
Loreli Pena
Loreli Pena - 2 days ago
I'm allergic to peanut butter I'm allergic to peanut butter
Nicee Joven
Nicee Joven - 2 days ago
I know the mango trick already mom knows it Years ago!!
LAXLIFE 101 - 2 days ago
The blue ice cream photo is making me cringe
LAXLIFE 101 - 2 days ago
I knew the juice one been doing it forever lol
Kimberly Nicolas
Kimberly Nicolas - 2 days ago
Half ok 😍😇
Marie Frédérique
Marie Frédérique - 2 days ago
You are so happy to go to the movies azzy
Marie Frédérique
Marie Frédérique - 2 days ago
You are so happy to go to the movies azzy
You are ready to go to the movies as he as he RV see
Marie Frédérique
Marie Frédérique - 2 days ago
You are so happy to go to the movies azzy
Keisha Robinson
Keisha Robinson - 2 days ago
No i love spongebob 🙄
Scott Willis
Scott Willis - 2 days ago
I take the leaves off the strawberry and eat the rest
Natasha Mariscal
Natasha Mariscal - 2 days ago
No i hate pineapple
Mohammad Sabir
Mohammad Sabir - 2 days ago
The strawberry one is a coincidence because straw and you're using a straw
TiernenGB - 2 days ago
I HATE pineapple
Anthony done
Anthony done - 2 days ago
orange not open;peel open
Petra Pieters
Petra Pieters - 2 days ago
I nowwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emmy puvi
Emmy puvi - 2 days ago
It,s whakas.
Ella’s Fun Times
Ella’s Fun Times - 2 days ago
I would not eat sponge bobs home if it was the last pineapple on earth all though I 😍 pineapple
TayTay Kiwi
TayTay Kiwi - 2 days ago
Nom non nom nom nom nom nom is my recreation of Azzy
Jessica Bass
Jessica Bass - 2 days ago
, azzy you AR wrong I do not like burgers
Diamond Yegger
Diamond Yegger - 2 days ago
You funny 🤣😂🤓
Joyce Pu
Joyce Pu - 2 days ago
You are the best
Dayzee girl
Dayzee girl - 2 days ago
I does the cupcake thingy sandwich
Gacha Tuber Studio
Gacha Tuber Studio - 2 days ago
i dont like tomatoe sauce from Mcdonald’s
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog - 2 days ago
Azzy: we’ve been banging these ketchup bottles
Mallory Ferris
Mallory Ferris - 2 days ago
Don't worry azzy there is no shame in eating goldfish crackers. We shall eat our goldfish crackers like kings and queens
Am I the only the one that thought that banana looked like a seal? XD
Tia Glomb
Tia Glomb - 3 days ago
STRAW berry
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson - 3 days ago
You don't need a soft 🍪 you are a soft 🍪
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose - 3 days ago
If i get more than 10 liked i will make a YouTube channel
Dawn Toye
Dawn Toye - 3 days ago
But I don't like lettuce.... Even in TACOS
Maylene Bote
Maylene Bote - 3 days ago
I used to eat pizza upside down when I was younger just to have more flavour
Joe King
Joe King - 3 days ago
I'm in love with azzyland like if you love her to
Jada Aflaha
Jada Aflaha - 3 days ago
I hate pineapples
Brenda Barrios
Brenda Barrios - 3 days ago
Azzy is the real power ranger in the world!
Neither that or no one else believe me
Still she is the real hero!
Twenty One Jishwas
Twenty One Jishwas - 3 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love azzy
Like if you do you ❤️
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