Kristen Bell Explains Medical Condition and Pool Gloves

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Jennifer Cortez
Jennifer Cortez - 2 days ago
Maybe if she went under hypnosis somebody could help her figure out where this phobia possibly started.
Chaney McCollum
Chaney McCollum - 10 days ago
I think this might be a pretty normal thing. I get nauseous when i touch velvet, towels, or my fingernails on paper. I also do this weird thing with my feet and hands, like if water touches one of my hands or feet it HAS to touch the other one immediately or else i will puke. oh and if i see spit that’s it. 🤮🤮
A D - 18 days ago
Oh my gosh this is my fiance
Angela Marie
Angela Marie - 19 days ago
I am the same way!
Tiffany Short
Tiffany Short - 22 days ago
I have this issue too, I've had it my entire life. showers & doing dishes bothers me too. I Thought it was only me. I've never heard of anyone else with this issue until now. I have always used tons of lotion to help it.
Mishaal Zahra
Mishaal Zahra - 24 days ago
4:28 I'm already subscribed but for some odd reason you are still trapped
So Jimmy is there something you wanna explain to us?
antonioocanto - 24 days ago
Beautiful but crazy
Cori Ferguson
Cori Ferguson - 28 days ago
That's how I am with dry hands and bruises i gag
Stephanie Haide
Stephanie Haide - Month ago
Lol, I like that feeling!
I stay extra long in the pool just for that hah
Taayzor - Month ago
I have this problem/feeling and I'm so glad she brought awareness to this disorder because now I see a light
Joelina Pecoraro
Joelina Pecoraro - Month ago
I hate this too it’s so annoying it makes me sick!!!
Shaniq B
Shaniq B - Month ago
How does she shower lmao
Nogirl .whatsoever
Nogirl .whatsoever - Month ago
I don't have this problem, but I do have a general problem with touch. Touch is kinda, unfamiliar to me. I resist feeling it and my body feels like a foreign object when I shower.
I was digging through my past and in my psyche bc of other issues, and I realized that as a child, my father tried to rape me. The first time I thought that HE was the one who did it, I got disgust from my own fingers, I couldn't stand to have my fingers touching each other! From time to time I still get disgust from just touching rough surfaces, such as clothes, toilet paper etc. I didn't get disgust before the realization, I only was distant from touch.
And I always avoid the touch of my own father. He never hugs me in general, he's cold, but when he does try to hug me I instinctively get away bc his touch disgusts me.

Yeah it's terrible.
I'm only sharing because I believe there must be a psychological reason for problems with touch, at least for some people.

I do, however, desire touch but not from people that I am not in love with.
Other symptoms I have is constantly playing with my fingers, like touching them, idk how to explain. And also constantly playing with my hair - like trying to brush it with my fingers all the time. It soothes me but makes my head hurt after a while.
Jennifer Webb
Jennifer Webb - Month ago
Between this tactile glove thing AND the tick she has over repeating noises, she might be on the autism spectrum. Just saying...
Nicole Brewer
Nicole Brewer - Month ago
Me I have it
Johnna Cullum
Johnna Cullum - Month ago
She may have a processing disorder. It sometimes comes along with severe anxiety or OCD. I personally have an extreme phobia of saliva. It sounds normal because of course spit is gross to most people but it invokes literal fear in me. Also just general loud mouth sounds. I had an anxiety attack in a grocery store parking lot because a man getting into his truck beside me spat on the ground and it landed in front of me. I got physically sick and my husband had to drive home.
Miss Charlie Aurora
Miss Charlie Aurora - Month ago
It annoys me so much that he touched her hands to make fun of this issue. So glad to see so many people in the comments who understand sensory issues.
Jason Hilton
Jason Hilton - Month ago
You should have asked how she is able to go in the hot tub without the gloves lol
Abby Hearn
Abby Hearn - Month ago
What about wrinkly toes!?
65melli - Month ago
Omg I have that too! Thought I was the only weirdo haha
Neonennui - Month ago
I admire how she's able to speak and joke about about her phobia. Also on TV! It must be a strong coping method. Human mind can be very unsettling at times.
Kelly Lynn
Kelly Lynn - Month ago
I know alot of people lie on YouTube comments but I am so serious I am so happy someone has this too my family thinks I'm being dramatic but I can not handle it it makes me sick to touch skin with water lodged fingers.
2024 Caroline Nuzum
2024 Caroline Nuzum - Month ago
Uncontrollable death 😂😂😂
Gabbie - Month ago
Everyone has that weird phobia/trigger that no one understands. For me it’s the sight of crumpled paper, specifically straw wrappers. Like if I see a crumpled up napkin or something I physically recoil, and when people bunch up those paper straw wrappers into a little ball my skin crawls and I want to vomit. It’s only if it’s crumpled though, a straw wrapper or napkin in its normal state doesn’t bother me at all. Everyone in my family thinks it’s so weird and even I don’t know where it stems from.
Jessica Mercado
Jessica Mercado - Month ago
I AM THE SAME WAY. Pruny fingers make me gag, I cannot touch anything while my fingers are pruny, not even my other hand. Pruny fingers are the WORST 😷
Sarah G
Sarah G - 2 months ago
What about when u shower or bath your kids. Do you wear them then as well???
LynsanityXOXOXO - 2 months ago
I can relate to this. I used to do a summer camp and we would take the kids swimming and I could not touch their hands for the same reason.
Mon Lemon
Mon Lemon - 2 months ago
Sounds like a sensory processing disorder. I love her
Emily Lian
Emily Lian - 2 months ago
Definitely a sensory processing disorder
Brandy Weaver
Brandy Weaver - 2 months ago
Wow I’m the same way!!! I always thought it was just me. I can’t stand the feeling even when it’s my own hands. It literally gives me the worst feelings
Kelsey K
Kelsey K - 2 months ago
Mine isn’t that bad where I get sick but I have a “tick” with my fingers (that’s what the therapist called it) and it freaks me TF out.
Viktoria Kaminski
Viktoria Kaminski - 2 months ago
I have an issue with glass!! I can’t touch glass, the way it feels makes me cringe and I have to rub my hands on my pants or something to get rid of the feeling. Nobody understands and it’s just glass that bothers me
Maddy Hunt
Maddy Hunt - 2 months ago
Same tbh.
I have this problem but for more textures than just water.
Erin - 2 months ago
Uncontrollable death 😂😂😂
Madeleine S
Madeleine S - 2 months ago
Sounds like a similar disorder to misophonia - its a sensory disorder that no one talks about. I feel the pain!!
Tyler Watson
Tyler Watson - 2 months ago
Lemony Arch
Lemony Arch - 2 months ago
That's how I feel about belly buttons...
mommyblessed 2x2
mommyblessed 2x2 - 2 months ago
I have skin texture senstivity too.mine hasnt been diagnosed either
Breanna Wilson
Breanna Wilson - 2 months ago
My husband is the exact same way! He will walk around with his hands held out and not touch anything til they got back to normal
Unified Pulse
Unified Pulse - 2 months ago
I shower in gloves.
First-line Therapies
First-line Therapies - 2 months ago
Her brain is like... DuuwhhhdeRrrDEeedeeder ya know uuuhhuurrrffff f f dada drrruuuuumb dumb dumb🤦😵
The only Jacky
The only Jacky - 2 months ago
I’m suffering from uncontrollable death
Bethany Bland
Bethany Bland - 2 months ago
Omg I know how Kristen feels
jenny southern
jenny southern - 2 months ago
Yasssss I have this and have had since I was born!!!!
Elizabeth Knotts
Elizabeth Knotts - 2 months ago
That is my sister and my dad. They can’t touch ANYTHING when they get out of the pool. It helps if you have lotion or aloe Vera.
themelonsoup - 2 months ago
We are all easily diagnosing her in the comments. If she went to a psychiatrist they might tell her she has ocd.
Cole Espo
Cole Espo - 2 months ago
Miranda - 2 months ago
saidy bee
saidy bee - 2 months ago
Doesnt everyone feel that way it
Mike Okkerts
Mike Okkerts - 2 months ago
Can we set up an experiment where she touches a wet Howie Mandel?
Bethany Villarreal
Bethany Villarreal - 2 months ago
This is such a real thing!!
Yasmine Jorgensen
Yasmine Jorgensen - 2 months ago
I’m the same way
Lizzie O
Lizzie O - 2 months ago
It's similar to people that can't stand the feeling of metal in their mouths or can't stand the sound of fingernails scratching on a chalk board.
Am Gill
Am Gill - 2 months ago
This is me with specific fabrics and dry hands and/or if my hands are dry
Olivia Sturgeon
Olivia Sturgeon - 2 months ago
Omg! I know they’re making fun of her but I have this same thing and I thought I was the only one!! I cant grab a towel, touch anyone or even wash or touch my hair if I’ve been in the bath or pool or lake. I get panicky and literally get chills and freak out if my fingers get pruned, almost like the nails on a chalkboard sensation x1000. I sit in the bath with my hands out of the water. The only way i can describe it is that they feel hyper sensitive and vulnerable and something in my brain tells me that if i touch something rough or textured with my pruney fingers, that my skin will peel off.
Now that I’m reading this back, i sound insane, but it’s my only major fear or aversion and I’ve never heard of someone else having it!
Sydney Tonkin
Sydney Tonkin - 2 months ago
Has she not looked into a sensory processing disorder???
Smart Guy
Smart Guy - 2 months ago
Wait till she gets wrinkles...not that long till then 🙄
saburu2011 - 2 months ago
What about...toes. They get pruney
ryan martinez
ryan martinez - 2 months ago
Ok for real I honestly thought I was the only person in the world .... I get serious anxiety if my hands are in water to long I can't stand the feeling of my water soaked fingers touching anything .... ill keep my hands above water when swimming. ....
Yolanda Adon
Yolanda Adon - 2 months ago
His laugh is annoying 💀
kattastic93 - 2 months ago
Oh my gosh. I get that feeling when I touch metal,like certain metals make me literally gag- almost barf, and send a shiver down my spine.
Treytin Buis
Treytin Buis - 2 months ago
mine’s with feet too, anyone else?
Treytin Buis
Treytin Buis - 2 months ago
DntWrryStrwBrry - 2 months ago
Im one of those ten people. Lol. I hate it. Haha
i dont know
i dont know - 2 months ago
hes being mean making fun of her phobia
thomas ruddy
thomas ruddy - 2 months ago
I have this same problem!!!
Amber - 2 months ago
I can't use other peoples gloves, can't use them I'm not putting my hand in someone else's gloves I dont know what in them.
Jennifer Joy
Jennifer Joy - 2 months ago
OMG I have this too!
jalitza Villegas
jalitza Villegas - 2 months ago
I litteraly have the same problem! I hate when o5her fingertips touch my finger tips!
Ria Melo
Ria Melo - 2 months ago
I'm surprised shes not like that with her toes as well...
Marie Lohr
Marie Lohr - 2 months ago
I totally understand! I have a similar, but different problem. I actually can't tolerate touching anything with pruny hands though. I get out of the water before my hands get wrinkly. I also carry lotion with me to the pool just in case I stay in too long. I have an awful, extremely uncomfortable "nails on chalkboard" cringey feeling if I accidentally touch anything dry with pruny hands (like a towel).
Gabriella Nusbaum
Gabriella Nusbaum - 2 months ago
This is called sensory overload, my dudes.
Poop Poo
Poop Poo - 2 months ago
I got over it, but sometimes it bothers me
Beck van Rooyen
Beck van Rooyen - 2 months ago
Lauren ____A
Lauren ____A - 2 months ago
My little brother is the same way!! Couldn’t do his homework after showering until his fingers weren’t pruney
Rachael Niemeyer
Rachael Niemeyer - 2 months ago
I have a severe phobia of touching hands or rather mine being touched. I get all shakey and have panic attacks if a stranger grabs my hand. So it's not precisely the same but I've met tons of people with hand related phobias.
Brady Petersen
Brady Petersen - 2 months ago
SAME KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brady Petersen
Brady Petersen - 2 months ago
It’s sensory overload
Danielle Forster
Danielle Forster - 2 months ago
Anthony English
Anthony English - 2 months ago
The weird thing is.... I can understand this fear she has?
Brenda sanchez
Brenda sanchez - 2 months ago
Lmao she’s so cute!
Janina Neven
Janina Neven - 3 months ago
I have trypophobia and even saying the word makes my skin crawl
panicatdx - 3 months ago
if that's your only problem honey... then you're good lmao
Emma Dean
Emma Dean - 3 months ago
My friend doesn’t like the feeling of her own pruney fingers
Estelle Lunei
Estelle Lunei - 3 months ago
I can see her annoyance at Jimmy's ignorance
Estelle Lunei
Estelle Lunei - 3 months ago
Or funny
Estelle Lunei
Estelle Lunei - 3 months ago
Phobia's not fun
Oliver Velthaus
Oliver Velthaus - 3 months ago
kimmel is one bouncy laugher 1:55
Andressa Queiroz
Andressa Queiroz - 3 months ago
Brooke Williams
Brooke Williams - 3 months ago
I have this exact thing!!!
Crystal Kadletc
Crystal Kadletc - 3 months ago
I have a similar issue. It’s not pruney fingers. It’s all slight touches on certain parts of my arms and hands
Claire Turcotte
Claire Turcotte - 3 months ago
Lorissa Barnes
Lorissa Barnes - 3 months ago
I kind of relate 🤷🏻‍♀️. If I wash my hands and my hands are slightly wet and I touch paper or something similar I just want to scream and throw up. Sounds crazy but oh well 😂
Angela Gausmann
Angela Gausmann - 3 months ago
I saw the gloves and thought it might me Raynaud’s syndrome... Nope, just a fear of pruny fingers
Matthew Curley
Matthew Curley - 3 months ago
When that’s your biggest concern in the world.... smh just sad.
Lugui Dubiela
Lugui Dubiela - 3 months ago
"Uncontrollable death"
Jenny Young
Jenny Young - 3 months ago
Sensory processing disorder...a lot of people have at least one of these, whether it be food textures, touching certain textures, light and sound. Also almost always effects ppl who are on the autism spectrum, but a bit more extreme.
Nala Lewis
Nala Lewis - 3 months ago
Alani Lagoa
Alani Lagoa - 3 months ago
I have something very similar it’s not exactly the pruney finger part that makes me uncomfortable but it feels like my skin gets chapped or instantly dry after being wet. I’m constantly moisturizing my skin but my whole life I’ve hated doing dishes or getting my fingers wet because of the dryness I’ve felt after
》Tilly 《
》Tilly 《 - 3 months ago
'Call your doctor if you're experiencing uncontrollable death' lmao
Gary Rooks
Gary Rooks - 3 months ago
I have a phobia of multiple little holes next to each other, as I'm writing this I'm starting to get chills about it BLEAAGHHH
Blake The Killjoy
Blake The Killjoy - 3 months ago
Yoooo i have this but with things like sandpaper, rough cement, grainy things, etc. I used to take metal shop and people figured this out and would rub sanpaper together in front of me and i would throw up ):
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