Top 25 Videos For INSIDER In 2017

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Ashley Lercana
Ashley Lercana - 11 hours ago
4:45 BTS Run
Natalie i like pizza
Natalie i like pizza - 21 hour ago
It’s the tiny crab rave!!!!!
FukasBAE - 6 days ago

Sarah Yoongi
Sarah Yoongi - 8 days ago
"Million of baby crabs"
Im gonna tell this to namjoon😂😂
Wolfy Junior
Wolfy Junior - 15 days ago
*Insider flexing on us for 12 minutes and 24 seconds*
TottinDrakes - 17 days ago
2019 anyone?
Like if you are
Galaxy Chick
Galaxy Chick - 20 days ago
0:49 ive been there before!
Muslimahon Bahromova
Muslimahon Bahromova - Month ago
Did the students make those high heels for their moms wedding🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Star Corder
Star Corder - Month ago
wow ok i’m ALREADY TRIGGERED 30 seconds in bye
Joo Mouee
Joo Mouee - Month ago
List of do's and don'ts for Blink and Armys
Blinks: Armys:
Don't tell Lisa(& Jisoo) about anything related to DoN't tell Jungkook about the tattoo artist or he'll def go there(plz do)
extreme games (and those chonky legos blocks) Do tell Hobi bout that color changing sneakers
Do tell Rose about Avocaderia Do show Seokjin about that Tomahawk Steak with fried cheese
Tell Jisoo and Jennie about the deserts so we cuz EatJin
blinks can finally see a meokbang show from the
Kyaw htike
Kyaw htike - Month ago
The first one is the rare footage of crab rave
Ana Huynh
Ana Huynh - 2 months ago
i’ve been to that cauldron ice cream! the ice cream there is sooo good!
babychild42 - 2 months ago
Fluff Puff
Fluff Puff - 2 months ago
6:44 I NEED THOSE SHOES 😻😻 like if u agree
Katharine Allard
Katharine Allard - 2 months ago
I came for the bread
Leslie Mae Barreto
Leslie Mae Barreto - 2 months ago
the wibit inflatable thingy is the playground that bts used for run!
trip field
trip field - 3 months ago
11:55 that is diabetes right their straight up diabetes
Pastel Śtar-chan •
Pastel Śtar-chan • - 3 months ago
*this video* : 2 million views
VanePane 04
VanePane 04 - 4 months ago
Bruh the last one was LITERALLY DIABETES!!!!
Strxberri_millk - 4 months ago
2:36 what if you get stuck in the loop because there’s not enough force to push you ;-;
Nindy P
Nindy P - 4 months ago
That kalinga tattoist lady is using nails instead of sterile needle, isn't it? I'm not trying to bash traditional heritage, but looking at health facts that nails going through a lot of tattoer's skin definitely is dangerous procedure as it may be able to transmit blood borne disease such as HIV
Kento Suki
Kento Suki - 4 months ago
7:06 Avocaderia: Joanna Ceddia would probably die for this place
Dark Core
Dark Core - 4 months ago
Sorry, why is Agent 47 doing glass sculptures in his spare time?
Garnet Lover_SU
Garnet Lover_SU - 4 months ago
9:43 lol my mom went on that her reaction is priceless >~
Jackie - 4 months ago
7:13 joana ceddia’s heaven
Janerhy Sybil Caralos
Janerhy Sybil Caralos - 4 months ago
That ph is dope
woahsummer - 4 months ago
Everything is a lie (the most popular video has 19M views)
Honeybee - 4 months ago
Nobody’s gonna say anything about the dog seatbelt? Does that hurt them?
Xi Chen
Xi Chen - 4 months ago
I feel like lady gaga would have those heels at 2:57
chicken wing
chicken wing - 4 months ago
The place in Las Vegas is wher the first time I saw a stripper was. There were many of them, and it wasn’t pleasant to see a ton of boob nippes and boy ding dongs
Lucy Kimble
Lucy Kimble - 5 months ago
I have been on the inflatable playground on the water it’s really fun
Mariah Jariwala
Mariah Jariwala - 5 months ago
Fact: if there is too many population of baby crabs they eat their own babys
Hammy Giggles
Hammy Giggles - 5 months ago
I tried the ice cream that is made with liquid nitrogen
It’s good until it freezes ur taste buds off
young animator
young animator - 5 months ago
The crabs were on that man's face
Wait ..
What if a crab went into his ears or nose 😱
Mao Nishioka
Mao Nishioka - 5 months ago
the one where food decomposes to soil
does that mean you have to be rich to save the planet?
Boston Willden
Boston Willden - 5 months ago
The blue water place is freaking awesome I've been
David Popovic
David Popovic - 5 months ago
Now those crabs big and they gonna kill ya
Blackout Edits
Blackout Edits - 5 months ago
I’ve been on the harmony of the seas cruise ship😍🤩
xoBeach Loverxo
xoBeach Loverxo - 5 months ago
139million views well i guess most of Russia watched that video and 2019 anyone?
Moriah Kamper
Moriah Kamper - 5 months ago
Those crabs are horrifying. Thank you, next.
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