We Tried Putting On Fake Eyelashes In Seconds • Beauty Roulette • Ladylike

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Ladylike - 29 days ago
I love beauty roulette and I will never stop making them and I will never win one and I will never stop shouting it to the world!! --Kristin
So Lola
So Lola - 19 days ago
Sarah Verica
Sarah Verica - 25 days ago
Robbiatul Adawiyah
Robbiatul Adawiyah - 27 days ago
Please do the yin yang inspired make up look! Because I love black and white also the balance of life. 🐼🏮
Joelle Li
Joelle Li - 29 days ago
love ya, ladylike
dkm dancer
dkm dancer - Day ago
Devin seriously walked out from behind the wheel like such a queen. She literally strutted. Also her look gives me life.
ZevenAte9 - Day ago
i think devin should win
Matix powell
Matix powell - Day ago
kristen: your clumpy on the right on
Me: how would you knew
Also me: what's kristen been doing
Clara kim
Clara kim - 2 days ago
Don’t want to toot my own horn... but, uh, I can put both lashes on in 30 seconds.
Taraf Mohamed
Taraf Mohamed - 2 days ago
you guys should watch me put them on within 5 seconds literally!😂😂😂😂
Freddy Frost
Freddy Frost - 3 days ago
Legit Jen obviously won 🤣🤣
hyper gurl
hyper gurl - 4 days ago
Fred didn’t cheat today!!!!😂❤️❤️❤️
Rebeca Morales
Rebeca Morales - 8 days ago
I realize Jen is very insecure with her sexuality she never takes any of the girly challenges seriously and she always uses humor to get out of it
Sarah MaeSings
Sarah MaeSings - 8 days ago
Ive never worn falsies, Im a little scared of them because I heard Safiyah got the lash glue in her eye when she tried to apply them, Ithink Im gonna have to wait until I get magnetic lashes to try falsies!
94conco - 10 days ago
I love mike!!!
Touche' Corona
Touche' Corona - 10 days ago
Sorry, Chantell won this one. Your judging is way off.
Keaira Funk
Keaira Funk - 10 days ago
Me too Jen 😂
Ash G
Ash G - 11 days ago
Devin: it's a recipe for disaster!!
Kristen: 👀 alright let's do it!
Just One Girl Named Elise
I have a mirror similar to that
Bulletmama !
Bulletmama ! - 15 days ago
Laura Beasley
Laura Beasley - 15 days ago
“My eye lids are sweating” I RELATE SO MUCH
Dai Haba
Dai Haba - 16 days ago
I say Chantel wins
Emma Watkins
Emma Watkins - 16 days ago
Chantel should have won 🙄
Samantha Orleski
Samantha Orleski - 17 days ago
Chantelle actually won because she got a - and Freddie got a boring a
Aadrian Regala
Aadrian Regala - 18 days ago
"I flirt everyday"-Chantel 2019
kamari h.
kamari h. - 18 days ago
devin is the cutest. i love this channel
Starr Fall
Starr Fall - 18 days ago
Chantel Won she had the least amount of time and made them close to symmetric and put on Mascara
Tang-Jia Tezyel
Tang-Jia Tezyel - 18 days ago
Who is the FDA
Smart Sell, Brilliant Buy 1
Freddie is still part child I think😂🤣
Clean Edits
Clean Edits - 19 days ago
You should of put 50 seconds
Hi, I am weird
Hi, I am weird - 19 days ago
I don’t think I need fake eyelashes cause my eyelashes are tooooooo Long
101 Boo
101 Boo - 19 days ago
I know this was for fun and all
But chantel did not win
And to top it all of the judge witnessed all
This is like an irony of the messed up system we live in lol
Vera Smith
Vera Smith - 19 days ago
Naomi Ellis
Naomi Ellis - 19 days ago
I disliked because chantel didn’t win
Sarah Marroquin
Sarah Marroquin - 19 days ago
8:16 - 8:18 is a mood
Julia Pragit
Julia Pragit - 19 days ago
You don't need 100 seconds to do false lashes. The most important part is waiting for the glue but that doesn't even take that long
Tabatha P
Tabatha P - 20 days ago
I feel like Devin looks like Kiernan Shipka at 4:42
Keira Sings
Keira Sings - 20 days ago
The intro was so funny especially Jen she was like not even looking in the camera
HpLover Sam
HpLover Sam - 20 days ago
I loved this video, but i am with the people who thinks chantel should have won. She did it, finished it, and freddie didnt finish or complete it
nella koskinen
nella koskinen - 20 days ago
Chantel should have won!! She had The least amount of time and was the best
martha_ weasley_a5
martha_ weasley_a5 - 20 days ago
"My eyelids are sweaty" 😂😂
Ella Xx
Ella Xx - 21 day ago
They should do one of these but they have a certain time limit to do a James Charles eye look or they should follow one of his eye look tutorial without watching the video just listening to the voiceover
A.E. Andrade
A.E. Andrade - 21 day ago
Devin looks goooodd her outfit 👌
Britt - 21 day ago
I love having Mike more on camera it's fun
Chantel did way better than Freddie you can see the glue where chantels you can’t
Cordelia Armendariz
Cordelia Armendariz - 21 day ago
I kinda disagree with mike 🤷‍♀️ chantel should've won.
Gacha_blueberry 2
Gacha_blueberry 2 - 21 day ago
I Like jen s styleee
BootleggedBoba A
BootleggedBoba A - 21 day ago
All in favour for Chantel to win say “I”
I’ll start: i
Carrie Murphy
Carrie Murphy - 21 day ago
I could do this easy
Rose Thompson
Rose Thompson - 21 day ago
I don’t think it was fair for Freddie to win bc she did not even put on mascara! THAT WAS PART OF THE CHALLENGE!
Catrin Jones
Catrin Jones - 21 day ago
Poor jen!
No Comment
No Comment - 22 days ago
I LOVE Kristen's dress!
Make the world Glossier
Make the world Glossier - 22 days ago
I’m so not used to hearing people call Jen *”Jeniffer”*
The real gacha Channel
The real gacha Channel - 22 days ago
“My hands are shaky” Devin 2019
Ariel Mueller
Ariel Mueller - 22 days ago
Chanti was ROBBED
Chloe Leavitt
Chloe Leavitt - 22 days ago
Hey guys random comment but I need some help
My cousins recently got a baby Golden Doodle and named him Harvey but this morning he got super sick and he was rushed to the hospital. He is super feverish and is constantly sweating and panting and they are so sad! He hasn’t been diagnosed yet but he isn’t doing well. If you have any ideas of what this is please let me know, we are all heartbroken as the family has lost another dog recently who passed before his time so they we are all praying Harvey makes it❤️😭
Hannah Thomas
Hannah Thomas - 22 days ago
I need a friend like Jennifer! She's a mood! 😂😂😂😂
Eva Eva
Eva Eva - 22 days ago
Jen: 'I just glued my eyes shut..'
justine cole
justine cole - 22 days ago
no.way. fred did amazing but chantel won for sure
Siboney Hernandez
Siboney Hernandez - 22 days ago
Im not trying to be mean but the kelly joke is getting super old
Evelyn Farver
Evelyn Farver - 22 days ago
Unpopular opinion: I don't like Fred, she always wins but she cheats/doesn't actually do anything.
Erin Fulford
Erin Fulford - 22 days ago
Chantel had a A- and Freddie had a A....doesnt Chantel win?
skeletøn clique
skeletøn clique - 22 days ago
I think Jen won fair and square 😑
Julie Barton
Julie Barton - 22 days ago
Jens deadass me on any assignment
Jenny Reyes
Jenny Reyes - 22 days ago
Umm kinda think chantel deserved to win
Cherry ,
Cherry , - 22 days ago
And she is a master skips to Jen ‘I just glued my eye shut’
Super Saiyan Kageta
Super Saiyan Kageta - 23 days ago
I don’t put fake lashes on that often and it only takes me like 30 seconds to stick them on...
Ally’s Corner
Ally’s Corner - 23 days ago
“You’re clumpy...on the right one”
Caity_xox 1
Caity_xox 1 - 23 days ago
shantel had 100 seconds which is less than fred and she got her eyelashes on pretty decent AND did her mascara. the judge said freddy won cause she had 105 seconds but shantel had less and did much much more
Juliet Had
Juliet Had - 23 days ago
Buzzfeed is seriously out of video ideas.
Lydia Burrough
Lydia Burrough - 23 days ago
I think Chantell defiantly should have won!
namjoons rejected handshake
Miriam Rose
Miriam Rose - 23 days ago
Wait I’m pretty good at putting on lashes but I take like 30 secs- I thought this was normal??
Kelsie Salcido
Kelsie Salcido - 23 days ago
Chantel won because grades are a+a-a fred got a and chantel got a- so chantel won
Rafalia Playz!
Rafalia Playz! - 23 days ago
Yess I love this channel!!! Hehehe so interesting please keep uploading your videos make my day :D
Kay ___
Kay ___ - 23 days ago
Did anyone else realize that Freddie's eyelashes were on the wrong eyes 😂😂😂 (The application was really good though)
Cortney G
Cortney G - 23 days ago
Jen just didn't want to be there
jasmine monique
jasmine monique - 23 days ago
freddie's cuteness is making her win every game
i just want yall to know that
veryverte - 23 days ago
Mike's blanket was giving me leisure suit vibes
jasmine monique
jasmine monique - 23 days ago
"i flirt with him everyday"

i love chantel
GamerGurl 2.0
GamerGurl 2.0 - 23 days ago
😂 he called her Jennifer and I was like... who??? I honestly never made the connection that Jen's full name was Jennifer
Julia Stensgaard
Julia Stensgaard - 23 days ago
Mike is an official member of Ladylike, change my mind
crazygirlisabella - 23 days ago
I don’t use fake eyelashes because my natural eyelashes are very pretty in my opinion
Kassandra Yamilé
Kassandra Yamilé - 23 days ago
i always forget how hard it is for lash beginners to put lashes on because i’ve perfected the art and can apply them in 2 minutes but it’s humbling to watch people struggle because it makes me remember struggling too 💆🏻‍♀️
Aria Franklin
Aria Franklin - 23 days ago
Chantel won!
Lily Comb
Lily Comb - 23 days ago
Devin: “It’s a recipe for disaster!!!”
Kristin: “...”
Loading Last Name
Loading Last Name - 23 days ago
No matter how many times I click "not interested" these videos they still flood my recommend. Nothing against the videos but I have no need for makeup. What is going on with YouTubes algorithm?
Sabrina Safron
Sabrina Safron - 23 days ago
Is it just me...but I think putting fake eyelashes on is super easy. Takes me less than a minute lol
Doveranalyst - 23 days ago
Is no one tripping on listening to their full names for the FIRST TIME EVER??
Bry J
Bry J - 24 days ago
Funny how Chantel DID EVERYTHING from the proper application, tweezers and even put on some mascara but didnt win.
Anurag Tiwari
Anurag Tiwari - 24 days ago
I hate mike.... He's the worst...
Gemma Sherman
Gemma Sherman - 24 days ago
As a competitive dancer who has never been on time to anything in her life, I would’ve KILLED this challenge. Protip: squeeze some glue onto the back of your hand and gently run the edge of the lash along it to get a super thin line of glue. Applying it straight from the tube to the lash leads to a lot of excess glue and inconsistent gloops that lead to a much more difficult application process. You really only need the tiniest bit of glue to get the best adhesion:)
Gemma Sherman
Gemma Sherman - 24 days ago
Ole sticky lids
Tune Games
Tune Games - 24 days ago
Idk what you guys are talking about Jen won for sure...
Memes Are great
Memes Are great - 24 days ago
You aren’t supposed to apply the mascara after the lashes
*_Destiny _*
*_Destiny _* - 24 days ago
I want to do this, lashes are soo easy once you learn technique
susan curnett
susan curnett - 24 days ago
EyEs ShUt OpEn
Cecilia Amaya
Cecilia Amaya - 24 days ago
Freddie always wins
Taylor Scott
Taylor Scott - 24 days ago
Chantel should have won
ZevenAte9 - 24 days ago
i think devin was the best
Viv JT
Viv JT - 24 days ago
is mike in lady like now i’m confused
nostalgic mujer
nostalgic mujer - 24 days ago
this stressed me out cos everyone used wayyy too much lash glue yikes
Rose McLaughlin
Rose McLaughlin - 24 days ago
Buzzfeeeeeed why is your sound so sloppy recently??
Arielle Kawash
Arielle Kawash - 24 days ago
Honestly I think Chantelle did way better than Fred 🤷‍♀️
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