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Lady Morwen Daebrethil - Feanissil
I do not understand if the girls with spears are elves or driads, because by the logic of the books would be the driads, but they appear in the trailer when the narration speaks of elves.
alucardrub - 15 hours ago
What do we have here: "Geralt of fkng rivia"
Joker - 18 hours ago
There needs to be an episode where geralt just goes around asking people to play gwent and doing side quests
miko - 23 hours ago
Dislikes stil believe 8 seasons of GOT was worth it. Wake the hell up. It was just a soap opera about people killing each other. Time to move on to something filled up with soul.
Saksham Gupta
Saksham Gupta - Day ago
Wait a min, Geralt has white beard in the game, but here, he's clean shaved. How ?
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 17 hours ago
there are 3 games .. only in 3rd game he has beard and only if the player dont shave geralt ... and when you go to see Emhyr they shave geralt too ...
Cullen Diethron
Cullen Diethron - 22 hours ago
It’s based on the books
T. B
T. B - Day ago
I’ll watch this man do anything.
Venture702 - Day ago
"Chaos is Magic."
"Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world."
Petyr Baelish: "Chaos is a ladder."
RockStarArchitect - Day ago
This project will suffer budget problems, it'll be good writing, bad visuals and stage...
Cullen Diethron
Cullen Diethron - 14 hours ago
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 17 hours ago
i disagree
Cullen Diethron
Cullen Diethron - 22 hours ago
The writing might be bad
Mammie Barry
Mammie Barry - Day ago
Mammie Barry
Mammie Barry - Day ago
Mammie Barry
Mammie Barry - Day ago
Danny - Day ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the way Triss looks?
Tomek Kowalski
Tomek Kowalski - 22 hours ago
I dont mind too, she is looking better on the photos from Soden hill, younger and more reddish
Furyluxury love
Furyluxury love - Day ago
I cant wait to see Zoltan and You cant forget the Rock trolls! Tala sit arsedown! Tala sockcuck shoeses make!
Pentasoniczound - Day ago
Will there be Unicorn Sex? This is the important question.
Tomek Kowalski
Tomek Kowalski - 22 hours ago
Confirmed it wont be on seasons one, but also confirmed they thinking of it in next seasons
Nature Boy
Nature Boy - Day ago
Coming to Netflix December 20th, 2023 CyberPunk 2077.
# Blondyna
# Blondyna - 2 days ago
Polska powieść moi drodzy
Sully Hirsch
Sully Hirsch - 2 days ago
Not impressed. Doesn't have that dark witcher vibe. Or depth and mysterious feeling.
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 17 hours ago
wait and see .. you cant tell it from few minutes
Thê Gōõđ Bôŷ
Thê Gōõđ Bôŷ - 2 days ago
just don't make gerallet a guy -_-
Roken Down
Roken Down - 2 days ago
Que seja no mesmo nível de got da primeira temporada
christopher lz
christopher lz - 2 days ago
It's more than obvious that CD Project Red and their unique approach to the franchise, is responsible for all the worldwide witcher success!
christopher lz
christopher lz - 16 hours ago
@Jaroslav Mihok i have read the books! they are nice and that's why i used the word unique.. Especially the witcher 3, was more inspired than directly following the books.. it was a different approach than the books...! Also the best elements of the story we saw at the video games and of course the majestic SOUNDTRACKS are genuinely CDPR.. we have to admit that they evolved the franchise and made it super popular!
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 17 hours ago
but withou books they dont have nothing
Selma Ersöz
Selma Ersöz - 2 days ago
There must be.a little beard
Erdem Günay
Erdem Günay - 3 days ago
0:16 brokilon when they first met
BisPro - 3 days ago
If he keeps on using witcher sense in every turn, no one will watch netflix.
Justinas Baltrimas
Justinas Baltrimas - 3 days ago
"Place of power.. gotta be"
DecemB ,The
DecemB ,The - 3 days ago
anyone : blah blah blah
Geralt : how about a round of gwent?
Literally anybody : ** silently nod **
Gilberto Bezerra
Gilberto Bezerra - 3 days ago
Babado hein
lap hoanglap
lap hoanglap - 3 days ago
hope he will take 
banana tiger contract
Sponge ❶⓿ヅ
Sponge ❶⓿ヅ - 4 days ago
I just finished the game today.
bio ROBOT - 4 days ago
complete shit of reused props,
Robert Redford
Robert Redford - 3 days ago
So don’t watch it....?
Crispin Michaels
Crispin Michaels - 4 days ago
I hope the video game Witcher fans (ie. mainly those who peaked interest first with Witcher 3) dont expect the same Geralt as there.
This is Geralt in the novels. Unlike the video games where you choose events/choices for him based on what you want, his character is fletched out.
Quite frankly hes a lot more rugged and less of a cheeky bastard that we love in the games in the first few novels.
Circuito Elétrico
Circuito Elétrico - 4 days ago
Uau! 👏👏👏
gurjodh Singh
gurjodh Singh - 5 days ago
00:46 his shoulders
Comando 3xclusivo Ci De
Yes perros
Совсем Дурак
Хватить пиздюков фашистов тореальтных нанимать писатьценарий..
JustMe - 6 days ago
Watched Justice League, noticed Superman actor is the same as in Witcher.
Ari Hill
Ari Hill - 7 days ago
Superman with a wig 🤦🏻‍♂️
Resnard Lapiz
Resnard Lapiz - 7 days ago
Will they play "Lullaby of Woe"? I hope so..
Christo Du Plooy
Christo Du Plooy - 7 days ago
Looks good but nothing related to the game
Cullen Diethron
Cullen Diethron - 21 hour ago
Well the ball scam armor is bad her comments about political issues of today are not good
Jaroslav Mihok
Jaroslav Mihok - 21 hour ago
@Cullen Diethron but dont except this show will have everything 100% like is in books
Cullen Diethron
Cullen Diethron - 22 hours ago
None of the games are based on the books
Tomek Kowalski
Tomek Kowalski - 22 hours ago
@Christo Du Plooy witcher 1 is not based on the books, even the atmosphere is more like Gothic, compering to witcher 2 and 3
Christo Du Plooy
Christo Du Plooy - Day ago
I'll just wait for it to come out before I continue judging it. Maybe I'm wrong and the series is good.
dale 8754
dale 8754 - 7 days ago
winds howling
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