Sister Q&A - Khloé and Kylie

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Hope kKAKk
Hope kKAKk - 2 days ago
Hey Kylie ,You're such an inspiration to all the women out there who love you, respect you and I'm one of them,I just need your help!
Would you please help me?
Dosen't have to be with money ,Please don't ignore just by replying to this msg you can change someone's life completely.
May God Bless You and your Family With Health and Happiness💕✌
emma dolan
emma dolan - 2 days ago
khloè khloè khloè khloè you can not burn or tan or whatever thought glass the sun doesn’t affect your body in any way through glass that’s just a waste of sunscreen hunny
Just BellaTba
Just BellaTba - 3 days ago
I would so want to see a video with stormy doing Kylie’s makeup 😍
Chelsea Bell Myklebust
Chelsea Bell Myklebust - 3 days ago
Omg I cant wait for lip blush I hope I win a set hahaha if that's possible please kylie please ,,watch the space....waiting
Alejandro Ramirez jr
Alejandro Ramirez jr - 3 days ago
:) #VPN
K channel
K channel - 3 days ago
If I was Travis I would have cheated on this bitch too 😂
BZU GEBREHIWET - 3 days ago
Hi keliy pls ansewr me i.tell you special thing
Kids Entertainment
Kids Entertainment - 3 days ago
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Bro Fister
Bro Fister - 3 days ago
Lea Iracheta
Lea Iracheta - 3 days ago
Why is Khloe so dark..
Fanita Roganal
Fanita Roganal - 4 days ago
Ok but the edit tho
Kiklo854 - 4 days ago
Khloe sounds so weird... nasally... is it the nose job??
Hugo Avendaño
Hugo Avendaño - 4 days ago
I'm here cause I like her accent
cali_preppy_ Chick
cali_preppy_ Chick - 4 days ago
Khloe no more plastic surgery your starting to look like Bruce Jenner anyway subscribe to my YouTube channel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
cali_preppy_ Chick
cali_preppy_ Chick - 4 days ago
Khloe no more plastic surgery your starting to look like Bruce Jenner anyway subscribe to my YouTube channel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
issskawaii _kee
issskawaii _kee - 4 days ago
Khloe just needs to stop..😂😂😂😂😂I mean that skin tone though..😂💔
nupur rao
nupur rao - 4 days ago
Khloe sounds like she is speakibg with her nose😑
Jamil Fares
Jamil Fares - 4 days ago
I have a question. What is actually real on body fake ass
Jewels Norman
Jewels Norman - 5 days ago
Do a challenge
weqlthytutorials - 5 days ago
Lufas get mold in them I—
Antoine le
Antoine le - 5 days ago
twisted understandings of beauty in the 21st century
Yo Mama
Yo Mama - 5 days ago
god damn their fingernails bug the shit outta me. fuckin ugly ass claws man
rain bows
rain bows - 6 days ago
Is it me or i think kyllie jenner will never be best friend with an" ugly" women!she likes to hangout with some bomb girl?
Rosmibelin Ramirez
Rosmibelin Ramirez - 6 days ago
Hola kylie como éstas soy tu fan me adora cómo viste cómo eres
nykai 0_0
nykai 0_0 - 6 days ago
Kylie’s lip filler running out
Joselyn Gonzalez
Joselyn Gonzalez - 6 days ago
I started conditioning my hair before body wash and let me tell youuu my back acne GONE
Mitra Bandoo
Mitra Bandoo - 7 days ago
You are so amazingly beautiful and super sexy 🌹 🌹🌹 🌹
Mary - 8 days ago
Kylie: eat a cockroach and I’ll give you a million
me: ***swallows that bitch whole***
P S - 8 days ago
“oh, hojoba oil!??” 🤨 Khloes cracks me up, she’s classic.
Zaniya West
Zaniya West - 9 days ago
there so cute wish i was rich so i could do all things i want to do and have a head start at creating a business
Stephanie Ennis
Stephanie Ennis - 9 days ago
Check out @MonkeyBoo
Timmy Berg
Timmy Berg - 10 days ago
Залайкайте чтобы иностранцы подумали что написала что то умное🤔
Kenzie Kling
Kenzie Kling - 10 days ago
Ooh girl you be looking like a French fry mmm mmm mmm honey
SimpleInsouciance - 10 days ago
1:39 Bitch
amy steffen
amy steffen - 10 days ago
You girls are beautiful 💜💜
vora Mai
vora Mai - 11 days ago
Klowie look so much like Kris from the side
kitty kat
kitty kat - 11 days ago
Me I wash my hair first then put conditioner leave in and start washing my body with soap then shave then rinse the conditioner off my hair then I grab my wash rag then put body wash on it and scrub my body then rinse, then wash my face with clean & clear face wash...💕
Grace Frame
Grace Frame - 12 days ago
bruhhh do an asmr video like srsly hahah
Jessie Taylor
Jessie Taylor - 15 days ago
Khloe your tan is too orange girl
Landiluxx Plays
Landiluxx Plays - 16 days ago
If you're taking a shower and you're using the hot water, do not start from top to bottom you need to wash your hands and feet then you can start with the hair cuz it may cause sudden strokes... So bc
Mileyplayz I'm a roblox girl
I think ther fav color is pink
lusia mendez
lusia mendez - 16 days ago
kiss kylie
lusia mendez
lusia mendez - 16 days ago
i love you so much khloy
lusia mendez
lusia mendez - 16 days ago
blakeetea - 16 days ago
i feel like khloe's actually the best one in the kardashians, she seems like the nicest :ppp (i dont even watch them, i just searched up kylie jenner xD)
Laura - 17 days ago
khloe looks like michael jackson
Laura Sermeno
Laura Sermeno - 18 days ago
cringe bishhh
cringe bishhh - 18 days ago
I really wanna see Kylie and Khloé do a drink asmr
laurence dequillo
laurence dequillo - 18 days ago
Khloe looks tanned here
Jennifer Pangallo
Jennifer Pangallo - 19 days ago
Wow khloe at the begining side view really looks like Chris these days!! But dayum she's gorgeous!!
Tommy Fr
Tommy Fr - 19 days ago
Riley reid or Kylie Jenner ? 👇🏻
Luisa Garcia
Luisa Garcia - 20 days ago
Necesito tu ayuda
H4RRY T4YL0R - 20 days ago
after a shower i drench myself in diesel oil
Puppo love !!!!
Puppo love !!!! - 20 days ago
Khloe be lookin like a burnt potato
d_royalty - 21 day ago
Visit For Beautiful Flowers !!!
Papialejandro - 21 day ago
If any of y’all got a cockroach and 1 million dollars HMU I have the worst stomach for nasty food and will eat a cockroach like nothing for 1 mil maybe that’s saying sum....
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith - 21 day ago
I simply can’t get over the fact of how gorgeous they both look 😍😍😍
nancy sabonjian
nancy sabonjian - 22 days ago
khloe is my favvvvvv
Muhammed Al-husainy
Muhammed Al-husainy - 23 days ago
Jay Love
Jay Love - 23 days ago
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