Sister Q&A - Khloé and Kylie

Hercule Poirot
Hercule Poirot - 45 minutes ago
Do you want to do sex?
AsiaGirl - 2 hours ago
At times like this... I wish I was a plastic Seargeon... I'd be making sum shmoneyyy 🤣
Thaisana Simmons VEVO
Thaisana Simmons VEVO - 4 hours ago
Kylie, I know you're a celeb an all. I can;t even get to a 1000 subzz. I am trying to grow my channel. Nice video
Buenrostro - 6 hours ago
Beautiful lady's
hola muchachas las invito a pasar a ami canal apoyenme saludos a todas bonito dia
Binty CZZ
Binty CZZ - 14 hours ago
You already have a million dollars already
Aryan Salunke
Aryan Salunke - 22 hours ago
Khloè looks like Kris
sbeve XLR8
sbeve XLR8 - 22 hours ago
It's no brainer why Pewdiepie has more subs than you
You make content for 12 year old girls
Shelly - Day ago
Why is Khloe so abnormally ORANGE??!
Foltz Art
Foltz Art - Day ago
I have a business Question are the products sold on Ebay Genuine Kylie cosmetic products ? just wondering thanks Mark?
Grace Middle brooks
Okay so you got a whole entire plane/jet...TELL ME WHY THE HELL YOU DONT HAVE YOUR OWN ISLAND!!!🤣🤣
Jasmine Nguyen
Jasmine Nguyen - Day ago
Ky can u do spill ur guts or fill ur guts
Fashion Tendencies YT
Kylie l💜ve you
Fashion Tendencies YT
Hello from my channel 💜
** Sophia **
** Sophia ** - Day ago
Rip, the spoiled brat sent another video off 😂
Oved Slays
Oved Slays - Day ago
"I would rock that bald head"💓💕💖💞💘💗💘💞💖💕💓💛💙💖💜💞💚💞💘💞💖💕💓💚💜💖💘💘💘💞💖💖💚💖💖💕💓💓
Christine - Day ago
I love you kylie
rosalie goes east
rosalie goes east - Day ago
this year, 2019/20, I´m going to be doing an exchange year in Latvia. In addition to that, I´m going to be posting videos about my exchange here on YouTube. So if you´re interested, feel free to follow:)
Content Deleted
Content Deleted - Day ago
Is your skin plane plastic fake too?
Muhd Andika
Muhd Andika - Day ago
Please watch my new Vlog guys. ... Don't forget to Subscribe and Like also. ThankYou
Sara A
Sara A - Day ago
Omg khloe’s nose 👃.
{Nayla Vlog}
{Nayla Vlog} - Day ago
Kylie: i wouldn't eat a cockroach for a million
Khloe: that's because you're a billionare
Liandria Rosa
Liandria Rosa - Day ago
Kylie~ I wouldn't eat a cockroach for million
Khole~ Because you're a billionaire
Me~ *OH SHIT* 😂😂😂
narcissist boxing
narcissist boxing - Day ago
I didn’t know family can be fake around each other 😩
Jackie Frye
Jackie Frye - 2 days ago
Kylie why is allergic to bullshit the exact same color as your bare lipkit??? Us consumers dont wanna buy the same color with a different name lol we arent dumb...
ceci and rita
ceci and rita - 2 days ago
My cousin is bald and skinny and I have hair and I'm like a couple pounds over weight
LOL 😂😑
Candy TheCutie_
Candy TheCutie_ - 2 days ago
Kylie I love your life... meanwhile I’m home trying to figure out which bill to pay... rent or life insurance policy. Some ppl are blessed to have the means to do what they want. Girl I love your LIIIIFFFFEEE
Dayanara Contreras
Dayanara Contreras - 2 days ago
do videos like this with all your sisters please🙂
ale lmao
ale lmao - 2 days ago
kylie and khloe: *kisses cheeks*
my sister and i: *hug for a long time*
Milani Pascual
Milani Pascual - 3 days ago
so we’re just gonna ignore how acquired that kiss was in the being😭Khole didn’t wanna do it at all🤣🤣
Pip Girl
Pip Girl - 3 days ago
Makeup artist : what shade of tan would you like Khloe?
Khloe: YES
Jillian Christian
Jillian Christian - 3 days ago
0:34 killed me
Cierra - 3 days ago
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Sarah Sun
Sarah Sun - 3 days ago
MostRiche peoples are bored
Brionna M
Brionna M - 3 days ago
kylie I just accidentally left kim a 100 dollar request on gmail tell her it was by acciedent I was typing my friend kim kylon and showed kim k and hit sent
tiffany - 3 days ago
i cant believe 5 mil of yall floow her for what?..So yall can witness her wealth. smh...Can we find a NEW family to admire...ty
tiffany - 3 days ago
sick of all of them
Mr. Mosley S550
Mr. Mosley S550 - 3 days ago
HOLLYWOOD DOLLS - 3 days ago
Idk, is that like me the only person thinking that khloe looks really plastic in here, omg like even kylie looks more natural...
Niq Series
Niq Series - 4 days ago
Love this video!!! Hey guys subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe back
Sparkle Stars
Sparkle Stars - 4 days ago
Omg you r so so so beautiful
Sparkle Stars
Sparkle Stars - 4 days ago
Hi Kylie I'm from Pakistan. I'm your huge huge fan I want. Your makeup but I cannot buy it :( I'm very sad
Luna Noel
Luna Noel - 3 days ago
Julie Aoki
Julie Aoki - 4 days ago
Love you ! Kylie!!~
Hendu Hikkay
Hendu Hikkay - 4 days ago
I understand that Kylie owns a lot of money, but she will always be dumb as fuck.
sam Rodriguez
sam Rodriguez - 4 days ago
Lif go fly do us zero technically e.g. totally confirm unlock bop
UNICORN LAUREN - 4 days ago
im a new sub!
Missa Missa
Missa Missa - 4 days ago
subscribe to my channel please
l o v l e y
l o v l e y - 4 days ago
Why do I feel like i really like Kylie’s vlogs I just want then now
Magic Wands Tarot
Magic Wands Tarot - 4 days ago
Because You are a billionaire!! 😅😂😂
Kimberly Meshake
Kimberly Meshake - 5 days ago
Notebook is good but if you really want to cry, then it's Fox and the hound😢
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