David Dobrik Gets Slimed, Hugs Josh Peck, & Wins "Favorite Social Star" | 2019 Kids' Choice Awards

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Nickelodeon - 4 months ago
He was SO surprised! Who else thinks this was one of the best slimings of the night?! 🙌
Evan Cruz
Evan Cruz - 3 months ago
Didn’t josh say in his vlog that they knew they were getting slimed
Darius Chinnappan
Darius Chinnappan - 3 months ago
I think maybe khaled and will smith click a yes if u went to kca . Because i did...B-)
NotoriousDeeRodge - 3 months ago
Love his videos. His team and friends are great also
LegionMixtapes - 3 months ago
Biggest slimings EVER
chesesman - 3 months ago
Second best you guys all forget Chris Pratt
Shmo Alhajri
Shmo Alhajri - 4 days ago
David October
Maia Elena Sanden Krassakopoulos
i like how no one mentioned how she pronounced David´s name?
Ella Hope
Ella Hope - 12 days ago
the girls infront of him got slimed too haha
Emery Bingham News
Emery Bingham News - 27 days ago
if the parents knew what David’s content was they would take their iPads away for a month.
Thariqh G
Thariqh G - Month ago
Why is it that David's edit on him winning is better then a professional multi millionaire company just wondering
Have cool
Have cool - Month ago
I make slime
Michelle Alvarado
Michelle Alvarado - Month ago
she had one job
Hugh Wallace
Hugh Wallace - Month ago
I can’t believe josh didn’t say hug me brother
Cassy Wright
Cassy Wright - Month ago
Awe Jason look so happy
Silixia - 2 months ago
DM _21
DM _21 - 2 months ago
For all saying she mispronounce his name she lost her voice
#positivevibesonly - 2 months ago
what‘s the song called when they announced his name?
Maryann Jose
Maryann Jose - 2 months ago
I honestly felt really bad for the fans in the front,cause they got slimed too
Mr. I Don't Feel So Good
Mr. I Don't Feel So Good - 3 months ago
David dober for the win!!!
fessniff - 3 months ago
David *D O B I R K*
King Iston
King Iston - 3 months ago
What about Pewdiepie?
Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis - 3 months ago
Josh already knew he won it
colt Feebee
colt Feebee - 3 months ago
David Dober really
Twice Doubled
Twice Doubled - 3 months ago
Did she say David Do-Berk??? 😂😂
Naz Christian Gomez
Naz Christian Gomez - 3 months ago
Atong Ngeu
Atong Ngeu - 3 months ago
who eles is here from david clog video, i know im not the only one
Sketchy Boiz
Sketchy Boiz - 3 months ago
No offense but was this filmed by camera phones?
Sarah Matos
Sarah Matos - 3 months ago
Idk who this guy thinks he is stealing David Doburr’s Kids Choice Award smh
Shivani - 3 months ago
Tears in my eyes! Congrats David this was heartwarming
Use Code Nihjoe
Use Code Nihjoe - 3 months ago
Alex Drake
Alex Drake - 3 months ago
Yet it’s funny how he swears XD
Nadya Bogdanovich
Nadya Bogdanovich - 3 months ago
Что это да дерьмо зелёное
Sharlene Carolan
Sharlene Carolan - 3 months ago
I just watch this and I scream and I Neally crying David your the best and nick :)
hank fontaine
hank fontaine - 3 months ago
So this is social engineering not impressive more like adollessance baby baby Babylon
Fury Hollow
Fury Hollow - 3 months ago
Sniperwolf was voted gamer of the year she’s not a gamer and when she was she was fake Nick fix your mistake
Crystal Joy
Crystal Joy - 3 months ago
Stacy Turek
Stacy Turek - 3 months ago
Jason Nash in the background like😱😱
UrSweet - 3 months ago
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson - 3 months ago
Shereen Yousif
Shereen Yousif - 3 months ago
DAVID DOBERRRR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Miss Gnome
Miss Gnome - 3 months ago
I love how it says Hugs Josh Peck cuz they don't know that they are best friends
Natalie Mayen
Natalie Mayen - 3 months ago
She pronounced his last name wro... yk what everyone is ignoring it
Christian Josh
Christian Josh - 3 months ago
*dAvId DObEr*
Darius Chinnappan
Darius Chinnappan - 3 months ago
I went to the kids choice 2019
Mariam Alh
Mariam Alh - 3 months ago
Fatie Estrada
Fatie Estrada - 3 months ago
D-did she say david dober .-.
Aoife Mahon
Aoife Mahon - 3 months ago
DaViD dObEr
JV Mack
JV Mack - 3 months ago
I cried when I saw Josh Peck
tra the hotty
tra the hotty - 3 months ago
For real though, huge congrats David!
geet - 3 months ago
0:03 “DAVID DOBER” lol
friendly neighborhood troll
Kind of disappointed that he didn't thanks his friends. literally without them he won't be nothing! But he probably was nervous?
Yee Haw
Yee Haw - 3 months ago
I love him so much omg🥺 he deserves it, he works so hard and I hope he knows how much we appreciate him.
Calley Rene
Calley Rene - 3 months ago
Why did she say David dober??
Sandy Sellers
Sandy Sellers - 3 months ago
david doughbur
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