Beyoncé - SPIRIT from Disney’s The Lion King (Official Video)

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baby tot
baby tot - Hour ago
this song is so catchy Queen B look so good, the song is clearly powerful enough. everyone will love. this soundtrack is the best so far.
Athira Nair
Athira Nair - Hour ago
No kidding. Got goosebumps throughout the video. Just wow!! ♥️♥️♥️
Giulia Giardina
Giulia Giardina - Hour ago
Posso morire adesso...💘
bella belle
bella belle - Hour ago
Beautiful video but Beyonce's voice in this song is a no-go.
Lily EL
Lily EL - Hour ago
Bey stays blessing us 😭❤️
Leana Amazouz
Leana Amazouz - Hour ago
Loove from france 🇫🇷 !!
Zaituni Said
Zaituni Said - Hour ago
3:12 that mountain Kilimanjaro found in Tanzanian
utbr01 - Hour ago
Beautiful beatification of artistic expression. Soo MANY messages. Blue and mama Bey💗❤
Mr. Boss
Mr. Boss - Hour ago
Why Beyoné and her crew don't wear the African clothes and not the western???
Yanci Gonzalez
Yanci Gonzalez - Hour ago
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Pat Boujee
Pat Boujee - Hour ago
Chills 🙀😻
TrinkBruder - Hour ago
She's not exactly extra crispy
Jas Destiny
Jas Destiny - Hour ago
so beautiful what a queen 😭
Tone G.
Tone G. - Hour ago
She is so overrated now her sister that's the star
titouan - Hour ago
wow mum is gorgeous and she sings perfectly
tshepang sese
tshepang sese - Hour ago
I Stan a Queen👸👑
Gabriele Rossi
Gabriele Rossi - Hour ago
Absolutely gorgeous❤
Honey2014 - Hour ago
Chinelo Anaje
Chinelo Anaje - Hour ago
God thank you for creating Beyoncé 😭❤️🙏🏼
Korihi Gates
Korihi Gates - Hour ago
Omg so awesome!😄
James Viice
James Viice - Hour ago
Alexei - Hour ago
All wack now she think she made and produced lion king all those years ago.
Breno Allex
Breno Allex - Hour ago
Só eu e Deus sabe o quanto eu AMO essa mulher! Nunca decepciona! 👑🐝❤🦁
TALI TV - Hour ago
This is, in my opinion, Beyonce's best music video. I don't usually check for albums but I am really anticipating The Gift album. If it is anything like this, I'm sure it's going to be magical. Well done Beyonce and team.
Ketelly Chagas
Ketelly Chagas - Hour ago
Obrigada por essa obra de arte, Beyoncé
Você é extremamente lendária
Jose Carlos Garcia Matias
This is amazing... "performance vma" 😂😂
Adrian Ioan
Adrian Ioan - Hour ago
She's the QUEEN !
Aderlan taylor
Aderlan taylor - Hour ago
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones - Hour ago
3:47 only Beyoncé can lay down in sand and get up clean 🤯
LadyLyricz18 - Hour ago
Chills...The dancing, the visuals, everything so beautiful 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Zoë Ruiz
Zoë Ruiz - Hour ago
Ok but who disliked and for what reason
Marva Hollis
Marva Hollis - Hour ago
She’s always pushing for greatness and she did just that!
Bianca Antunes
Bianca Antunes - Hour ago
Man this is just food for the soul straight from the Motherland.. im crying wtf 😭😭😭😭
Anna K
Anna K - Hour ago
I'm already crying 😭😭
Chefu Diallo
Chefu Diallo - Hour ago
This makes me proud to be african
Chey Y
Chey Y - Hour ago
Beyonce is real beautiful black queen, luv it!
Soledad Burgos
Soledad Burgos - Hour ago
LUKE LOSER - Hour ago
Meu deus ??? 😭😭😭😭
Miriam Page
Miriam Page - Hour ago
Let’s make this movie number 1 at the box office worldwide! We’ll beat the record of Black panther at the cinemas💪🏻💪🏻
Maycon araujo
Maycon araujo - Hour ago
Was it just me who felt a strong emotion? ❤
নকশীকাঁথা ব্যান্ড
WhT a videos, it’s like to me
TrinkBruder - Hour ago
She's gotta be wearing that SPF50, 500 sunscreen
Bruno Han
Bruno Han - Hour ago
Why you always amazing
Why you still beauty
So touching mine!!!!
Adrian WU
Adrian WU - Hour ago
I wonder why the views increase so slow
Ilayda Beyhive
Ilayda Beyhive - Hour ago
She scalped us once again
Makkusu C
Makkusu C - Hour ago
This is Beyoncé, not that trash rapping she’s been doing. She has just an amazing voice, I hated her “rapping” songs with a passion. Please stick to singing and no more “skateboard” songs 😩
Kiana M
Kiana M - Hour ago
This was so beautiful!!! 😍🥰
italo anitta
italo anitta - Hour ago
Só quem tá apaixonado vai da um like
Anca S
Anca S - Hour ago
goose bumps 4 minutes and 31 sec
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