The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

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Tayor Golightly
Tayor Golightly - 18 hours ago
HELP! im loosing brain cells already!!
Why not nyan cat
DemonPikachu - 4 days ago
So I finished watching this, and I'm gonna have to get into spoilers. There was a lot to unpack here, and I actually realize that I don't like all of this lampshading of tropes and overly confusing character dilemmas. It's really hard for me to put into words, but I think there wasn't enough sincerity in this movie as there was in the first, and I'm just left with this discomfort that should've been better handled through...something in the movie. Pacing, character motivations, writing, I don't know. Mainly, I fundamentally don't like the rather twisted around message of "everything's not awesome" or "not all of the time", because I think I've seen enough of things generally in life not always being awesome. I do want everything to be awesome, I don't want to be thrown this far for a loop with the Queen and Rex especially, I DESPISE the disrespect they gave to Back to the Future because that's loved by everyone and these things don't become loved by everyone for decades just to have someone else write this garbage villain who tries to sully something nostalgic for unexplained garbage reasons! Twisted seems to be a word that keeps coming to mind, and all I can think of this movie is that it's a twisted up version of what was already fine and cohesive and understandable. Who did all of this twisting? Why did they ever think they needed to? It was too much, and I won't look back on this fondly. I won't get along with anyone who subscribes to the ideas and "mottos" of this bad sequel. It doesn't matter to me what anyone thinks of my post here, or how it's read. It'll probably be a fairly incorrect way that I wasn't trying to convey. What I am trying to convey is that everything can be awesome, happy cheerful glittery colorful things should never be painted as weird or bad without gritty apocalypse garbage that I never liked also being painted as equally weird and bad, stop acting like we're somehow above predictable storylines because we can follow them so much better than rug pull after rug pull after mind cracking rug pull because in the pursuit of being so impressive and ahead of the curve I think they're getting unhealthy, and never play with the viewer's heart and mind like this because all I want is to have fun and this was not fun. So that's everything for now I guess. Don't watch this movie if you truly believe.
Cute Porg
Cute Porg - 4 days ago
I thought it was fun with something to think about :D
Imani Kamara
Imani Kamara - 5 days ago
Wonder Broz studios please please make a part 3 of The Lego movie I love the first one and the second one please make part 3
MrGabeanator - 6 days ago
finally saw this I liked it
James Daly
James Daly - 6 days ago
I never even fucking heard the second part came out
Dio - 7 days ago
I prefer the first.
DinoMatt - 10 days ago
Did anyone realize that the song was by the Beastie Boys?
melitapetrinec - 10 days ago
Wreck it ralph 3
Wreck it ralph 3 - 11 days ago
Ik ben hyped voor die film wacht ik heb hem al gezien
Bryan LaShomb
Bryan LaShomb - 11 days ago
the best movie
men yo
men yo - 11 days ago
Fuck fuck fuck...... Fuck dis kind of animation movies
Graded Warrior
Graded Warrior - 11 days ago
I like the detailed animation
Emmetanimation 2000
Emmetanimation 2000 - 13 days ago
0:30 is that vicruvios
rahul p
rahul p - 13 days ago
This movie is so fucking femine.It's for the pussies
Graded Warrior
Graded Warrior - 8 days ago
rahul p Don't you mean lesbian?
rahul p
rahul p - 8 days ago
+Graded Warrior gay nonetheless
Graded Warrior
Graded Warrior - 11 days ago
That's because Finn's sister is making up half of the story.
HonestEagle98 - 14 days ago
Just rented it yesterday. TBH, I want my $6 back. It's more of a Lego musical and just out right annoying than it is a Lego movie. The first Lego movie was great, even though lacked a lot of..i mean a ton of tribute to the 1980's & early 90's lego sets (other than 1 second scenes). I didn't get into Duplo or Lego friends or lego sets for girls. This movie seemed to be centered all around Batman and the Duplo Queen...who had theee most annoying, arrogant behavior and voice. Sounded ghetto. LM2 lacked yet again a ton of tribute to old sets or themes, except for the one maybe 5 second scene of the 1980's space theme lego sets...of which was a cluster scene at best. IMO, an independent film maker using REAL stop motion technique with a wide range of all the themes would do much better. Finn's sister is old enough to play with normal legos after the 5 years, even before that though. She wants Finn to play with her, but does she not have her own friends or her own batman. I wouldn't want my lego minifigs covered in glitter and dancing to some teeny bop music. Disappointed at the overfocus of the batman and Queen. Movie references weren't needed either, while kinda funny, not needed. 1.9/5, Not re-watchable
Despacito THE CHANNLE Yeet
I’m watching the movie now
me love plushies so mush channel
Who else saw puppycorn
A. L.
A. L. - 16 days ago
When will be able to buy this movie on Youtube?
A. L.
A. L. - 13 days ago
+Adven4U1 Maybe in US... not in UK!
Adven4U1 - 15 days ago
A. L. It’s out on DVD already
Predator36 - 16 days ago
Please don't spoil the movie, I haven't seen it yet
Adven4U1 - 15 days ago
Predator36 Don’t read the comments
StealYourOwnGame The stealer
Who else guessed Emmet was Rex?
StealYourOwnGame The stealer
I guessed right every twists
Squicx - 18 days ago
the 3rd part should be them going to a lego competition internationally and there is all the other entries with lego minifigures with famous actors behind them
Bonnalina Fuzbunny
Bonnalina Fuzbunny - 19 days ago
This movie has a lot of twists and it's kinda long. Just a warning. But it was REALLY GOOD!
ѵíɾմղ - 19 days ago
I Realised Rex’s Ship Shape Is A Brofist So That Means
Klejdi King
Klejdi King - 19 days ago
*This is lego endgame*
MrGabeanator - 22 days ago
i'm gonna watch this soon
OpticalStrafe - 23 days ago
It was 5 years since part 1, most people havent event seen part 1
Adven4U1 - 20 days ago
OpticalStrafe Cause they weren’t born yeti 😂
FBicoolshaman - 23 days ago
The beastie boys song is not in the movie which is sad
Dash Studios
Dash Studios - 24 days ago
Who saw the movie already
Itzz Dani
Itzz Dani - 25 days ago
Bonnalina Fuzbunny
Bonnalina Fuzbunny - 25 days ago
It's cool that Emmit is now both a master builder and a master breaker
ItzAaliyah Ph
ItzAaliyah Ph - 26 days ago
Everything will be Awesome if there will be part 3 pls!!!! And i love the new couple Batman and Queen
ItzAaliyah Ph
ItzAaliyah Ph - 26 days ago
Everything will be Awesome if there will be part 3 pls!!!! And i love the new couple Batman and Queen
Jocelyn Fernandez
Jocelyn Fernandez - 26 days ago
This was the best movie EVER !!!!🦙 my fav caricter is queen watevawanabe
Raynara Moura
Raynara Moura - 27 days ago
Hi I'm with a doubt I bought this movie to attend and very nice I liked it a lot, but I want to know if I can put it on my YouTube channel since I bought it I can post it.
Dryames - Month ago
It should've been Clutch Powerz
Cedric Kim
Cedric Kim - Month ago
That star was really cute.
Chris cck
Chris cck - Month ago
"Hurry, the door is slowly closing" hahaha
Strong Strawberry
Strong Strawberry - Month ago
will you continue? I'm Russian and I love your cartoons, especially the Lego Movie, I watched the entire first and second parts several times and beat all your white Jersey I love you, please continue the series of cartoons LEGO MOVIE!
Guillermo fernàndez
Guillermo fernàndez - Month ago
The Lego Movie franchise is well, awesome
Leo Kanabii
Leo Kanabii - Month ago
Swag Swag Shabab
Swag Swag Shabab - Month ago
Alien coin
Jacob xd Boi
Jacob xd Boi - Month ago
Emmet what are you doing
See that wasn’t so bad nothing got in
DAH something got in
Arthur Watts
Arthur Watts - Month ago
Elizabeth Banks is in no way as hot looking in person as her 'Lucy' voice is in my troubled mind. I know that's wrong, but what can you do ? I also have a thing for Mantis from the Guardians franchise, but that's still a world away from being entranced by a few Lego blocks and a wig.
Dan Spatariu
Dan Spatariu - Month ago
that fist ship :)))))
Mohor Kern
Mohor Kern - Month ago
That's Guardians of the galaxy for kids
Liên Nguyễn Thị
Liên Nguyễn Thị - Month ago
umar568 gaming
umar568 gaming - Month ago
1:54 wait whaaaa?
Everest kawaii . - .
Everest kawaii . - . - Month ago
Btw lucy A.K.A wild styles used to be like Emmet loving the world but she used a sharpoe and colored her hair black SPOILER ALERT
A N G R Y - Month ago
The movie was bad
Squicx - 18 days ago
LoveREvolution1111 - Month ago
Jacob xd Boi
Jacob xd Boi - Month ago
Oh da pain it’s getting so cold
eyot hunter
eyot hunter - Month ago
Sex pul
Justin Long
Justin Long - Month ago
"Everything's not awesome, I feel so depressed"
Mert Seremet
Mert Seremet - Month ago
I'm convinced this movie was an acid trip
Even if I watched it while trippin
Peaches The Fox
Peaches The Fox - Month ago
The roblox movie 2 april-3-8-2019 Toby!
Jett Hollow
Jett Hollow - Month ago
Jett Hollow
Jett Hollow - Month ago
Crime Escapist
Crime Escapist - Month ago
Maze Runner: The Last War (2019 colorized)
Borderline Personality Disorder 1978
Hated the first film so much i just saved myself the pain & agony from watching this bunch of fuckin bullshit.
Adven4U1 - 20 days ago
Borderline Personality Disorder 1978 I didn’t like the first. But I loved the sequel.
EK starlord
EK starlord - Month ago
I loved the movie yesterday and im glade everyone loved it to
Maythun phyo
Maythun phyo - Month ago
I Like it
Sabahat Siddique
Sabahat Siddique - Month ago
9h the pain it is getting cold oh I loved that bit
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja - Month ago
Beastie Boys know when to let the beat drop!
Young Yeet
Young Yeet - Month ago
chiquitita martha
chiquitita martha - Month ago
this vid is legit check this out
destroyer freddy
destroyer freddy - Month ago
Not right now, Emmet, I'm bruting!
comicozy87 - Month ago
This movie was just okay to me at best. I’ve been a huge fan of musicals since I can remember, but not in a lego movie. They felt so out of place, unmemorable and the tunes flat out annoying. The jokes fell flat because of weak set ups from characters who weren’t challenged enough by their situation or evolved enough to believe in their cause. 6/10
Adven4U1 - 22 days ago
Diaa Dra I showed Movie to my cousins younger then 9 they were laughing so hard.😂
Shash Sand
Shash Sand - Month ago
comicozy87 you must be 9 if you didnt laugh at the jokes
sebymaneby z
sebymaneby z - Month ago
Why was this song never in the movie
Evan Kiss
Evan Kiss - Month ago
I think the archaeologist cowboy raptor trainer is bad. ( haven't seen it yet)
Adven4U1 - Month ago
Does anybody remember the Prophecy that Vitruvius made up? This master builder will Thwart the Kragle and save the Realm- and become the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all time.
Holy moly, he was right!
Christendom Defender
Christendom Defender - Month ago
Nelson - Month ago
Queen and the general are the true villains
Christendom Defender
Christendom Defender - Month ago
Adven4U1 - Month ago
Don’t Harden your heart ❤️
Christendom Defender
Christendom Defender - Month ago
awkbunny - Month ago
did anyone else not really enjoy this film? the jokes were flat out cringy, i get that the kids are controlling the world in the movie but did a child actually write the film? i really enjoyed the first film but i couldnt find myself to even finish this film.
anitha Nagarajan
anitha Nagarajan - Month ago
The phants are made out of pudding part was sooo funny 😆
HJ - Month ago
Is the raptor trainer a bad-guy??
Adven4U1 - Month ago
Hayley Joseph Go See for yourself.
Daniel The Kid
Daniel The Kid - Month ago
PLS PUT THIS IN NETFLIX!!!!!!!! or am sad
Dr. Hollywood
Dr. Hollywood - Month ago
Hi guys, here you can see the interviews I did with Chris Pratt and the rest of the cast of The Lego Movie 2:
Jared Kaestner
Jared Kaestner - Month ago
intergalactic from beastie boys ahhh yeah
ProWorld EXTRAS - Month ago
the trailer has the same music as the dome coaster for the MaxFlight Simulator ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer - Month ago
Lego movies are clearly a lucrative business and as much as I want to complain about product placement and stuff, they are still somehow funnier than much of what you find on TV these days.
pigleto - Month ago
Everything is not awesome
Kaya Chauke
Kaya Chauke - Month ago
1:56 that beats kinda awesome
Niger Nelly
Niger Nelly - Month ago
Just a movie gesh
Niger Nelly
Niger Nelly - Month ago
It's just a movie gesh 😒
Niger Nelly
Niger Nelly - Month ago
It's just a movie gesh 😒
ReroMan - Month ago
Icecream was the best character
strongbad666 - Month ago
Raptor: "ALAN!"
Emmet: "No Emmet."
Raptor: "ALAN!"
F dL
F dL - 2 months ago
On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 86%.
lololo Love
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SMSG4 - 2 months ago
2:04 Lucy dosent have her colorful hair
Emmet dosent have his Rex vest
Adven4U1 - 19 days ago
SMSG4 Or the headset
Ida Immelman
Ida Immelman - 2 months ago
A Day Before Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie
Fancy Bot
Fancy Bot - 2 months ago
Seeing this today looks good
Niger Nelly
Niger Nelly - Month ago
Good for u
Allan Ang
Allan Ang - 2 months ago
1:26 look at that brofist ship
Tabitha Kavulu
Tabitha Kavulu - 2 months ago
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Zumuhamad Adillah
Zumuhamad Adillah - 2 months ago
The 5 yeas make you the lego movie 3!!😊😊😊
Niger Nelly
Niger Nelly - Month ago
Klyde Royale
Klyde Royale - 2 months ago
1:44 look at unikitty so cuteeeee
fluffy chopstick
fluffy chopstick - 2 months ago
i love itttt!
red eye
red eye - 2 months ago
I see this movie but there something different
Niger Nelly
Niger Nelly - Month ago
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