Everything Wrong With Home Alone In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Ed Barton
Ed Barton - 2 hours ago
Cima sins
Servers Down
Servers Down - Day ago
Spl1ntMan - Day ago
lots of radios have battery backup... never seen anyone actually put batteries in one that stays plugged in....
Michael Cavelti
Michael Cavelti - Day ago
WOW! Some things that are mentioned I noticed, but never gave it a thought. However, There are some things that I didn't notice.
NOAH'S MOMMY2012 - 2 days ago
My ex on meth
Sean  Yankaway
Sean Yankaway - 3 days ago
And the Mother of the Year Award goes to...
parismykitty - 4 days ago
As many times as I watched this as a kid (and a few times as an adult) I never noticed that the dad threw away a plane ticket with the napkins!
Reed Nineluk
Reed Nineluk - 4 days ago
It's just me or the pizza guy looks like cillian murphy? (Tommy shelby from Peaky Blinders)
Richard Siddaway
Richard Siddaway - 4 days ago
It came out over a week ago that Disney are gonna do a remake of this film. A piece of advice before they do. DON'T! This is a hugely beloved Christmas classic and modern film studio can not top this! Besides, it'll probably star some mainstream actors that Hollywood thinks the public like but really don't, but we all know Hollywood bigwigs know sweet Fanny Adams about properly great films. It will probably end up with supposed catchphrases ("You guys give up, or ya thirsty for...BORING!" and half-arsed cameos of people from the classic original, like they do with every other remake or update! Kinda like they awful female Ghostbusters film. It seems today that actors and filmmakers have so much more fun making the film than the people who watch it and are SUPPOSED to be entertained! So, to summarise, DON'T DO IT DISNEY! You're drowning in billions of dollars paid for by suckers who, somehow, pay to watch sub-par, unoriginal films! I mean, is it only me who feels like this?! It can't be coz take a loot at films that have come out in the last few years and 99.9% I don't even think are worth consideration of watching! I'd love to know about the ones that don't get made! Almost no genuine artistic directors as movie execs only care about 'mainstream' success and not true art. And when it is it's some condescending shite trying to lecture or score points for diversity. For being 'woke''! Frankly, most people could care less what colour, sexuality or disability (and doesn't the movie industry and the media love pointing out how amazing it is they've done it and that we've come so far! But not far enough that it didnt need to be blatantly pointed out over and over!) so long as the film was great and the actor's were genuinely talented and enjoyable!
Johnny Xanax
Johnny Xanax - 5 days ago
The reason the clock lost power despite it saying it has battery back up is that is must have one that you have to put in. Most likely one of the 9V box battery that are not that common to have one as other kinds. I had a clock like that and never bothered to get one.
Chris Allie
Chris Allie - 6 days ago
U are what the French call incompetent,that's what she said in French
TTV BlaDE-_-Scafell_
TTV BlaDE-_-Scafell_ - 6 days ago
What kind of mother am I? A pretty shit one by the looks of it
Doomsday Taco
Doomsday Taco - 7 days ago
1:27 what about the pellet gun hanging in the wall in the next shot
Humble Evidence Accepter
C'est raciste.
Jazza Mapping
Jazza Mapping - 8 days ago
Oh o you didn’t...
Eric Linder
Eric Linder - 9 days ago
This elaborate plot could only work in a 4000 s square foot house.
Firefighter Lastman
Firefighter Lastman - 11 days ago
Mr Stupid
Mr Stupid - 12 days ago
+1 sin that nobody called the cops on these parents for leaving their children alone, that's neglect...
Mateo Cristea
Mateo Cristea - 14 days ago
I hate you man
Greg Quiles
Greg Quiles - 15 days ago
I got a sin that no one notices Kevin leaves the front door open 113.
Tashera Rainney
Tashera Rainney - 16 days ago
Man I love this movie but I wouldn't be able to sleep going on a plane
Jak Stone
Jak Stone - 16 days ago
All those kids and they didn't get enough cheese pizza? Sounds like poor planning from the parents.
Brooke Hunter
Brooke Hunter - 16 days ago
I have always hated this movie.
Wolfshark 202
Wolfshark 202 - 16 days ago
I've watch this movie so many times. And I didn't know that they threw Kevin's ticket away. How dumb am I ?
George Lyons
George Lyons - 17 days ago
Even if Kevin didn’t wake up when they were getting ready, the fact that NO ONE went up there and got him personally means they definitely deserve the heartache of a missing child
Rodney Thompson
Rodney Thompson - 18 days ago
How have y’all done 2 out of 3 home alones?? WHERES HOME ALONE 3 #ThisIsMyHouse!!!!!!
J Feigelson
J Feigelson - 19 days ago
7:23 fun fact: that french lady used to be my engish teacher
Fast and Furious
Fast and Furious - 21 day ago
How u gonna bash the best movie ever
Pure Greatness.
Pure Greatness. - 21 day ago
There is nothing wrong with this movie lash me outside how bah dat
Hilda Dokubo
Hilda Dokubo - 21 day ago
U r an ass but I am too😂. Keep it up
Teal MacFarlane
Teal MacFarlane - 22 days ago
I had a battery back up alarm clock and it would fail like every sixth power outage.
There is a chance that there is no battery in the clock. It's a 9V, which besides watch batteries are the most pain in the ass batteries to have because very few things take them. Alarm clocks and the odd remote control car. But also, there's really no way to know if the battery is working out not until you lose power, so it was literally a gamble.
So, in the quest to lose Kevin, the battery backup failing in the alarm clock is pretty realistic.
bahamianshaolin - 22 days ago
Kevin is definately Jigsaw.....
Taufik Hidayat
Taufik Hidayat - 22 days ago
i just realized kevin is jigsaw a freaking psycopath and a torturer but only a kid what do you think will happen if he was an adult comment down below
Ninja Dude
Ninja Dude - 22 days ago
Actually I saw a video saying Kevin has a dog
MINORDEATH PLAYZ - 23 days ago
pacemaker_ man85
pacemaker_ man85 - 23 days ago
They had a dog but they put it into a kennel leading up to their trip
Steve B
Steve B - 23 days ago
There was a mention of a dog. Kate said it when she was on the phone while packing:
“No, we put the dog in the kennel...”
Unfortunately there’s no clip of this on YT.
Ian lee
Ian lee - 24 days ago
0:58-1:03 I was thinking that TOO!!!!!!
Limited - 24 days ago
"In 15 minutes or less"

Video: 15:32
Mary Perez
Mary Perez - 24 days ago
Love ur videos but please stop using the lord's name....it's so direspecful
PastorNerdy - 24 days ago
I'm pretty sure it's a Buick Roadmaster- 15 people can easily fit.
Abby's World
Abby's World - 25 days ago
I’m just guessing Kevin’s parents knew a criminal almost robbed the house
Abby's World
Abby's World - 25 days ago
I’m 14 and lived in the same house since I was 4 and I don’t even know we’re my house is, that’s how bad my memory is so how dose an 8 year old know we’re is house is in the dark
Mary Sebastian
Mary Sebastian - 25 days ago
Kevin’s mother: what kind of mother am I?
CinemaSins: asking that question kind of answers the question too
Livvy Rose
Livvy Rose - 26 days ago
Little Nero's...Discount Little Caesar's???
Also, call me a perv, but does "Wet Bandits" sound weirdly sexual?
FF - 26 days ago
havent watched yet but u bet you half sins will be this works
Melissa Francois
Melissa Francois - 27 days ago
This is one of my favorite holiday movie i watch it almost every time around Christmas
PDAF-12 - Roblox and Others
Veggieoskibroski - 28 days ago
I found another sin:
Kevin says "When I get MARRIED, I will live ALONE"
You can't be married AND live alone, unless you decide to marry then break up a millisecond later to live alone
ADV8 Beats
ADV8 Beats - 28 days ago
2:06 O.J Simpson got pretty close 🤷🏽‍♂️
naiz and soviet man
naiz and soviet man - 29 days ago
Andddddd they just fixed phone A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A-DESIN-
naiz and soviet man
naiz and soviet man - 29 days ago
Ummm isnt the phone down so he couldent call the poilce-Desin-
Phantom Gamer LC
Phantom Gamer LC - 29 days ago
Its more than 15 minutes
Williams Ingebrigtsen
Williams Ingebrigtsen - 29 days ago
1:40 (c'est raciste.) means it's racist
Mush Mello
Mush Mello - 29 days ago
Take a sin off for the "Defend instead of calling cops"-Thing. A theory says, that Kevin actually is Jigsaw in the Future
Daniel Hollowell
Daniel Hollowell - Month ago
Were gonna ignore the fact that they were drinking milk with pizza
Nickelodeon Promos
Nickelodeon Promos - Month ago
This video is great you filthy animal
Justin Bennett
Justin Bennett - Month ago
15 minutes or less but video is 15 and a half minutes
Maja Bagarić
Maja Bagarić - Month ago
It's a movie what did you think
Shadow Mage
Shadow Mage - Month ago
I swear, Kevin really is Jigsaw.
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