Body Painting Clothes On The Dolan Twins

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Tessa Jones
Tessa Jones - 3 hours ago
Is it weird that I really want to touch Jeffree's hair? It just looks so soft!
Nillana Tamo
Nillana Tamo - 11 hours ago
Um is anyone else watching this after the drama of James and Tati and jeffree
HoneyMelon Xx
HoneyMelon Xx - 11 hours ago
Love y'all so much amazing job!!!!
Nickybober Todd
Nickybober Todd - 11 hours ago
My favorite thing about Jeffree Star is that he cares about his fans and the people around him so much
sweet one
sweet one - 12 hours ago
I feel uncomfortable for the twins and idk y
1000 followers with one video
Body painter queen be talking to Jeffree Star with a James Charles merch 😤😤😤😤😤
iamNerø Mayben
iamNerø Mayben - Day ago
They are so fake
Royalty gaming :3
Royalty gaming :3 - Day ago
Jeffree needs boobs XD I just like imagine sisters
Kristen The GachaTuber
Lol she’s wearing sister apparel
Oro 234
Oro 234 - Day ago
why is everyone in this vid so tall
Rayna Little
Rayna Little - 2 days ago
Honestly who wouldn't love painting the Dolan twins abs?
Paige Bailey
Paige Bailey - 2 days ago
In comparison to James, this site amazing and just imagine the things james would say if that straight guy was in his underwear (that would be weird but still) Jeffree handled this so amazingly
Paige Bailey
Paige Bailey - 2 days ago
Pinoy Sari-sariTV
Pinoy Sari-sariTV - 2 days ago
The pink nipples made my day. Joking -_-
Roy'sMrs - 2 days ago
i take it..they wouldn't want James to do this lol
Kween Oreo
Kween Oreo - 2 days ago
Jefree ik wat u doing taking the dolan from James
Tatiana Bbyyy
Tatiana Bbyyy - 2 days ago
Notice how he’s respectful.
Amanda King
Amanda King - 2 days ago
Anyone else recognize George and Sasha from Face Off on SyFy??
Freya XO
Freya XO - 2 days ago
12:01 Jefree looks so intrigued 😂
Darwin Joshua Almojuela
so basically, jeffree's just watching
Mike S
Mike S - 3 days ago
These dollan twins look really stupid
Shawna Mae
Shawna Mae - 3 days ago
Did anyone not notice that in the start Jeffrey was holding hands with the girl?
L xrual
L xrual - 3 days ago
Emma Lewis
Emma Lewis - 3 days ago
Mr. clean 😂😂😂😂😂😂
3lla - 3 days ago
If James did this he would have a law suit on his hands.
Darya Andruk
Darya Andruk - 3 days ago
7:01 Ethan has a pimple or something lmao
Samantha Babauta
Samantha Babauta - 3 days ago
Omg I’m just rewatching this and I’m in marching band and at 25:12 its funny because our band had this joke about locked knees and this just reminded me about it
Numsug Skecth
Numsug Skecth - 3 days ago
Koyok medi... Ngeri tenan 😭
10for ellie
10for ellie - 3 days ago
0:37 when you realise your friend is wearing a sisters hoodie instead of supporting YOU Lmao
Destiny Conners
Destiny Conners - 3 days ago
James Charles pre-planning flirty actions he'll make with Grayson is wrong, but Jeffreestar examining their bare bodies is not a problem?
MakeUp By Harry
MakeUp By Harry - 3 days ago
Nicole was wearing a James Charles hoodie the whole time 💀
MiyahLush - 3 days ago
I'm reading these comments about James..........they probably like *Anna oop..*
Justin Thiago
Justin Thiago - 3 days ago
Why tf are the Dolan twins on so many gay channels
Mara Jackson
Mara Jackson - 3 days ago
Anyone notice she is wearing a sister James shirt…
Danielle Hodson
Danielle Hodson - 3 days ago
Isn’t it weird that this is their first time being around jeffree and they seem perfectly comfortable but with James...
Emily Blake
Emily Blake - 2 days ago
Danielle Hodson yuppppp
AËSTHETÏC LÖVË - 4 days ago
She was wearing sister’s apparel lmao.
Ashley Damianloera
Ashley Damianloera - 4 days ago
James has to argue to make them to get naked but He makes them do right away😂😂
Harsh Family
Harsh Family - 4 days ago
Who here after James and Tati problems...
Gaming Network
Gaming Network - 4 days ago
7:01. 👌👈
Hunter Romans
Hunter Romans - 4 days ago
omg we FUCKING get it you wanna see the lights shut the fuckkk upppppp
Turbo Gaming
Turbo Gaming - 4 days ago
The truth will always come out. Prove us now that James is wrong. If you’re not capable of doing it then that proves that you were lying. 🤦‍♂️
Dæmon Græyson
Dæmon Græyson - 4 days ago
Jeffry, gurl, you need to put Nichole's name in the title!!! I love her!!!!!!
algerian selenator
algerian selenator - 4 days ago
This is why jeffree has a man unlike James, cause he's nice
Jalen - 3 days ago
Jeffree Is a lying snake bitch. He made up false sexual assault and pedophile allegations against James. He Is going to get sued.
Llamas Are Great
Llamas Are Great - 4 days ago
They look so scared
mary jane lena
mary jane lena - 4 days ago
1:06 look at ethan, he’s scared😂
little white girl
little white girl - 4 days ago
Doesn't Jeffree like both straight men and gay men and women?!! And everybody coming at James for liking a straight guy
SassyCrassy 1o1
SassyCrassy 1o1 - 4 days ago
Grayson looks so hot
Georgina Sparks
Georgina Sparks - 4 days ago
Whose here after the whole James Charles vs Tati Westbrooke drama?
AreihaTheAnimator !
AreihaTheAnimator ! - 4 days ago
Does anyone notice the hicky looking thing on Ethan lol
Exotic Princess
Exotic Princess - 4 days ago
I’m sorry to all the girls that fan girl to the twins but honestly think the twins are pretty bad looking, but better looking then me, I have no clue why James wants them naked 😕
Naomi Xox
Naomi Xox - 4 days ago
The only reason I clicked on this video was to hear Jefree say "Hey there, welcome back to my youtube channel! Hi, how are ya?😂😂😂
Moon devil Moonlight
Moon devil Moonlight - 4 days ago
Real friends to James would never leave and that’s all his subs that stayed you are not a real friend I HATE YOU
Tanesha Richardson
Tanesha Richardson - 4 days ago
Those two people are from face off on the syfx channel. Loved that show.
Livimin playzz
Livimin playzz - 4 days ago
The tea was spilled ☕️
Abby’s CrazyTv
Abby’s CrazyTv - 4 days ago
I love your 🏠🏡🐩🐩🐩🐩
Abby’s CrazyTv
Abby’s CrazyTv - 4 days ago
My Voice is in pirate an account
Abby’s CrazyTv
Abby’s CrazyTv - 4 days ago
You are the best 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩👡👡
Cathy Raee
Cathy Raee - 4 days ago
he looks scary where his brows at??
crzldbnhn anama
crzldbnhn anama - 4 days ago
hate the red merch
Gayatri Patil
Gayatri Patil - 4 days ago
That girl is wearing james charles sisters hoodie lmao😂
Ribbion_ Yt
Ribbion_ Yt - 4 days ago
Anyone else think at first the pallet of paint was James’s pallet??? 😂
Night shade
Night shade - 4 days ago
What if they need to use the bathroom?
Sara Taha
Sara Taha - 4 days ago
with bathroom would you go to ladies or men
sinb hwang
sinb hwang - 5 days ago
13:53 that white-haired guy is a cutie
Lenna Costa
Lenna Costa - 5 days ago
You said James Charles made the twins uncomfortable. when this video is the most uncomfortable video they’ve filmed And I’ve been subscribe to the Dolan twins once they first started their channel AND it’s really sad what your doing to James PLUS Your harassing Jame's friends, FAMILY, and him it can take three YouTubers to ruin a poor guys career if anything your definitely not good for society and your friends who are trying to take James down plus you really don’t deserve being famous your a horrible human being.
kibum's keyhole
kibum's keyhole - 5 days ago
im jealous that the girls can touch the dolan twins bodies lol
kibum's keyhole
kibum's keyhole - 5 days ago
its funny how the girl jeffree was with is wearing james charles merch, wORK
i got an ITCH!!!!!
i got an ITCH!!!!! - 5 days ago
Ethan has a way better bodypaint job because grayson's sweater looked really patches
Junelight Gacha
Junelight Gacha - 5 days ago
Don't wanna sound rude but it's supposed to be a little bit patchy cause it's velvet..I think?
Mrs Aphrodite
Mrs Aphrodite - 5 days ago
How much you wanna bet that James Charles took a screenshot of the Dolan twins in their underwear and that is no his wallpaper.
CHELSEA Bennett - 5 days ago
Why were jeffree and bucole holding hands? FBI OPEN UP
Promise - 5 days ago
Greyson's probably dying inside every time he sees the sister hoodie when he's in his underwear
Alejeje - 5 days ago
James:jeffree ur so lucky I wanna touch them
Alexandra Rodriguez
Alexandra Rodriguez - 5 days ago
how dare you talk to James that the Dolan Twins is going to post a video talking about how James was trying to touch one of them
Annabelle Drescher
Annabelle Drescher - 5 days ago
Jeffrees hair screams me
Slimee Amsrr
Slimee Amsrr - 5 days ago
Mara Chomico
Mara Chomico - 5 days ago
Who's her to escape the tea?
Nayeli_ RT
Nayeli_ RT - 5 days ago
Jeffrey always asks us how we are but we don’t. Hi Jeffrey how are you doing?
JOHNNY.SMOKES - 5 days ago
Who here after James video? 😂
Junelight Gacha
Junelight Gacha - 5 days ago
Me phaha
I want a cup of *tae* with *suga* and a *kookie*
I love how respectful Jeffre is! He treats the straight gus like straight guys, I LOVE YOU JEFFRE😍💜
Keren Valadez
Keren Valadez - 5 days ago
Wonder who gave Ethan that hickey
Klenth Sassyng
Klenth Sassyng - 6 days ago
14:00, so who is the cameraguy of Dolan Twins?
Maddi Rosales
Maddi Rosales - 2 days ago
Klenth Sassyng Kyle Houck
Wings Pony
Wings Pony - 6 days ago
I thought that George looked familiar! He was from Face Off season 7!
jungkook is a bunny
jungkook is a bunny - 6 days ago
Bazil - 6 days ago
I love how the twins were so comfortable around Jeffree and Jeffree was so respectful of their personal space and barely touched them. This is what James doesn't have: Respect for others, the industry and the art that comes with it.
Jeffree wasn't slobbering all over the twins, he wasn't being flirtatious, it was all business with a drop of jokes. That's being professional.
Serendipity - 6 days ago
5:40 look how Jeffree is holding her hand, I love it
CrispyConal2008 Lol
CrispyConal2008 Lol - 6 days ago
Jairus Jed
Jairus Jed - 6 days ago
Y-O - 7 days ago
I love seeing J* and LipStNik together again! Their friendship/bond just warms my heart!
Obsessed with Billie Eilish
Nicole needs to take off her James Charles merch at 8:40
Omazu - 7 days ago
1:07 look at Jeffree 😂
Mari Vlogzzz
Mari Vlogzzz - 7 days ago
The reason James would feel jealous is because jeffree respects them and makes them feel comfortable around him. James shows no respect and just starts being all weird around them.
Shays KC
Shays KC - 7 days ago
Aiman Alee
Aiman Alee - 7 days ago
why do they look like sims with tight outfits
Golden Rose
Golden Rose - 7 days ago
So are we not gonna talk about the hot cameraman?
amy vedika277
amy vedika277 - 7 days ago
@jamescharles u need take notes on how to behave with straight guys
jenna wilson
jenna wilson - 7 days ago
Oh snap, that Sisters merch though🤣 Pre-tea👅
ice cube tray
ice cube tray - 7 days ago
Out of 24k community u found me
Have some lotion 🧴
Karin - 7 days ago
Holey hell ma dudes, waxing everything.. oof... respect for that, that you do all of it for the body paint. It turned out SO COOL tho! (I waxed my arms ones and it ripped of some of the skin of my scars as well, it hurt SO FKN BAD, i gave up after that so, dang man, that's awesome and that patience, also from the team, SO good) Cool video & project!
Alexium Moonflare
Alexium Moonflare - 7 days ago
I love Jeffrey's outfit 😻
Jacyntah_ Izzy
Jacyntah_ Izzy - 8 days ago
At 5:19 did you see Jeffrey hold that girls hands
Mezzed Panda
Mezzed Panda - 7 days ago
Jacyntah_ Izzy
Jacyntah_ Izzy - 8 days ago
Yeah also you the first person to ever comment and like one of my comments
bakugo smith
bakugo smith - 8 days ago
Can’t you Not?
Can’t you Not? - 8 days ago
I just noticed Nicole was wearing a ﹩ї﹩†℮ґ﹩ Ѧ℘℘Ѧґ℮ℓ ℌ◎◎∂ї℮...
kenneth anderson
kenneth anderson - 8 days ago
Was the camera man James Charles going in on the twins underwear so much
Michelle Roybal
Michelle Roybal - 8 days ago
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