10 Truck Bed Campers That'll Make You Rethink Your Camping Needs

3 000
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - Month ago
Thanks for watching everyone! ✌ 😍
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Sally Sorrentino
Sally Sorrentino - Month ago
God do i wish if camper companys would give u one for traveling around advertising????
Dubayew - Month ago
JEDIAL9 Adventurer
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - Month ago
@JEDIAL9 For your convenience, all the prices, camper names and websites are in the videos description. Adventure-XT Truck ($340,000) adventuretrucks.com
Kent Tillman
Kent Tillman - Month ago
Great video
JEDIAL9 - Month ago
What's the name of the last camper?
woof beast
woof beast - 7 hours ago
Number 5 costs up to $71000.
Why not get a real RV?
woof beast
woof beast - 7 hours ago
Bunch a weird euro nonsense
trevis757 - Day ago
my favorite camper was Chandi
H H - 2 days ago
Trust me, camper since 40 years and all I have to say: All of that crap is not a solution for high winds and cold rainy weather! Go 2 month to Iceland for winter camping and you know what you want...
keith William
keith William - 5 days ago
keith William
keith William - 5 days ago
Jennifer Divers
Jennifer Divers - 7 days ago
I loved 5,4, and 1
Tarmant Mustapha
Tarmant Mustapha - 7 days ago
how you have not get a house in austrlaia!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 7 days ago
These are all hideous
Jones Knows
Jones Knows - 8 days ago
#5 was my favorite!
Vincent cruz
Vincent cruz - 10 days ago
Cute girl
Michael Melling
Michael Melling - 10 days ago
They look nice and look like they'd be fun but I always wonder about being so vulnerable. Like, say you're out there and it's 3am and you're thinking how wonderful it all is when suddenly some yahoos sitting 3/4 of a mile away, and with their bellies full of beer, decide they want to have some fun by popping holes through the rig with a 7mm.:-(
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson - Hour ago
But I guess that could happen to anyone, anywhere, in any vehicle, at any time, any state. But I do get the fact that they are huge attention grabbers.
Lavern Mowatt
Lavern Mowatt - 11 days ago
I love 10,9,3
Tom Zorba
Tom Zorba - 12 days ago
Try living in one for 30 consecutive days and then do the reviews. Most of these have too much flash and too little function or convenience.
Tom Zorba
Tom Zorba - 10 days ago
@Minds Eye Design I've owned 4 different campers, a class A motor home, and a travel trailer at various times and have seen too many RVs of all types with flash but not function. I'm not saying your evaluations are wrong. I'm just saying living in them is much more insightful than looking at them.
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 11 days ago
Are you speaking from the experience of living in all of these for 30 days or just your opinion based on?
Slowhand - 12 days ago
I feel you missed it with the exclusion of the Arctic Fox line by Northwood. The line has much larger fresh water/grey water/black water storage and the dual 30lb LPG that comes standard are among the largest offered...
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 6 days ago
I didn't have enough usable media to include that one. It had a spot otherwise. Thanks for watching!
Jackie B
Jackie B - 13 days ago
Number 1 was perfect
Martin West
Martin West - 14 days ago
No, they are not "making a comeback on a grand scale" ...sorry to disappoint you. Haven't seen one in years whether it's on the road or camping.
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 6 days ago
My statement is based on the number of existing or new manufacturers that are now making them. Yours is based on what you see on the road. Since I rarely, if ever, see $100 bills in my wallet can I safely say the govt. is not making them hardly at all anymore?
jc dova
jc dova - 14 days ago
I would love something like this fitted with a 12 inch telescope.
B C - 10 days ago
Something for the roof. Great call!
Ross Bagley
Ross Bagley - 18 days ago
I still don't get why nobody offers a composting toilet. Cassette toilets fill in a couple of days and dealing with a full cassette... urg. Much less hurling potential with separate dry and wet containers.
Jason B
Jason B - 19 days ago
Did anyone look at the prices of these things. You can buy a pull camper for these prices.
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 19 days ago
(Me after checking to make sure the prices are in the description which absolutely means we had to have looked)..."Uh wut?"
Lee Devilriding666
Lee Devilriding666 - 20 days ago
1 and 3 and i just πŸ’™ MED
Martin Benford
Martin Benford - 21 day ago
Isuzu D Max ?
Julie Shaffer
Julie Shaffer - 21 day ago
I miss you Shojii
Martin Trapper
Martin Trapper - 22 days ago
This may be my next baby house. 1 piece, 1 truck.
Patrick Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer - 22 days ago
#5 is unreal
Orion TheGamingRaptor
Orion TheGamingRaptor - 23 days ago
Some of these look like they’d be worth there money
Specialopsdave - 23 days ago
Why didn't you provide the weight for all of them?
Specialopsdave - 23 days ago
@Minds Eye Design Ok, thank you!
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 23 days ago
Weights are on the spec sheets in the video. Feel free to check the website's for more info. For your convenience, the links are in the video description.
travelingman21000 - 24 days ago
Looks like a typical sales pitch video and your #1 isn't a truck bed camper, it's frame mounted and has no business being in this video, thumbs down...been TCing since 2002.
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
OK...(goes back to watching tv)...
BsurfChillin - 24 days ago
Love these. Thank you.
Steve Oiwa
Steve Oiwa - 25 days ago
Next time I like to know water tank size and packages and options. Also tell us more details like how long electricity last
How often I have to dump waste. How much the gas mileage after camper.
steve chandler
steve chandler - 25 days ago
chabni, you are so pritty x
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
I'm prittier...which is a whole 'nother level above pretty...
Soooo, These manufacturers want me to spend $ 20,000+ to add a ton 1/2 to my 1/2 ton truck ?
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 26 days ago
That's one way of looking at it πŸ€”
Traci  Moore
Traci Moore - 27 days ago
If camper specifications are going to be given for a product, don't block that information with your animations. Not a bad video - bad timing on the animations.
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
@GameFizzle Personally I can't wait to be launched into space either. Then I don't have to share my beer...
GameFizzle - 26 days ago
@Minds Eye Design lol did she really just complain about that for real??! Personally, I can't wait to see Reachers RV Spaceship saving the universe from spec sheet invasion. πŸ’―πŸ‘
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 26 days ago
Until the next video, when I fully animate the entirety of it. Launching Reacher on a space mission to block all spec sheets across the galaxy! Oh yeah! His RV has fold out wings and it can fly too!πŸš€πŸ“ŠβŒπŸ“„βŒβœ–βŒπŸ“‹βŒπŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸŒ 
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 26 days ago
Okay, since you put it so nicely, I promise, I won't block five seconds of one of the ten spec sheets ever again.🀞πŸ€₯
Jimmy Erbe
Jimmy Erbe - 27 days ago
I may be interested in selling my American Road camper for a full size 350 size truck
Jennifer F
Jennifer F - 28 days ago
Anyone know anything that’ll work in a ford ranger, 6 ft bed?!
bryan duffy
bryan duffy - 19 days ago
Sleeping bag
Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy - 28 days ago
My favorite type of camper
Alternatively, I despise the pop-up versions.
Emerson Pedro
Emerson Pedro - 28 days ago
Rocks and Oil
Rocks and Oil - 28 days ago
The problem is they are mostly over priced
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
Prices are relative to the inherent value. If you don't see value in it then yes, it is overpriced. But for the person who needs/wants everything it has to offer then it's a bargain...
Michael Slack
Michael Slack - 28 days ago
Still can't beat vintage Westfalia...hell westfalia anything really and waaaaay cheaper!
I still like the vid so you get a thumbs up regardless.
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
I concur...but not publicly, out loud, or in writing...
Anse Kim
Anse Kim - 29 days ago
#5's listed price doesn't match with real sales prices that I looked up, which is mostly around $70,000. If it were only $18,995, then I will definitely consider to buy it.
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
Have you heard that dude's accent? He obviously can't count high that high and just hit random numbers on the keyboard. Total dunce...(goes back to drinking beer)...
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 26 days ago
Thank you for the heads up! I've adjusted the price. You're hired and Reachers pay has been docked -🍺.
Mike Gustafson
Mike Gustafson - 29 days ago
Maybe something like Reacher's animation camper...! πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
You don't even wanna know what it looks like inside...
Protacio Corate
Protacio Corate - 29 days ago
I love the last one.
James Simmons
James Simmons - 29 days ago
2500 pounds? Well most pickups are 3/4 ton capacity. That's 1500 pounds. Beef up the suspension? OK but what about the rims and tires? What is the safe load capacity for them? And how about the wheel bearings? Is the axle floating or does the weight of the load affect them? I say all this because I've been told that my 1/2 ton pickup is too light for a certain camper. But that same camper is also too heavy for a 3/4 ton truck. Of course this simple bit of arithmetic escapes them completely. None of what salesmen say makes sense to me. I'd rather have a small trailer that can be easily detached and parked. If The truck is to be safe with this camper it'd have to be a 1 1/2 ton to begin with. And no just having dual tires is not enough. Every part of the suspension should be adequate for the load.
I am a retired commercial truck driver with 35 years of experience. I know more than the average salesman.
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
Guys, I read and respect all you have to say. But just to clarify, everything I say about this stuff comes from the manufacturer's websites. If you see something that doesn't make sense to you then feel free to check w/ them about it. If I misstated something then by all means, let me know and feel free to make fun of me for it. I value the opinions, criticism, and welcome any & all sarcasm, jokes, etc. Also, we aren't salesmen. We don't get paid by anyone for this stuff other than RUvideos. If I were going to be a shill for someone I'd do it directly and get a commission instead of the pizza & beer I normally get for my efforts. Thanks for commenting & thanks for watching!
missingremote - 26 days ago
@Bob in the West I have one of those Chinooks (1990) on a 1 Ton E350 van dually W/ Ford 460ci motor. The rig weighs 12.000 lbs. And it's great because of the dually set up. Drives like a tank and immune to cross winds. And when parked too. Very stable and no wobble. They get you at toll boths for the extra wheels though... 6 instead of 4βš™οΈβš™οΈβš™οΈβš™οΈ
Bob in the West
Bob in the West - 26 days ago
As a fellow truck driver (this year has marked the passage of my 30th year "in training") I couldn't agree more with many of the points you bring up. To touch on just a few (more for the other folks here, as I'm sure that YOU are aware of much of this)... A HALF TON TRUCK : Really shouldn't be fitted with much more than a topper/canopy... or reasonably be expected to (safely and comfortably) tow much more than a light weight "pop-up" type of trailer. Even those units weighing in at 1100 pounds are pushing a half-ton truck's limits (don't forget that people like to bring a lot of "stuff" along, and the weight of your stuff must also be factored in) A 3/4 TON TRUCK : Would generally be fine for the 1100 pound units (provided that you limit yourself to 400 pounds of "stuff"). With a visit to a good suspension shop, you could probably get away with installing a slightly heavier unit. A ONE TON TRUCK: If you really think about it... isn't much better than the above, just with a bit more "stuff" capacity. Even the units weighing in at 2500 pounds have already exceeded the trucks capacity... and there is still all your "stuff" to consider. A DUALLY: Honestly IS more than a one ton truck with two additional wheels. You would have to check with the manufacturer for specifics, but generally speaking, a dually will feature an up-graded suspension, possibly a heavier duty anti-sway/stabilizer set-up, and the extra "track-width" in and of itself adds to stability. AS FAR AS I KNOW... Trucks rated for one ton or higher, will be equipped with a "full-floating" axle (but don't quote me on that). Anyone who doesn't know WHAT a full-floating axle is... has simply NOT done enough research prior to investing their money. This leads us directly to the real problem in all of this. For most people, "research" means only asking the salesman, whose only motivation is the "cha-ching" at the end of the sale. The best way to approach this if you are serious about it (in my opinion) is from the top down... by deciding on the camper unit that you'll be happy with, and then spec'ing the truck specifically for that unit. However, if you already have a truck, and wish to fit it with "what it can handle"... I would recommend that BEFORE you run down to the camper dealer, you should pay a visit to your truck dealer, followed by a visit to a good suspension shop to get a firm handle on reality. If the answers you get don't satisfy you... it may be time to consider trading in your truck for one that is more suitable for what you want to do. Be especially wary of people who throw around phrases like, "You should be able to get away with (insert bad idea here) " People who unknowingly hit the road in an overloaded condition are a real problem, and a real danger in the worst cases. As much as I am opposed to "over-legislation"... there really DOES need to be some form of regulation on the camper industry, such as holding the dealerships accountable in some way for installing a unit onto a vehicle that is clearly inadequate. Of course, that can't prevent anyone from sliding a camper into a different vehicle after the fact. Licensing requirements for the end user perhaps? Adding a requirement for an endorsement on your license? Expanding the function of weigh/inspection stations? I'm just "spit-balling" here now... All I can say is... camping is supposed to be RELAXING. The entire experience should be enjoyable. People tend to view "set-up" cost as a TOP priority. But you should factor in your enjoyment and safety as a priority as well. If nervously sweating bullets while maintaining a white-knuckle death grip on your steering wheel is what you consider enjoyable, perhaps camping isn't the recreational activity for you. You might consider low budget "run what you brung" auto racing, demolition derby, or similar instead. Just my two cents... or maybe I typed a buck three eighty, lol.
missingremote - 28 days ago
For the price of these camper you could buy a used Snap on peterbuilt/Freightliner box truck. I seen one on eBay near Joliet 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁
marce fontaine
marce fontaine - 29 days ago
Are the Travel Lite's still available? I thought I read they went out of business
1D5dozer - Month ago
Number 10 is real smart, any person can latch the tailgate and you'll be stuck inside 🀣
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
Well you just ruined a bunch of kidnappers grand plans...
Jim Foreman
Jim Foreman - Month ago
Back in the early 1970s I owned company which made two sizes of slide-in cabover campers. I was located in Amarillo, Texas. The short one was 8' to fit the standard length pickup bed and one 18" longer. They were stick-built with aluminum exterior and wood paneling interiors. We had four basic floor plans or could build out the interior to suit the customer's wishes. We kept a few completed units ready for sale but at least 80% were built to customer specifications. The normal turn around from order to delivery on a custom camper was a week. In a stroke of sheer good luck, I sold the company just before the gas crunch hit and RV sales went down the toilet.
HL Dye
HL Dye - 27 days ago
how about your thoughts on making leek proof doors that lift up on each side ? I`m building the camper top at my shop. the rear will be a lift up also but with glass. For a chevy 1/2 ton in order to protect my carpentry tools. Lee :)
Tumbleweed - Month ago
#1 isn't worth $40,000, much less the $340,000 absurd hiway robbery price... unless they actually mean peso's or the Venezuelan worthless money.
Real ReacherMED
Real ReacherMED - 22 days ago
I'll meet you halfway on this one. And before I reply I would like to point out that value is inherent to the needs of the buyer. But in this case, you don't need that truck to see that $40K is a steal. Buy it & sell it for 5x what you paid. Boom! Now, $340K...maybe I pause to consider. Actually yes, I do pause. A long pause. But that's current me pausing. Anyone who can easily spend that type of coin on this thing isn't worried about cost. So again, inherent value. One last note: as of this comment, 340,000 Venezuelan bolΓ­var is equal to $34,042 US. Sooooo yeah, you kinda contradicted yourself. Now relax, breathe, and enjoy life a little. It's too short for anything else. Thanks for watching!
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 29 days ago
40k? Okay, that's not an over the top, melodramatic, exaggeration of the third kind or anything. That XT is definitely, without any doubt, worth 40k.
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