10 Truck Bed Campers That'll Make You Rethink Your Camping Needs

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Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 4 months ago
Thanks for watching everyone! ✌ 😍
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Sally Sorrentino
Sally Sorrentino - 4 months ago
God do i wish if camper companys would give u one for traveling around advertising????
Dubayew - 4 months ago
JEDIAL9 Adventurer
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 4 months ago
@JEDIAL9 For your convenience, all the prices, camper names and websites are in the videos description. Adventure-XT Truck ($340,000) adventuretrucks.com
Kent Tillman
Kent Tillman - 4 months ago
Great video
JEDIAL9 - 4 months ago
What's the name of the last camper?
Guillermo Maclachlan
Guillermo Maclachlan - 7 days ago
No 8 is my favorite. the Aussies have a knack with the practical. its a Swiss army knife on wheels!
Josh Knechtel
Josh Knechtel - 15 hours ago
also their license requirements are such that weight requires an upgraded license (smart IMHO), so they are weight concise. Also, I don't need an entertainment system in my camper, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the outdoors?
TB SB - 7 days ago
Chandni is Hot AF!!!
Fino Menezes
Fino Menezes - 7 days ago
My favourite from this video was Chandni
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin - 19 days ago
Please show a vid for half ton towables light and rugid
T38 Talon
T38 Talon - 20 days ago
#5 was awesome until I choked on the price...
Sailesh Sharma
Sailesh Sharma - 28 days ago
Another successful video I really enjoy them keep them coming
Wahyu Yudha Yudha
Wahyu Yudha Yudha - Month ago
Very simple...and how mutch price for...tq👍👍👍
c k
c k - Month ago
Jack reacher?
Shawn Casey
Shawn Casey - Month ago
Have you guys ever considered rounding up and comparing cold weather, winter friendly campers and RV units? Sometrhing that you don't have to worry about your water lines or staying warm when it's -10f as you head out for the morning hunt in Idaho?
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - Month ago
Good suggestion. Duly noted.
5stardave - Month ago
Where's the Four Wheel Campers Flat bed pop up camper??
gerard haubert
gerard haubert - Month ago
What about the Host Monmouth?
Karen Vickers
Karen Vickers - Month ago
I would love one of these truck campers; but I need to get a truck first, love the video though.
B Z - Month ago
Toooooo heavy,,,,,,Tooooooo much money, ,,,,,other than that, great!
Nathalie Belisle
Nathalie Belisle - 2 months ago
#5 Amazing :)x
J WILTON - 2 months ago
I pretty much like all your videos because they are so professional and enjoyable. Great job!
NIKKIWASH9 - 2 months ago
#5.FAV. MAYBE #1
Andrei Snegiryov
Andrei Snegiryov - 2 months ago
Отличная подборка, спасибо! 👍
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole - 2 months ago
A truck bed camper over 30,000 no thanks these things are so overpriced. Dont get me wrong theyre nice but a bumper pull is better and cheaper
William Hou
William Hou - 2 months ago
Should have given the prices of all of them.
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 2 months ago
Prices are down in the description along with the websites. Thanks for watching.
James P
James P - 3 months ago
I'm waiting on Electric pickup trucks release this year :D
pahrahinc - 3 months ago
The wife says she would not have a built in stove, there are endless appliances for cooking and hot plates for cooking, plus a small outdoor bar-b-Q for frying greasy, splatter-ie meat and why make a horrible mess in such a tiny space. There are ready to eat meals that need just a Micro-Wave and why get complicated when traveling, plus eating out. Forget the Stove, there outdated.
chinookpilot77 - 3 months ago
Mr. Garrison approves!
Richie Evans
Richie Evans - 3 months ago
woof beast
woof beast - 3 months ago
Number 5 costs up to $71000.
Why not get a real RV?
woof beast
woof beast - 2 months ago
@Tom Davis I used to work at a resort camp. The well off retired people mostly opted for the rock star tour buses. They were quite nice and easier to deal with than a trailer.
Tom Davis
Tom Davis - 2 months ago
woof beast Try taking a “real rv” places a pickup can go. If you’re gonna boondock camp an rv is a poor choice. Also the $71000 one is an extreme example. Most are much more reasonable than that. Also look at the extra insurance and registration costs you will not incur.
trevis757 - 3 months ago
my favorite camper was Chandi
H *
H * - 3 months ago
Trust me, camper since 40 years and all I have to say: All of that crap is not a solution for high winds and cold rainy weather! Go 2 month to Iceland for winter camping and you know what you want...
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 2 months ago
Anything not suitable for camping in Iceland is crap? If you say so it must be true.
Teri Covert
Teri Covert - 3 months ago
What would you suggest
keith William
keith William - 3 months ago
keith William
keith William - 3 months ago
ΒΈΡΗ ΧΑΊΡΗ - 3 months ago
Jennifer Divers
Jennifer Divers - 3 months ago
I loved 5,4, and 1
Tarmant Mustapha
Tarmant Mustapha - 3 months ago
how you have not get a house in austrlaia!
Jones Knows
Jones Knows - 3 months ago
#5 was my favorite!
Vincent cruz
Vincent cruz - 3 months ago
Cute girl
Michael Melling
Michael Melling - 3 months ago
They look nice and look like they'd be fun but I always wonder about being so vulnerable. Like, say you're out there and it's 3am and you're thinking how wonderful it all is when suddenly some yahoos sitting 3/4 of a mile away, and with their bellies full of beer, decide they want to have some fun by popping holes through the rig with a 7mm.:-(
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson - 3 months ago
But I guess that could happen to anyone, anywhere, in any vehicle, at any time, any state. But I do get the fact that they are huge attention grabbers.
Lavern Mowatt
Lavern Mowatt - 3 months ago
I love 10,9,3
Tom Zorba
Tom Zorba - 3 months ago
Try living in one for 30 consecutive days and then do the reviews. Most of these have too much flash and too little function or convenience.
Tom Zorba
Tom Zorba - 3 months ago
@Minds Eye Design I've owned 4 different campers, a class A motor home, and a travel trailer at various times and have seen too many RVs of all types with flash but not function. I'm not saying your evaluations are wrong. I'm just saying living in them is much more insightful than looking at them.
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 3 months ago
Are you speaking from the experience of living in all of these for 30 days or just your opinion based on?
Slowhand - 3 months ago
I feel you missed it with the exclusion of the Arctic Fox line by Northwood. The line has much larger fresh water/grey water/black water storage and the dual 30lb LPG that comes standard are among the largest offered...
Real Reacher MED
Real Reacher MED - 3 months ago
I didn't have enough usable media to include that one. It had a spot otherwise. Thanks for watching!
Jackie B
Jackie B - 3 months ago
Number 1 was perfect
Martin West
Martin West - 3 months ago
No, they are not "making a comeback on a grand scale" ...sorry to disappoint you. Haven't seen one in years whether it's on the road or camping.
Real Reacher MED
Real Reacher MED - 3 months ago
My statement is based on the number of existing or new manufacturers that are now making them. Yours is based on what you see on the road. Since I rarely, if ever, see $100 bills in my wallet can I safely say the govt. is not making them hardly at all anymore?
jc dova
jc dova - 3 months ago
I would love something like this fitted with a 12 inch telescope.
B C - 3 months ago
Something for the roof. Great call!
Ross Bagley
Ross Bagley - 3 months ago
I still don't get why nobody offers a composting toilet. Cassette toilets fill in a couple of days and dealing with a full cassette... urg. Much less hurling potential with separate dry and wet containers.
5stardave - Month ago
Cassette toilets are great for campers that travel every day. I never wait for it to get full. I use it, then put my used dishwater down it & then empty it either at a fuel station with an outside toilet, a "Honey Bucket" or park or forest restroom building.
Jason B
Jason B - 3 months ago
Did anyone look at the prices of these things. You can buy a pull camper for these prices.
Real Reacher MED
Real Reacher MED - 3 months ago
(Me after checking to make sure the prices are in the description which absolutely means we had to have looked)..."Uh wut?"
Lee Devilriding666
Lee Devilriding666 - 3 months ago
1 and 3 and i just 💙 MED
Martin Benford
Martin Benford - 3 months ago
Isuzu D Max ?
Julie Shaffer
Julie Shaffer - 3 months ago
I miss you Shojii
Martin Trapper
Martin Trapper - 3 months ago
This may be my next baby house. 1 piece, 1 truck.
Patrick Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer - 3 months ago
#5 is unreal
Orion TheGamingRaptor
Orion TheGamingRaptor - 4 months ago
Some of these look like they’d be worth there money
Specialopsdave - 4 months ago
Why didn't you provide the weight for all of them?
Specialopsdave - 3 months ago
@Minds Eye Design Ok, thank you!
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 4 months ago
Weights are on the spec sheets in the video. Feel free to check the website's for more info. For your convenience, the links are in the video description.
BsurfChillin - 4 months ago
Love these. Thank you.
Steve Oiwa
Steve Oiwa - 4 months ago
Next time I like to know water tank size and packages and options. Also tell us more details like how long electricity last
How often I have to dump waste. How much the gas mileage after camper. Pleased reply soon
steve chandler
steve chandler - 4 months ago
chabni, you are so pritty x
Real Reacher MED
Real Reacher MED - 3 months ago
I'm prittier...which is a whole 'nother level above pretty...
YABBAHEY YABBAHEY - 4 months ago
Soooo, These manufacturers want me to spend $ 20,000+ to add a ton 1/2 to my 1/2 ton truck ?
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 4 months ago
That's one way of looking at it 🤔
Traci  Moore
Traci Moore - 4 months ago
If camper specifications are going to be given for a product, don't block that information with your animations. Not a bad video - bad timing on the animations.
Real Reacher MED
Real Reacher MED - 3 months ago
@GameFizzle Personally I can't wait to be launched into space either. Then I don't have to share my beer...
GameFizzle - 4 months ago
@Minds Eye Design lol did she really just complain about that for real??! Personally, I can't wait to see Reachers RV Spaceship saving the universe from spec sheet invasion. 💯👍
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 4 months ago
Until the next video, when I fully animate the entirety of it. Launching Reacher on a space mission to block all spec sheets across the galaxy! Oh yeah! His RV has fold out wings and it can fly too!🚀📊❌📄❌✖❌📋❌🦸‍♂️🌠
Minds Eye Design
Minds Eye Design - 4 months ago
Okay, since you put it so nicely, I promise, I won't block five seconds of one of the ten spec sheets ever again.🤞🤥
Jimmy Erbe
Jimmy Erbe - 4 months ago
I may be interested in selling my American Road camper for a full size 350 size truck
Jennifer F
Jennifer F - 4 months ago
Anyone know anything that’ll work in a ford ranger, 6 ft bed?!
bryan duffy
bryan duffy - 3 months ago
Sleeping bag
Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy - 4 months ago
My favorite type of camper
Alternatively, I despise the pop-up versions.
Emerson Pedro
Emerson Pedro - 4 months ago
Next videos