Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! - Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Reg-kun - 18 days ago
BioAbner - 23 days ago
Another Pokemon Mystery dungeon pls
Tepig 2000
Tepig 2000 - Month ago
O rly? Wii u
Alexrock - Month ago
I think I have Asperger syndrome
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel - Month ago
Shut up and take my Guiles ⚔️
Qian Gao
Qian Gao - 2 months ago
Jesenia Rojas
Kly - 2 months ago
Holy s*** my f****** w** dream came true, now if only Nintendo made a Yoshi's Mystery Dungeon and made it available in PS4 I would have nothing else to pray for, ever.
World peace people, this is how it is made real.
Sopheaktra Phim
Sopheaktra Phim - 2 months ago
After watching this, I feel like I still have hope for Chocobo racing 2.
Ryo Aster
Ryo Aster - 2 months ago
I love this song man
Rick Simms
Rick Simms - 2 months ago
is there a english version? looks like it's all in Japanese in this trailer
Kitsune Chan
Kitsune Chan - 3 months ago
Oh my god. I love Chocobo's Dungeon 2. Unfortunately couldn't ever play first installment, cause it was only in japanese :( Maybe You will make some cool remaster of first and second game to work on Switch and polish it + make both games in english!? :D
Also I haven't heart about Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon earlier. Just learned bout Every Buddy like 15 minutes ago and I'm hyped!
Richard mako
Richard mako - 3 months ago
It's look's like new version for chocobo dungeon 2?
BenJAMin - 3 months ago
This is a cool game and all, but...
Where's my Chocobo hat?
Gray Person
Gray Person - 3 months ago
I'm just happy that this is a remake of a Wii game that barely anyone bought.
Scott Stamp
Scott Stamp - 3 months ago
*Not interested*
Sullag Irom
Sullag Irom - 3 months ago
Wrong mystery dungeon. I better be able to get a tonberry at least. And have a gen 7 or 8 mystery dungeon come out soon, hopefully with as decent a story as Time and Darkness
Aragoness - 3 months ago
This is the same that was released on the Wii? No aditional content?
Kaen no Kage
Kaen no Kage - 3 months ago
Well! That's oddly convenient, I forgot this was a thing until today, and rewatched the video - only to find out that today is launch day! Guess I know what I'll be playing this afternoon.
\o/ \o/
\o/ \o/ - 3 months ago
I pre-ordered the game because it had to be translated into several languages, but now it is just in English and Japanese... So no thank you....
Art Arturo
Art Arturo - 3 months ago
Ok but what about CHOCOBO RACING!?
Surya Putra
Surya Putra - 3 months ago
OMG is this chocobo dungeon 2 remakessssss?!!!
폴Spurs - 3 months ago
I want it on PC release
GameRHero95 - 3 months ago
So this game was similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Or was this series made before PMD?
GameRHero95 - 3 months ago
@Norman Readdis Cool, I'll give this game a try once I got the Switch.
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
@GameRHero95 it's its own story you're not missing anything important
GameRHero95 - 3 months ago
@Norman Readdis It looks cool so I'm interested! Do I need to play the first Chocobo Mystery Dungeon game first before this one?
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Look at azure dreams it's basically its inspiration and my best Konami game to date when it comes to familiar gameplay
Gerole Gamit
Gerole Gamit - 3 months ago
Kitty Kat Stealer
Kitty Kat Stealer - 3 months ago
time to buy a switch
Mason64 Gaming
Mason64 Gaming - 3 months ago
Tony Tran
Tony Tran - 3 months ago
Don't forget about Etrian Odyssey Mystery Dungeon 3DS.
Even that was better than Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DS.
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Azure dreams beats all of em in my book
Princess Himiko
Princess Himiko - 3 months ago
Omg i excited to get in ps4 in this 20 march💖✨’
Cynical - 3 months ago
Hey! I loved this on the PS1 😊
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
I love azure dreams
MsmX Music
MsmX Music - 3 months ago
Can we get a new Pokémon MD tho
Mr. GeNatiX - Hardstyle and Trance music
INSTA BUY, i am waiting for a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game too long already!
TheElectro Aura
TheElectro Aura - 3 months ago
Give us pokemon mystery dungeon already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucas M. Thomas
Lucas M. Thomas - 3 months ago
It comes out next week and the trailer couldn’t have English footage?
Pokè Potter Muffin
Pokè Potter Muffin - 3 months ago
Also square is making me super poor this year... i got bing arts to buy rhis game and ff14 shadowbring collector's edition
Austin - 3 months ago
I really like the pokemon mystery dungeon series, but not for it's gameplay, but the story. Unless this game have a good story i wouldn't buy it, because this kind of gameplay is really tedious and loooong
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Try the inspiration of all this "Azure Dreams" for the ps1 it my best familiar game from Konami
digichu007 - 3 months ago
You can try out the older ones from PS1 if you want to see what the story was like. Since they showed white mage, it’s maybe Chocobo Dungeon 3. PS1 Chocobo dungeon 2 was really good.
EthanDraws - 3 months ago
I want to be trampled by chocobo
Lawgx - 3 months ago
Cool they remake this
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams - 3 months ago
You copied pokemon mystery dungeon STEALER
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
More like PMD rip off Azure Dreams
RetroProGamer - 3 months ago
We need a Retail Release of this
A random dinosaur on a tricycle
I hope barny sees this
Wing Zero Straight Edge
Wing Zero Straight Edge - 3 months ago
CMD was 1997 and PMD was 2005 so umm all idiots complaining should shut up, clearly PMD ripped this off.
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
I say azure dreams is the first of all of em Mechanics and all of it
rjals yazar
rjals yazar - 3 months ago

pokemon mystery dungeon
JW78SNAKE - 3 months ago
Please bring back Chocobo racing!! Such a cool and cute game. So many memories playing that game.
Brent Miller
Brent Miller - 3 months ago
No physical = no buy
AcciorraOfficial - 3 months ago
Well this is great my friend has been begging for a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Wait till i tell him SE made one to spite him. He hates FF.
Shaheer Chowdhury
Shaheer Chowdhury - 3 months ago
Cloud: That smell? Chocobos?
Gnome King
Gnome King - 3 months ago
I’m late to the entitled Pokemon fan complaining party. Is there still any popcorn?
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Azure Dreams doesn't get any love i'm crying right now 😭
Rochelle Carlson
Rochelle Carlson - 3 months ago
The music is awful I must say.
Jose Armando
Jose Armando - 3 months ago
Pokemon mundo myterioso? paodia
ShidoLionheartGames - 3 months ago
I Think I will Play it! :)
Hotsaucedeluxe - 3 months ago
Is this game like Azure Dreams?
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Inspired from it
Scorcher Cubone
Scorcher Cubone - 3 months ago
I haven’t played a mystery dungeon game since 2010 and I mainly quit because Pokémon was taking over the mystery dungeon name, this game is going to be a breath of fresh air. AND ITS A FLIPPIN CHOCOBO!! WHATS THERE TO HATE?!!!
Spencer Corcoran
Spencer Corcoran - 3 months ago
Now I am assuming all of the text and dialogues will be translated to English in the US release. Right?
Nicolas Oxendine
Nicolas Oxendine - 3 months ago
Jeez, they could have added higher resolution textures and implemented shaders! The game looks no different than it was on the Wii.
Paoro Borla
Paoro Borla - 3 months ago
English / Global version please!
MottledHare _
MottledHare _ - 3 months ago
DarthPrinny - 3 months ago
I would want a proper Final Fantasy Mystery Dungeon or Dragon Quest Mystery Dungeon but knowing that this is a remake of a supposedly pretty good game in the series im definitly hyped a bit.
defunct32 - 3 months ago
Totally adorable. Gonna get this just for its cuteness.
Cheezy Peas
Cheezy Peas - 3 months ago
Comments section thinking this can even come *close* to PMD lmao
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
@Cheezy Peas I'm sure if Konami didn't go Konami azure will still be here You're comparing an ongoing serries to a forgotten gem If the series is still here you not gonna be like PMD trailblaze all of this Sure let PMD had the sales Azure still trail blaze it and its has more to offer than PMD will
Cheezy Peas
Cheezy Peas - 3 months ago
@Norman Readdis and? minecraft wouldn't be around if it wasn't for infiniminer. guess which one's the bestselling game bud
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
@Cheezy Peas hey there will be no PMD if it wasn't for Azure bruh
Cheezy Peas
Cheezy Peas - 3 months ago
@Norman Readdis ah yes, random obscure franchise > pmd. Tell me more.
Hajai Rasidin
Hajai Rasidin - 3 months ago
I want to ride my chocobo all day😁
William Angerstein
William Angerstein - 3 months ago
I think this game's gonna be fun! I loved Chocobo's Dungeon on the Wii, so I think this is going to be a game I don't mind waiting for.
cerulean - 3 months ago
me: angrily hisses in a corner being mad anyways
JiMii78 - 3 months ago
I need a Chocobo amiibo
Gavin745 - 3 months ago
Chocobo is so cute
Darknyan - 3 months ago
Before anyone calls this game a "copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon":ōken:_Fushigi_no_Dungeonémon_Mystery_Dungeon:_Blue_Rescue_Team_and_Red_Rescue_Team
Take a look at both of the Japanese release dates.
Darknyan - 3 months ago
I see...
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
@Darknyan it's literally the first to have this mechanics
Darknyan - 3 months ago
Why? Does it have similar gameplay to the Dungeon games? 🤨
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Take a look at Azure Dreams
Lvl5Kobold - 4 months ago
what is this music tho
gaahinalover - 4 months ago
funny how everyone's comparing it to pokemon mystery dungeon. Chocobo had been doing it waaaay before Pokemon tried their hand at the idea xD and personally, I love all the Mystery Dungeon games I've played over the years, both Chocobo's and Pokemon xD
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Azure Dreams started this mechanics
Reno Kyrie
Reno Kyrie - 3 months ago
And want to know whats funny? There are more games older than Chocobo's....
Lyndis S.
Lyndis S. - 4 months ago
I miss Chocobo's adventures and that Dash de Chocobo theme! I grew up with healthy heaps of Chocobo's Racing...
Mongoose1Billion - 4 months ago
0:21 it sounds like people are booing the game
2B - 4 months ago
This is everything I ever wanted. Chocobo's Dungeon in PS1 was the bomb
Cornelis - 4 months ago
It smells like chocobo over there
Jacob Foxall
Jacob Foxall - 4 months ago
*Gamer:* "I love Nintendo's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. It's the best game ever".
*Square Enix:* "No they dont cause we got the best game ever"!
*Gamer:* "Oh really what is it"?
*Square Enix:* " let's see here um...its uh...come on about Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon".
*Gamer:* "...Well I'm sold". XD
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Azure Dreams anyone?
Reno Kyrie
Reno Kyrie - 3 months ago
I accualy never play CMD I only know about it because there was a trailer? For it in Chocobo racing And honestly i really want to see Chocobo racing sequel....
Jacob Foxall
Jacob Foxall - 4 months ago
@Siel Klavar yea I understand. In fact I am kind of more interested in this chocobo dungeon game (even though I never played it) than the pokemon one just because it seems like I dont have to buy 2 or even 8 of the same games to get that sweet 100%. Plus I like final fantasy XD.
Siel Klavar
Siel Klavar - 4 months ago
All good and honestly a solid joke, I probably came off more condescending than intended, just a plethora of good mystery dungeon games that I hate to see get missed because they don't have Pokemon slapped in the name.
Jacob Foxall
Jacob Foxall - 4 months ago
@Siel Klavar ah I actually did not know that. I was mostly being silly trying to make a joke XD.
S Clair
S Clair - 4 months ago
Im really excited for this now
BiteSizedChocolate - 4 months ago
We aren't going to talk about the gameplay being japanese in this English trailer.
Raven - 3 months ago
Andyliini - 4 months ago
FYI, there will not be physical edition of this in the west. Asia is getting one though, and it seems to support English language.
Dillon Kinder
Dillon Kinder - 4 months ago
It’s pretty much Pokémon Mystery Dungeon but Final Fantasy style
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis - 3 months ago
Azure Dreams came out 1997 before any of this took off
Siel Klavar
Siel Klavar - 4 months ago
First Chocobo Mystery Dungeon game came out and in 97, first Pokemon mystery dungeon in 05.
ivy Octo
ivy Octo - 4 months ago
Nintendo, this is cute and all.

But nothing replaces Pokémon mystery dungeon
Noise Erzr
Noise Erzr - 3 months ago
This is not teying to replace PMD It's not even made by Gamefreakd/Nintendo This is a Square Franchise, that existed well before Pokemon Mystery Dungeon So crying about PMD here does absolutely nothing
Blue Knight Gaming
Blue Knight Gaming - 4 months ago
Thank you Square!!!
Marieila - 4 months ago
I played this on the Wii and loved it! It's great to see that it's being ported to Switch and more features added! Thank you!
embermonkey - 4 months ago
gonna go play the wii version now SQUAWK
Ramadan Kurniawan
Ramadan Kurniawan - 4 months ago
Damn, the last chocobo dungeon i played was the second one
ToadToad7 - 4 months ago
Hearing that music gives me fuzzy nostalgia from playing Chocobo Takes for DS. I wish I played the Wii one, but it's great that this series is still going!
Marko Djuka
Marko Djuka - 4 months ago
We need PMD back 😭😭😭
lennon0670 - 4 months ago
So excited for this game! I finished Chocobo's Dungeon in my PS1 when I was a kid and seeing them releasing one for the Switch just makes me so happy!
Pvt. Prinny
Pvt. Prinny - 4 months ago
But why tho
Karmamell DabSven
Karmamell DabSven - 4 months ago
Digimon Mystery Dungeon looks great
Claro the Third
Claro the Third - 4 months ago
Cant wait for March
Agent Crimson
Agent Crimson - 4 months ago
Ok, who left out all the Gysahl Greens?
Tadeo Gomez
Tadeo Gomez - 4 months ago
The ally looks like Kain, from Final Fantasy IV. I don't know if it was intentional or not.
Joshua Kevin
Joshua Kevin - 4 months ago
wii chocobo dungeon with job system like in ds version? COUNT ME IN!!!!!
Yessi W
Yessi W - 4 months ago
Nobody mentioned this game being nostalgic because they played the ps1 version? Or am I just old hahaha
I used to have 200+ hr save file of Chocobos mystery dungeon 2 alone. I even rebought my disc dozens of times because they were overused
Evenios - 4 months ago
lol wut?
casey fox
casey fox - 4 months ago
Aww........ so cute.
Thomas Corley
Thomas Corley - 4 months ago
Take on a variety of jobs!
*_"J O B S"_*
Chuwi Kitten
Chuwi Kitten - 4 months ago
If this game doesnt make me cry at the end, then I'm returning it
Mike - 4 months ago
Why is anyone talking about PMD? Square doesn't make those games.
Reno Kyrie
Reno Kyrie - 3 months ago
Well, they are just salty to Nintendo(Like they allways are) that instead of Pokémon they got freaking Chocobo Now i like both PMD and CMD but i dont see anything bad with this -Square enix where is my f#$king Chocobo racing 2?-
UnsafestPony81 - 4 months ago
It's cool...but....could we also get a New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game? OwO
bizotically_yours83 - 4 months ago
Ooh new jobs! And look at the cute little sheepy chocobo! Auggh bring it to the West square enix! I love Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon on the Wii.
Tavish DeGroot
Tavish DeGroot - 4 months ago
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