SEKIRO SHADOWS DIE TWICE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Sekiro)

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theRadBrad - Month ago
I appreciate all the support you drop on this video cause this is easily the hardest game I've ever played. If we hit 30k likes I'll give this game all I got!
RandomDeadGuy - 4 days ago
I've been subscribed since Wolfenstein: The New Order. I'm just as hyped for Sekiro as I was for Wolfenstein.
Silenced Jelly
Silenced Jelly - 7 days ago
I was with you ever since I seen you play Prototype 2 it's a long journey and I am still with you till this day!!!
Jake Sawyer
Jake Sawyer - 12 days ago
Ghosts of Tumishia
Tksauce - 3 hours ago
Found your channel today and I’m really enjoying your content
Keep up the good work dude
Van Damme
Van Damme - 3 hours ago
Ghost of tsushima>>>>sekiro
R3p15 - 6 hours ago
This is the worst game I have ever played...
Jake Brown
Jake Brown - 11 hours ago
I started watching when you were playing alien isolation
Luchembe Ndalama
Luchembe Ndalama - 16 hours ago
Rad Brad is awesome and Rad 😎
Umar Khawaja
Umar Khawaja - 17 hours ago
I found your channel during MW3 man good times...
Donar W
Donar W - 19 hours ago
why the hell is so difficult to play it? I bet this guy has a trainer on
ALI ABU Farjad
ALI ABU Farjad - Day ago
Tree of death..hope i dont fa..oh my god OH MY GODD!
Prabha Sahu
Prabha Sahu - Day ago
Awesome post videos
RaY DeToNa
RaY DeToNa - Day ago
best part of the video? listening to brad dodging all xD
DaKota Stephens
DaKota Stephens - Day ago
I remember posting up at my grandpa’s rewatching your infamous second son let’s play almost every weekend. I’ve been watching your channel on and off ever since.
Justin Carter
Justin Carter - Day ago
The New Tenchu???
Zephyr Racer
Zephyr Racer - Day ago
The tutorial was like same as Tenchu....😍😍
Giggagenius 03
Giggagenius 03 - Day ago
937 people didn't have the prayer beads required
Oscar Javier
Oscar Javier - Day ago
Hi Rad, can u please make a video with multiplayer of Max Payne3 on PC, is still alive and so adictive
Harry sweener
Harry sweener - Day ago
hey brad very good stream love watching you good info on all the games hit me when you get some time i started watching you channle last year
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas - Day ago
Brad, I’ve been watching u for the longest and I want u to know that ever since like 2012 you’ve always cheered me up when I was down. The series I had the most fun watching was the Wolfenstein: The New Order. Watching that series really deepened my love for video games as a whole. I used to love watching your videos because I could never afford video games like that. However, now I have a lot less free time to be watching less of your videos due to work and school. Still tho, when I do find myself watching ur videos it always calms me and takes me back. Each video has the same vibe bc you just have an aura of chillness and that’s why I love ur videos. Thanks for being here for me, theRadBrad and please never stop making videos❤️❤️
yolanda ward
yolanda ward - Day ago
i found your channel in 2010
Ezmar Albright
Ezmar Albright - Day ago
Iḿ so excited for this one. I found your channel around 2016. PS4
b f
b f - Day ago
Can I post my android game link? Plz
Windax Gaming
Windax Gaming - Day ago
This is the channel I come to if I want to see if a game will be any good, he does such a good job with everything here!
amr attia
amr attia - Day ago
I like "Sekiro shadows die twice but you aren't a shadow so you will probably die more than twice" one of favourite games
I am Petrus
I am Petrus - 2 days ago
Why this game like a tenchu...
Shane Ruckstuhl
Shane Ruckstuhl - 2 days ago
Been watching for 2-3 years, first watched the Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough. Great content! PS4
Zakaria Ongena
Zakaria Ongena - 2 days ago
That game is cool
Luis Flores
Luis Flores - 2 days ago
I’ve been watching since Barbies magical dream world. I hope you can replay it, it was a really good game
Kill All Reptiles
Kill All Reptiles - 2 days ago
*Sekiro: Everybody Dies Thousands Of Times*
Susan Thomas
Susan Thomas - 2 days ago
Hey brad why don't you start a Minecraft let's play
N W - 2 days ago
Great video! Really helped me with my decision to buy the game!
Witch Lover
Witch Lover - 3 days ago
i died to elite guard like 86 times and i still trying to kill him fuck you assasins creed
Jojo - 3 days ago
U didnt even beat ds3 how r u a fan
Jurgen Sala
Jurgen Sala - 3 days ago
Another great Activision game.
Tuterangi Kurei Kingi-Albert
I like watching ur vids bro mean
Nicholas Merritt
Nicholas Merritt - 3 days ago
Your my favorite gamer
D. Shvan
D. Shvan - 3 days ago
Kind of surprised how bad the graphics are hmm..
D. Shvan
D. Shvan - 2 days ago
+Kill All Reptiles yeah this is like something from 2008.
Kill All Reptiles
Kill All Reptiles - 2 days ago
Creators from Dark Souls, what did you expect?
Stanley Martinez
Stanley Martinez - 3 days ago
Hopefully you'll pick me as a winner one day and I'll just win it lol and you'll respond to me to lol I know your busy
Stanley Martinez
Stanley Martinez - 3 days ago
I just bought the game Brad I always wat h your channel then buy it
spider wolf
spider wolf - 3 days ago
I will never understand why people play these games in a different language to there dominant one for me it ruins the immersion I mean doesn't it make more sense to play in a language you understand as well as the character understands there own?
Ghost - 2 days ago
To be fair I liked the Soulsborne games in English, but the english here doesn't sound authentic so I switched the language to Japanese anyway.
Deivy Maybe
Deivy Maybe - 3 days ago
You do not suck man
Filip Velickovic
Filip Velickovic - 4 days ago
This game isn't sick, Brad. It's actually a crappy game. Dim global lighting, deaf and stupid opponents, and no NPC movements while conversing.
Karan Nehra
Karan Nehra - 4 days ago
I want one
Jordan of shadowlightening
Just now
Volunteer - 4 days ago
You can sneak behind the boss by the rooster and jump him for a free death blow to start the fight running along the roof of the first building to the top of the door behind him
Dragon boy playz
Dragon boy playz - 4 days ago
I found your channel when you did the Skyrim Series
llandin Dares
llandin Dares - 15 hours ago
Same man
Katlego Mokwena
Katlego Mokwena - 5 days ago
Love your walkthroughs man .....beeen loyal since 2016 I can’t watch any one else walkthroughs ..they just suck ...but u funny as fuck and you kinda suck at these games lol but yeah keep doing the most
Iori Yagami
Iori Yagami - 5 days ago
As a souls series fans I am so very tempted to buy this,,but I rather wait for any upcoming "ultimate complete"edition.....there must be a dlc..right??
A. B
A. B - 5 days ago
I love how Brad says in every video, ' alright guys i'm excited to play this finally'
JD Calhoun
JD Calhoun - 5 days ago
April 13th
Red Sonya
Red Sonya - 5 days ago
I found your channel two years ago
The YEET Master
The YEET Master - 5 days ago
I bet I’m the only one in here who knows Japanese. If any one else does, I guess you can reply or like
Tregan Moody
Tregan Moody - 5 days ago
Don't die
Billy Joel Peñuela
Billy Joel Peñuela - 5 days ago
demasiado oscuro
Zep Prime
Zep Prime - 5 days ago
Sekiro the "Edge of Tomorrow" simulator ...die repeat.
Rian Barnes
Rian Barnes - 6 days ago
Watching your videos since shadows of Mordor and watched every one since. thanks for the great content and I look forward to seeing more videos of you crushing games!!
Dx Rekt
Dx Rekt - 6 days ago
pusi kurac pickoi glupa
rock ok
rock ok - 6 days ago
i love the prosthetics of the hand..
rock ok
rock ok - 6 days ago
remind me of tenchu 2 the dark color
Prakhar Pandey
Prakhar Pandey - 6 days ago
Oops Pewdiepie actually sucked at this game
loka tito doaa
loka tito doaa - 6 days ago
I was do not like sekiro but after l watch you I now like it
Keith Erikson
Keith Erikson - 6 days ago
I believe since Arkham city actually I might be off though
Keith Erikson
Keith Erikson - 6 days ago
I found your Chanel when u had 600,000 subs your doing amazing bro keep up the good work
Yukine Sekki
Yukine Sekki - 6 days ago
probably around 2015
Ibrahim Bhat
Ibrahim Bhat - 7 days ago
I think some of the voice actor from the game has also worked at anime cuz they sound so similar
Roman tha king
Roman tha king - 21 hour ago
JTheInsane - 7 days ago
Whenever I think of a gourd, I think of veggie tales.....
Abner Vallejo
Abner Vallejo - 7 days ago
Been following brad since silent hill downpour keep up the good work brad
Sulaiman H
Sulaiman H - 7 days ago
David Wilson
David Wilson - 7 days ago
way better than pewdiepie
Josh - 7 days ago
People who claim to watch brad for years: Dude I’ve been here on your channel since 1997
pawan kalyan
pawan kalyan - 7 days ago
zero death
Ollie Stone
Ollie Stone - 7 days ago
Found your Chanel in 2015
Roningaming - 7 days ago
I find your channel 2 years ago
Dhananjay Rajawat
Dhananjay Rajawat - 7 days ago
I have always watched your videos on gameplay there are always awesome I don't have a PS4 or a PC but I feel alive when I watch your videos 😊
Jascha Ely
Jascha Ely - 7 days ago
Pewds: dies like 5 times off first boss
Brad: doesn’t even get scathed
Zack Khronos
Zack Khronos - 7 days ago
I came here so I don't have to buy/play it. I'm not a fan of FromSoftware games and other games that follow their footstep, Surge etc (my opinion because I'm old and depressed lol) but it looks like this kind of games are getting more attention and popular. It's good that new generation gamers are more resistant to difficulty and frustration. I still remember how hard TMNT games are, the circle are almost complete now.
sebastian ray
sebastian ray - 7 days ago
Brooooo please one copy of days gone I will pay you 😭😭😭😭
Feligo Mutailoni
Feligo Mutailoni - 7 days ago
DAmn! I have have to get this game, I wanna die more times in this is game more than twice. Damn again this iiiiis siiiiiiiiiick as heeeeeeell!!!!!!
Chirag Singh
Chirag Singh - 7 days ago
Why isn't anyone appreciating that almost zero health naomori kawarada kill ....God!! those reflexes what the shit!!
Lev Alexandriyev
Lev Alexandriyev - 7 days ago
more storylined japanese dark souls
Joel Macfarlane
Joel Macfarlane - 7 days ago
I have been watching you since 2011 and i watch your video when ever i can.
TXP91 - 7 days ago
Brad if you are reading this I just want to say  love your videos to bits… I would just like to ask permission to use some of your clips for my top 10 videos I plan on doing. You have some great content and I would not use the whole video just a few bits and pieces   I will give give all credit to you of course. Is it ok? thank you very much =)
Tim Van Looveren
Tim Van Looveren - 8 days ago
fight climate change here. read the post and spread the word
Tim Van Looveren
Tim Van Looveren - 8 days ago
fight climate change here. read the post and spread the word
empty letters
empty letters - 8 days ago
16:50 the tree of death and u show it .
Gurjosh Chahal
Gurjosh Chahal - 8 days ago
I found ur channel while searchinf for dead rising 2
Midlands 88
Midlands 88 - 8 days ago
I played sekiro for the first time yesterday and I must confess, I suck balls at this game.
Practice makes perfect
Red Shinobi
Red Shinobi - 8 days ago
My favorite part of all this was how surprised you were that you can pause the game to do something lol. From is getting....soft......I’ll see myself out
Ghost - 2 days ago
That sounds wrong bruh lmao
Raphael Panlilip
Raphael Panlilip - 8 days ago
This might be a weird question but is the child or"lord"a boy or a girl?
Jem Amorin
Jem Amorin - 8 days ago
Umm i watched this on another channel they talk english why is this japanese
Jem Amorin
Jem Amorin - 8 days ago
Umm i watched this on another channel they talk english why is this japanese
Himiko Chan
Himiko Chan - 8 days ago
Nice Gameplay theRadBrad, i like it ♥️
Cyborgpigman 118
Cyborgpigman 118 - 8 days ago
I found your channel in 2013
Synapse - 8 days ago
Deaths: ZERO
Roctiv Tech
Roctiv Tech - 8 days ago
Honestly I found ur channel this year...broo(2019)
Gamer 02
Gamer 02 - 8 days ago
I die many times in that game, they purposely maked for people to get angry
Erick-Emil Szelitzky
Erick-Emil Szelitzky - 8 days ago
+Gamer 02 Das the point, forcing you do adapt and overcome challenges, in this game the best skill you can have is patience.
Gamer 02
Gamer 02 - 8 days ago
+Erick-Emil Szelitzky I do have control on myself from destrying something but, I mean that they really try to make it hard for us xD.
Erick-Emil Szelitzky
Erick-Emil Szelitzky - 8 days ago
It's not their fault people get angry for dying in a video game. That's called anger management issues.
Viktor Emmanuel V. Widmaier
Early Assassins Creed + Dark Souls + Anime: Whatever this gem is.
Wreckless Rancid
Wreckless Rancid - 8 days ago
Found your channel when you played Arkham city. Fell in love since then!
kennycunha - 8 days ago
Just loaded it up pumped to go play, figured while I poop check out a little content
Darryll Mitchell
Darryll Mitchell - 8 days ago
Who the hell are you always saying "hold on", to?
ty watts
ty watts - 8 days ago
Next videos