SEKIRO SHADOWS DIE TWICE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Sekiro)

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theRadBrad - 3 months ago
I appreciate all the support you drop on this video cause this is easily the hardest game I've ever played. If we hit 30k likes I'll give this game all I got!
Ultimate Zeno Russell
Ultimate Zeno Russell - 13 days ago
Sakonema - 2 months ago
You talk so much about things that don't matter when I'm trying to enjoy the gameplay. Luckyly there are other players, but dude.. You could just comment about what's happening.
LUVKILLS - 2 months ago
theRadBrad I found your channel when you played dead rising 3 I believe. It’s been awhile
RandomDeadGuy - 2 months ago
I've been subscribed since Wolfenstein: The New Order. I'm just as hyped for Sekiro as I was for Wolfenstein.
NSA- NightShadeArmy
NSA- NightShadeArmy - 5 hours ago
Step one of games related to Darksouls, Learn how to parry
Cody Babcock
Cody Babcock - Day ago
Kills first 2 enemies "this game is amazing" 🙄
Austin Rios
Austin Rios - 2 days ago
You can stealth kill the the boss General for the first stamina bar lol just sneak behind him
LONELY X BORED - 2 days ago
He is the only commentator i like
profesionalMONSTER slayer
people i need help, can't do this it's kiling me call me a noob no problem with me but i never played game without mision objective i just don't know what to do just walking around kiling people where do i chack mission task for f*** sake ???? (sorry for bad english by the way)
DEV JOSHI - 3 days ago
Just spam it 😅😅
GieGie - 4 days ago
w0w I'm a bit late but this is awesome gameplay!!!
Nicholas O'Brien
Nicholas O'Brien - 5 days ago
been watching your vids for years always check you out before i buy something💯💯 you the man
Terri Young
Terri Young - 5 days ago
I don't really remember when
Mr Red6
Mr Red6 - 6 days ago
Chinese dark souls
Gage Mitchell
Gage Mitchell - 6 days ago
I found your channel during dead space 3
BURTON WARD - 8 days ago
they need a health code for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice cause this shit is lame
Anteku Kiren
Anteku Kiren - 9 days ago
Me personally i think that sekiro is the hardest game of dark souls 1, 2, 3 and bloodborn
Jahlir Thomas-Washington
Im still yet to make it past the first 15 minutes of the game but love your vids brad. But here since the original Sleeping Dogs
Bottom Gamer
Bottom Gamer - 9 days ago
Tenchu stealth assassins
GHOST4LIFE23 - 10 days ago
Was the game you were talking about called ghost recon break point because it has flower fields
Vacinden Rabaltar
Vacinden Rabaltar - 10 days ago
Legendary with the Japanese voice actors!
William Chen
William Chen - 10 days ago
Sekiro: finally broke my enemies swords on my body
Mustafa Hussein
Mustafa Hussein - 12 days ago
Sugoi !
Valetino Verebula
Valetino Verebula - 12 days ago
ZAINUDIN HASSAN - 13 days ago
Greetings from singapore, well played brad. This game reminds me of a classic ninja game called tenchu. Brad i have request, i wonder if you could upload and do a commentary on the game tenchu
Un sub Un sub
Un sub Un sub - 13 days ago
Sekiro nomal people die once
Orlean Daniel
Orlean Daniel - 14 days ago
I found u at a Spider-Man Gameplay
kOsgg Gaming
kOsgg Gaming - 14 days ago
Beautiful graphics
Haley Folsom
Haley Folsom - 14 days ago
The fact that you had difficulty with the second guy makes me feel better lol
Ilyess神 - 14 days ago
I couldn't kill him
Danny Saleeba
Danny Saleeba - 15 days ago
It kinda reminds me of Tenchu
Mulalo Phaswana
Mulalo Phaswana - 15 days ago
@theRadBrad when are you gonna finish Sekiro..?
PUNJABI MEMES - 15 days ago
The Ghost of Tsushima
BazookaSniper - 16 days ago
I, too, died right away to the chicken on the hill.
Mic Powers
Mic Powers - 16 days ago
With a slither of life.
egg mcglamery
egg mcglamery - 16 days ago
Found da channel in 2016
Dreadeye 757
Dreadeye 757 - 17 days ago
RadBrad is the only guy to watch for gameplay walkthroughs!! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this game is TOUGH!!
Akhono Hegeu
Akhono Hegeu - 17 days ago
My friend recommended you and said u were good but it better then good men ,😙😍😍😍😍
pisang kerass
pisang kerass - 17 days ago
gunnyjr46290 Meyers
gunnyjr46290 Meyers - 17 days ago
Definitely reminds me of Tenchu
Duble Thr33
Duble Thr33 - 17 days ago
I want thw game ;c
Slvrr Gld
Slvrr Gld - 17 days ago
I only came here because it's so similar to Dororo (An anime)
Clifford Lewis
Clifford Lewis - 18 days ago
hope samurai x have like this gameplay
Noah Shelton
Noah Shelton - 19 days ago
Chinese: fistful of ash
American: pocket sand
Jordan G
Jordan G - 19 days ago
I just love watching Radbrad videos cause he don’t talk lots and he ain’t loud but most importantly he don’t talk when players enter a cutscene
liquidtongue - 19 days ago
Honestly, you are one of the few people on all of Youtube that I always enjoy hearing reviews from. Nobody has more passion. I have no idea why I wasn't subscribed long before...I thought I was, but I certainly am now.
Xiang Tzu
Xiang Tzu - 19 days ago
sumobeerman - 19 days ago
Why am I only discovering this Ch now? Subbed!
Lakshmisha Branthodu
Lakshmisha Branthodu - 21 day ago
Suuuper video
ayush Shrivastava real gamer
Brother you are the real gamer
MMO GAMER - 22 days ago
Reminds me on ninja gaiden... 3? For the original xbox.
MMO GAMER - 22 days ago
Might just be ninja gaiden
Mervin Morales
Mervin Morales - 22 days ago
Dude how can hit those fire lamps and get ur a full life i hit all of them and nothing lmaooo
RNG WINTER - 22 days ago
can wait to play this on my channel soon . Check it out at Rng Winter!
RNG WINTER - 22 days ago
can wait to play this on my channel soon . Check it out at Rng Winter!
RNG WINTER - 22 days ago
can wait to play this on my channel soon . Check it out at Rng Winter!
RNG WINTER - 22 days ago
can wait to play this on my channel soon . Check it out at Rng Winter!
LuciTulcea - 23 days ago
Oh, stamina bar! I'l pass any game with such an annoying thing!
Aîr Bendêr
Aîr Bendêr - 23 days ago
This looks really bad (graphics) for a 2019 release, anyone agree or am I just trippin?
mostafa mahmoud
mostafa mahmoud - 23 days ago
would love to get a pc copy ❤
TheBossAlive 10
TheBossAlive 10 - 24 days ago
Lol I first found your channel watching injustice 1 gameplay
最高のゼイ - 24 days ago
When he said stamina bar I almost died forgetting thats what I thought it was my first time playing
sinkiy - 25 days ago
All this game does is make me wanna play the real deal ghost of Tsushima. This is horseshit compared to it lol.
Tim Nguyen
Tim Nguyen - 25 days ago
I love the Japanese women's voice.
tubby magoo
tubby magoo - 25 days ago
Really happy I found this channel
Son_GodApollo709 - 26 days ago
Yeah brad I can’t wait to see you play Ghost of Tsumisha I hope I spelt that right
Son_GodApollo709 - 26 days ago
Alright brad I know my comment is late for your giveaway but I found your channel when you played Batman Arkham night, then I went back and watched the rest of your Batman games and a few old videos. But I’ve been with you ever since. I might not watch every game you play but I do enjoy the games I watch you play. Idk it’s just that much more cool when you play and do your commentaries
Lisha Samal
Lisha Samal - 27 days ago
Bhai nice sound quality and video quality nice I like this game very much😋😋😋😋
AryanT T
AryanT T - 25 days ago
Hindi samjhe ga wo
Brandon Savol
Brandon Savol - 27 days ago
tenchu z lets you jump all the way up buildings and shit does this game have a grapple
Awande Aphiwe
Awande Aphiwe - 28 days ago
this is one of the cooolest intros ive ever seen better than god of war
Kassandra HQ
Kassandra HQ - 26 days ago
Awande Aphiwe No
Ms. ramos
Ms. ramos - 29 days ago
I want it
zeeshan zaka
zeeshan zaka - Month ago
2012 i found ur channel
Ashley Hyatt
Ashley Hyatt - Month ago
The Japanese is well done, the blend of archaic formal and casual is beautiful. The English interpretation was done reasonably well, but it's much better if you can understand Japanese.
ghoufrane hamou
ghoufrane hamou - Month ago
Sekiro is best game his image and history difficult for the ather
Thanks for this video you are perfect good Contin brother
EJ Plays
EJ Plays - Month ago
Bro.... I straight up had no idea I had to return to the guy and present that bell. I spent A DAY taking on the chained ogre and eventually quit on the General and his guards after that. I feel like such an idiot. Good stuff Brad, as always.
Giorgi Komakhidze
Giorgi Komakhidze - Month ago
japanese "prince of persia"?
Batman 9206c
Batman 9206c - Month ago
Who would dislike your videos I mean your videos are awesome and if people dislike it because you cause their just bitches
Asura - Month ago
anything with japanese voice is good
gabe2o2 - Month ago
LOVE how it's in Japanese
Suck Your mum
Suck Your mum - Month ago
This is giving me tenchu wrath of heaven and tenchu z vibes 😎
Sai Yaswanth
Sai Yaswanth - Month ago
You are awesome, I follow your every video
Jiarui He
Jiarui He - Month ago
Think I may missed something lol
axos la sauce
axos la sauce - Month ago
I try at least 30 times but the first leader keeps killing me.
Joseph B
Joseph B - Month ago
Found ur channel 3 years ago when u started the uncharted series love what u do if I win I’m on s4
Angel - Month ago
Hey mate , good job and just still keep it up!
Raichu OP
Raichu OP - Month ago
Murders someone “Ahh it’s beautiful, I love it”
Mr Gao
Mr Gao - Month ago
11.26 "I guess there's not really a wrong way to play this game".....hahahahahaaa
Yes, there is...and after watching more than a few of your playthroughs...I guarentee Brad will find that way.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel - Month ago
at 19:40, he says sumanai which i thought meant sorry, yet it says thank you in subtitles. can anyone who knows Japanese clarify?
Strilzer A-Z
Strilzer A-Z - Month ago
Why does this remind me of an anime Dororo?
Muhamad Iqbal Rosli
Muhamad Iqbal Rosli - Month ago
it reminds me 'Shinobido:Way of Ninja' on PS2
Semp:iternal - Month ago
Yasuo solo adventures
Brian Qiu
Brian Qiu - Month ago
I bought this game yesterday and i die a bunch of times couldn’t pass a single level so I deleted it good news I will come back to it after watching some tutorials
ben likes bannana
ben likes bannana - Month ago
I found it like 4 years ago
Eric Wiley
Eric Wiley - Month ago
At 19:34, as the camera is rotating around wolf, the opening verse of the tenchu wrath of heaven song comes right back to mind.
JOJO fan
JOJO fan - Month ago
put music please
Slaterhater - Month ago
This open world?
Prabhakar - Month ago
It just u play, the feel we get from your play, its just simple and kinda counteracts the awkwardness and lonesome, your play may not be good but its something we dont test while we feel friendship and beautyness, really feels good. Thanks Brad, know i just feel good. U too same. I Hope
Michaelangelo Ferrari
Michaelangelo Ferrari - Month ago
Yes im ready to play sir
UgandanVenom 2000
UgandanVenom 2000 - Month ago
Hmmm, to me that seems more like a Samurai/Bushi rather than a Shinobi/Ninja.
UgandanVenom 2000
UgandanVenom 2000 - Month ago
I would be pissed if this game was made by EA.
Eric Pacynski
Eric Pacynski - Month ago
I appreciate your channel so much for just doing gameplay walkthroughs and nothing more... aka thanks for not buying into the Fortnite/Battle Royale hype train
Don-Solid Gaming
Don-Solid Gaming - Month ago
Sekrio: forget about the shadow that died twice
So hyped for the that DLC
shahzaib khan
shahzaib khan - Month ago
always come here to see which game to play
HydraSensei MEMEZBOI
HydraSensei MEMEZBOI - Month ago
44:45 what is Wrong with the fat giants face!???!
bunny lord
bunny lord - Month ago
found you through your cry of fear walkthrough while you were doing mass effect 3 :)
also dont pick me i already got the game and a ps4 just game to apprentice your channel
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