President Trump Launches His 2020 Campaign In Florida

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John Connor
John Connor - 11 days ago
Trump 2020 keep America great !
Go out and vote against the evil democrats who like to destroy this beautifull country.
anahata2009 - 4 months ago
Italian man's nightmare that his mother lives to 116? Have you ever met an Italian man? More likely when the 116 year old Italian woman died, her 90 year old son who still lives at home was crying over who would make Sunday pranzo and buy his undershirts for him now.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 5 months ago
Impeach and/or imprison Donald (duck) Trump
Denny Sasser
Denny Sasser - 5 months ago
Shut the f@#$ up. I figured this guy wouldn't be talking about Trump after he and everyone else was wrong in 2016. What a dumbass.
blue diamond gem
blue diamond gem - 5 months ago
So cringy
Andy L
Andy L - 5 months ago
That groom joke was a perfect example of a gender based joke that totally works and is accurate lol
milez Longevin
milez Longevin - 5 months ago
i didn't laugh once this whole video.It is so apparent he is trying so hard to be funny.
Sunny Baggett
Sunny Baggett - 5 months ago
In a really twisted way he is the best salesman ever. He bluffed his way to the white house. He might bluff his way to reelection. Talking about his re-election since day two is a good salesmanship practice. Unfortunately america keeps buying his lies.
midnight chocker
midnight chocker - 5 months ago
I laugh for you all are fools living in a non reality trump is your future and I’m so happy your un-happy. Eat your vegetables children he is called Trump he is your emperor god bow down to him you fools. Trump Jr 2024! Buckle in kids you going on a ride.
Chris Tocke
Chris Tocke - 5 months ago
Wow I love how unbiased this is.
Alfuzzybottom - 5 months ago
Bilal Anarwala
Bilal Anarwala - 5 months ago
Is this really how dead his audience is?
Zeek M
Zeek M - 5 months ago
Seth how would you like 2 broken legs?
chad askew
chad askew - 5 months ago
This guy sucks so bad. Just like all night show host that talk bad about Trump like they could do a better job.
WildwoodClaire1 - 5 months ago
The Orlando event included free walkers, oxygen tanks, and adult diapers for all attendees.
G money
G money - 5 months ago
president trump for 2020, draining the swamp holding the corrupt accountable! patriot of we the people! god bless the usa and our president! amen!!!
Clothilde - 5 months ago
I’m starting to suspect Hillary Clinton spurned Trump’s advances at some point and he is the ultimate bitter Incel who just cannot get over it.
Rick TD
Rick TD - 5 months ago
Bernie is a Commie traitor pushing the global warming scam.
G Harold
G Harold - 5 months ago
you talk about 20/20 more than a guy who has just had lasix
ismael EVOLUTION - 5 months ago
Seriously? Nooooooooooooooooooooo.....waaaaaaaaay.....! Really the effrontery has no limits!
Artis williams
Artis williams - 5 months ago
jobless.bum7 - 5 months ago
Mueller Report
Little MAC7
Little MAC7 - 5 months ago
Ever consider Carpooling with Pop Stars?
Gordie Killatron
Gordie Killatron - 5 months ago
WOW! I actually feel bad for Seth. Poor guy had to read those terrible jokes, and the audience had to act like they were funny.
Francisco Fidalgo
Francisco Fidalgo - 5 months ago
So Trump's big name opponent this time is a 70 year old Soy Boy?
Joseph Magliocca
Joseph Magliocca - 5 months ago
:15 since is first day in office
Pat Byrne
Pat Byrne - 5 months ago
Wish he would launch himself out of the white house
Robert matheny
Robert matheny - 5 months ago
Shortly after the 116 year old lady passed her son said now that I’m free I can party like I want. Then shortly died of a heart attack. He was a young 97 years old
Waffle Grimes
Waffle Grimes - 5 months ago
Not Trump not again. Id rather have herpes.
rsr789 - 5 months ago
Man, the audience REALLY didn't get the Italian Mother joke, which was hilarious.
mighty mouse
mighty mouse - 5 months ago
Seth your another FAKE NEWS PRODUCT. President Trump had over 20,000 at his rally what does Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Get? 1,000 between them. Democrats have become the JOKE of AMERICA. Buying votes with free money which we all know they will NEVER DELIVER. Liars, cheats, baby killers, voter fraud, homelessness, drugs, hate, division is not for America. VOTE DEMONRATS OUT. TRUMP 2020 HOUSE AND SENATE
PaddySnuffles - 5 months ago
He legit filed for his campaign on the day he was sworn in. That's the official date of the start of his reelection campaign.
Dale B
Dale B - 5 months ago
Donald, with his never read Bible, unemployed supporters, no Summer GED classes scheduled found free time from their gun cleaning chores to wait outside the pyramid themed Amway- Republican stadium to see "small hands" hug jobless Sarah Sanders. Sweet moment Donny.
Jenn smith
Jenn smith - 5 months ago
i'm pretty tired of this crap ..... if it makes you feel better to insult Trump supporters, great. personally, i wouldn't wanna admit that i got my ass kicked by unemployed gun cleaners....but if it somehow soothes your butt hurt, fine. truth is we had the totally like EPIC worst candidate in the history of humanity. face it. so now, going into 2020, we have NOTHING. no sane candidates, no ideas beyond socialism, open borders & stopping cow farts. maybe you can get excited by 2 old straight, rich, white guys who never had a real job, one of them dumb as a stump.....or an angry, scolding, ugly white woman who is believe it or not even more annoying than Hillary...... we have learned nothing from 2016 & we're gonna get beat bad in 2020.
Steve Dawson
Steve Dawson - 5 months ago
I finally understand why women like him, it is probably the same reason Melania stays with him. She maintains a high level of living for her and Trump's son Baron, she only has to smile and occasional sex of some sort. What some people will do for money.
Jenn smith
Jenn smith - 5 months ago
now can you figure out why Hillary stays with Bill??
23bobjr - 5 months ago
Probably the worst monologue hes done.
Sébastien PEPINSTER - 5 months ago
Someone nice enough to explain that last joke to my friend ? This dum dum doesn’t get it.
KMM - 5 months ago
Remember all the stunts, gaffes, mistakes, shockers, head shakers and WTF? examples of profound incompetency Trump has shown us over the past 2 years?
Remember the very recent 'I'll take foreign dirt' remark or the the Jamal Khashoggi debacle?
Probably not. They've all been forgotten and pushed out of our memories. And that's the problem. We've become numb to the Trump's daily barrage of nonsense, incompetence and narcissism.
And that's what Trump wants; that's his tactic. Desensitize. Keep churning out a daily barrage of mishigas until it is accepted as normal.
Please refresh your memories of all the stunts this clown has pulled during the past 2 years and clear some space in your memory for more of his stunts and incompetency between now and election day.
Remember these 2 old sayings:
1.) “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time” - Abraham Lincoln in a speech he delivered in Clinton, Illinois in 1858.
2.) Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" - From the book, The Court and Character of King James by Anthony Weldon, 1651, where it reads: “The Italians having a Proverb, ‘He that deceives me once, its his fault; but if twice, its my fault.'”
Arena Rat
Arena Rat - 5 months ago
trump 2020
Just Human
Just Human - 5 months ago
Russia, if you are listening, please release the pee pee tape. It is time.
Ralph Boyd
Ralph Boyd - 5 months ago
Trump actually didn't even fill the Amway Center Arena. I bet those Trumptards who camped out for days in the Summer heat and humidity feel like idiots.
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