Amazon conservationist: ‘It’s burning like this every day’

God is the only way
God is the only way - 20 days ago
They're killing so much land. These are a large part of the earths lungs. We have to do our best to protect them.
canko15 - 18 days ago
We are not killing the earth, the earth resisted hundreds of catastrophes, we are killing ourselves, and the worst thing is that the CEOs that do this don't tend to realise that they are sharing the same planet than us
Rae-Ann - 20 days ago
Thank You Paul
james knight
james knight - 23 days ago
Get it right. The Amazon isn't burning, it is being burned. A lot of money needs a place to profit from.
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell - 23 days ago
Glad I don't have kids. I won't leave behind anyone who will have to suffer or clean this mess up.
Pigdoc1 - 23 days ago
Make no mistake, this is a military action against the people of the planet. We need to fight by first arming and training tribes people. Then, the UN needs to occupy these lands and "shoot to kill" anyone destroying new lands, or anyone caught cultivating destroyed land.
Ibrahim Baki
Ibrahim Baki - 23 days ago
Amazon will be burned 100 %
Because they don't believe in GOD
GOD Allah is one
God have created world's
People's can't do nothing
missRabbit - 24 days ago
so the UN doesn't care for climate change after all.
youngsoon kim
youngsoon kim - 24 days ago
And they talk about climate change when the real climate depends on to keep the Nature intact of our Rain Forest . They are all hyporite. The politicians are devils.
Susan Ananda
Susan Ananda - 24 days ago
How come I see more comments on Hong Kong protests?
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell - 23 days ago
shut up
Susan Ananda
Susan Ananda - 24 days ago
How come the perpetrators never face justice?
Heru Prasetya
Heru Prasetya - 24 days ago
MARK MAHAN - 24 days ago
My despondency and depression is keyed toward what this man said. It alright to destroy the natural world to make money, but to destroy a building of the capitalist high criminals is WRONG? Kill millions, starve millions, start wars to enrich the few at the cost of the whole, give undue respect and power to political leadership due to "being elected", poison the lands, poison the waters, and poison the living. And the poor steal food or sell drugs, or rob a home, or rob a person, all without killing anyone. And you end up serving a life sentence. Which also makes money for the elite high criminals, by locking people up. Sound like democracy, freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, RIGHT?
Apeman Commeth
Apeman Commeth - 24 days ago
If the amazon goes not only do we need to be concerned with climate change but all the medicines that won’t be invented because of the insane biodiversity there! Plus it’s one of only a few places left on earth that’s wild! I hope we figure this out because you won’t be able to recreate the rainforest it’s just to biodiverse! It would never be the same! Also the fact that we are losing wild families of chimpanzees, gorillas, orangoutangs, bonobos etc. are and would be a huge loss to humanity if we allowed are closest relatives genetically on the species list to be wiped off earth forever!
Harvey Holloway
Harvey Holloway - 24 days ago
To the person on the video. In Canada we have the winters that come, and if nothing else it ends all fires for the year. What do you do in Brazil were winter does not exist,...... besides pray for rain that is?
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell - 23 days ago
The rain cycle depended heavily on the forest. No forest. No rain.
ashtweth - 24 days ago
They will spend their money before you can LYNCH THEM from the problems your kids will have, Yup by the time its so hot and animals and humans die because of their actions they will have had many dinners and used many toxic toys (materialism) if that does not motivate you to act and find solutions then nothing will. Stop the link between politicians and corporations being able to donate, re do environmental legislation OR GO LYNCH THEM NOW. But dont sit back and let them get Rich for nothing.
Dyanne Horton
Dyanne Horton - 24 days ago
I will never buy a thing from SOUTH AMERICA. How disgusting that this is allowed, especially on such a grand scale.
ogKUSHMAN kush
ogKUSHMAN kush - 24 days ago
I'm for the destroy the world campaign because I want to see all these people 💩t their pants when they meet their maker
P0ck3t _Tv
P0ck3t _Tv - 24 days ago
I hope it can be stopped i hope 😔😭 please amazonas u can do it we are feeling with u
gojokid 24
gojokid 24 - 24 days ago
It’s called succession
Kris Kat
Kris Kat - 24 days ago
1:45-1:54 is how the world works unfortunately. Politicians are not leaders. They are liars, demagogues and the dirty workers of the richest.
Margaret Brennan
Margaret Brennan - 24 days ago
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Margaret Brennan
Margaret Brennan - 24 days ago
Wow Old Wise Tail 13 years bad luck how much sand used for the many mirrors stepped on 7 years bad luck 4 Step ping on 1 .. How did the FIRE Start We didn't start the FIRE ... ELLEMENT TREE 💙 MBMANAIC
Gorm Den Gamle
Gorm Den Gamle - 24 days ago
Don't deny your mustard seed power, believe all of it
حسن جان
حسن جان - 24 days ago
Sad to see burning beautiful trees and plants the government should take action against responsible people
Gorm Den Gamle
Gorm Den Gamle - 24 days ago
d.eath.x - 24 days ago
Judgement day is near
BuddyL - 24 days ago
01:00: "...invading indigenous lands."
Colonisation and climate destruction, all in one horrible package.
Martha Phillips
Martha Phillips - 24 days ago
Whoever heard of a rainforest on fire
Recklessbliss Characternotcolor
Humans will destroy the planet, it's their nature.
Lofty Hume
Lofty Hume - 24 days ago
The market will put out the fire.
PUBG Nation
PUBG Nation - 24 days ago
Lol you need to get your YouTube guy fired..The guy in the first posted the video weeks ago..
Brad Denney
Brad Denney - 24 days ago
Fires are down 80% since the 1930s. We have suppressed the natural cycle, and still claim the world is on fire.
C&M T - 24 days ago
The rainforests (not the world) are burning. This is not part of a natural cycle.
Nikhil Dhasmana
Nikhil Dhasmana - 24 days ago
Every person who cares for the Amazon just watch this video
Ehsan Khaibar
Ehsan Khaibar - 24 days ago
Another Huge Tragedy by Colonizers.
Brazil needs to jail Bolsonaro and free Lula to become the president, he worth it.
Tohunga Uwishin
Tohunga Uwishin - 24 days ago
Village protectorsmneed to militarize.
Anxiety Boi
Anxiety Boi - 24 days ago
i'm so disappointed in us Humans 😔
Gorm Den Gamle
Gorm Den Gamle - 24 days ago
Obamanation will save the day for a couple yrs but it's on after that
cc cc
cc cc - 24 days ago
Reminds me of Elysium
Alan Tan
Alan Tan - 24 days ago
1 question. Most country uses land for agriculture. How much land do you want countries to preserve or reconverted back to forest?
Moa Moa
Moa Moa - 24 days ago
Holistic management would probably restore a lot of lost agriculture land and reverse desertification in areas that would be transformed from 1000year old deserts to grassland again. Of course you would have to actually grow human crops and not animalfeed.
It will get better when my dad and his child bride Ed are dead.
Akmal Hafiz
Akmal Hafiz - 24 days ago
We are not killing mother nature, we currently helping her eradicate us faster. She's now laughing at us.
Too Much Salt
Too Much Salt - 24 days ago
I find it funny though that the US is so concerned about petty issues like trade deficit with China but they are almost ignorant about these forest fires which have greater direct impact to the world. Yea, the US claims to be the leader of the international community. So, they probably need to act like one and show leadership in combating climate change.
lan dz
lan dz - 24 days ago
Guess what, the us has signed a pact with Brazil to so called develop the Amazon.
Alan Tan
Alan Tan - 24 days ago
Too bad, Lord Chancellor. You're not around to overcome that crisis. That Trump is 10 times worse than Bandit Cao.
Margots Kapacs
Margots Kapacs - 24 days ago
It’s not coincidence because US Congress & house is owned by big corporations who would only benefit from this
Jon Nav
Jon Nav - 24 days ago
Its been burning for 30 years now...
Jon Nav
Jon Nav - 24 days ago
@Holiday Holly go eat less cow meat. Im SURE that will help the environment
Holiday Holly
Holiday Holly - 24 days ago
t k
t k - 24 days ago
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez - 24 days ago
I didn't know Alpha M. was in the Amazon Rainforest!
arjaygee - 24 days ago
He does resemble Alpha M a bit!
shark - 24 days ago
Is this what GOD made man for?
Holiday Holly
Holiday Holly - 24 days ago
Man invented god.
Richard Garza
Richard Garza - 24 days ago
And not a single person is doing anything about it. Claim not what you see now as help, for your deceiving yourself...or you think that we cannot put out Forest fires.
senpresolido - 24 days ago
Fake news.
Brain wash.
Rabbit hole is deeper!!!!
Blue pill.
Triple AAA is real.
Devonne Marcove
Devonne Marcove - 24 days ago
Get off this planet!!
dee clark
dee clark - 24 days ago
Please get help Unless you're a troll In which case You've already sold your soul to the devil And are beyond Help
rain segaran Alfaran
rain segaran Alfaran - 24 days ago
The President Bullshitnaro.
buntovnik bez razloga
buntovnik bez razloga - 24 days ago
You've got no clue!!
Scorpio AlBeau
Scorpio AlBeau - 24 days ago
To mutch fake news or disinformation agents..... Burning is an old way of doing things. We usually never ear of this..
Why now and not ten years ago...
Scorpio AlBeau
Scorpio AlBeau - 24 days ago
@Recklessbliss Characternotcolor Sound not to bad for now. As long something grows after, hat be grass, timber or crop...
Recklessbliss Characternotcolor
They are not burning old crop lands. THey are wiping out the forests for cattle, palm oil, timber, squatting...
Holiday Holly
Holiday Holly - 24 days ago
Yeah, I'll take advice from illiterates.
Jonathan Belanger
Jonathan Belanger - 24 days ago
Problem is its burning and not regrowing because the farmers use up all of the good nutrients for one or two seasons then nothing can grow back on it
buntovnik bez razloga
buntovnik bez razloga - 24 days ago
All the forests in the southern hemisphere are burning!
Locals say: "it's normal every year cause the drought season is just finishing, some years it starts earlier some years latter"!
I say each year to it's own!
Zionist say "lets charge these morons (people) for it by implementing more taxes and giving it to these filthy NGOs"! ran by criminals pedophiles drug dealers......
buntovnik bez razloga
buntovnik bez razloga - 24 days ago
@Holiday Holly keep trying you might switch it on one day. I don't wanna discourage you it's not easy but it can be done. I wish to see you awake ASAP! Cheers
Holiday Holly
Holiday Holly - 24 days ago
@buntovnik bez razloga It's "as if you know".
Holiday Holly
Holiday Holly - 24 days ago
@buntovnik bez razloga I try, you obviously don't.
buntovnik bez razloga
buntovnik bez razloga - 24 days ago
@Holiday Holly as you know what conscious is!?
Holiday Holly
Holiday Holly - 24 days ago
Grow a conscious.
Rowdy The Oblivious
Rowdy The Oblivious - 24 days ago
we will be doomed at abnormal rate
Namra Arooj
Namra Arooj - 24 days ago
Now Where is so called UN who is talking hilariously all the time of Climate Change???
fotha Dan
fotha Dan - 24 days ago
It's in America so you know it's corrupt before you start.
Tohunga Uwishin
Tohunga Uwishin - 24 days ago
The corporations created and control the U.N. It's a farse. A bunch of well meaning people spinning their wheels and giving information to the corporations that will use it to subvert them.
Margots Kapacs
Margots Kapacs - 24 days ago
UN is now also run by corporate interests which may explain their lack of response
buntovnik bez razloga
buntovnik bez razloga - 24 days ago
JoooUN its spelled!!
annaliemom - 24 days ago
If your not richer your nothing
Luciano Mendes
Luciano Mendes - 24 days ago tu vim no Brasil quem vai te queimar e nois brasileiros .
Tu não tem vergonha de ficar postando umas mentiras dessas?
Aqui no Brasil esses meses de verão tem queimadas em todos os cantos do país.
Eu não sei quem tá te pagando para tu fazes essas mentiras ,mais o Brasil e dos brasileiros e Amazônia e Tupi-guarani e vcs ONGS vão ser todas expulsas daqui.
Convênios - 23 days ago
Nos meses de inverno (quando é mais seco) há queimadas mesmo, mas as deste ano estão bem acima da média. Outras formas de desmatamento também. Basta jogar no Google Imagens "desmatamento Amazônia por ano", e dá para ver nos gráficos: nos últimos anos houve altos e baixos, mas a tendência foi de queda. Agora está aumentando de novo, e muito rápido
RRS RRS - 24 days ago
Cara... Muito inteligente !!! Agora sabemos pq todas as florestas no mundo desaparecem.. fogo de verao!!! Putz
O Critíco
O Critíco - 24 days ago
Para de malaquisse rapaz, não vai ter essa bobeira de guerra aqui no Brasil nada disso não
senpresolido - 24 days ago
Fake news da grossa.
bigbabyzubas - 24 days ago
Jay Shon
Jay Shon - 24 days ago
What a great time to be alive
coldogno7 - 24 days ago
in indonesia also now burning forest,the govt refuse help from other country
they did it to clear land for they new capital in kalimantan
ashtweth - 24 days ago
So the Kalimantan biodiverse rainforest, wildlife including orangutans and clouded leopards are being destroyed?
Jeremy Stephan
Jeremy Stephan - 24 days ago
This is a GLOBAL tragedy!
senpresolido - 24 days ago
Propaganda. Brain wash. Rabbit hole is deeper.
buntovnik bez razloga
buntovnik bez razloga - 24 days ago
Lets cry oooo lets not eat ooooo lets not put our tv and internet on Oooo lets put more money into Zionist pocket's Jeremy what do you think would help the most????
Tú Nguyễn
Tú Nguyễn - 24 days ago
Swedish bear
Swedish bear - 24 days ago
Stupid leader
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