Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

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Hi - 19 minutes ago
I'm actually surprised my sign is ranked so high. I thought scorpio would be at the absolute bottom.
Narda LM
Narda LM - 28 minutes ago
All the Taurus people I know are the opposite of a garden. Explosive and angry
Rey Kenobi
Rey Kenobi - 30 minutes ago
Me: A Gemini
Eugene: They are obsessed about how other people feel about them.
curvytangerine - 33 minutes ago
aside from a couple outliers, I actually think the remarks about scorpios fit me quite well (sorry eugene, I do not look like a dick, lmao). flattered to rank in yall's top 3~ 💕✨💜 eugene, since your list was based primarily around trustworthiness, I'm not surprised scorps ranked so high; scorpios are *fiercely* loyal and will be your ride-or-die as either a friend or a lover if you treat us right.
curvytangerine - 24 minutes ago
also every leo friend I've ever had has repeatedly said I AM SUCH A LEO and I LOVE BEING A LEO. I especially had one friend who mentioned how much she loved being a leo probably every time I saw her. when you said that I laughed soooooooooooooo hard.
Roweena Ravenclaw
Roweena Ravenclaw - 40 minutes ago
Caelan Jolley
Caelan Jolley - 40 minutes ago
Me, an Aquarius: I wonder what I’ll get.
Watches video:
Me: Huh, I’m not entirely sure how to react. Nor am I sure whether I actually care anymore.
Caelan Jolley
Caelan Jolley - 35 minutes ago
Wait... ain’t I supposed to not be following the norm? Which would be people making comments like this. **thinks a moment** Fuck it! I give no shits!
Emily Harfst
Emily Harfst - 42 minutes ago
me an aquarius sun, sagittarius moon, taurus rising: this is fine
The Phanbulance
The Phanbulance - 42 minutes ago
"Leo's in the audience are gonna be very mad because they thought they would be #1" Actually I thought we would be ranked last so I am pleasantly surprised 😂😂😂
Darrian Kause
Darrian Kause - 49 minutes ago
wow I've never been so proud to be a virgo
Brittany Murray
Brittany Murray - 50 minutes ago
My head does not look like a light 💡 😒
Lunar Blossom
Lunar Blossom - 55 minutes ago
Me: I’m stubborn asf and hate myself but I’m also hella funny.
Eugene: Aquarius’ are aliens
Me: cries in Aquarius
brenden Pittman
brenden Pittman - 58 minutes ago
YAAAASSS Virgo on top bish, but she right we never win anything
God Save The Queen
God Save The Queen - Hour ago
Leo here, not even mad about being number 5! Still proud to be a Leo. I love me some Libras though, for sure.
iiNarwhal ii
iiNarwhal ii - Hour ago
Im a Pisces whyyy but what they said is true
Shady Moon
Shady Moon - Hour ago
I agree with Eugene I’m a Libra and I am fake when I want to be. And sometimes libras can be manipulative
And I can be manipulative at times
XxMoltenMaplexX _
XxMoltenMaplexX _ - Hour ago
Scorpio: sexy, deep and intellectual.
Me, a scorpio: *sarcastic laugh followed by self hating tears*
abner struggles
abner struggles - Hour ago
I'm a Leo 😏♌🦁
alex - Hour ago
Me: bet eugene wont put virgo on top five because we dont win shit...
**Puts virgo on top**
Me: I feel so happy right now, you just made my day, this will be put into my grave.
994523.1410127186 - Hour ago
Krysta Bates
Krysta Bates - Hour ago
I feel pretty blessed as a virgo
Harshul Narang
Harshul Narang - Hour ago
Bullshit can be fun something 😂
lEiLA tHuRmAn
lEiLA tHuRmAn - Hour ago
aries ARE the best idc
notanirishginger - Hour ago
me: well I'm a Gemini Sun, an Aries moon and a Leo rising so I'm expecting to be ranked super low but I'll still be a little sad about it
Eugene: "I had to rank Gemini second-to-last"
Allison: "you're not wrong"
official holy water page
official holy water page
official holy water page - 2 hours ago
_when eugene says that leo's are entitled but you're a leo and ur super poor and now ur pissed bc my sister is a virgo FUCK_
anafrancio - 2 hours ago
Me as a Scorpio who suffered enough with Geminis IS VERY PLEASED WITH THIS RANK.
ALICIA DUBON - 2 hours ago
I guess I'm a dumb 😭😣😔☹️
NotSoMexicanMexican - 2 hours ago
I'm a cancer but I can definitely see what your saying about other cancers
Joshock - 2 hours ago
I’m a Leo and I did not expect first but I expected like second. I am pretty damn entitled. This attacked; love it.
Amberly Thomas
Amberly Thomas - 2 hours ago
Me, a Pisces: I'll probably be looking at a solid 11th. Maybe even 10th!
Allison: °÷°
Eugene: !!!
Me: •√• pardon
Peyton Rheaume
Peyton Rheaume - 2 hours ago
Can I get a sad hee hee from my fellow Cancers? :'(
GachaChickens - 2 hours ago
‘ I cAnT bEliEve GemINiS aRE sO hIgH oN tHe LiSt’
Harry PotterNerd
Harry PotterNerd - 3 hours ago
Eugene: every single aquarius is an alien wearing a human mask
Me an Aquarius: how did the figure out my secret?!?! 😱😱
Orion Kacey
Orion Kacey - 3 hours ago
legit alien checking in. freaky how true that read was.. sad to realize that none can trust me and all my alien knowledge. lol 😂
Chris -
Chris - - 3 hours ago
Me, an Aries, offended
Yeehaw - 3 hours ago
I’m an Aquarius, can confirm I am an alien
shania johnson
shania johnson - 3 hours ago
me, a capricorn feels perfectly fine with where i stand
Jordo McGordo
Jordo McGordo - 3 hours ago
Me: I wonder how they'll describe me based off my sign
Eugene: Aquarius' are basically aliens
Me: *takes off mask* wow, accurate
j h
j h - 3 hours ago
i’m a gemini.. i love aquarius people to death
Ceanna Huffman
Ceanna Huffman - 3 hours ago
im a capricorn to i didnt think that Eugene was a caricorn im happy im a capricorn, and when Eugene made that one joke about death idk why but i laughed at his joke and i dont usually laugh all the time and i bring myself down all the time. Even tho i am a capricorn i think we could go a little higher then third like 5th or 6th is like were i think us capricorns should go
Mykal_Barker2020 - 3 hours ago
Congrats on hitting 6 million
clown loser
clown loser - 3 hours ago
They are so right abt virgos especially the fighting part, as a Virgo i strongly believe i am right most of the time and i like to prove im right with anything.
Dexter :/
Dexter :/ - 3 hours ago
Oh my god I can't believe I'm an alien
Isabella Nuñez
Isabella Nuñez - 3 hours ago
Me a gemini:hmmm 5th place is relly good 👍
Eugene: hmmm second last
Me 10 seconds later:meh
Matheus Almeida
Matheus Almeida - 3 hours ago
My rank is most like
1. Libra♎
2. Aquarius♒
3. Gemini♊
4. Leo♌
5. Virgo♍
6. Taurus♉
7. Sagittarius ♐
8. Capricorn♑
9. Aries♈
10. Pisces♓
11. Cancer♋
12. Scorpio♏
(Yes I'm ranking in this way even when my Moon Sign and my Venus Sign are in Scorpio lmao)
Lexi - 3 hours ago
Noooo I’m an alien 😂
Kate - 4 hours ago
taylør - 4 hours ago
Eugene: *calls Taurus's dumb*
me, a 13 yr old Taurus with a 4.0 and in honors/gate classes: 🤭
cam - 4 hours ago
"i want them around me. i don't want to date them."
me, a gemini: you know what thats fair
Stranger 425
Stranger 425 - 4 hours ago
Me, a Sagittarius: Why am I placed second?
*list of famous virgos appear*
*reads Jungkook’s name*
Me, again: That makes sense.......
Rose Marie A
Rose Marie A - 4 hours ago
When you described Leo, I thought of one of my friends. I looked up her birthday, and guess what, SHE'S A LEO.
Everything makes sense now...
Joyelle Watkins
Joyelle Watkins - 4 hours ago
Virgo ganngggg🤘🏻
Kami Nicole
Kami Nicole - 4 hours ago
I think me and my sister are supposed to be switched. She's a Leo I'm a cancer. She's very loving, caring, emotional. Then I'm manipulate, spoiled, and I'm entitled
Java Jess
Java Jess - 4 hours ago
I enjoyed this video so much. :)
Kayc7227 - 4 hours ago
Scorpio - Why did I actually look in the mirror to see if I looked like a penis... Also I have a Pisces sister who's ass is so flat that we refer to anything she wears (bottom half) as saggy diaper butt.
Pedro Diaz
Pedro Diaz - 4 hours ago
This bitch is crazy...
CrysilasMakes GachaVids
CrysilasMakes GachaVids - 4 hours ago
Edgy Teens
Edgy Teens - 4 hours ago
im a dumb cow, i guess
itsss cass
itsss cass - 4 hours ago
as taurus in the honor society, i prove u wrong
*Hannah *108*
*Hannah *108* - 4 hours ago
*Barley talks about Virgos and their intelligence*

I’m used to this
Turtletrix Muffin
Turtletrix Muffin - 4 hours ago
Libra: great conversationalist
Me, a Libra: *cries in introvert*
Alyssa Bishop
Alyssa Bishop - 4 hours ago
Libra here, I'll take it.
Kpop Trashwife
Kpop Trashwife - 4 hours ago
Diana Fernandes
Diana Fernandes - 4 hours ago
As a Leo I’m sorry for the entitlement in the comments because tbh we aren’t the best signs we have some flaws but we also aren’t one of the worst people. We have huge hearts, we are passionate, caring, loyal, determined like I don’t hate myself but I also don’t truly love myself bc I have things to work on. Idk we leo’s tend to fake it till we make it with confidence we’ll at least for me.
WPM KitKat
WPM KitKat - 4 hours ago
I wish I could be as confident as how Leo’s are described 😪
Ava Wong
Ava Wong - 4 hours ago
The description of Aries describes me so well :O
Shannon Burdick
Shannon Burdick - 4 hours ago
^_^ ayyyye I won something for once. Thank you
Just Laura
Just Laura - 4 hours ago
I don't even really believe in star signs but I screamed when I won... and then almost cried when EUGENE FRICKIN RUINED IT KSDJKFJJDFJFJDIJFE
Rachel Sedgwick
Rachel Sedgwick - 5 hours ago
Wow, all us Cancers feel like shit now.
Ella Borchik
Ella Borchik - 5 hours ago
I’m a scrorpio and I’m glad that I’m not in the bottom 5
Scorpio’s are the 2 best
Not to brag
Angel Avalos
Angel Avalos - 5 hours ago
6:02 Is that why im single?
Diana Fernandes
Diana Fernandes - 5 hours ago
Us leo’s aren’t that bad we’re actually really insecure people who low key hate themselves, who thrive off of compliments and attention because we don’t feel good enough, we are passionate, caring, loyal af, sensitive, we have huge hearts like I would do anything for the people I love. But yes we can selfish, we are stubborn af because change is scary, and we try to constantly lift up how we thinks of ourselves or lift up our image and think of the positive because deep down we are broken but don’t want to hate on ourselves because we see good in everybody. We also love socializing, meeting new people, and having fun. We are very determined and hard working people too but very lazy also.
Emily Ball
Emily Ball - 5 hours ago
I guess I *might have* drank a little too much dumb cow juice this morning
Sarteth - 5 hours ago
You missed something about Libras. The ones I know are incredibly indecisive. They can't make a decision without having absolutely all the data. Then when they DO make a decision, the slightest push about the other option and they go into a tailspin.
Nerissa Lund
Nerissa Lund - 5 hours ago
My best friend is a gay Leo and I'm a libra
Betsy Green
Betsy Green - 5 hours ago
I’m a Scorpio with a Capricorn moon
Opalescent Studios
Opalescent Studios - 5 hours ago
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith - 5 hours ago
y'all are sure harsh to leos even though you describe capricorn basically the same way
(yes i realize the irony of complaining about leo related comments as a leo)
Diana Fernandes
Diana Fernandes - 4 hours ago
the difference between us and Capricorn’s is that they do love themselves and actually are very confident but us Leo’s act confident but we are actually really insecure and on the verge of an identity crisis
Like IDK Whatever
Like IDK Whatever - 5 hours ago
As a Virgo I knew Virgos would rank # 1
Sofia insert random last name here
Leo's have a big ass ego

me, a leo: I mean, true.
ChimChim's #1 Fan
ChimChim's #1 Fan - 5 hours ago
I'm a leo and I am not as confident as you think I am. People think we are b*tches, but I consider myself shy and very held back, until you get to know me, but I still won't be as narcissistic as you would say. So I think this is bull, but no hate. 💕
racheal somoye
racheal somoye - 5 hours ago
Virgo for the win BABY
Jessica Maye
Jessica Maye - 5 hours ago
I haven't even watched this yet but I am thinking Cancer is at Eugene's bottom.
Jessica Maye
Jessica Maye - 5 hours ago
It's only funny to me but I am a Cancer that is surrounded by Virgos
ArianaGrande101 - 5 hours ago
I am academically 2 grades ahead of my current grade. I'm a Taurus.
VES - 5 hours ago
15:28 I would've said "not my father :)" yikes capricorns do have some dark af sense of humor tho don't we
Caroline Tames
Caroline Tames - 6 hours ago
cries cause I'm a cancer and I'm very upfront and I wouldn't stab you in the back id stab you in the front 😹
Forget Me Maybe
Forget Me Maybe - 6 hours ago
"And they'll blame everyone else"
My low self esteem/self hatred: *evil laughter*
Julia Montez
Julia Montez - 6 hours ago
leos always "think" their #1... lmao that's cute... they absolutely know their #1 itch 💃
Hangry Zombie
Hangry Zombie - 6 hours ago
Fine video and all.... but all of your jealousy aside, let’s admit that Leos are definitive champs in every way
Hangry Zombie
Hangry Zombie - 5 hours ago
Juuuust kidding. I sincerely think every sign balances the positives and negatives pretty equally. Respect, appreciate, and am annoyed by all signs in comfortingly similar degrees
Greta Mudrinic
Greta Mudrinic - 6 hours ago
Alien I mean aquarius squd
Hiya, It's Elia
Hiya, It's Elia - 6 hours ago
As a Virgo with a rising in Virgo and Moon in Sagittarius I felt like Eugene's ranking fit with my own ranking.
Wren Paetkau
Wren Paetkau - 6 hours ago
OMG HOW DID I NOT KNOW EUGENE WAS A CAP ?!?!?! THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE WOW. also like hell fucking yes for another queer cap in the media 💛💛
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares - 6 hours ago
I have a great ass true
Lilly Kraushaar
Lilly Kraushaar - 6 hours ago
10th place not so bad
Joanna Rodriguez
Joanna Rodriguez - 6 hours ago
I’m a Leo ♌️ and I’m offended 😂
bumble - 6 hours ago
eugene: they're like plasma. they're dust
me, a saggitarius, in tears: thank you
edit: nah, if you're like "hey saggitarius, is that your shit?" we would look at it and be like, "haha, yeah."
Sydney Totten
Sydney Totten - 7 hours ago
alien: lightbulb head ;))))
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith - 7 hours ago
Cancers are beautiful.
VintageFruitSalad - 7 hours ago
MAN I WATCHED THIS WHOLE THING TO HAVE BOTH OF THEM DOUBLE RANK AQUARIUS AS 8. the aliens deserve better!!! we're always watching
Lucidd_Nightmares - 7 hours ago
This is making me question my date of birth
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