Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

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David Morales
David Morales - Hour ago
Yesss Pices Is Firsttt!!!! ♓️ Where is my Pices Fam??!!
Ilany B. López Valdivia
My ranking:
1. Scorpio
Jose Miguel Ojeda
Jose Miguel Ojeda - Hour ago
I’m so happy :))) PISCES POWER!!!
Beatriz Lopes
Beatriz Lopes - Hour ago
im an aquarius and my friends say that im an alien wtf
Maria V
Maria V - Hour ago
Me before watching the video: man Capricorn’s are definitely going to be last, maybe they’ll skip over it.
Eugene: Capricorn’s are so pessimistic
Me: :O
Gift Umweni
Gift Umweni - Hour ago
Yay virgo
Mary Alexa
Mary Alexa - Hour ago
My ranking:
1. Virgo
2. Leo
3. Scorpio
4. Aries
5. Capricorn
6. Sagittarius
7. Gemini
8. Libra
10. Aquarius
11. Taurus
12. Cancer
(I’m an Aries- and I feel like I base my ranking off how fun and interesting you are)
PS I’m right your wrong shut up
Aesthetic.slimey - Hour ago
Aries fam...♈️ WYA
xcharlotte_ch7x - Hour ago
Destinee Reacts
Destinee Reacts - Hour ago
Not trying to offend anybody but here’s my list I might offend myself I’m a Pisces

1. Aquarius
2. Virgo
3. Taurus
4. Pisces
5. Sagittarius
6. Scorpio
7. Capricorn
8. Gemini
9. Aries
10. Libra
11. Leo
12. Cancer
Ruby Prananto
Ruby Prananto - Hour ago
I'm an alien 👽
I'm manipulative
Should I start an alien Aquarius cult now???
Join me my fellow aliens 👽👽👽
Grace Alice
Grace Alice - Hour ago
I’m a Sagittarius and ALL of my lasting friendships have either been a Capricorn (and one Sagittarius). My best friend of 13 years is a Capricorn and so is my boyfriend (of 2 years).
Celia Beed
Celia Beed - Hour ago
I had to check if I looked like a Penis yikes
basic trash
basic trash - Hour ago
Yay I'm #2 on Eugene's list lol😂
Destinee Reacts
Destinee Reacts - Hour ago
Actually I’m a Pisces but everyone always has something to say about them but my cancer friend when we get in fight she’s like omg I’m so sorry I’ve been crying at night because of that fight she literally says that also thanks for putting Pisces 1st but for personal it's eh I'm used to it everyone hates us
Dulce Rios
Dulce Rios - Hour ago
Really thought Sag was gonna be at the bottom 😭😂 don’t feel sad at all anymore
It’s Just Sage
It’s Just Sage - 2 hours ago
As an Aquarius I can officially confirm we are all aliens 👽
Adrean Anderson
Adrean Anderson - 2 hours ago
who cares what these 2 ppl think? #Leoproud!!
Kaitlyn Davis
Kaitlyn Davis - 2 hours ago
ARIES BRUH. I am a child lol
Grace Alice
Grace Alice - 2 hours ago
My sister is a Virgo... and you are 100% right. Get in an argument with her and you will regret it
Stephanie Salazar
Stephanie Salazar - 2 hours ago
I’m actually surprised scorpio ranked so high
Cream - 2 hours ago
Why is cole mentioned but Dylan isn’t
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - 2 hours ago
Geminis are not two-faced, we been knew that. So when are Leos gonna stop being reduced to drama queens and attention junkies?
Katie Karau
Katie Karau - 2 hours ago
Me: I'm going to love this video
Eugene: Taurus arent the sharpest tools in the shed
P.S: I love Eugene, I mean no hate at all by this, sorry if you think I do
Angel_ Burrito
Angel_ Burrito - 2 hours ago
Me: if my zodiac sign is not one of the top 3 i call bullshit
Chris Sloan
Chris Sloan - 2 hours ago
😎♐️All My Sagittarius Where You At ?
Chris Sloan
Chris Sloan - 2 hours ago
😂Omggg imma Sagittarius ♐️And You Explain My Sign So Well That is Exactly How I Feel💯💯💯💯.
Jade Ewasiuk
Jade Ewasiuk - 2 hours ago
I'm a virgo-Libra cusp,Aries moon and Scorpio rising.
karzie - 2 hours ago
I don’t want to be a little bitch but I’ve never been called boring in my life and dumb? my feelings = hurt! but I can’t complain they are right and we are wrong but fuck me dude :(
Xx GachaSnowWolf xX
Xx GachaSnowWolf xX - 2 hours ago
To be honest I know three Taurus they are smart, emotional, yet very chill, those three Taurus are all guys they are the funniest people I have ever met. I would never say they are boring they are actually, quite interesting. And I love finding out what kind of mysteries they are. And No I am not a Taurus I am a Gemini and don’t really give a crap about my ranking lol
erin gannon
erin gannon - 2 hours ago
as a libra I feel so seen and also dragged at the same time. judgmental but never say anything, in order to keep everyone happy 😂
Suzana Aziz
Suzana Aziz - 3 hours ago
i m right you are wrong even though i like you Eugene but shut up.... "making a scorpion smug face" 😎....
Foxy Gem
Foxy Gem - 3 hours ago
I'm Libra ♎
Marie Keys
Marie Keys - 3 hours ago
My friend pranked my saying she was pregnant and started fake crying.
Guess what?
She's a cancer
dean.ab - 3 hours ago
The only part that I agree with your explanation of Aquarius is we try to avoid common-ness.
Slime Asmr
Slime Asmr - 3 hours ago
My friends is my sadness
Slime Asmr
Slime Asmr - 3 hours ago
Mine is on school work
Mj Partosa
Mj Partosa - 3 hours ago
I'm a CANCER 😁 I respect and accept that I'm at the bottom 📉( because it is somehow true 😅) but I don't FAKE CRY 😭 I will not waste my tears when its not worth it, and I DON'T BACKSTAB🔪 my FRIENDS🧐
Adora Graves
Adora Graves - 3 hours ago
I’m scorpio and my rising sign is saggitarius sooooo thanks eugene!✌🏻
Rachel Kage
Rachel Kage - 3 hours ago
Alright I am a Leo but honestly my highest rank in Sagittarius my 2 besets friends are Sagittarius and I thing they are awesome but let’s be real any Leo thinks they can be a close second
Some One
Some One - 3 hours ago
Oof I thought I would definitely be last.....I feel like everyone hates Pisces but ig not♓️🌊
Bia - 3 hours ago
Sun: Scorpio
Moon: Virgo
Rising: Virgo
Idk what this means but I was surprised my scorpio fam was so high, I was expecting bad tea to be spilled about us 😂
mattymo56 - 3 hours ago
Slime Asmr
Slime Asmr - 3 hours ago
I am a Capricorn tooooooo
Marnie Kennedy
Marnie Kennedy - 3 hours ago
I like Eugene’s placement way better because I am a sag
Elia - 3 hours ago
Lmfao as a Libra sun I'd like to say that I fake things to be left alone or to maintain peace but not to be liked, it's more of a "No I don't know about this but I don't want to know so I'll act as if I do know in order for you to leave me alone and/or because I don't want to fight, I'm tired"
The00qa - 3 hours ago
i'm a Virgo. thank yoooooooou!!!
Brooklyn Unkowninfimus
Brooklyn Unkowninfimus - 3 hours ago
Thank god I'm a Capricorn ♑
Sam - 3 hours ago
I'm an Aquarius and my brother called me an alien
I_AM AL_MIGHT - 3 hours ago
Lool I'm a cancer but I dnt hv manipulative tears dnt even know how to fake cry I'm very honest
I_AM AL_MIGHT - 3 hours ago
Mmmm but there's so much more to each person, like not all Leo's, or cancers aren't the same
Pika Foxie
Pika Foxie - 3 hours ago
when they both said they liked geminis
-My gemini ass: *chokes on soda*
I_AM AL_MIGHT - 3 hours ago
😂 😂 Cmon cancer are so fun give em a chance
Ly Phan
Ly Phan - 3 hours ago
Cows are incredibly smart and emotional beings
I_AM AL_MIGHT - 3 hours ago
U guys suck u hate everyone goodness
Eane Anonymous
Eane Anonymous - 3 hours ago
"If you look at your Aquarius friends, their heads are shaped like lightbulbs"
The accuracy 😂😂😂 My face is heart shape. WTF! Also, yeah we're weird. Deal with it!
livv Camara
livv Camara - 3 hours ago
eugene: “they’re obsessed with how people view them”
me an intellectual gem:
my brain: “don’t do it”
Damifino - 3 hours ago
Im a pisces
huh - 3 hours ago
Oh hell yeah everyone loves Aries
*gets put on the verge of last*
That libra did me dirty
Correction: put VERY last
huh - 3 hours ago
Ty Eugene, you cut us Aries some slack
Hiryna Nasarian
Hiryna Nasarian - 3 hours ago
I really really love this ranking and I totally agree in most of the things I`m #Scorpio and kind of thinking about it I look like a penis...or at least I`m all thinking in one LMAO Love you Eugene
Allegra - 4 hours ago
Pisces so accurate lol
poison dart
poison dart - 4 hours ago
I agree with her list pisces is number one pisces gang gang
Morina Destiny
Morina Destiny - 4 hours ago
*Cancer ranks low at Eugene's list*
Imafat Tomato
Imafat Tomato - 4 hours ago
*My head is not shaped like a lightbulb Eugene*
*you will apologise*
RaT - ToI
RaT - ToI - 4 hours ago
Gemini squad were ya at?
Clayanna Day
Clayanna Day - 4 hours ago
Nooooooooo!!!!! How is my little sister #1 and I'm #12. Y'all haven't met the right Aries. Lol
Talissa - 4 hours ago
Virgo for the win ♍️
Jessie Sha
Jessie Sha - 4 hours ago
So true......Never argue with a Virgo. Or you will ‘die’ horribly.
Dona Vladić
Dona Vladić - 5 hours ago
These are their opinions...dont agree...for me the worst sign is a scorpion
Clayanna Day
Clayanna Day - 5 hours ago
YO! I am laughing at you while you shade my sign and it's Aries. Lol. Btw I actually have a very high sex drive thank you very much. 😂
poweredman - 5 hours ago
Aquarius is above cancer? Seriously? Do I have to hit you with an argument that ends with me in fake tears?
SKZ Trash
SKZ Trash - 5 hours ago
Wow im a moody pisces ♓️
Julian Mavering
Julian Mavering - 5 hours ago
I’m an Aries and my feelings are hurt rn. 😡🔥😡🔥😡

And also I’m gonna like my own comment!
U guys better like it too...🔪
HouseJug - 5 hours ago
Nah Alison’s was more accurate and she’s more qualified to know cus she a libran ♎️ got that balance
Adam - 5 hours ago
Scorpio gang, where you at? xD
Valentina W
Valentina W - 5 hours ago
👍Eugene you're right!
-Capricorn 05.01✨
Sheena A
Sheena A - 5 hours ago
Shout out to 12k Leo's out there. I see how you hated this video. 😂
Sheena A
Sheena A - 5 hours ago
“This is the first time Virgo has ever won anything” - yes, because we usually pick our own battles or we just don't give a shit. But AYE~ Virgo(s) are the best!
Natalie - 5 hours ago
Was expecting to be near the bottom but here we are at #1, I'll take it. 😂😂
Bence Kontar
Bence Kontar - 5 hours ago
Aquarius is 8th⁉️⁉️ are you ok⁉️
Maximilian Wazillion
Maximilian Wazillion - 5 hours ago
me: ok hopefully my feelings don't get hurt
both of them: cancer is last and second to last
me: mkay lemme cry me to sleep
EJ Gacha
EJ Gacha - 5 hours ago
Allison and Eugene: (talks about how Leos are arrogant)
Me (Leo): (Doesn't know how to interact with people)
Mikaylah Wiegand
Mikaylah Wiegand - 5 hours ago
Scorpio gang ♏
akshaya nair
akshaya nair - 5 hours ago
im leo. ouch!! Where my fam?
21nrockin - 6 hours ago
#️⃣1️⃣ Aquarius - I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up.
Mia - 6 hours ago
I wonder why people think all cancers are sensitive. Intuitive yes, sensitive nope! As a Cancer, I don't know how to fake cry, actually only cried once, and that was when my Grandpa died when I was young, and that was me crying, because everybody expected me to cry, as I was his favorite 😂 I agree I'm super Moody, but more of a Moody introvert. IDK if you see me catching a mood, then steer away from me and leave me the fuck alone. I'm not going to take my anger out on you as long as you don't bother me lol I completely agree with the life crisis, especially at 22, I'm like, "what am I doing with my life!!" every 2 seconds 😂 The motherly aspect of cancers is correct. Friends who have more life experience than me, ask me for advice for some odd reason lol. I am not manipulative, I'm the opposite of manipulative lmfao I'm very independent and full of pride. I think I'd rather do things on my own, then manipulate somebody to help me, I'm way to lazy for that.
Toni Barao
Toni Barao - 6 hours ago
IRIS IS HERE - 6 hours ago
As a Leo myself, The ranking is pretty reasonable because we are like a spoiled brat type of person but as a social introvert I don't think that I'm that type of person but oh well, it be like that sometimes
Bex Louise
Bex Louise - 6 hours ago
This is so weird because his top three are my main signs! I’m a Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon and Scorpio rising. I feel so loved for once 🤣
Bonk ey
Bonk ey - 6 hours ago
It's okay, Capricorns and Pisces aren't compatible at all. I honestly hate tf outta Capricorns. Pisces still took the cake for the first rankings tho ;) ♓
TheMaster256/ TM256
TheMaster256/ TM256 - 6 hours ago
Me: I must be near the top I am pretty good
Eugene: Gemini second to last
Brittany B!tch
Brittany B!tch - 6 hours ago
as a gemini you are right and i am upset that i’m 11
sui generis
sui generis - 6 hours ago
fuck libras bruh know what im saying haha
Atrina PotterLover
Atrina PotterLover - 6 hours ago
Im a Virgo ♍️
QeCy WineDoll
QeCy WineDoll - 6 hours ago
♊ whyyyyyy are you always bad to ussss booohoooooohooooooo...not! middle finga in the air while walking backwards then trips on something hit my head and cracked it open....continues the exit walk to hell. im right your left, lefties are useless. shut up. 😑
i just want to look at memes
I love this just because *we* as *virgos* have been ranked as *top* zOdIaC sIGn!
Most people flipping *hate* virgos
Snazzy Doggo
Snazzy Doggo - 6 hours ago
My Capricorn a$$ is depressed 24/7 but I’m also a cusp baby, Sagittarius being the other one. But y’know, could just be the depresso.
JustNehaManoj - 7 hours ago
Sagittarius is literally a party in human form - therefore the BEST
I'm right, you're wrong,
Shut up
TB - 7 hours ago
us cancers out here with our feelings hurt
Woozi is Short he only 164cm
I'm Sagittarius but i hate to travel 😂😂😂😂 what's wrong with me
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