Forrest Gump and Elvis Presley

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Ethan Lee’s channel
Ethan Lee’s channel - 6 days ago
The song Elvis is singing: hound dog
Chinel Kremesec
Chinel Kremesec - 8 days ago
That moment you find out elvis is kurt russel but they blurred him to look like elvis haha :)
Awful Lawton
Awful Lawton - 10 days ago
Probably the best scene in the movie haha.
chello70 - 13 days ago
Ok😂.... Now we know it 😂
aditi banerjee
aditi banerjee - 15 days ago
I just love the this scene from FG
mike watters
mike watters - 16 days ago
The folk at the bus stop thought forest was just out for the weekend from the nut house
FRM YT - 21 day ago
Imagine if Forrest Gump was real
seolarco - 29 days ago
My teacher: you know who that is?
Me, watching Forrest Gump for the first time, jokingly: Elvis
Me: wait a minute
matheus gouveia
matheus gouveia - Month ago
Kurt Russell actually did the voice for Elvis in this scene.
If Forest's mother went to a Miley Cyrus concert.
Anybody realize Kurt Russell is the voice of Elvis in this?
Matachi - Month ago
My god imagine having Elvis in your house!
BenDizzy19 - Month ago
Man that Elvis actor was spot on!
Colossus - Month ago
Kurt Russel played Elvis, and wasnt credited in the movie
MrDisneyfan101 - Month ago
He had him a g-tair case.
RYNO LASCAVIO - 2 months ago
I heard that it was Kurt Russell who was the voice of Elvis in this scene.
Donald Duck andmpals Gaming
Oh yeah
xXWolf'n_WolfXx - 2 months ago
What are you know I was watching Forrest Gump
and then music class I learned about Elvis
Corbin R. Dallas
Corbin R. Dallas - 2 months ago
That woman's heart is so full of love. Making sure everyone eats and has everything they need like they were her family. Flawless acting
Jacetheface27 are you ready
Wolf King 2005
Wolf King 2005 - 2 months ago
1,000th comment! Haha!
Zuri Son of Badu
Zuri Son of Badu - 2 months ago
Zuri Son of Badu
Zuri Son of Badu - 2 months ago
thatonedrewguy - 3 months ago
Peter Dobson played Elvis here. Then later on, when he was in The Frighteners, he gets spooked by a floating Elvis bust. I just now got that.
Zane Wong
Zane Wong - 3 months ago
Fun fact : The guy who plays Elvis is actually Kurt Russel , the guy who would play Elvis in a biopic 15 years ago
Matthew Schipper
Matthew Schipper - 3 months ago
Life is like y box of chocolates you never know what your going to get
Theodora Kazantzidou
Theodora Kazantzidou - 3 months ago
Elvis is unforgettable!
Tristan Mclean
Tristan Mclean - 3 months ago
1: Is this based on real events?
2: If so, He met Freaking Elvis!
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien - 3 months ago
Forrest Gump is a great movie & Forrest was/is a great person but a lot of people treated him like crap including Jenny. When I first heard about the movie I thought it might be a fantasy movie about a magical creature called a forest gump.
Anything & Everything
Anything & Everything - 3 months ago
My teacher asked who invented Light Bulb... I proudly answered, Forest Gump
Derrick Hoyett
Derrick Hoyett - 3 months ago
Dnieto Gaming
Dnieto Gaming - 3 months ago
I couldn't even tell who that was
Corynn Held
Corynn Held - 3 months ago
They missed a great opportunity for Elvis to say his signature “thank you, thank you very much”
Asriel Screamer
Asriel Screamer - 3 months ago
Its so funny cuz i said the guy sounds like elvis then i freaked out when it actually was.
DukkulanMarshal - 3 months ago
*_Swingin' Mah Hips_*
jason myers
jason myers - 3 months ago
I'v never watched forest gump. I feel so left outv
BrilovesBlaine Briones Briones
This makes me wish to meet Chris Colfer
MrNils80 - 3 months ago
SELUCIA - 3 months ago
i dodnt know it was elvis lol
anything at all
anything at all - 3 months ago
Back then elvis moves were considerd too sexual
christopher optimus prime
christopher optimus prime - 3 months ago
You see what happens when you bully people you get back what you hand out you cut my legs out from underneath me and look who has these braces now Forrest Gump Lieutenant Dan I guess they both went through a portion of their life without their legs
Hal - 3 months ago
Such a masterpiece. I have watched Forrest Gump at least four or five times so far and it doesn't get old
Barvef - 3 months ago
Fav movie
walk hard
walk hard - 3 months ago
Elvis was moving his hips even before he started his career. Forrest wasn't showing him anything he already had.
Ujjal Das
Ujjal Das - 4 months ago
I didn't understand " this is not for children's eyes " part. I didn't see anything vulgarity in that.
MadelineTopper - 2 months ago
Elvis' way of dancing was very provocative in the 1950s.
wacho 12
wacho 12 - 4 months ago
Como se llama la pelicula alguien q me diga .
Daniel Bramasco
Daniel Bramasco - 3 months ago
wacho 12 Forrest Gump
JÅKOB ANÅRCHO - 4 months ago
Thayts nawt for childrens ayyysss
Cristofer Suárez
Cristofer Suárez - 4 months ago
Será que es Elvis??
Aaron Mince
Aaron Mince - 4 months ago
Forrest must be the most influential person ever.
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain - 4 months ago
That peter Dobs as Elvis but Kurt Russel voice dubbed in as Elvis
Mr. L
Mr. L - 4 months ago
That look in his eyes, you could tell Forest was proud for that cool guitar man
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