Bosstown Dynamics: New Robot Can Fight Back!

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YT Stickman
YT Stickman - 58 minutes ago
2:29 How to deal with bullies
Abstractum pro concreto
So fake
Dirk Beer
Dirk Beer - Hour ago
This video it's fake lol
Sebastien Piccinato
Sebastien Piccinato - Hour ago
I love but hate this channel because of the robot abuse!
Tj Hilario
Tj Hilario - Hour ago
Why did them hiting the robot
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton - Hour ago
I feel bad for the robot hes being punished
Sebta - Hour ago
1:00 look at feet
Atlantis the lost continent
Dustin Ridders
Dustin Ridders - 4 hours ago
It looked real right up until 2:08, who both shoots a gun without a silencer, and isn't in a shooting range
Goldz - 6 hours ago
Deadass kinda funny yo.
A. Xel
A. Xel - 6 hours ago
Fuck you and your gay ass channel
prince meena
prince meena - 8 hours ago
2019-they beat robot
2050-robot will bet them like that
Its Ajia
Its Ajia - 9 hours ago
Lil cholo
Crystal _Playz_Roblox
Crystal _Playz_Roblox - 9 hours ago
Oh so it’s fake I think at 2:55 idk
Crystal _Playz_Roblox
Crystal _Playz_Roblox - 10 hours ago
Cuz if it is I will be very imased
Crystal _Playz_Roblox
Crystal _Playz_Roblox - 10 hours ago
is the robot real
mickavellian - 10 hours ago
KEEP beating them up... THAT is embedded in the circuits and the ROBOTLUCION arrives.. you will know your tongue is sticking outta your ass.
Lü7 - 10 hours ago
WTF ksks
Deckard Cain
Deckard Cain - 10 hours ago
Fk man I thought it was a real robot for a while
LARA MONTENEGRO - 11 hours ago
Todo mundo já reparou que esse vídeo é falso.
EpicFortniteGamer - 12 hours ago
Robot weaknesses
1. Water
2. EMPs
3. Hockey sticks
here's clowny
here's clowny - 12 hours ago
They do have extraordinary robots of course not to this degree yet but the military does have a type of robotic mule with the intention of moving heavy equipment over uneasy terrain
manu fadale
manu fadale - 12 hours ago
1:13 with the chair outta nowhere
Joseildo Oliveira
Joseildo Oliveira - 12 hours ago
Red Hood 866
Red Hood 866 - 13 hours ago
Imagine if this wasn't CGI.
Reanu Keeves
Reanu Keeves - 14 hours ago
if only this was real
william eldridge
william eldridge - 14 hours ago
Fake as fuck!! Need to step up your CGI skills!!!
regimegegner - 14 hours ago
Mavi Vatan
Mavi Vatan - 15 hours ago
Ulan yakında Tmm bunlar Dünyaya meydan okursa Şaşırmayın insanlara bir düşman eksikti hoş geldin Robot kardes😂😂😂😂
buddu developers
buddu developers - 15 hours ago
these animators are giving a gigantic headache to the boston dynamics devs. Now management is going to require these features ...
Dyo Kasparov
Dyo Kasparov - 16 hours ago
Robot can commit suicide at any times and when it does it T poses and you bring it back from the rest button
benny3six1 - 16 hours ago
Y would a Robot have an equilibrium....doesnt that defeat the whole purpose
Harvey - 16 hours ago
Lmao that robot kicked they ass
Rajo 48
Rajo 48 - 17 hours ago
amazing job only max 10% look fake but that reflection on robot look like real wtf
LEX37 - 18 hours ago
Wait a sec. Din't Asimov anticipate situations like this?
Moto arzan
Moto arzan - 19 hours ago
Don't F with the robots, be nice, or they'll turn on us.
hallow - 19 hours ago
Theara Vlogger
Theara Vlogger - 19 hours ago
Robot very nice 👍
i like nerf!!!!!!!!! i want a nerf Clinic are bad coridor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+
Balkan Interviewer
Balkan Interviewer - 20 hours ago
Dont abuse him🙄someday they will take over the world and you are gonna cryy
Lucas Gomes
Lucas Gomes - 20 hours ago
É fake essas porra. Os caras manipulam as imagens em computadores. Os vídeos são legais de assistir pena q é falso. Assistam o vídeo no canal Não advinho o vídeo sobre esses robôs da Boston dinamics
Bandile Ndaba
Bandile Ndaba - 21 hour ago
#2908CYVRR pls join my clan in clash of clans
Brandon Tibbetts
Brandon Tibbetts - 21 hour ago
Fake and dumb but kinda amusing would have been cool if it was real
Berlin 2000
Berlin 2000 - 21 hour ago
1:32 yeeet
Jokes universe
Jokes universe - 22 hours ago
Even it's a robot, don't hit it.
Faisal irshad
Faisal irshad - 23 hours ago
Not real vfx video
Vishnu E A Z
Vishnu E A Z - 23 hours ago
I feel so sad 😢
henry nenjamin
henry nenjamin - Day ago
CNN would edit the part that it's a fake and run it as if were real robphobes
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - Day ago
If these is real and not some fx ,it would be so useful in the army .anyway awesome 👍 video guys hope you can do it for real.
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar - Day ago
Not real😡😡
Jimin Jimin
Jimin Jimin - Day ago
Willow M.
Willow M. - Day ago
Green Screen
Shutta Fuggup
Shutta Fuggup - Day ago
Send the 🤖 to kill all Trap Music fans.
Света Луч
Света Луч - Day ago
sung kim
sung kim - Day ago
영상을 보니 기계에 인공지능이 첨가되는날이 인류의 멸망의 시작날이구먼.
Dave Mac
Dave Mac - Day ago
This how the matrix started. Lol robot abuse.
Auxiliadora Farias
Auxiliadora Farias - Day ago
É o FIM da humanidades e o começo robôtizacao
Auxiliadora Farias
Auxiliadora Farias - Day ago
É o FIM da humanidades
Kaka patriota Brasil
Kkkkkkk fake !!!!
Cyclone 018
Cyclone 018 - Day ago
Detroit become human 100
Steve Packard
Steve Packard - Day ago
New sub!
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