Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloé

H - 6 hours ago
does anyone know the song playing when they first come in the room
Norma Anb
Norma Anb - 7 hours ago
Massiel Vasquez
Massiel Vasquez - 8 hours ago
I want to be adopted 😣😂
Teyana Letrice
Teyana Letrice - 8 hours ago
Soo I’m middle class what kind of liquor is that
HanVideos24 - 9 hours ago
This vid is so good though
HanVideos24 - 9 hours ago
I didn’t realised khloe vaped!
Lizangela Sanchez
Lizangela Sanchez - 10 hours ago
“And if our mom expects any commission from this she should’ve been here” 😂😂😂
Zeynel 5 Gulcicek
Zeynel 5 Gulcicek - 10 hours ago
Wooow 👈🏻👈🏻👉🏻👉🏻
Freeman - 10 hours ago
Khloe is so like Kris
Dennis Beacham
Dennis Beacham - 11 hours ago
Kylie maintained her focus while intoxicated. Coco, well that’s another story:)
LIFE PATH - 12 hours ago
19:13 poor guy was blushing
Kyanxli - 13 hours ago
she should make an asmr channel😂
Divina Fernandez
Divina Fernandez - 14 hours ago
Hi kylie im one of your biggest fan
I live in the phillipines and
I want to say to u is help us filipinos get one of our treasure
Its the GOLDEN TARA please help us get it back pls
Carlena Gomez
Carlena Gomez - 16 hours ago
Those f'en shoes...... lmao!!!!!!!
Ma-Riee K
Ma-Riee K - 16 hours ago
I love you guys
Kylie: Kimberly west
Khloe: no Kardashian😂
flower rose
flower rose - 19 hours ago
Kylie i love you and your vids please keep the good work up and dont forget that haters dont take your power they make you more stronger!!☺
Andrea Chavez Rivera
Andrea Chavez Rivera - 21 hour ago
Lmao 7:17 khloe" you punched me"💀💀
Tina Zeng
Tina Zeng - 21 hour ago
Why Khloe correct Kylie saying west into Kardashian?
Katie Doyle
Katie Doyle - 21 hour ago
I kinda wanna party with them. Lol they act just like me
Mrs Aburto
Mrs Aburto - 21 hour ago
I'd go I love Kylie 💙💜❤️
Cindy Noland
Cindy Noland - 21 hour ago
I watch this every day to cheer me up.
datswassup07 - 21 hour ago
Khloe saying PERIODT makes my heart sing lol
Gabby Utt
Gabby Utt - 22 hours ago
Why is everyone out there saying that Kylie does nothing for money. Do you see all the amazing make up she makes?
i love cats
i love cats - 22 hours ago
There like in there 20s and 30s and I'm pretty sure I can handle alchohol better than them 😂😂
Farhana Fathima
Farhana Fathima - 23 hours ago
Kylie products are such a scam of this 21st century. Literally don't know why people trust these. They sell cheap, unscientific stuffs for exuberant price. And minted loads of money 💰 And the people who live paycheck to paycheck with great difficulty, buy these scam n end up pauper. Get educated guys. Watch Dr Dray for real advice on skin n products. Or maybe any board-certified dermatologists. Not these uneducated kinda money n attention cravers .
Jaime Lynn
Jaime Lynn - 23 hours ago
Kylie seems like very much of a control freak
capricorn girl
capricorn girl - Day ago
Someone knows the name of the song plz ?
Nicole Lechin
Nicole Lechin - Day ago
this whole video is a hazard to headphone users HAHAHAHAH ily Kylie
Cute Makeup tutorial’s & Vlogs
When you see the Juul in Khloe‘s hand
Heather C.
Heather C. - Day ago
Khloe is hot! This is why their so cool n humble. Khloe is so skinny u can tell by her upper body! Khloe must be hanging out with shah's of sunset. Lol! Northie Joon, lol. Absolutely love Sophia n Cory is family now. It's nice too see!
Alegra Bellamy
Alegra Bellamy - Day ago
They are so drunk lol
hanna paula
hanna paula - Day ago
Soy la única pendeja que habla español ??
Jihanna Hainé
Jihanna Hainé - Day ago
when sofia said she wasn't wearing no makeup and those 2 ugly white girls black girls wannabe took it the wrong way..... Lmaoo well yup bitch some girls are just naturally pretty and you big mad cause you had to go thru all that plastic surgery and you still ugly tryna fake that black girl persona when you kno damn well you grew up in calabasas and when you in front of real black girls that are not yo slave that attitude gonee :)
Prayah Lebron
Prayah Lebron - Day ago
Follow my ig my babies 😙 pray_beauty
escape time
escape time - Day ago
Kohle is HOT ASF
Kylie looks like Dora the Prostitute
Nocloasc_Roblox - Day ago
Omega Pryce
Omega Pryce - Day ago
7:20 is me trying to get sue money😂😂😂
Alexia Lombard
Alexia Lombard - Day ago
I love Kylie so much 😍😍😍
AngieBTV - Day ago
The noise Kylie made at 19:42 LOL!!!
Play It Forward/Haiti
I love kylie jenner😍
priscilla bassil
priscilla bassil - Day ago
Kylie: Khloe focusssss
L v B
L v B - Day ago
*✌💋 I **#LOVE** these 2 Sisters 👌😂*
Sitri Halphas
Sitri Halphas - Day ago
I can kinda see kourtney in khloe
Divina Foxxx
Divina Foxxx - Day ago
Why do me and Kylie take shots the same.
Wumbo - Day ago
0:01 you can see a living plastic doll. Lol she’s so good at making those!
Daniel Borg
Daniel Borg - Day ago
I love them but this feels fake as hell lmao
It's Marionique
It's Marionique - Day ago
Kylie: “Are you ok?”
Khloe: “No.”
Ad: Hi there 👋🏾😂😂💗
Ydnas Kat
Ydnas Kat - Day ago
Kloe can NOT keep up with Kylie. She’s struggling! The end result is cross of slutty clowns 🤡 makeup.
India Dawkins
India Dawkins - Day ago
Ewww. He put his mouth on the bottle
Snow White
Snow White - Day ago
That bottle is $350 alone 😂
smartoridiot - Day ago
smartoridiot - Day ago
KOLY U NOT 700 pound MAYBE 560 pound w b right
ladycrystal 3
ladycrystal 3 - Day ago
Khloe looking like a young Kris Jenner, love it; such fun!
ladycrystal 3
ladycrystal 3 - Day ago
Khloe looking like a young Kris Jenner, love it; such fun!
Daniela Pérez Cortés
Hahahahaaaa love IT!!
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Krista Canales
Krista Canales - Day ago
Chloe at the end 😂😂😂
Stiven Dejesus
Stiven Dejesus - Day ago
Te amo bb
Supreme. Kam
Supreme. Kam - 2 days ago
I went deaf after this vid😂😂😂
Timothy Beard
Timothy Beard - 2 days ago
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