Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloé

miss maya rawrr
miss maya rawrr - 6 hours ago
Did anyone notice Khloe with a juul at 16:23???
Albelis Nuñez gomez
Albelis Nuñez gomez - 7 hours ago
Hablo en español
Jamie Munkacsi
Jamie Munkacsi - 7 hours ago
Send me a bot
Mia Cole
Mia Cole - 10 hours ago
Omg so much botox ahe is not even 25. What happens when she hit 30. She totally look different from the picture in magazine
José Marcelo Soares
José Marcelo Soares - 17 hours ago
I Love you Kylie
Tony Brophy
Tony Brophy - Day ago
Kylie is gorgeous and I would love to split a case of Heineken with her while listening to Larry Carlton and the SWR Big Band doing Room 335.. I promise not to throw up
Xoxo_gabbyy :
Xoxo_gabbyy : - Day ago
Kylie: “are you okay?”
Khloé: 💃🏻🕺🏻 “no”
Honestly meeeee
Janet Salas
Janet Salas - Day ago
Rip headphone users 😔 16:35
Emma Richardson
Emma Richardson - Day ago
Dude. If I drank that much 1942 I would be incoherent before even starting the video. She’s literally 3 years younger than me and a better drinker. ☠️
Li B
Li B - Day ago
It auto echoes through out the video
April Jane
April Jane - Day ago
ikeokeo - Day ago
This is so funny. Love it!!
Alejandro Leon
Alejandro Leon - Day ago
My Alejandro 5305545925
lutong panalo sa bahay
lutong panalo sa bahay - 2 days ago
hi kylie notice me, i wish i could have some of your lipstick and make up this Christmas, couldn't afford some of it cause I'm just stay at home MOM. thanks in advance love yaa from Philippines .mwaah
Joseph Gilbreath
Joseph Gilbreath - 2 days ago
I love the new mama Kylie!!
Julian Lara
Julian Lara - 2 days ago
Of course she cheated on travis
Nick Gardner
Nick Gardner - 2 days ago
Watching this while drunk makes everything funnier! Lmaooooo
Stephanie Charekian
Stephanie Charekian - 2 days ago
take a shot every time Khloe says bitch
XAxliaX - 2 days ago
Kholè Logic:
One finger=One punch
Lily Rodriguez
Lily Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Hi, Kylie, I'm from El Salvador, I love her makeup, I barely have some, but I want to buy more.
Galinha de Macumba
Galinha de Macumba - 2 days ago
Nossa pobre menina rica,NÃO COLOCA LEGENDA AAAAA
Evi Schoteldraaijer
Evi Schoteldraaijer - 2 days ago
They are supposed to be role models. I can''t believe they post a drunk get ready with me.. Has the world gone mad?
Sarah Ragsdale
Sarah Ragsdale - Day ago
Liana Bernard
Liana Bernard - 3 days ago
sponsored by red bull
Emm S
Emm S - 3 days ago
13:17 when Kylie got makeup on her white shirt😩😩😂😘
Rabia Polat
Rabia Polat - 3 days ago
Ashley brissel Salvatierra
ariss leblanc
ariss leblanc - 3 days ago
when Jordan sleeps with Khloe’s man everybody shook. Sofia literally going out with Kourtney’s Ex sleeping with him everyday. Both Kylie’s best fRiEnDz only one scandal.
Hallie Rich
Hallie Rich - 2 days ago
ariss leblanc lol Jordan slept with Khloes man while they were together, Sofia started dating him and became friends with Kylie after they broke up. Totally different
ariss leblanc
ariss leblanc - 3 days ago
3:34 kylie is listening to act up by city girls😂
timothy beard
timothy beard - 3 days ago
Kylie Jenner here S you a song by Charlie Daniel S the devil went down to gorgea
timothy beard
timothy beard - 3 days ago
Kylie Jenner pro drummer Mr Timothy Ray beard is in the lac use hospital in LA CA I only have a a broken heart and soul from you and I can't believe I can move Tim beard is so in love with you Kylie Jenner I have hart problem S now so iam very sorry I will marry you Kylie Jenner OK please lett a lone I love so much Kylie Jenner you gave me a hardatact please go way get off my facebook page 3239831427
Cheyenne King
Cheyenne King - 3 days ago
I have a question? When you were younger your then dad took you and Kendell to help less fortunate people. My question is, do you still help the less fortunate and if so, how?
I just watched videos about LA’s Skid Row. I just feel bad knowing so many rich famous people make films in LA and yet the homeless situation only gets worse. I hope you can help them out somehow.
Thank you
Candy Martinez
Candy Martinez - 3 days ago
why am I barely watching this
kill me
kill me - 4 days ago
0:46 i thought the bottom shelf had bongs on it and i was shook
Wuzup Love
Wuzup Love - 4 days ago
Richie is sooo pretty. Sounds like Kylie is hating n blocking sophia
Celeste M
Celeste M - 4 days ago
“I just hung up cuz I was bored”
Génesis Pasapera
Génesis Pasapera - 4 days ago
Bellisima Kylie Jenner eres única ❤️
Amara Lansaw
Amara Lansaw - 4 days ago
La'Nyiah Allen
La'Nyiah Allen - 4 days ago
Ive been here just made a new account ,why haven’t you been posting❤️?
Elita Bajrami
Elita Bajrami - 4 days ago
“Come take a shot and leave” okay no shit people didn’t wanna come and hang out with them
ch.ri.ss.y - 4 days ago
I think they censored out the swearing in the first half and then didn’t even care the second half
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