Nintendo - PIKMIN Short Movies

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Joseph Nashid
Joseph Nashid - 10 days ago
Asma Galangal
Asma Galangal - 10 days ago
Crystal Gamer
Crystal Gamer - 11 days ago

Steve - 12 days ago
Which one is me
saleh almatry
saleh almatry - 19 days ago
FTC n job.

Adequate - 22 days ago
This was in my recommended and all I saw was the thumbnail and thought it was Pikmin 4. Damn.
Declan Doherty
Declan Doherty - 27 days ago
Abbey Hammen
Abbey Hammen - 29 days ago
Interesting Vids
Interesting Vids - 29 days ago
Aww so cute
Angel Clavijo
Angel Clavijo - Month ago
Nintendo can you do more of these shorts on the Nintendo switch
Noah Kestel
Noah Kestel - Month ago
That's. Vilint
Rael Galeana
Rael Galeana - Month ago
And the fact
Milan Andreoli
Milan Andreoli - Month ago
Just give us more! Please!
Ayla Herbert
Ayla Herbert - Month ago
OversizedSausage - Month ago
Can we get pikmin 4 for switch?
Muffet is bae
Muffet is bae - Month ago
gretchen rama
gretchen rama - Month ago
Henry Redaknight
Henry Redaknight - Month ago
I hope olimar didn’t actually eat the pikmin
Anjali Bains
Anjali Bains - Month ago
7 guy
mario bros smash ahxjci merr
Make more please
mario bros smash ahxjci merr
Super funnnnyyyy
Jay Lily and Co
Jay Lily and Co - Month ago
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Sage Bushhead
Sage Bushhead - Month ago
Hi I'm in the back I'm
Ruby Leathers
Ruby Leathers - Month ago
nicole lambert
nicole lambert - Month ago
vkm m
vkm m - Month ago
Kñmm my phone and u
Madison Gbarlah
Madison Gbarlah - Month ago
Lavin Nelson
Lavin Nelson - Month ago
Roxette Caba
Roxette Caba - Month ago
Gabriel Gabriel
Gabriel Gabriel - 2 months ago
Make Pikmin 4
Jass Davis
Jass Davis - 2 months ago
Oreo - 2 months ago
i cant sleep
Rana Khalil
Rana Khalil - 2 months ago
Deaz j
Jolp 84
Jolp 84 - 2 months ago
Pls make a Nintendo labo camera kit
lyndah_xoxo - 2 months ago
Gamer18 - 2 months ago
Still waiting for Pikmin 4
llDrakon ll
llDrakon ll - 2 months ago
A gay het you
Wind Productions
Wind Productions - 2 months ago
Please tell me that’s just a PikPik carrot.. please
If you are reading this you are fucking gay
Wind Productions it is
ActuallyAHuman - 2 months ago
Still waiting for that illusive pikmin 4
jbetosans - 2 months ago
Computer Specialists
Computer Specialists - 2 months ago
taylan tunçel
taylan tunçel - 2 months ago
Rosary Thui
Rosary Thui - 2 months ago
A Google Reviewer
A Google Reviewer - 2 months ago
Pikman on Switch please 🤗❤
angel rey
angel rey - 2 months ago
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GiantPoogiv12 - 2 months ago
Pichu Main
Pichu Main - 2 months ago
We need Pikmin 4
Himm - 2 months ago
0:29 this looks like the game called little nightmares.
Leo Jackson
Leo Jackson - 2 months ago
Michael Jablonsky
Michael Jablonsky - 2 months ago
I hope that pikmin chopped up was actually just a radish
If you are reading this you are fucking gay
Michael Jablonsky it’s a pikpik carrot
Willemson Pintro
Willemson Pintro - 2 months ago
Michael Jablonsky yay I guess I’ll have yyhhhhbb b
jbetosans - 2 months ago
Yeah gay gay big mouth
hanh tu
hanh tu - 3 months ago
MeltedMilt - 3 months ago
2019 anyone?
Migue Salgado
Migue Salgado - 3 months ago
Jose Antoniowñlfidool
Jose Antoniowñlfidool - 3 months ago
Ex bbbnkl' ut
Ashwini Srinivasa
Ashwini Srinivasa - 3 months ago
RH0D0N1T3 Hybrid of Human And Irken
Awwww smol captain leading even smoller Pikmin to victoryyyy! Awwwhhh I wanna scoop up the captain and hold him forverrrrrr.
If you are reading this you are fucking gay
RH0D0N1T3 Hybrid of Human And Irken okay... gay
Adilene Perez
Adilene Perez - 3 months ago
Tri Luu
Tri Luu - 3 months ago
로 블럭 스 등!트래비스 -
Give me more i enjoyed these
Fluff Bois :D
Fluff Bois :D - 3 months ago
What so did Olimar Actually eat a Pikmin and this was made by Nintendo
RH0D0N1T3 Hybrid of Human And Irken
Isn't Olimar just adorable?
Duuuhh starr
Duuuhh starr - 3 months ago
no, he just ate a pikpik carrot
Ashley Liverman
Ashley Liverman - 3 months ago
M,m m,ushene
ismael escolero
ismael escolero - 3 months ago
Brodie Kuhlman
Brodie Kuhlman - 3 months ago
What did I just watch olimar do
If you are reading this you are fucking gay
Brodie Kuhlman drink pikpik carrot
Joshua Waymire
Joshua Waymire - 3 months ago
Z %%§ qq(
Marie-josée Robert
Marie-josée Robert - 3 months ago
Cannibalisme de pikmin tue sète personnes
Khlissa Aicha
Khlissa Aicha - 3 months ago
PIKWIN hahahaha I was imagining if the PIKMIN was the wrong name
nate shrontz
nate shrontz - 3 months ago
Pikachu sonic do we need some more of it in there
The Rekluze
The Rekluze - 3 months ago

Q .
Octo Guy
Octo Guy - 4 months ago
Man only if Nintendo made more pikmin short movies or or other game series shorts or even tv shows movies or even shorts (that are good) that are either pikmin or any other game series that Nintendo owns
All people are awesome
All people are awesome - 4 months ago
Awww the pikmin are so cute
Agent 10
Agent 10 - 4 months ago
Olimar sounds very, very funny
RH0D0N1T3 Hybrid of Human And Irken
Well, He is pretty 'Punny' Ain't he?
Wishes - 4 months ago
Slaughtering a pikmin and drinking it is really dark...
Pikmin 101
Pikmin 101 - Month ago
That's a pikpik carrot :)
SMG11 Gameplays
SMG11 Gameplays - 4 months ago
Hi Nintendo, Pikmin short movies is the best short ever
Jayden Kamp
Jayden Kamp - 4 months ago
Shane of the Mario fans.
Shane of the Mario fans. - 4 months ago
Dear Nintendo
That Intro Made Me MAD And It's Why I Love Mario
Shane of the Mario fans.
Shane of the Mario fans. - 4 months ago
0:29 Ya know, for kids!
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez - 4 months ago
because they have leaves
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez - 4 months ago
OK nevermind the red one is going to be extinct
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez - 4 months ago
relax maybe it was a long stemed tomato besides tomatos are red
jusluvs2havfun - 4 months ago
Aiden Pennington
Aiden Pennington - 4 months ago
Get workin on Kirby nindendo
ISMAEL NARCIMENTO - 5 months ago
que pora e essa mermao
kevin morelli
kevin morelli - 5 months ago
1:09 he's drinking a beet not a pikmin
RH0D0N1T3 Hybrid of Human And Irken
Oh- OHHHHHH I thought it was a Pikpik!
Urielegendary esta
Urielegendary esta - 5 months ago
Urielegendary esta
Urielegendary esta - 5 months ago
Adolfo 411
Adolfo 411 - 5 months ago
viva el maincra americanitos xd
XxLxSlurp Splash
XxLxSlurp Splash - 5 months ago
So olimar is evil?
Cyclops823 - 4 months ago
No if you watch the full short it will reveal that it was just a carrot.
Busting Why
Busting Why - 5 months ago
pit sombrio el geymer
pit sombrio el geymer - 5 months ago
1:06 que cripi
Sonic Gamer
Sonic Gamer - 5 months ago
I remember watching these on Nintendo video.
Alex C
Alex C - 5 months ago
guys the chopped pikmin was a carrot i saw the short
Nightmare studios, Sponsored by dr.crazy’s lab
So is this a horror movie for adults or a game for kids
Cyclops823 - 4 months ago
It's a game for kids and no olimar did not eat a Pikmin it was just a carrot
Sean Stark
Sean Stark - 5 months ago
This seriously needs to be an entire TV series on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon
If you are reading this you are fucking gay
Sean Stark no that would stupid, do you really want to see olimar dab?
impresive pug
impresive pug - 5 months ago
The weirdest video
If you are reading this you are fucking gay
master bro why is it wierd?
Walrus Gaming
Walrus Gaming - 6 months ago
In that first one that’s most likely not olimar eating pikmin
It’s probably the pink carrots from his home planet
(No im not joking)
Why is olimar drinking pikmin blood
Pikmin 101
Pikmin 101 - 5 months ago
Pikpik carrot
Sir Winter
Sir Winter - 6 months ago
I've never seen olamar without his helmet
Bridger Animaitions
Bridger Animaitions - 6 months ago
I love pikmin
Desiree Santos
Desiree Santos - 6 months ago
Next videos