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Hello Slime
Hello Slime - 4 months ago
👈 I Make Slime Videos ❤️
Pak Saiin
Pak Saiin - Month ago
Bagus sekali videonya saya suka
Fabienne Kr
Fabienne Kr - Month ago
Bye Hi 3
Malti Pal
Malti Pal - Month ago
Can you explain how a tic tac do like this?
Marvin Ayala
Marvin Ayala - Month ago
Calm down ppl he or her is just telling us he or her makes slime!!! Jeeze is he/her breaking a law!!! Santa Maria 😨😨😨
Patrick Dagorne
Patrick Dagorne - 4 hours ago
Il bleu
Norbert Kuba
Norbert Kuba - 17 hours ago
NERO LOVE - 18 hours ago
Andrey Ramirez
Andrey Ramirez - 21 hour ago
Qué inventos más pros
minecraftgamer 99
minecraftgamer 99 - Day ago
War das grüne beim Korken ein Draht oder was?
Cooles Video mach weiter so
Leonhard Joerss
Leonhard Joerss - Day ago
idris_ömer - Day ago
MAËLSV - Day ago
Salut super vidéo !!!!
Je viens de créer une chaine ou je fait des tutos sur des jeux et j'ai pleins de projets !! Passez me dire ce que vous en pensez !! Sinon encore une super vidéo!!
Carlito Malimban
Carlito Malimban - Day ago
Fuck you piec of shit🖕🏻🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Matthew Donohue
Matthew Donohue - 2 days ago
Your inventions became more stupid and less helpful throughout the video. Good video tho I subscribed
Snigdha Alam
Snigdha Alam - 2 days ago
Mad Carbon
Mad Carbon - 2 days ago
that first one they make battery powered lamps now they have them with rechargable batteries. this one is a waste of a flashlight ballon and tape
Gaming With RISHAV
Gaming With RISHAV - 2 days ago
Wtf hack is this
sohaib riaz mughal don
sohaib riaz mughal don - 2 days ago
Beta Zeta
Beta Zeta - 4 days ago
Nazmul Hassan
Nazmul Hassan - 4 days ago
Why did you copy Adooy
K.Sumathi Kulandaivel
K.Sumathi Kulandaivel - 7 days ago
In first the balloon get heated by the light .And it blasts. Is it possible
juice nagdee
juice nagdee - 8 days ago
This is copy written music
gamer mantap
gamer mantap - 9 days ago
You are 0 subscraber
Joshua Escobidal
Joshua Escobidal - 9 days ago
GHOST-MURDER - 11 days ago
3:22 Ses inutile !!!
Mirajul Sk
Mirajul Sk - 11 days ago
Make little bomb toy
Antun Gasparic
Antun Gasparic - 11 days ago
This is crazy but perfect idea
faizul nizam
faizul nizam - 11 days ago
Hello HawkGuruHacker.. What the game your playing.. The car game?
carlos nerf
carlos nerf - 12 days ago
It is cool
MUDr. Marta Kullačová
MUDr. Marta Kullačová - 13 days ago
MINECRAFT LEGEND 303 - 14 days ago
hahaha smoke bomb. just like pubg
The Idea Blaster
The Idea Blaster - 16 days ago
The Last one was Awesome 😍😍
jul tub
jul tub - 16 days ago
11:13 não
ALDO LDII - 16 days ago
Dolanan we di penke
creative sport
creative sport - 17 days ago
why would u use a ballon its just going to pop and plus i think the rubber would eventuly burn
Wans Tutorial
Wans Tutorial - 18 days ago
7:38 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Little Crazy COZ Hash
Little Crazy COZ Hash - 18 days ago
Pramod Kumar
Pramod Kumar - 18 days ago
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 18 days ago
Why do you even make these videos if people can hurt there selfs😤. Don't get me wrong I like your videos but at least put:WARNING YOU CAN DO THIS WITH OUT A PARENT 👨‍👧‍👦
Thưởng Nguyễn Văn
Thưởng Nguyễn Văn - 19 days ago
fuck you
Maraisa Dionisio
Maraisa Dionisio - 20 days ago
Canal lixooooo
yudha sutisna
yudha sutisna - 20 days ago
om jualan madu teu
ш шахин
ш шахин - 22 days ago
Aaaaaaaa 😑😑😑😑 чо все говорят
عبد الحنان
عبد الحنان - 22 days ago
صنعنا صاروخ 111
Beta Silva
Beta Silva - 23 days ago
Normita Bermudez
Normita Bermudez - 25 days ago
Oe soy yo pero le quedan tuani las cosas pero ese es el hombre mono
ابن المدينة
ابن المدينة - 25 days ago
أنه راأااااع
BEEMKUNG Z CH - 25 days ago
4:24 very good
Zubaidah Hasain
Zubaidah Hasain - 25 days ago
Have any inventions for plants?
Esteban Perez
Esteban Perez - 26 days ago
like si viniste por el video de la granada
Iqbal Javed
Iqbal Javed - 28 days ago
Was Yar☃️🤗😁🤔
Iqbal Javed
Iqbal Javed - 28 days ago
Brenda hernandez
Brenda hernandez - Month ago
Click bate
Mehta loves
Mehta loves - Month ago
Nice pofomas
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