Everlast: "Smoking and Drinking" - Live on The Joe Rogan Experience

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h1ph0pjunk1e - 2 days ago
Remember when radio stations dictated what you were hearing , it was good new music?. Now the industry dictates what you hear
Kristopher Rice
Kristopher Rice - 3 days ago
Low temp dabbing, pistol grip grabbing
I’m a chrome plated man of steel🔥🔥🔥
Joshua Jensen
Joshua Jensen - 4 days ago
this dudes jam "What its like" still has me shook
Cj Bulkley
Cj Bulkley - 4 days ago
Smoking and drinking is great and all, but have you ever tried it on DMT?
Denny Billings
Denny Billings - 5 days ago
Everlast is so underated ...guy writes great tunes
Honkler the Conkler
Honkler the Conkler - 6 days ago
That's mad
Mattydub313 - 7 days ago
Joe clap at the end dog c’mon 😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
James Elsdon
James Elsdon - 9 days ago
3 million views with the editing/transition skills of a 36 view video.
Justin Jarrett
Justin Jarrett - 9 days ago
I like this version better than the original lol I feel like it's just so real. Dudes actually smokin and drankin probably just like when he recorded it.l
badgr fan
badgr fan - 9 days ago
Big Fella
Big Fella - 10 days ago
Get animals as leaders on the podcast
noah maroto
noah maroto - 11 days ago
I want this version instead of the one coming up on Apple Music 🔥🔥
xMagicalDonkey - 13 days ago
this is dope
astebbs - 14 days ago
dude sounds like big smo
Prince Luci
Prince Luci - 14 days ago
I thought that guy died of a heart attack after Eminem dissed him.
Eli Jackson
Eli Jackson - 14 days ago
I think he wrote that in like 15 mins while smoking and drinking
clemsontigz1 - 16 days ago
Damn that niggas voice sound like me after I rolled out the National Championship last year..
Joey Matthews
Joey Matthews - 16 days ago
I do music Joe! Let’s do this but I’ll freestyle! To any word you throw me!
Chris C
Chris C - 16 days ago
Awesome 👌
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz - 16 days ago
Why do people do this with their voice? Just sing man, that's not your voice
1fordnutt - 13 days ago
Carlos Diaz Lmaooo you are a god damn idiot that’s been his voice since 1990.
EskiboiBBK - 16 days ago
chords are Am, C, Em, Am for those that want to know ;)
Charles Box
Charles Box - 17 days ago
Dude this is lite
Frank Arrietta
Frank Arrietta - 17 days ago
Everlast? More like every-last-song-sounds like “what it’s like.”
drglnc - 16 days ago
turn your ears on... they are obviously not working correctly...
Frank Arrietta
Frank Arrietta - 17 days ago
Night was drunk when he wrote this because he can’t even tell it sounds EXACTLY like “what it’s like.” Just an older, more tired version.
Frank Arrietta
Frank Arrietta - 17 days ago
You could overlay “what it’s like” right on top of this shit. What a joke of an artist.
Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez - 17 days ago
So much cringe
jean-Alexandre thibault
jean-Alexandre thibault - 18 days ago
Great song. Doesn't need a DJ. It's too much, messes up the melody.
fz 07
fz 07 - 18 days ago
! Jump around !
Funky White
Funky White - 18 days ago
Joe Rogan did the same shit during the original everlast podcast 😂😂 SHUT THE FUCK UP JOE
Adam Macfie
Adam Macfie - 18 days ago
Awesome, love it, thanks
Stewart Topping
Stewart Topping - 19 days ago
I think everlast is at his best when it's just him and that guitar. Amazing voice
G V - 20 days ago
It's nice that Joe gives this guy a platform, but nobody cares anymore, "so get out yo seat and jump around."
oogrooq - 20 days ago
is he still muslim?
krylesangerbeaver - 20 days ago
Listened to this song so much
Superior Property Restoration
Sandra Braun
Sandra Braun - 21 day ago
this is dope
HAZEYDAZE - 21 day ago
I covered this song a few months ago... I love it and I think I'm the only person to cover it so far 😎
Lanerx420x - 21 day ago
Victor Spassov
Victor Spassov - 22 days ago
Everlast be like:
ME : https://youtu.be/K8a9eqkSqM8
Eric Lindegard
Eric Lindegard - 22 days ago
This should have 150 million views
weekend at ronnie's
weekend at ronnie's - 22 days ago
Low temp dabbing gotta love it Everlast is one of the best song writers of my generation
Craig B
Craig B - 22 days ago
Sounds like an old street tranny
dsskater539 sckupty
dsskater539 sckupty - 22 days ago
Isn’t this dude a fucking snitch
Superted - 22 days ago
The real
michelleaneous - 22 days ago
Ew, another distasteful song glorifying all the wrong things. Wtfmate? ^^ again, props to the bg tunes though
diggy485 - 22 days ago
I really like Everlast, but damn that dude got gray. Lol
MrFoffof - 18 days ago
holy shit! Time moves forward as it always does? More hot takes from diggy soon!
Seth The Balloon Guy
Seth The Balloon Guy - 22 days ago
I honestly think it sounds better on this video than it does on the studio version. Such a unique voice and style. So cool to see him on The Joe Rogan Experience.
Richard Kelbe
Richard Kelbe - 22 days ago
This is a great song.
Kingy 2150
Kingy 2150 - 22 days ago
Can’t believe how into depth this guy goes into about his songwriting process only to hit you with a garbage song like this.
MulishaPatrol - 22 days ago
I've loved everlast ever since the house of pain days when I was a kid fucking love this shit makes me so happy!
Tammy Rogne
Tammy Rogne - 22 days ago
This dude blows
Alex Campos
Alex Campos - 23 days ago
Rogan should definitely ask if his musical guest when theyre on if they can play a song on the podcast. That would be dope
drglnc - 16 days ago
most won't be allowed to due to label and music rights. Everlast and a few others can because they own the label and/or rights to the songs.
Chad Dobish
Chad Dobish - 23 days ago
Pro-fessional !
Uncle Fuzzynuts
Uncle Fuzzynuts - 23 days ago
Damn, I didn’t know that Capt. Kangaroo was a bad mfker!
Ron LeLacheur
Ron LeLacheur - 23 days ago
this guy also was in the killer rap group House of Pain
jib jab hamers
jib jab hamers - 23 days ago
Wtf someone tell house of pain guy to stop singing. I see and here this shitty music in the subway. Same lyrics to.
Susca Vasi
Susca Vasi - 23 days ago
Fucking everlast :-x
Susca Vasi
Susca Vasi - 23 days ago
That's a voice. Smoking and drinking.
Kristijan Todorov
Kristijan Todorov - 23 days ago
guitar sounds like Neil Young, not the singing tho...cool
Cade Nelson
Cade Nelson - 23 days ago
cage the elephant?
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