America's wilderness is for sale

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Yash Chamadia
Yash Chamadia - 4 hours ago
There must be some better way to dispose off harmful waste. Here it's not only economy vs environment but it's also America vs China.
Tong Lee
Tong Lee - 9 hours ago
Don't do it.. space Minning is one it's way
Garry M
Garry M - 10 hours ago
Many of the world's problems would solve themselves with just some form of population control
Joey Miller
Joey Miller - 13 hours ago
Has anyone thought about making a full-length independent documentary about this?
Ralph Nabozny
Ralph Nabozny - 14 hours ago
wonder full , to many people in this continent al; ready. peru is full of copper. its been bought for 70 years
American Patriot
American Patriot - Day ago
If you don’t want copper mining don’t buy electronics, wires, homes, cars ... etc ... 🤗
Jiany Star Massa vich
Jiany Star Massa vich - 2 days ago
I wish I had billions. I'd buy huge parcels and leave it
BlueLagoon - 2 days ago
Why not have dry stacks but keep them covered. Build buildings that dry them out and prevent the dust from getting into the air then remove the waste to a location more suitable.
Plymouthian ZR
Plymouthian ZR - 2 days ago
Vox: Makes stuff like this that we need to be aware of.
Also Vox: “reference man” (who happens to be white, lawl).
Vegard Fjeldberg
Vegard Fjeldberg - 2 days ago
capital should be owned by workers, not individuals.
Joey Childs
Joey Childs - 3 days ago
I’m a trump supporter. I voted for him in 2016, and plan on voting for him in 2020, but this is unacceptable and America’s forests must be protected. They don’t understand what could ultimately happen if they allow mines. The entire forests and ecosystems would fall
Battle Tiger 66
Battle Tiger 66 - 3 days ago
Why mine a national park :(
nightmare in action
nightmare in action - 4 days ago
well goodbya beauty
Richard Tapales
Richard Tapales - 4 days ago
detrone TRUMP....
F0R_TH3 PE0PL3 - 4 days ago
Why does it have to be one, or the other??? The is what Vox wants you to think!!! These areas are still protected, and any company that plans to remove any minerals from these areas, will have to do so while protecting the environment!!! And yes the current environment!!!
Jake Finzel
Jake Finzel - 4 days ago
Go get the copper then nature will regrow
Regius Feedback
Regius Feedback - 5 days ago
corporations are the enemy. Groups of people gathered.
gaming ilove
gaming ilove - 5 days ago
You cannot call a place “wild”erness then turnaround and say its for sale.
Night Driving Tunes
Night Driving Tunes - 5 days ago
Don't worry, once the copper there is all mined 20 years from now, the taxpayers there will pay for the cleanup.
Alex Turner
Alex Turner - 5 days ago
Nothing matters, the people in charge do not care about those alive today - why would they care for the future?
Man O Fresh
Man O Fresh - 6 days ago
First of all, where do you think the copper $$$ will go? I don't trust him to secure the money for America without taking a significant stake in it first.
New England Supper star
Twin Metals is own by a Chilean Company
Matheus S
Matheus S - 6 days ago
pretty sure you can still get all sorts of diseases and parasites no matter how "clean" the water of a lake is
I Epic Wolfy
I Epic Wolfy - 6 days ago
So what about the places that do mine iron ore? Do we outsource to some distant land being destroyed. How do people obtain new metals without destruction?
CooperDaScooper - 6 days ago
Mayor: "$25k isnt enough to by a house"
*is apart of the generation that rose housing prices*
CooperDaScooper - 6 days ago
"When the mine closed everything was hit with a depression" so opening another mine that will ultimately close one day is your solution to that problem?
Adrian - 7 days ago
So very American of them...
Elisa’s Broadcast
Elisa’s Broadcast - 7 days ago
What can we do to stop this
Elisa’s Broadcast
Elisa’s Broadcast - 7 days ago
This makes me so mad!
TeenageCapitalist - 6 days ago
Kliche travels
Kliche travels - 7 days ago
For every section of protected land opened up by Trump or any president, punishment of fines an imprisonment would be implemented...
Nisha Ni
Nisha Ni - 7 days ago
We need/ want the copper but we cant extract it until there is a safe way to do so and hold business accountable if we saw negative implications on the environment even if its 10 years later
123jcoolmusic - 8 days ago
What ever happened to the copper vein in Superior AZ. Look it up
noah thorpe
noah thorpe - 8 days ago
" not many places to get it (copper)" RECYCLE OUR ELECTRONICS
TheAdekrijger - 9 days ago
It is so special and so unigue and it is still the same because Trump didn't do anything to those areas it is the media who are sponsering the democrats are lying to you. By the way your live is based on industry so look for better solutions. But do not act like you can do without heavy metals. It is in the very device you are watching this with.
Bald Spidey
Bald Spidey - 9 days ago
In survival, we think of the three's: 3 minutes w/o Oxygen, 3 hours in extreme conditions (hot/cold), 3 days w/o water, and 3 weeks w/o food (more for some); and the body breaks down and can cause harm, and/or death. Your life, and your land, without water is worthless. Working 30 + years in the field of Emergency Response, Emergency Management, and in the Environmental Field has allowed me to see the "life span" of these types of operations come, exploit, and leave a dead zone + a useless zone. I have yet to see an industry like this not leave a foot print. Don't think in the now, act for the future.
not sure i agree with this "i dipped my cup in the water from my canoe and drank it" ... the times of year you can do this w/o impact is minimal.
TeenageCapitalist - 6 days ago
One mine is not going to end the world
Jeron Fishburn
Jeron Fishburn - 9 days ago
We're never going to "run out" of copper. We still have the same amount of copper now as we've always had.
Jacob S
Jacob S - 9 days ago
What an epic intro
mbassy - 9 days ago
Not worth it. Save the forest
TeenageCapitalist - 6 days ago
Say that to the miners without a job. The people that need food on the table for their family.
Moe Snert
Moe Snert - 9 days ago
Only when the last plant has died, and the last fish has died will people learn you can't eat money
Moe Snert
Moe Snert - 6 days ago
kevin okie dokie
kevin - 6 days ago
@Moe Snert that must be why it's so annoying.
Moe Snert
Moe Snert - 7 days ago
It's from a song.
kevin - 7 days ago
I've seen that quote like 5 times today, get another one.
Daniel Ibarra
Daniel Ibarra - 9 days ago
I'm not from the USA but love the environment this is sad
Kyleigh DiGiovanni
Kyleigh DiGiovanni - 10 days ago
There was a post I saw that I don’t remember who said it but put this the best” I want to skip to the end of the movie about trump to the fade out credits- when we find out how much prison time they each got”. I swear if someone takes him out I will track down that person to give them a fruit basket- it would be poetic if the administrations lax gun policies are what wind up killing them. I can dream, but I get the feeling this is going to get much worse before it gets better, if it ever does get better
Prod. Dimension77
Prod. Dimension77 - 10 days ago
Thank you Roosevelt Ily ♥
The Things
The Things - 10 days ago
Time for a biopic about Theodore Roosevelt with Nick Offerman, could save the forests
Tori Sylvester
Tori Sylvester - 11 days ago
This is a new low.
TeenageCapitalist - 6 days ago
How is this low? Its not like we dont mine already.
R F - 11 days ago
Maybe copper is in the ground for another reason other than IS to destroy the earth and dig it up
TeenageCapitalist - 6 days ago
Its in the ground for us to use it.
C - 12 days ago
So do we want one old dude to be able to fish alone on a massive lake or benefit in billions of dollars in mining. Lol the left
TeenageCapitalist - Day ago
@Lynn McNeely what are talking about. I am tired of my generation and the one above me comming up with the dumbest thing ever!
Lynn McNeely
Lynn McNeely - 3 days ago
@TeenageCapitalist Not gonna lie drinking leads not good for you mate.
TeenageCapitalist - 6 days ago
@Lynn McNeely Him: makes a valid point You: comes up with an insult that does not make any sense.
Lynn McNeely
Lynn McNeely - 9 days ago
Ok boomer
Tia - 12 days ago
Send all the peeps to the mars let them build their city,bank and rich think and let go the earth for us
SS Gaming
SS Gaming - 12 days ago
In Mongolia 🇲🇳 too
Christopher fontenelle
Christopher fontenelle - 12 days ago
This man is pure Evil
TeenageCapitalist - 6 days ago
MATATA - 12 days ago
This is tragic. I visited the Boundary waters for a canoeing trip and I can confirm that the water tastes like Dasani.
bball33g - 12 days ago
I think this is a very well made video. Does anyone know where I can find the sources for this video?
Davinio - 12 days ago
Without excessive mining, I wouldn't have been able to watch this video and subscribe to your channel.
Sam Francis
Sam Francis - 12 days ago
Is there any way to make Trump leave the white house?
TeenageCapitalist - 12 days ago
Why do you want him out?
MUSTASCH1O - 13 days ago
If they can afford to pay the locals $90000 to mine, they can afford to find a way to store that waste.
It makes me sick seeing all those people cheering at a decision that will waste this beautiful landscape. I sincerely hope they don't pollute the waterways, and when the copper has run out, they clean up properly. Probably not though, the profits will likely go to apathetic shareholders and none will be kept for decomissioning the mine.
Juno - 13 days ago
one more year ... yeah ONE MORE YEAR!
Nida Khatri
Nida Khatri - 13 days ago
Juan Melgar
Juan Melgar - 13 days ago
Make a hole on the ground....make your profit and then let the taxpayers socialize the clean up of the mess. That's how these companies work.
Kathy Franklund
Kathy Franklund - 10 days ago
Juan Melgar yes they destroy the land and ruin the water.than they want taxpayers to clean up the mess,on our dime,or should I say trillions of dollars,but that can’t fix what is broken and can’t be fixed! Trump only cares about the all Mighty dollar for The people who praising him.
Angello! R.
Angello! R. - 13 days ago
And another state with awesome natural scenery falls down cause of government and people greediness.
TeenageCapitalist - 10 days ago
@Alex Siemers ita not like jobs and copper grow in trees
TeenageCapitalist - 10 days ago
@Alex Siemers what do you mean? Its not like the mining company's dont recycle. Jobs in the recycling industry dont pay as well as mining. We need mining and at the moment (key word at the moment) instead of recylcing in America.
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers - 10 days ago
TeenageCapitalist jobs can exist without tearing apart the environment. If anything, the effort needed to recycle materials would provide more jobs than getting them fresh from the ground.
TeenageCapitalist - 12 days ago
Its not greed its jobs
Ricky - 13 days ago
Mining asteroids for precious resources is perfect, thanks Trump for the effort with space force
tyler maloney
tyler maloney - 14 days ago
Looks like you need to add insurable values on natural resources such as Fish Tree and Game.
Adjust this value so you can afford a modest livelihood.
Rabin - 14 days ago
You know what is more toxic than arsenic??
Trump is 😠
TeenageCapitalist - 11 days ago
@AWP AWP did you not read what I said. They have a clean up plan. Right now what is good for people is food on the table.
AWP AWP - 11 days ago
@TeenageCapitalist jobs that also are ruining a beautiful part of America. All we are known for is land of the free at this point.
TeenageCapitalist - 12 days ago
@Rabin he is not destroying anything. Mining companies ALWAYS have a clean up plan. Trump is just trying to create jobs for people. Jobs that put food on the table.
Rabin - 12 days ago
@TeenageCapitalist Are you nuts? Can't you see....he is destroying the forest that was untouched for centuries
TeenageCapitalist - 12 days ago
How is Trump toxic?
Athaporn MCorp Review
Athaporn MCorp Review - 14 days ago
When u look at old literature, armies settlers and nomads all drink 🍹 from rivers. U can’t find Evian or Poland 🇵🇱 springs. It’s juz polluted these days
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