Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber's Dream

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory - 27 days ago
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Jord discover
Jord discover - 13 days ago
Hi everyone plz visit my channel and support me, Thank you so much guys
Mister Waz
Mister Waz - 19 days ago
Das be some nice garbage your trying to sell =b hopefully people don't fall for it.
Mark Lee
Mark Lee - 19 days ago
Hi Yes Theory! i'm From philippines,
John angelo Tumulak
John angelo Tumulak - 20 days ago
Go to the Philippines guyss❤️❤️❤️🤣
Anthony Shostal
Anthony Shostal - 7 hours ago
If you're looking for a challenge, you should totally do the Trans-Siberian Railway trip from Moscow to Vladivostok. I'll let you come up with an idea to make it more challenging than JUST a 9000km train ride. Peace out! ✌
XIFALL c - 13 hours ago
:( I got deported
RIEMMAA - 18 hours ago
I love this Siri guy he is so amazing!
اتمنى السلام يعم على كل الشعوب العربية، الله يحفظ دولنا وشعوبنا❤️
Chris Rawk
Chris Rawk - 20 hours ago
okay that was really epic, that actually brought tears to my eyes lol, Love seeing/watching channels like this with positive vibes, Liked & subscribed!!
Raml Abumallouh
Raml Abumallouh - Day ago
I’m Muslim to and Arabic 😯😯😯😯
salma lubani
salma lubani - Day ago
I like how yes theory edits they’re videos very creative
Dnox Gamingx
Dnox Gamingx - 2 days ago
Why nobody talks about the epic seek discomfort intro at the beginning ?
George Kelly
George Kelly - 2 days ago
Simon Wilson be like: wtf
Kc Lion
Kc Lion - 2 days ago
The more i watch these guys the more i love em
TiddiEDM - 2 days ago
dude you guys have such talented editors
Josh - 2 days ago
12:11 I Lowkey thought that was Thomas
Shelis torres
Shelis torres - 3 days ago
Jesus I felt that alarm sound in my chest 😭
Elevate - 3 days ago
Well if this wasn't inspiring as f*** then I dont know what is
S/V Alliance
S/V Alliance - 3 days ago
cool, I can tell these guys watch "Kara and Nate", because that is where they went dog sledding as well.
Eziel Dawnarow
Eziel Dawnarow - 3 days ago
You know you guys now have to create Places where people can meet without having to cut one harm in order to host venues... cities should pay for them... I know in Canada, the Mayor of Montreal would say Yes. So would the Mayor of Saint-Hilaire and Beloeil (another city I spent some time in)... the goal of this would be to allow ACTUAL communities to be built for our world is filled with people that would rather stay at home because they despise Bars to meet people. I agree with them... Bars are money sinks for desperate men... the moment you're not appealing to look at, its harder for you. Much harder to make friends and begin relationships. Hopefully you get it. Take care Yes Theory. Well deserved like(s)!
Sumaya Hassan
Sumaya Hassan - 3 days ago
This guy has such a positive energy. He is great. I hope Syria can finally be free one day
Paige K
Paige K - 4 days ago
the moment they realised the lights were appearing my heart felt so full
yohenba luwangcha
yohenba luwangcha - 4 days ago
U guys are fucking awesome... Want to b a part of familyy
starroselli - 5 days ago
Kurtis McCabe
Kurtis McCabe - 5 days ago
travel to New Zealand
Sunita Bishnoi
Sunita Bishnoi - 5 days ago
You guys inspire me every single day. Life is all about giving back to society and if nothing, just make a single person feel good about him/herself might change your perspective towards the true meaning of life.

I'm not a writer kinda person but this just came straight out of my heart. Great job guys !! Keep motivating and keep going.

MrRileyj99 - 5 days ago
Aachen! That is where I studied abroad this year! So many memories in that little city! Thank you @YesTheory for the throwback!
محمد علي
محمد علي - 5 days ago
والله حلو
Gregor Gutnii
Gregor Gutnii - 6 days ago
solar pannels are not clean energy. just saying.
Nishanth P. V
Nishanth P. V - 7 days ago
Lexie Zema
Lexie Zema - 7 days ago
the dream was to make u broke
The Backpackers
The Backpackers - 7 days ago
I love how they created eachother in arabic just have so much respect on how loving the middle eastern culture can be
The Backpackers
The Backpackers - 7 days ago
Kellie Krohn
Kellie Krohn - 7 days ago
this was SUCH a beautiful video. Will never know how y’all do it! Thank you for these videos!!
Roji Maharjan
Roji Maharjan - 8 days ago
I wish Amar could guide me to Egypt
Alvaro Arnez
Alvaro Arnez - 8 days ago
Why didn’t they just go to Canada, I’m pretty sure there are aurora light in Canada and it’s much closer.
Rida - 6 days ago
As a Syrian, I need a Visa to Canada, so Norway was the easiest to travel to :)
Alex Sebastian
Alex Sebastian - 8 days ago
Blessed.. ❤️
Jerry Horton
Jerry Horton - 8 days ago
just found your channel and subscribed this channel is amazing so much hope in life i love it
Iva Pintarec
Iva Pintarec - 8 days ago
I dare you or pretty please ask you to go to Tonga to swim with blue whales (and take me with you ofc) :D
Lord_greek_king - 8 days ago
You can fulfill mine my likeing
Bethany Lysaght
Bethany Lysaght - 8 days ago
This is a long shot but here’s my boyfriend (of 7+ years) 27th birthday on New Years Eve and I always struggle with what to get him as it’s so close to Christmas and everyone has plans/everything is booked a year in advance and I’m not a big planner!
Any ideas how to surprise him? 🥳
ZİNDAN AKBURAK - 8 days ago subsrıbe to my channel dudes
Oliver Körner
Oliver Körner - 8 days ago
the lady at the airport didnt want to hurt or insult you,she just follow the rules :)
Joedde G
Joedde G - 8 days ago
how lucky, I wish I could also travel with Jon Snow... 😒
Reda Ammouche
Reda Ammouche - 9 days ago
I wish I was in his place 😍
Natalie Sørensen
Natalie Sørensen - 9 days ago
I live in Norway! So glad to see you had a good time here😍 I live even more north tho🙈 Northern lights are a part of my everyday life almost. This made me apricciate it more.
srid _0
srid _0 - 9 days ago
Thats rediculous to harm a life..
MF MF - 9 days ago
lol the entitlement from this syrian guy, germany gave you everything
Ina NICULAE - 9 days ago
Can you imagine how many stamps they have on their passport?
K kripa
K kripa - 9 days ago
The Egyptian ice-man strikes again 🤣👏🏻
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady - 9 days ago
Poor dog, pooping and running at the same time 😂
Angelica Starina
Angelica Starina - 10 days ago
8.29 triggered tf outta me💀
LOLQualityContent - 10 days ago
10:55 is that simply made by an effect or does one need certain equipment and film it specifically for this result?
Chantal Coutu
Chantal Coutu - 10 days ago
Such an inspirational video..
Pranava Devanuri
Pranava Devanuri - 11 days ago
The BGM is really loud bruh.. But love the video 🖤🧡
Monica Apre
Monica Apre - 11 days ago
the airport staff seems xenophobic
Liam - 11 days ago
worrawat waterhouse
worrawat waterhouse - 11 days ago
This episode is so Inspiring.
Goop - 11 days ago
such a beautiful video, you guys are amazing. this is what more creators should do with their platforms, inspire, give people confidence they never knew they had. Keep up the amazing work and just know how proud the yes theory family is of you!
Family Chiavarini
Family Chiavarini - 11 days ago
There’s a lot of Syrians in Germany
Alexis Hatfield
Alexis Hatfield - 11 days ago
Not like this has anything to do with this video, but I'm 2% Scandinavian XD
Isaiah Weeks
Isaiah Weeks - 11 days ago
8:28 you’re welcome
MisterLITMoment - 11 days ago
Honestly wish there was seperate comments about this challenge because so many more things to say about this video it was great so much respect for this dude and hope he achieves his project.
calllumda boss
calllumda boss - 11 days ago
5:04 whats on the prjector
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer - 11 days ago
Cheek out my chanael witch is pro gamer and please subscribe
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