Shannon Sharpe on Carolina's loss: 'Something's wrong with Cam' | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Were you concerned by Cam Newton's performance?
Juan Ignacio Ordoqui
Juan Ignacio Ordoqui - Month ago
Cam Newton got destroyed in those 2 matches against the broncos (the superbowl and the season opener the flowwing season).
Johnny Williames
Johnny Williames - Month ago
Bad foot 🦶
9INER EMPIRE - Month ago
God bless you guys.... Shannon and Skip!!!
Mike ferrari Ferrari
Mike ferrari Ferrari - Month ago
@Joseph Lien von miller still has cams. Ball sack.
lanceuppercut88 - Month ago
They got beat by shoddy Jameis Winston so yes
Dylan Hutchins
Dylan Hutchins - 29 days ago
6:23-6:46 that’s what ended his career. He has sounded less mentally there ever since then and his play has continued to decline.
Gwen Griffin
Gwen Griffin - 29 days ago
Cam needs to get well before coming back. He needs to sit this entire season out and let his foot heal plus shoulder is getting better everyday. Sit this one out Ace Boogie and we will see you next season!! Get well soon!!💖💚💖💚
martineli312 - Month ago
Shannon: skip skip skip skip😯......skip:😏
ReasonableMan317 - Month ago
If I ever get my own TV show, I'm gonna get myself my first name on a pendant like Shannon has on right here.
Matthew Blainey
Matthew Blainey - Month ago
Pff has supercam 2015 as 5th QB that year, I'm not saying Cam hasn't played well at some point in his career, but being 5th doesn't mean you carried. People acting like was once invincible and now he's degraded, he doesn't present a 1st&10 threat, doesn't present a 4th&1 threat, the guy doesn't belong in the nfl amymore
Simon Johnsson
Simon Johnsson - Month ago
Why does this look like a funeral? Did somebody died or what? It's about Cam, but they make it look like somebody got kidnapped....
Sentinel creed
Sentinel creed - Month ago
Shannon: (long exhale) skiiuup
AimNAdjust - Month ago
He seen the ghost of von miller
Bobby Mahaffey
Bobby Mahaffey - Month ago
Trent williams Lt. Make the trade
B Williams
B Williams - Month ago
Skip is dripped with Jays on come through Skip! Lol
Brandon son of Brenda
Brandon son of Brenda - Month ago
I think he's more focused on not getting hurt, an more focused on getting his check to get them hats
Trevor Rotan
Trevor Rotan - Month ago
Lazy brains in this comment section.
Gnome Child
Gnome Child - Month ago
"IT's BeCAUsE CaM'S a VeGaN SoY BOy NoW"
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - Month ago
These boys are swagged out!!! Did yall see skips J's
zakarias aidt
zakarias aidt - Month ago
Drip Bayless
Jim Watson
Jim Watson - Month ago
Cam has officially " Checked Out " as a Football Player. I wish we had traded him last year.
TACO SANTA - Month ago
He need a receiver like AB he will be fine if that happens but remember how he got to last place Carolina 🤢😂🤫💩
Evil Twin
Evil Twin - Month ago
I repeat they are not protecting him the o line sucks what is they talking bout
BigIron .45
BigIron .45 - Month ago
Cam is an example of a dual threat QB who got banged up and found out he was not a great passer.
Bill Trollberg
Bill Trollberg - Month ago
Cam is a soy boy
E B - Month ago
he's been playing with nagging injuries for a couple years now, he hasn't been able to throw/move as well. him not being 100% is not news at all
Nova Caine
Nova Caine - Month ago
Cam is hurt and needs an O-Line...simple 🤷🏾‍♂️!
Nolan Moore
Nolan Moore - Month ago
Cardinals getting the W this week
David Kasprzak
David Kasprzak - Month ago
yeah there's something wrong with him just look at him!!! lose the scarf!!!
Hellcat Gaming
Hellcat Gaming - Month ago
Does anyone think cam needs to take a season off for physical therapy and any surgery he would need
TheTjack0944 - Month ago
He might need some more guys to throw to.. Like actually get the man some people to throw to damn.
tipsy09 - Month ago
honestly i want what shannon sharpe is wearing in this episode
Derrick Stallworth
Derrick Stallworth - Month ago
Cam Newton Is The Ring Master For The LGBT Parade And The Circus.
reesocash - Month ago
Ok I see you skip, rockin the J's
El Comandante
El Comandante - Month ago
Panthers need a coach with knowledge of the game.
Skurrcules - Month ago
Regardless of how he dresses the NFL and fans have already painted him as a diva
If he talks about his injuries hes gonna get told to suck it up
If we bring up the fact that he has no weapons besides McCaffrey it gets dismissed
His o line trash? Well isn't he a mobile quarter back ?
He has no escape
Skurrcules - Month ago
@Gnome Child theyve hated him before he was in the nfl hes got no escape from criticisms
Gnome Child
Gnome Child - Month ago
It's interesting to see peoples reasoning for hating him/saying he sucks. He dresses strange and is a Vegan, the two most popular "problems" that people keep bringing up. Both are equally bad reasons for explaining his "downfall".
Jakeem Little
Jakeem Little - Month ago
Shannon and skip got drip 💧 for sale
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker - Month ago
Sheesh .. take a moment to appreciate the drip from skip's shoes
Melvin Hunt
Melvin Hunt - Month ago
Great for 1 year, good for one year. That's it! Cam Newton is a very average quarter back. Maybe below average.
Marvin Allen
Marvin Allen - Month ago
Cam is a headcase and dresses like a fruit classic case of someone getting money and getting comfortable not caring about the sport only caring to get a paycheck
Darrel - Month ago
Yeah something is wrong with cam. He sucks. Lol
Darius Mason
Darius Mason - Month ago
Only came here for the comments on Drip Bayless
Polaris007 - Month ago
I'm not gonna lie I enjoy the show a ton more when they discuss rather that argue.
Johnny Williames
Johnny Williames - Month ago
If they wasn’t so focused on Dallas,OBJ they would know he had a foot issue in preseason 🤷🏿‍♂️ cover more than one team why don’t cha 🤦‍♂️
polo ops
polo ops - Month ago
cam come to Denver
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi - Month ago
Skip and shannon look like there gonna drop the hottest mixtape on undisputed
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi - Month ago
Well here's the thang schkiyup
Jason Strom
Jason Strom - Month ago
Cam looked like Thelma And Louise🤣 He's gettin ready to drive off a cliff down there in Carolina. Something is definitely wrong with that boys head.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Month ago
This is weird. Talking about something other than lebron, Dallas Cowboys, or Tom Brady.
jeremy shaffer
jeremy shaffer - Month ago
What’s with those ridiculous necklaces!? For real?
jeremy shaffer
jeremy shaffer - Month ago
Cam dresses like Will Smith’s son🏳️‍🌈
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Month ago
Great quarterbacks avoid pressure, play under pressure, move the ball down field against all odds, make plays, disrupt defenses, and throw touchdowns. Cam Newton can b
U.G. Debs
U.G. Debs - Month ago
look at that drip
Ebony Johnson
Ebony Johnson - Month ago
Cam need to get back to game all this fashion statement is for bird you are not a entertainer stick to football...I like cam but if u want to get to superbowl you got to get your head back in game
9INER EMPIRE - Month ago
Panthers.... trade Cam to Avon or Maybelline 💄👗👡
Mike ferrari Ferrari
Mike ferrari Ferrari - Month ago
Cam newton is the Dwight Howard of the NFL.
DJ - Month ago
Sure is and its mental.. He's a petulant Man-Child.
Eric Haggerty
Eric Haggerty - Month ago
Shannon Sharpe please Cam Newton looks like Darkwing Duck!! He sucks since the day he came to Carolina
Morgan Hornbuckle
Morgan Hornbuckle - Month ago
It’s cause he wants out of Carolina!!
Brandon Madray
Brandon Madray - Month ago
Always been a fan of Cam's having said that yeah he looks checked out and I think he knows what's coming..last year got a new owner.. the man bought the whole team for 2 and a 1/2 billion dollars... I would be surprised if cams already had a few people telling that regardless of what he does this year next hes gone after next season when his contracts up..the coaches are also gone.all thing eventually come to an end.i think it will probably do Cam and the Panthers some good to move on from knee another..will be mccaffrey show for the foreseeable future...also Brain burns is gonna be a stud..
Drewbar 100
Drewbar 100 - Month ago
Cam sucks
doliio volay
doliio volay - Month ago
If Skip shows up with a cuban link one Friday. Ya'll might has well give him the belt.
Joshua Long
Joshua Long - Month ago
Lol Cam is trash... his mind is gone... stop making excuses... he is paid, he don’t want to play anymore... Trash...
doliio volay
doliio volay - Month ago
It’s literally hurting me to hear this. Truth does that sometimes though. That situation after the Super Bowl, opening night in Denver was rough indeed. Cam will overcome the
Chris - Month ago
Cam has just called Andrew's travel agent and purchased a one way ticket. I wouldn't be surprise if he doesn't last the remainder of the season.
Kafala - Month ago
Cam Newton still stares down wr’s
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