GOT7 Youngjae "혼자(Nobody Knows)" M/V

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Annasuke16 - 8 hours ago
I’m here waiting for the Australian fancams of gravity 💙
Ars Dgd
Ars Dgd - 14 hours ago
Lo amoooo lo amoooo lo amoooo💙💜💙💜
Bunshookie uwu
Bunshookie uwu - 4 days ago
my bias is soo mf talented !! I love you, youngjae!!
Fazila Ansari
Fazila Ansari - 5 days ago
I truly love this song because each and every word he says is just so right.I am a chubby girl and there are many people who make fun of me but I just laugh and let it go because I don't want to show my facial expressions but to be honest it hurts it really does.My own sister makes fun of me in front of everyone and also the feeling is soooo bad.I am glad YOUNGJAE OPPA made this song rather than love and hate there are many things rather than love and hate but people don't know.Also OPPAS voice suite the song really well whenever I listen to it.It feels like this song is made for me about my story.#LOVEGOT7.
Annasuke16 - 5 days ago
Here again 😊🙃 I’m really waiting for your Thai solo show it’s gonna be amazing 😉
太陽 - 5 days ago
𝒽𝑒 𝒾𝓈 𝓂𝓎 𝓁𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉
Harmonic Vippy
Harmonic Vippy - 6 days ago
Youngjae I love that song. If you're seeing that, I have the same birthday as you☺
Siriporn Phetrot
Siriporn Phetrot - 7 days ago
Beom Gong Cheon Ho
Beom Gong Cheon Ho - 8 days ago
ewwwwww, so basic and worst
Lan Nhi
Lan Nhi - 9 days ago
Like y
got7 fan
got7 fan - 9 days ago
Yongjae can change her voice!!
Preawpan Deetsree
Preawpan Deetsree - 9 days ago
Caroline Nguyen
Caroline Nguyen - 10 days ago
Just dont understand how somebody could hit "dislike" to a meaningful song like this... crazy people.
Come here because he is my sunshine but actually love it because of the lyric's meaning. I can relate it to my life a lot. Yah, and forgot to mention that his voice is just amazing, like an angel's voice
Min Minn
Min Minn - 10 days ago
Te amo meu amor 💚💚
Kiki Kiki
Kiki Kiki - 12 days ago
Coco dady
Trang Van
Trang Van - 14 days ago
Always there with you, Youngjae 🌙💚
G7- Lifa
G7- Lifa - 15 days ago
Do not think you're alone, Youngjae. We will be here with you, we never leave you alone, pls remember Ahgase love you & love GOT7 forever........
Trang Van
Trang Van - 15 days ago
Love you Youngjae. Always here WITH you
Its Sheefa
Its Sheefa - 15 days ago
fav solo of got7!!
Ahgase LK Pechugona
Ahgase LK Pechugona - 15 days ago
Youngjae siempre estaremos contigo apoyándote
Lea-Marie Brenne
Lea-Marie Brenne - 16 days ago
We love you Youngjae💚💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤🥰😍
Trang Van
Trang Van - 16 days ago
I’ll always be with you Youngjae
Lady Diana Pedro
Lady Diana Pedro - 16 days ago
Bebé precioso
Lady Diana Pedro
Lady Diana Pedro - 16 days ago
Lady Diana Pedro
Lady Diana Pedro - 16 days ago
A r T e
Lady Diana Pedro
Lady Diana Pedro - 16 days ago
A R T e
YJ เ
YJ เ - 16 days ago
Larisaa Ann
Larisaa Ann - 16 days ago
Youngjae 사랑해
SKFREACTS - 16 days ago
We are forever with Youngjae no matter what happens! We will stay by your side as much as you stay by ours, we love you 💚
A.R.M.Y 4Ever
A.R.M.Y 4Ever - 16 days ago
Youngjae we love Youu! We’ll never leave you!!!
Vicky Low
Vicky Low - 16 days ago
Always be with Youngjae
I'll be there, when you call
by your side and always
I'll take your pain
Let it out through your eyes
mylanagd - 16 days ago
i love him so much
Sam Looghz
Sam Looghz - 16 days ago
Pls nominate here youngjae
JeVaLaSa - 16 days ago
If u come around today , in case u pass by ur video, just for a miracle u see this little message WE ARE WITH YOU AND SENDING YOU LOTS OF LOVE CUZ U DESERVE IT!!!! for ur sweetness ur talent ur healing voice,cuz u are amazing Choi YoungJae
Sam Looghz
Sam Looghz - 16 days ago
Pls nominate here youngjae
Ars Longas
Ars Longas - 16 days ago
i love you youngjae forever and ever
Sam Looghz
Sam Looghz - 16 days ago
Pls nominate here youngjae
saif Edinne
saif Edinne - 16 days ago
we love you youngjae
กนกวรรณ ชมภูทิพย์
จะอยู่ตรงนี้ไม่ไปไหนแน่นอน เข้มแข็งไว้นะคนเก่ง
Charlotte McCluskey
Charlotte McCluskey - 16 days ago
Youngjae is such a powerful singer he brings across his emotions so well he’s amazingly talented ly dude 💚💚
Sam Looghz
Sam Looghz - 16 days ago
Pls nominate here youngjae
Annasuke16 - 16 days ago
People really came to just to tell you you’re not alone and you will never be!
I love you with all my heart and I’m happy to see the comments and people coming here :) you deserve it king 💚
Shehani Shaymi
Shehani Shaymi - 16 days ago
Youngjae you already know that we are girls and we are scared of you think we will leave you?????? We can't because you are the sunlight you are basically the sun we can't live without you and we can't even leave you!!!!!!
Shehani Shaymi
Shehani Shaymi - 16 days ago
We love you Youngjae 💚💚💚
Shehani Shaymi
Shehani Shaymi - 16 days ago
We love you Youngjae 💚💚💚
Shehani Shaymi
Shehani Shaymi - 16 days ago
We love you Youngjae 💚💚💚
Shehani Shaymi
Shehani Shaymi - 16 days ago
We love you Youngjae 💚💚💚
saif Edinne
saif Edinne - 16 days ago
the 1st who was caught be my eyes was oungjae but inever loved him like am doing now . i cant live without oungjae i cant i cannt we ahgasae cant live without pls be safe
Cordia Kane
Cordia Kane - 16 days ago
love you, youngjae 💛
Shehani Shaymi
Shehani Shaymi - 16 days ago
Youngjae we will always be with you we will never leave you never ever!!!!!!!!!!!
alittlebitofeverything - 16 days ago
I love his voice and this song so much! I
Priscilla - 16 days ago
Youngjae you deserve the freaking world. You are loved and you are not alone and never will be because us Ahgase will always be here to support you and cheer you on. If you have twitter please go #AlwaysBeWithYoungjae and show him the love he deserves.
Andew - 16 days ago
Guys, today hashtag 'always be with youngjae' just being trending nomber 1 in some countries on twitter. Because YJ said that 'he doesnt wanna us to leave him alone' in the end of today concert. So guys please lets make him happy. Always do strm*g till YJ's birthday comes.
Dont give up, lets approve to YJ that he'll never be alone, we'll never leave GOT7 alone.

Thankyou, guys for always be Ahgase ❤😭
I love how everyone came back to support!! We have their backs, let's show them our love!!!
patteera tong
patteera tong - 16 days ago
I love you Youngjaeee
You are the best
You is the shiniest
lovinq xe
lovinq xe - 16 days ago
Elissa Hall
Elissa Hall - 16 days ago
Love you!!! We will always support you Youngjae! Fighting !!
HARMFUL CREATURE - 17 days ago
I know that everyone has their own problem, but everytime I see Youngjae in shows or variety shows he just laugh, smile, scream, run, sing etc. but then some of his songs like Trauma turned like sad and depressing, maybe singing is his way of expressing sadness, *nobody knows*
HARMFUL CREATURE - 16 days ago
Sam Looghz if only normal or real (serious) Ahgases could hug Youngjae, I hope it'll lessen his pain :(
Sam Looghz
Sam Looghz - 16 days ago
Now we allknow he isnt fine
sophia youngjae
sophia youngjae - 17 days ago
Y'all we should keep spinning the "Eclipse" mv, and this mv also before Youngjae's birthday. *green heart*
love isn't everything
love isn't everything - 17 days ago
how could people sleep on youngjae's talents? like TT this precious man deserves more
love isn't everything
love isn't everything - 17 days ago
how could people sleep on youngjae's talents? like TT this precious man deserves more
Annasuke16 - 17 days ago
Since we are starting a Twitter project I have faith we’ll bring some numbers now :)
And that I’ll stop commenting alone haha
thu pham
thu pham - 20 days ago
YoungJae's vocie daebak!!!!
Pete Angelo Dela Vera
Pete Angelo Dela Vera - 21 day ago
lead vocalist ya'll
F P - 21 day ago
the songs of YoungJae is my drug. his voice, this feels... OMG. *YOUNGJAE IS ART*
J.R.M - 22 days ago
I love his voice
mackenzie Chanda
mackenzie Chanda - 22 days ago
So talented yet so handsome and yet he's adorable
k-pop and pop
k-pop and pop - 23 days ago
Youngjae biased , i love you so much 😍😍😍
Hanna Satarak
Hanna Satarak - 26 days ago
Love you Youngjae💚💚💚💚💚
Lali - 26 days ago
July 2019 and I'm still listening to it so damt often-
K-ARM-A - Month ago
I really wish this song was longer
Emily Mwangi
Emily Mwangi - Month ago
Okay, I'm so hating myself for discovering this song now???? Like how?? Youngjae creates masterpiece after masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️❤️. This is an amazing song
jee Linjee
jee Linjee - Month ago
Youngjae ~ 😘
Vicky Low
Vicky Low - Month ago
When my first heard this song I've already hook in. This song is awesome.
Tom Hoang
Tom Hoang - Month ago
Do all of their solo MVs have something Lullaby related? Like Youngjae has a teddy bear, Jinsong with the car ect
Joycee V.
Joycee V. - Month ago
I LOVE HIM ❤️💕💜😭
サイ - Month ago
i will NEVER get over this song
Nana Yoon
Nana Yoon - Month ago
I wish they uploaded the full version of this song on their channel. Still my favorite solo from this album.
Star one SKZ BTS and TXT
Honestly, if all Igot7s were actually true fans they would support all the members and give all the solo mvs likes
ftnsakinah - Month ago
you're amazing youngjae
w noon
w noon - Month ago
omg too much sleep jez
Douae annasri
Douae annasri - Month ago
💚but why just 1 min
Agust Jin
Agust Jin - Month ago
Was missing this song had to come back to it
Fioo Hood
Fioo Hood - Month ago
this is one of my favorite songs, I love what the lyrics say and I just wanna cry
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