How To ALWAYS Get Legendaries From The Grinder!!! Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

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MrMisterMan - 8 days ago
Why cant we get this in borderlands 3
William Van Parys
William Van Parys - 28 days ago
What's that special bosses name who often drops legendary weapons???
shane steinz
shane steinz - 2 months ago
So how does it make sense to give up 2 legendary's to gain back 1? Makes no sense
jazzy777 - 2 months ago
Really? Use 2 legendaries to make 1 legendary! Well that was a waste of 3 minutes.
jutubaeh - 2 months ago
bl 1 hundreds off thousands off weapönz. . ? had 3 or 4 doubles ^ ^
bl 2. you will be able to mod yör gunz. yeah sure. like thiefs re lit töRCH€$$ XD
bl 3. öh nö Gün GRinDR´´? sörry ^^
bl 9 you G€i$$ yOvR ´´cäste´´ häs ´´id´´ cömmynG v v
Marcus Capozzolo
Marcus Capozzolo - 2 months ago
This is how I got my luneshine loaded Maggie I just forgot how I did it now I remember, epic.
Mrmudmigs Gaming
Mrmudmigs Gaming - 3 months ago
so, i got like the same 3 legendaries in the invincible empyrean boss. the Zx-1?
{ Corabeka }
{ Corabeka } - 3 months ago
The Empyrean Sentinel and Zarpedon both have an inrceased chance of dropping the Zx-1. I got like 3 or 4 easily lol.
XXXSkelboy - 3 months ago
But if I put all legendary pistols in there I don’t get a pistol 😂
Gavin Hepburn
Gavin Hepburn - 4 months ago
wáľťëř īs héŕē
wáľťëř īs héŕē - 4 months ago
Bruh stop using grindr and use the grinder
Ethanlink220 0
Ethanlink220 0 - 4 months ago
I never got the option to moonstone grind
Ethanlink220 0
Ethanlink220 0 - 3 months ago
I already figured it out but ty
Trevor Kerkes
Trevor Kerkes - 3 months ago
Ethanlink220 0 I think you have to do a side mission
Maxime Liebschner
Maxime Liebschner - 4 months ago
How to repair the grinder ??
[DrC] Productions
[DrC] Productions - 5 months ago
what would happen if you grinded 3 of the same gun? I'm gonna guess you get a slightly better version of that gun
G Buz
G Buz - 5 months ago
Ran the boss 30+ times never got a "thingy". Taken out of the game?
Hayden 0718
Hayden 0718 - 4 months ago
No it's drop rate was dropped to about 1 out of 200
quake _
quake _ - 5 months ago
This guy is handsome jack of real fucking life
Peralta - 6 months ago
poo poo pee pee cueco e pinga dime como conseguir doradas xuxa
smcfadden1992 - 7 months ago
My first grind in this game I was level ten and got a glitched gun
BEAT THE GAME - 7 months ago
i have the luck to grind with monestone assult 100 ammo 89dmg 16 lvl just i was luck put 3 random blu assult
Redghost - 8 months ago
I tried this on the handsome collection back to back lost four legendaries
Double Barrel
Double Barrel - 8 months ago
Grind my ass
Double Barrel
Double Barrel - 8 months ago
Grind my legendary ass
Ear Rape God
Ear Rape God - 8 months ago
Why are you GRINDING on legendaries
lawrence houia
lawrence houia - 9 months ago
i got the thingy rocket launcher from death trap
Were Wolves
Were Wolves - 9 months ago
Oh wow
Michael boyd
Michael boyd - 11 months ago
How come no one in the video says this is where you insert the 80 moonstones cuz I have no idea when you would insert the moonstones and I found out that it's 80 from the comments
Yourhommie Myhommie
Yourhommie Myhommie - Year ago
Rap devil reference back in 2014
Zaeed389 - Year ago
I know that your video is old, but I'm now playing another run of Borderlands TPS. When I go to grind some weapon I can't use moonstones, I can do only "normal" grinding, do you know why?
Bonnie Bryant
Bonnie Bryant - Year ago
Not a glitch
gasdorfic muncher
gasdorfic muncher - Year ago
has to be 2 legendarys of the same weapon type and one purple weapon that you want to be legendary type
Mr Mosty
Mr Mosty - Year ago
2:00 NOW!
Peppermint - Year ago
so if I put in 3 purples I cant get a legendary? is this mandatory?
LizardKing - Year ago
It wont work for me
greasy gamer
greasy gamer - Year ago
Wow when u cussed my mom got mad 😂
RusinanNuuskija - Year ago
i killed iwajira like 50 times not a single thingy :/
Redghost - 8 months ago
RusinanNuuskija I’ve not gotten a thingy drop;/
GMZ Fam - Year ago
in normal mode the thingy only appeared only once and that was the first time i beat it after that none dont know why
GameZedd01 - Year ago
1 out of 10 means 10 fights you'll get one... thats not good.
James Williams
James Williams - Year ago
Hey I was wondering on the grinder do the weapons have to be the same level the same type and can one fire four shots while the other one only fires the normal one I'm having a hell of a time figuring this thing out I'd appreciate a little feedback keep up the good work we appreciate it
Father Of The Future
Did he mean to play the Stranger Things theme or was someone else watching it cause around the end like maybe 2:55 you can hear it if you listen closely
Fred Fadungy
Fred Fadungy - 2 years ago
how do you do Moonstone grind ???
LaurenLark - 2 years ago
Whoop whoop, heading over to Meg now, now, now!!!
Mr.NotSoNiceGuy - 2 years ago
Put in 3 legendarys and you will get a garuntead (can't spell) legendary. Hope I helped
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