How Trump avoided taxes for so many years

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CNN - 6 months ago
Democrats have demanded President Trump’s tax returns. But Secretary Mnuchin so far has refused to comply with the Democrat’s request. Do you think President Trump will be able to keep his tax returns secret for much longer?
Patricia roe
Patricia roe - 2 months ago
Forget about impeachment. If they got hold of his tax returns they would bury him in the next election. That is why he does not want them made public!
Carol Neilands
Carol Neilands - 3 months ago
drag line He’s definitely not a patriotic American. He doesn’t care what harm the President does to America. He cares only about himself and his pocketbook, going by his own words. And he definitely wants to contribute as little as he can get away with, just like trump.
Carol Neilands
Carol Neilands - 3 months ago
Nikolai Collushnikov Another know-it-all who talks through his azz. The Oversight Committee has every right to obtain trump’s tax returns without a court order, just like they have subpoena power. In any case, trump litigated, and the court ruled against him. So he and Mnuchin are currently in contempt. I just wish House Democrats had the gumption to have Mnuchin jailed. This will have the benefit of focusing the minds of other recalcitrant trump minions. Who really wants to go to jail to protect this creature from his own criminality?
Hans Bjorkman
Hans Bjorkman - 4 months ago
Nikolai Collushnikov if you live among facist and nazis everything to your left is leftist. CNN is a huge corporation and not the least left . It’s a capitalist enterprise with the only goal to make money for their 1% owners but also hate like most honest people the corrupt bastard in the WH that is always attacking democracy. Without free media Epstein would still be on the loose.
Barry Isaac
Barry Isaac - 15 days ago
You're right Chris. I don't think that anyone thought they voting for an angel. I think they voted for the devil (if you will allow me this allusion) to save from the hell they were, and maybe still are, experiencing. We all thought he was himself sick and tired of the drudgery, and sought to use his super powers (he is a Billionaire, after all, and Billionaires can do as they wish. They always do, and you as well as I know that's true. Does Elon Musk does as he please? Well, he's flying missions to refuel and replenish orbiting satellites. He's transforming the vehicle as we know - I didn't say they all use their money in "repugnant" ways.... So Billionaires can cut right through the amalgamated layers of bureaucracy that gave rise to drudgery, and with one fell swoop, Trump, who is, after all, one of those Billionaires with 'super powers,' could everything that we perceived to be wrong with our daily lives, the governmental universe, and everything.

And I'm just not sure he's using his super powers for good, and that's the rub. That, we did not ask for.
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez - 15 days ago
Donald J. Trump is a white-collar criminal just like Jordan Belfort.
Deepak k
Deepak k - 28 days ago
Let's talk latere whether he pay tax or not, first you answer my question
Did you pay your fare share in community (TAX)
Coach Nosebutter
Coach Nosebutter - 2 months ago
He paid more in taxes (percentage) than Obama...
Bias Media as usual.
Look at our economy
Trump 2020
Diana Mccall
Diana Mccall - 2 months ago
Trump and pay federal taxes for 8 years he owes federal taxes he lost he still owe
Diana Mccall
Diana Mccall - 2 months ago
What he owed taxes he owe federal taxes that's all it is to it he lost a million-dollar to keep from paying federal taxes
Impeach all Putin-Appointees
Trump paying zero taxes might not be illegal, but laundering money for the Kremlin and various Russians is extremely illegal. The Trump family will soon see their day in prison, guaranteed!!! Bernie 2020 🇺🇸
Neelam Vatsyayan
Neelam Vatsyayan - 2 months ago
Trump Backstabed the American Citizens. He is answerable to each & every American. And he should pay all the debts of the poeple in the form of income tax.
When a leader of any country is corrupt, how can u force citizens to follow the rules.
D S - 3 months ago
Cathy Raney Raney
Cathy Raney Raney - 3 months ago
And he was so proud he wrote a book
Zorka Kelly
Zorka Kelly - 3 months ago
Donald Grow
Donald Grow - 4 months ago
Fuck Clinton news network cnn garbage ass in the dirt ratings news fucks. Go fuck yourselves Clinton news network cnn puppets 🖕🖕🖕
Lallawm Hauhnar
Lallawm Hauhnar - 4 months ago
what if Donald Trump was forced into exile to one of those 'shithole countries' #karma
luhcia tekle
luhcia tekle - 4 months ago
I make 20.00 2018 i have paid 1700 .not trumps is free way i didnt get it
Linda Mulholland
Linda Mulholland - 4 months ago
More than likely trump has a swiss account. Will they freeze his assets if this is the case. They should.
Billy Pardew
Billy Pardew - 4 months ago
what your saying is,according to our tax laws he did nothing wrong ...why isnt thst the title ?
Kenneth bugay
Kenneth bugay - 4 months ago
He actually said I never went bankrupt. Wake up people.
Norma Woods
Norma Woods - 4 months ago
What??? We the people have no education???
What??? We the people do not understand???
What?? We the people understand that we need our taxes back.. I need all 45 years for back..
So people, these people are above the laws????
Dylan Grant
Dylan Grant - 4 months ago
I remember the debate. It’s such hypocrisy. He’s using loopholes to not pay taxes, then turns around and complains about loopholes immigrants use to come into our country. Why can loopholes only be swayed to work for his orange ass. Illegals do more for our country than that ugly turd in the White House.
queta fierrro
queta fierrro - 4 months ago
Illigals pay more taxes then trump
Paul Davenport
Paul Davenport - 4 months ago
Can you imagine how deeply in debt he would be if he, like so many other wealthy people, hadn't cheated you and I out of paying their fair taxes?
Ozler Gurpinar
Ozler Gurpinar - 4 months ago
Shut up Sara the witch insulting, congress, representative of people.
Ozler Gurpinar
Ozler Gurpinar - 4 months ago
4 Times bankruptcy..he says he is rich and have little debt?
James Brown
James Brown - 4 months ago
White Privilege that why, next topic...
Tom Reid
Tom Reid - 4 months ago
How is it fair that the Middle class hard working Americans pay all the taxes and the filthy rich pay none. It seems the rich have plenty of money to help rebuild Notre Dame but don't help the starving children on this planet and then you have this CROOK named Trump that only helps himself. By the way Ivanka used the Trump Charity as a personal bank account and that's why they closed it down because they got caught.
monkey business
monkey business - 4 months ago
Potus is a crook and a con,he needs to be gone,never paid taxes at all,what if the american people stopped paying taxes then what,he's not for the people only for himself go figure,for him to say he's never been bankrupt is a lie have been 6 times or more,American people wake up and see this con for who he is.
Darnell Peek
Darnell Peek - 4 months ago
They need to catch that thief and jail his ass
Darnell Peek
Darnell Peek - 4 months ago
He's a crook
Wanda A
Wanda A - 4 months ago
Trump doesn't pay taxes because he's a Mexican
barry rudge
barry rudge - 4 months ago
I've been a pensioner for 25 yrs and still pay four figure tax bills each and every year. I don't live to the same standard of this tax dodging scum bag. Its time the government bent hard on the bastard and seize all his assets and makes sure he pays every single dollar he's ever missed paying plus interest. Then what ever is left make him pay in fines before he enters uncle sam's very secure hotel system.
Cute Man
Cute Man - 4 months ago
Sarah Sanders looks like an inbred.
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame - 4 months ago
Trump is smart he is a good business man take notes!
PacificGamer DP
PacificGamer DP - 4 months ago
he paid over 35 million in the tax returns maddow said was a bombshell. cnn you guys paying 35 mil, you wish you dummies
Gerardo Pina
Gerardo Pina - 4 months ago
I hate Donald trump
Read more
Read more - 5 months ago
They've been floating in a delicate bubble of pretentiousness.
PATRICK CLARIDA - 5 months ago
DONALD J. TRUMP is not Donald John Trump, come to understand this and you'll come to a awakening.
David Jacquez
David Jacquez - 5 months ago
Records show he filed bankruptcy 6 times
Richie Davis
Richie Davis - 5 months ago
I don't care about President Trump's taxes. I wanna see the taxes of Diane Feinstein and Hillary Clinton. I wanna see the tax returns of all the senators and reps who seem to be getting richer and richer. Thats what I wanna see.
Lyle Barnard
Lyle Barnard - 5 months ago
Blame Congress they make the tax laws not the president he just signs them into law
JustWasted3HoursHere - 5 months ago
I'm guessing that the IRS doesn't actually check to see if the reported losses are real? I think this is what Trump is afraid of: They will find that A) He has been massively fibbing about his "losses and B) he is not now nor has he ever been a billionaire in the actual, literal sense and having the world's thinnest skin would mean his ego would suffer greatly.
JustWasted3HoursHere - 5 months ago
Did Trump actually says near the beginning of this that he "never went bankrupt"? Did I hear that right?
skills1ent - 5 months ago
90% of extremely rich people attain their wealth through corruption. Rump is completely corrupt and is a financial criminal.
Brock Madigan
Brock Madigan - 5 months ago
He has an army of accountants to navigate the laws enacted by congress. Seems the root cause of any isssue is Congress and Inefficiency/Stupidity. When I was a kid there was a rumor Albert Einstein couldn't figure out the tax codes enacted by scumbag congressional members.
Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben - 5 months ago
because government officials have been paid off by him..just like the prosecutors in NY ... in the real estate case of his kids!!
bubbiesdad - 5 months ago
Let's see the taxes of every member of Congress and the Senate. Especially those that got rich while in offfice.
Rosario Perez
Rosario Perez - 5 months ago
Great breakdown!
Duke of Haphazard
Duke of Haphazard - 5 months ago
Did Trump write the tax laws? No, but you guys are gonna fault him for using loopholes? You think bernie or any other wealthy person doesnt use the same loopholes? Just more feelings vs facts from cnn.
ae86fiend - 5 months ago
The tax thing didn't work, again. You can try the Stormy Daniel's thing again.
boneman1960 - 5 months ago
Oh !, LOOK its a Democrat flying PIG,who pay ALL their taxes , take no bribes, and are upstanding pillars , you lot of dimwits you have no proof, don't you think the tax man would look at Trump.
boneman1960 - 5 months ago
Why don't piss off you fruit cake , go have a look at the Clinton foundation , you know, the slush fund.
boneman1960 - 5 months ago
Is someone squeezing your balls when you talk.
Richard Smart
Richard Smart - 5 months ago
In (a slightly belated) response to Fuckabee-Slanders' comments at around 1'43", Rep. Katie Porter graduated both Yale AND Harvard Law School so, if anybody is going to be able to understand Das Orange Anus' tax-returns, I think she would be just the woman...
ThatGuyOnTheInternet - 5 months ago
Time to start a business and used all the loopholes thanks CNN
Mark Stalinburg
Mark Stalinburg - 6 months ago
My first point:
This isnt even hidden to the Public! Trump had already admitted this on his book published in 1997
"The art of the Comeback".
In the the economic world there are stages
1. Expansion
2. Peak
3. Recession
4. Depression
5. Trough
6. Recovery
And repeat back to step 1.
He lost 1 billion from 1985' to 94', that stage is the Recession and the depression. Since he published
"The art of the comback" in 97' that stage of his business is the recovery and he is steadily climbing the charts since and the cycle of business continues. And since u didnt do ur research and it takes an Asian man half a world away with a couple of google searches to tell u that THERE WAS REAL ESTATE CRASH IN 90' to 91' if dont believe me check out dis guy
David Geltner "Massachusetts Intitute of Technology Department of Urban studies and planning, MIT center of Real Estate".
On My 2nd point:
On the IRS, any person with any knowledge on investment knows, that if ur business is in recession... U can carry on ur loses for about 20 yrs, to avoid a heavier burden that causes ur business to fail. And at the time ur Business had recovered and is now expanding the IRS gets there money, and the cycle of business continues to flow on slowly climbing up the charts.
Isnt ur tax stuff private in and not public America? because in my country its private
Black Krowa
Black Krowa - 6 months ago
Only Smart ppl don't pay taxes... SLAVES DO!!
Shane Hartley
Shane Hartley - 6 months ago
They couldn't get any of CNN anchors to do the monolougue because they all make multi millions and don't want the pot calling the kettle. Where is Don Lemon? Why doesn't he lead by example and disclose his. Don't worry all this silly bickering will soon be over. Once they get 5G rolled out we won't be concerned with politics or anything for that matter other than making sure the A.I.'s logarith running our new surveillence system doesn't think our behaviour needs correcting . Apparently the military was able to make some good advancement on using frequencies for crowd control that were less than lethal and not considered torture by the Geneva convention.
Kripto Nite
Kripto Nite - 6 months ago
Orange Barf, fake president's, staff are criminals too. Tbey are aiding and abetting, not only a criminal, but a Sex Offender. Congress needs to put asshole in prison.
Jamar Quvious
Jamar Quvious - 6 months ago
White people lie and cheat all the time. That's why we should only elect black people into power
Jack Cummings
Jack Cummings - 6 months ago
This video from a well known false propaganda outlet, has the sole purpose of causing violence, hate and division within the population. The facts stated are very well known public information from the 1990's and have no impact nor relevance in our present majestic economic times, other than the clear agenda of causing chaos and division like previous administrations have done. This video is an insult to the American people and everything we are together accomplishing with our new administration. Everybody MUST report this video and please stay away from CNN, a FAKE marxist propaganda outlet that answer and follow instructions from rogue groups in the compromised intel community, DOJ. This FAKE cheap pseudo news network survives ONLY because is forced in airports, hospitals and other public places. I encourage every American to avoid this filthy repugnant propaganda outlet. Call your cable company and ask them to block it. If they dont, cancel your service and get a different provider. We, The people with our Supreme Leader.
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